Megan and the Monster by Rutger5

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Fantasy | Monster, Non-consensual sex, Oral Sex, Reluctance

Megan took a deep breath as she took in the panoramic view. It really was incredible. She was standing at their campsite on the slope of Mt. Rainier. The camp was located on a small plateau, a couple of thousand feet above sea level. Down below in the distance, Megan could make out the figures of her boyfriend Matt and his friend Randy. From her vantage point they appeared smaller than children. She continued gazing further down and spotted the trail they had hiked up on snaking through the forest.

Turning, Megan surveyed the higher ground. The trees around here seemed very old and dense to Megan. The ground rose, with the higher elevation shrouded in fog and clouds. It had rained since they arrived in Seattle two days ago. They stayed in Seattle the first night and had driven to the national park yesterday.

They hiked up the lowest part of the mountain and set up camp. Right now Matt and Randy were gathering wood for their fire. Megan continued to scan above her. She couldn’t explain it, but she had the feeling she was being watched. All she saw was a few birds flitting about, but she couldn’t shake the feeling. In LA, where she lived, she would just figure it would be someone in a building or something like that. But out here in the wild she didn’t know. When they parked in the lot yesterday there was no other cars parked, and the visitor logbook hadn’t had a signature for a week. Still someone could have hiked there from another direction or she could just be imagining things.

At that moment she heard the noise of a tent flap, followed by a yawn. She turned to see a curly, dark-haired young woman emerge from one of the two tents. “Morning” the woman mumbled “is there any coffee left?” Megan responded “There’s a little left on the fire, I think.” “Thanks” Carla responded as she staggered to the fire “where are the guys?” “Oh they’re down there. They say they’re collecting firewood but I think that they’re just playing with sticks.” “Well boys will be boys, as long as when Randy gets back he will play with me he can do what he wants the rest of the time” Carla said with a lustful grin. “I hope we didn’t disturb you too much last night, but it’s the only place I can be myself. In the city, more than once people have called the cops because I’m a little loud.”

“Oh I didn’t notice “ Megan replied. She thought to herself, a little loud, yeah like a 767 is a little plane, and Mt. Rainier is a little hill. She also realized that was why she was a little tense and irritable this morning. If it wasn’t bad enough Carla was so loud, the two of them had seemed to go at it for hours, they must have done it at least four times. And to make it worse, she hadn’t got any. Megan did understand that Matt was tired, he had carried most of Megan’s gear as well as his own. Then since he was the only one with real camping experience it made sense for him to set up both tents, as well as setting up the fire and the rest of the camp. After eating some sandwiches they had brought for a quick supper, Matt had smoked part of a joint and announced he was turning in early. When Megan joined him in the tent, he was already in his sleeping bag. In 5 minutes Matt was asleep and gently snoring. Then the noises started. The two of them going at it - loud. Carla moaning and dirty talking, telling Randy to fill her with his big cock. From the sounds they made he obviously did. Megan started to get pretty worked up herself. She and Matt hadn’t done it for a few days, while getting ready for vacation. Then the night in Seattle, they both had too much to drink and had just fallen into bed. She tossed and turned in her sleeping bag, a fire growing between her legs. Megan had even let her fingers drift down there. But she had never been able to play with herself with someone near. Even though Matt was asleep, and he had played with her and more, she couldn’t relax enough to come. She finally had fallen into a restless sleep. One other thing had happened that night, Megan wasn’t sure if it was a dream or real. She remembered waking up to the sound of silence. All was quiet. Then she heard a cry, or a call, or some kind of animal. It had started low in pitch, then gotten higher, almost like a whistle, before ending in a howling sound.

Megan didn’t feel like dealing with Carla now. She was alright, though they didn’t have much in common, but right now when she looked at her she could hear the sounds from last night in her head. And that just reminded Megan of her desire. Damn, Megan thought, at least Matt could have given her a quickie before running off to play in nature. She decided what she needed was a quick hike to burn off frustration. She was ready to go. She had on her hiking boots and thick socks. Megan was wearing jeans that showed off her ample, round ass and long legs. She was wearing a flannel shirt with a comfy sweater over it. Though it was July, it was cooler than the average temperature, only in the low 60’s. Megan ducked into her tent and grabbed a few things. She took a few energy bars for a snack, her filled water bottle, and a hoody in case she needed it. At the last minute she grabbed the partially smoked joint and a lighter. She came out of the tent and looked downhill and saw the guys were even further away. It looked like they were studying something on the ground. “Hey Carla,” Megan said “I’m going to take a quick hike up the mountain.” Carla looked at her and nodded “Be careful “ Carla replied. “I will. I’m an old pro at hiking “ Megan said as she started out. That was true. Megan had hiked a lot growing up, although this was the first time she had actually camped out.

Megan briskly started uphill. She had noticed a bluff from the camp a few hundred yards up the mountain and a little to the east. She was able to reach it without difficulty, although the sun had disappeared behind the clouds again as she climbed. Whether due to the slight change in altitude or something else, Megan felt chilly. She put on her hoody and noticed a narrow trail heading up. Megan began to climb again. The trail zigzagged, but generally went up and east. It was fairly steep and soon Megan was laboring when the trail reached a level patch. Pausing, Megan had a sip of water and decided to smoke. She wasn’t a big user, but out here in the wild it seemed right as well as taking off the edge she felt. She lit up and felt her lungs fill with the acrid smoke. After a few minutes Megan felt mellow, but if anything felt even hornier. She thought about how when Matt and her had first been together, he couldn’t keep his hands off her. Now a little after a year their sex life had gone downhill. Megan had only been with 4 guys beside Matt. Her high school flame was one, there had been 2 boyfriends in college and soon after she moved to LA there had been a one night stand. She didn’t know that at the time, but he never called her again.

She knew it wasn’t that she had lost any of her looks, she was barely 25. Her breasts were high and firm, a small B-cup, with pink sensitive nipples. Her stomach was nearly flat, just a little soft, the way a woman’s stomach should be. Her legs were long and toned and her butt was big, round and firm. Megan was fairly tall, around 5’ 7” , with copper red hair, flashing green eyes and ivory white skin. Guys hit on her all the time, in fact her lecherous boss had just offered her a big bonus if she would sleep with him. “I’m not that kind of girl” Megan informed him. He took her rejection with a smile and told her she was too good a worker for him to upset her, but if she ever changed her mind, let him know. Megan thought to herself, only half kidding, if things went on like this she might accept that offer. Not for the money, just to get laid. She had never been easy, but she did love sex.

Lost in her thoughts, Megan didn’t realize that fog was rolling down the mountain toward her position , blanketing all in its wake. As it began streaming past her, Megan became aware of it. She also noticed it had become very silent. Looking around she realized that the way she had come from had already become indistinct in the fog. Megan decided to return immediately, before visibility became worse. At that moment, she heard, in the direction in question, that strange cry she heard the night before in camp. Only it was much louder and closer.

Megan was stricken with an unreasonable panic. She turned from the direction of the noise and began to run as fast as she could. After a short distance the trail split, with one branch climbing while the other skirted the mountain at the current altitude. Megan’s feet took the more level trail and she kept running. All she heard were the sounds of her footfalls and her breathing. As she began to become winded, her right foot stepped beyond the narrow trail. Immediately Megan lost her footing and began to slide down the slope. This cleared her mind somewhat and she reached out for something to slow or stop her body. Luckily her hand came into contact with, then grasped a tree root. Her body stopped short, though she felt a pain in her left shoulder. She then used her right arm to pull herself to the root. Now under control she slowly began to work her way to the trail. It was slow going because the ground was wet and muddy, but going on all fours she managed to regain the trail.

She rested a minute to catch her breath. Then remembering what had happened Megan rose to her feet with the intention of continuing down the trail. She then felt, more than heard something approaching her rapidly. Megan started to turn, and from the corner of her eye saw something dark and massive looming out of the fog. The next moment this bulk collided with, and lifted Megan from the ground. Megan felt herself lifted and buffeted and tossed like a leaf in the wind, then she was cast over “something”, at which time it started to move. Megan’s body was clutched by a massive fur covered arm to an even more massive, hairy body. Her head was under the creatures armpit and the smell was overpowering her with its mingled musk ,sweat and dirt. She could feel the creature moving much more rapidly than she could have and though she couldn’t see much, she could see the creature had left the trail and was ascending. Low thin branches smacked against her body and she felt lightheaded. The creature continued at a frantic pace , until reaching a crest it plunged down a chasm like valley unbelievably fast. At this time Megan mercifully fainted.

As Megan came to she felt confused. At first she thought she had been dreaming. When she first opened her eyes things were hazy. As her vision cleared she could see what looked like giant tree roots above her, with a grayish light filtering through them. Megan realized she was lying in rich, fertile dirt and the smell filled her nose, that and another stronger smell. She abruptly sat up. They were tree roots and she was underneath them. Looking around she realized she was in some kind of hollow, dug out underneath an old growth tree. This earthen chamber was roughly circular and seemed at least 30’ wide. Nearby was a pile of leaves and branches around 10’ long. As Megan’s vision adjusted to the gloom she noticed a darker shadow at the edge of the chamber and it moved ! Megan was filled with fear and her disjointed memory recognized that smell. She moved backwards trying to get further away from it, when suddenly the shadow came right at her. She was able to see a huge, hairy body, over 7’ tall, covered in matted brown fur. The creature’s head was extremely large with a heavy, ridgelike brow. It’s face was covered with long beardlike growth and the top of the head had long,matted, brown hair. But what Megan noticed the most, and what was terrifying her was the large jutting cock standing straight out. She only had a moment to take in this sight, when a long muscular arm reached towards her and her ankle was seized and she was being dragged towards the creature. Megan’s hands tried to find something to latch onto but only found loose dirt. “Noooo” she cried as she wound up at the feet of the beast- and they were big feet. They appeared to be over 2’ long and very wide. Looking up, Megan had a clear view of it’s huge cock. It was easily over a foot long, Megan would guess at least a foot and a half. It was probably as thick as Megan’s forearm and a steady trickle of clear liquid was oozing from the head It was hairless, except at the very base. Underneath were its balls, they were covered with short, wiry hair and each appeared to be as big as a softball.

Then the creature released Megan’s ankle with one hand while its other hand grasped the front waistband of her jeans and lifted her bodily into the air. Reaching for anything to steady herself from the disorientation of being suspended in mid air, Megan’s cool white hand inadvertently grabbed the creatures hot, gigantic cock. The beast reacted in a shot. The creature let out a tortured moan and its massive member erupted a large blast of thick white cum. Its cock throbbed and pulsed in Megan’s hand as shot after shot fired across the chamber colliding with the wall five feet away. This went on for a minute, and Megan, though paralyzed with fright, couldn’t believe the amount of cum the creature had. She could see each ball twitching as it sent more troops into battle. The creature let out a large groan that seemed to shake the chamber.

It then carried Megan to the center of the leaf bed and put her down on her back , while itself kneeling down. It then grasped her waistband with the other hand as well, and ripped her jeans. The stress from this causing every stitch and seam of the garment to separate from her waist to her knees. The creature tossed the pieces of fabric away and deeply inhaled the woman’s fragrance. Her scent intoxicated the beast more than fermented berries. Megan attempted to crawl away but the creature easily grabbed a leg and pulled her to him. She screamed and cried and thrashed about but this had no effect. She was placed against its body and could feel the heat radiating from it. It was much hotter than a human. With one finger the creature snagged the edge of Megan’s sensible cotton panties and tore them from her, her scent enhanced and amplified to it.

Though Megan continued to struggle the creature easily twisted her onto her stomach. It placed one hand under the top of her thigh and lifted her into a position where her ass was pointing in the air and her knees were on the ground. Its other arm it placed squarely against Megan’s back holding her firmly in place. It then brought its face down and forward until it was only a few inches from Megan’s pretty pink pussy. She could feel its hot breath on her pussy. Shaking from fear she let out a long cry of “Nooo”, when the creature opened its large mouth and released its tongue. The tongue looked like it belonged to a cow. It was wide and long and agile as well as strong. It flicked the tongue forward, getting a taste of the scent that had drawn the creature. Its tongue lapped against Megan, covering her pussy from her clit all the way to the bottom of her lips, overlapping onto the back of her legs as well parts of her as crack and cheeks. “Ooooh,

Ooooh” the creature hooted as its tongue tasted Megan’s juice. It began lapping at Megan like a drowning animal finding water. Its tongue again and again licking Megan’s succulent pussy. “Oh no, please stop, no don’t” Megan whimpered as the beast feasted on her treasure. Its large tongue was drooling a large amount of its very slippery saliva onto Megan as well. Its tongue was rough and stimulated her where ever it went. The pointed tip caressed Megan’s sensitive clit then passed up , forging a path between her pink lips and then passing on before repeating the process again . Against her will, Megan’s body betrayed her as her pussy began leaking copious amounts of her liquid. Her new output caused the creature to redouble its efforts which forced Megan to her first orgasm in days. She let out a low moan and her body shuddered in release.

The creature then changed its technique. It forced the tip between her wet lips and began to tunnel deeper. Megan let out an alarmed groan, but though she managed to bring her right hand back toward her pussy she could not dislodge the creature’s face no matter how hard she pushed . Tears rolled down her cheeks as she cried between moans. The beasts tongue had reached deeper than anything ever had in her. None of her five lovers had been above average in size. The tongue was now stimulating her G-spot, as well as beyond it . It wriggled its tongue while pushing towards her womb. When it reached the limit of her pussy, it greatly increased the movement of its tongue, seemingly spinning inside her. The pressure on her G-spot as well as every other nerve ending in her pussy sent Megan into what seemed to be a string of body shaking orgasms. When one ended, another would begin. Sometimes they would overlap, with one starting before the current one ended. She felt her juices running down her pussy and legs, as well as down its powerful tongue. After one especially powerful orgasm Megan briefly blacked out.

When she recovered, the creature had withdrawn its tongue and now both of its gigantic hands were grasping and supporting Megan by the hips. Though her knees were lightly on the ground the creature was moving her as if she was a twig. The creature shifted behind her, and Megan felt the creature’s hardness poking around her sopping pussy. The thought of this beast raping her with its inhumanly large cock gave Megan a jolt of adrenalin. She began to thrash about and tried to back kick at the creature, but her positioning made that futile. She grabbed the huge hairy hands and tried to pull them off her to no avail. All the time she was screaming for help. Though she was getting nowhere, Megan continued to struggle. Unfortunately for her this led to an unforeseen outcome. While trying to wriggle free Megan actually shifted into a position where her pussy lined up directly to the creature’s hard cock. The head actually slipped into the outer fold of her pinkness. Sensing this, the creature pulled Megan a few inches closer, forcing its massive member deeper. At this Megan cried out in despair. The beast also let out a groan but purely one of pleasure. Megan was really frightened now. The cock was so big, she wondered if it could injure or even kill her.

The creature continued to pull her closer, a little bit at a time . Her pussy had never felt anything like it. She was being stretched to her limit. She was lucky in that the head of the beast’s cock was the thinnest part. It became progressively thicker as it headed toward the base. It kept pulling Megan to it, until it’s head reached the back of her canal. If it kept going she would be in trouble. Whether by luck ,instinct or knowledge the creature stopped for a moment, then slowly began to pull back. It then slid it’s thick cock back to the cervix of Megan. It did this a few more times in this manner, almost as if it was establishing the limits of what her stretched pretty pussy could handle. This also gave Megan more time to accustom herself to the enormity of the creature’s cock. Even so the size of the organ was causing Megan to let out a series of unintelligible moans and whimpers. Again every nerve in her vagina was being stimulated.

The beast then totally pulled out, shifted itself ,and began to lick Megan’s treasure again. Only this time there was no lapping up her sweet juices, rather the beast was funneling it’s saliva into Megan’s trembling hole. The creature made one last lick at her pussy entrance, sniffed at it, then placed it’s head to her pussy entrance. With one thrust the creature drove right to the limits of Megan, which triggered an intense orgasm in her. She felt her body tremble like a leaf, and her pinkness contracted on it’s shaft. A loud moan was forced from her mouth. The creature began to rapidly thrust in and out of her pussy, causing her to have a series of mini orgasms. “Oh my God, oh my God” Megan began to scream “that thing is so fucking big. Its so big and its making me come againnn.”

The creature ignored her noises and continued its rhythmic thrusting, sliding to the limits of her pussy before pulling back only to drive into her sweet depths again. This went on for a couple of minutes, and as time passed the creature started to make a series of hooting grunts. The beast stopped thrusting it’s hips and while maintaining its grip on her and it’s cock in her, stood up. Megan screamed realizing she was being suspended in air by the creature’s hands and even more by it’s cock. It then began moving Megan’s whole body back and forth, using her tight pussy to caress its hardness. While doing this it’s noises were becoming more rapid and excited. It pulled her toward it one more time, reaching the back of her pussy and held her there motionless for a moment. The creature let out a loud groan that shook the chamber and Megan felt it stiffen inside her. It then began exploding cum inside her, Megan felt a large volume of hot liquid in her abused pussy. But the spasms of it’s shooting cock sent tremors throughout Megan, forcing another orgasm upon her. “Nooo, not again, I can’t take anymore” she cried out as her body responded again to the giant cock.

After the beast’s orgasm subsided, it slowly lowered Megan to the leaf bed, onto her stomach. As it withdrew it’s massive cock a steady stream of cum oozed out of Megan onto her legs and the leaf bed.

Megan let out a little gasp as the creature pulled out of her, leaving her pussy feeling empty. The creature carefully knelt down, straddling Megan’s legs. It leaned forward, and supported itself on one of it’s hugely muscular arms, which was easily thicker than one of Megan’s toned legs. With it’s other hand the creature guided it’s cock to Megan’s raw pussy lips and began inserting itself back in her wetness. “Uhhn, you’re putting it back in me, that monster cock” Megan gasped as it filled her pink pussy again. The creature then placed it’s other hand on the ground for support and began hunching it’s hips slightly forward filling her tight depths with each movement. The creature built a slow steady rhythm, it’s two previous orgasms taking its urgency away. There was just the sounds of it’s thick cock sliding into her and the sucking sounds Megan’s pussy made as it gripped and released the invading cock. The slow, steady movement started to build another fire in her, as her body responded yet again. To Megan’s surprise her pelvis began to slightly lift and move to meet its slow thrusts. And as time went on and her passion grew, Megan began to talk to the creature amidst her moans. “Oh yes, you brute- fuck my tight little pussy. Uhhn, that’s right, use that big dick on me. Don’t stop, oh please don’t stop.” This was very out of character for her. Sure Megan would moan during sex, but “dirty talk” she had never done before. But she had never had sex like this, and she certainly hadn’t been fucked by a cock like this- a true monster’s monster cock.

The creature, whether influenced by Megan’s vocalization or more likely her flaming pussy began to increase it’s tempo. It certainly affected Megan who began thrusting back harder while continuing her talk.

“Oh it feels so good in me. Fuck me, fuck my pussy hard.” she cried out. She reached one of her hands back, between her thighs, and began to stroke part of the cock as it pummeled her dripping hole. Her hot, white hand had a profound effect on the beast as it let out another roar and it’s cock began pulsating in her, then it began firing another massive load inside her pink hole.

After it’s orgasm subsided the creature withdrew it’s softening organ and then it moved to the side of Megan and lay on it’s back with a satisfied sigh. Megan shifted onto her side, so she could observe the beast. With it on the bed next to her she could tell the creature was close to eight feet tall. It’s body was thicker and wider than any person . Its hair was brownish with a few hints of red. And the size of its feet were incredible- Megan guessed nearly two feet long. As her breathing returned to a normal state, Megan sat up then shifted to a kneeling position. From this angle she could observe the beast’s facial features. She also felt some of the creature’s cum oozing out of her. She couldn’t explain why, but Megan brought her hand down between her legs and scooped up some of it’s cum. She brought it to her mouth and flicked out her tongue to taste it. She was surprised to find that it was delicious, as she had never enjoyed tasting or eating any of her lovers’ cum before. She found herself eagerly reaching down for more and swallowing it until all the cum on her legs and pussy was gone. It tasted like berry and nuts, with a hint of butter she thought.

Now finished with her snack, she went back to studying the creature. It’s face was very broad with a large flat nose. A heavy thick beard covered its square chin and jaw as well as its cheeks. It’s mouth was wide and long, with strong, large, yellow teeth showing between thick lips. It’s ears were larger, but otherwise looked the same as a persons. It had a beetling brow with small set eyes. But what eyes. They were a hue Megan had never seen before, a cross between brown and gold with flecks of green, but the colors seemed to shift as she looked at them. Megan was sure she saw intelligence in those eyes, they were not the eyes of a dumb animal like a dog or cat. They might not be human intelligence, but there was memory and knowledge there, as well as a satisfied contentment.

After staring at it’s face for a while, she began moving her sight down the creature. She saw what was similar to a human physique, only on a larger scale and covered with brown fur like hair. Her eyes then drifted down to it’s groin and she felt her lust start to grow again. It’s cock had softened, but it still looked to be at least a foot long. It was shiny from a combination of their mingled juices. She slowly crawled closer so that she could observe it better. Megan now could see all the veins running around and across its impressive length. She noticed though the head was reddish, the shaft was a color between tan and brown.

For some reason she couldn’t explain, Megan removed her hoody, two shirts and bra, freeing her breasts.

Megan crept right next to the beast and slowly, haltingly reached out and touched the cock that had just been in her, the cock that had given her more pleasure in one day than all her previous lovers’ had given her all her life. As she touched it, the beast let out a low groan of pleasure. Megan began to talk to the creature, though she doubted it could understand her. But her soft, gentle tone and her soft hand seemed to soothe the beast. “Oh that’s such a nice big penis” she said with a smile “it felt so good in me, it made me cum so much. I think it liked being in me, in my soft pink pussy. It made me cum, and I made it cum.” Then in spite of the strong smell of the creature, Megan raised it’s cock up and began to bestow little kisses on it’s red head. The creature groaned and blood began to flow to its cock. Megan got up and then sat down on the creature’s stomach with her head facing it’s cock. “Oh that tickles” she said about it’s fur on her bottom and pussy. “Now don’t move big fella, and I’ll show you a good time, something us people call a blowjob.”

Putting action to her words, Megan lifted it’s large cock up with her hands and bent at the waist so her mouth could reach it. It was wide but with her head at the right angle and her mouth open very wide Megan managed to get the head of the beast inside. As soon as she did the creature let loose with a loud grunt and it’s cock began to swell. Megan began to swirl her tongue over it’s head and was rewarded with a steady stream of it’s precum, which was clear and tasted like nectar to her. This spurred Megan on . She could only take the head and a few inches into her mouth before running out of room, and it was definitely too thick to go down her throat. She then began to bob her head on it’s massive girth while using both her hands to stroke it below where her mouth could reach. Though her jaw soon tired, Megan refused to surrender. She continued her motion and when she began to hum at the same time the creature was driven past it’s limit again.

Megan was caught unaware by the creature’s explosion and the force of it’s first shot forced her head from it’s cock. After that her face was deluged by thick white ropes of cum. Her eyes, nose , hair, lips and the rest of her face was soon covered by the beast’s spunk. Before the creature could even stop shooting, Megan had spread her legs wide, so her feet reached the leaf bed and stood. She bent a little, and guided it’s throbbing , shooting member to her pussy lips and sank down engulfing all her little pussy could handle. Megan began to ride it’s dripping cock, just moving her knees slightly, so not to push it too deep. With one hand Megan began to wipe the cum from her face and deposit into her eager mouth. When she couldn’t find any more she licked her fingers clean, as she continued to ride. She was starting to breathe rapidly as she neared another climax. Megan then brought her hands to her firm, shapely breasts and pinched her own nipples. That was enough to bring her to orgasm. She felt a familiar tightening in her belly, spreading between her smooth thighs and ripple across her body. “Oh yes that feels so good” Megan cried. She felt her legs go weak from over stimulation. She managed to disengage herself from the creature while her body was still able to, then sank to her knees on top of the beast.

The creature, with it’s cock still ready for action, rolled Megan off onto the bed. It then positioned itself on it’s knees with it’s cock jutting out at a 90 degree angle. It tried to roll Megan onto her belly but she had other ideas. As soon as the creature put her on her stomach and began positioning itself Megan acted. She quickly rolled onto her back and reached out and grasped the creature’s cock with one hand. She then pulled and guided it’s monster hood to her pink, velvety lips and let the beast’s instincts take over. Feeling her soft wetness on the tip of it’s cock it drove forward until reaching her cervix.

The pleasure of the penetration forced a gasp of delight from Megan. She then placed her hands underneath her hips and ass and raised her legs, with bent knees, as high as she could while also spreading her legs as wide as she was able. This position brought the beast great pleasure and it began to make all kinds of hooting and whistling sounds, as well as normal grunts and groans. It shifted it’s arm to the bed over Megan’ head for support and began to thrust in earnest. This angle definitely helped to stimulate Megan’s G-spot and she soon found herself experiencing another series of orgasms. The continuous muscle contractions of Megan’s pussy soon forced the beast to release another giant load into Megan. When it’s cock began to shrink in her it removed it and again rolled onto it’s back.

As Megan lay there she began to feel chilly, due to the cool temperature and the fact all she was wearing was hiking boots and socks. She picked up her flannel shirt and slipped it on, though she didn’t button it. As she crawled to the creature she noticed it’s eyes were closed and it’s breathing was heavier. Megan clambered onto the creature and yawned. She was really worn out. Her body was stiff all over and her pussy ached from the repeated fucks it had received. She thought she would be bowlegged for days. After a catlike stretch, Megan lay on her side, on top of the creature. Megan could feel the heat rising from the beast and snuggled her head on it’s hairy chest . Her little hand reached out , and held it’s flaccid cock in her hand like a security blanket.

Megan thought while resting there. What she couldn’t figure out was how the creature’s cock, as wide as her forearm, had been able to penetrate her tight pinkness without causing severe pain or injury. She knew the vagina could stretch to deliver babies, and that some women actually took a fist inside them, but she had never been really stretched before today. What Megan couldn’t know was that the creature’s saliva had medicinal properties, as well as being the best natural lubricant in nature. The saliva also had aphrodisiac qualities, as well as anesthetic and analgesic ones. This had helped Megan by slightly numbing the area, helping to reduce any pain. It also helped turn her on, which caused her to produce more of her natural, tasty juices. But she was too tired to think about it too much. Yawning again, Megan closed her eyes and was soon asleep.

Megan awoke stiff, cold and confused. She felt a light rain falling on her and felt herself lying on dirt. She sat up to find herself surrounded by trees. She slowly got to her feet and looked around. She was on the same slope she had been on that morning when she had smoked. The sun was sinking in the western sky. Down below was the camp where she had left from. In a panic Megan began scanning all about. No matter where she looked, she couldn’t see the creature. Feeling bereft, Megan began a keening wail. She was obviously heard, as she heard replies from down the slope- human voices. The beast watching from far above melted away into the primeval woods.


Megan never did explain what happened to her and broke up with Matt immediately on their return. She soon moved from LA to the Seattle area. Nine months from the trip Megan gave birth ( C-section ) to a huge hairy baby. The doctor thought it might have the Mexican werewolf disease, but more tests would be needed. As her son suckled on her breast, Megan said no tests were needed as her son was perfect as he was. She had seen his large feet, and his cock was already bigger than some peoples. A chip off the old block, she thought.

P.S. I enjoyed writing this story as a Bigfoot enthusiast and would welcome comments.

Rating: 93%, Read 245552 times, Posted Dec 04, 2010

Fantasy | Monster, Non-consensual sex, Oral Sex, Reluctance


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