Selling Your Soul Part 2 by PgFalcon

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Fiction | BDSM, Bestiality, Body modification, Consensual Sex, Domination, Female, Male, Non-consensual sex, Oral Sex, Rape, Submission, Transgendered, Virginity

Selling Your Soul Ch2

Written and Edited by PgFalcon

I fly back to the apartment, my black wings casting a shadow across the night sky. There are hardly any

stars out though, this is the city after all, but the moon is still fairly bright. I rub my arms as I fly, basically

nude, back to my bike.

No: not a pedal bike. A 2001 1440cc Indian Scout. Yea, I am proud of my bike. No, you cannot have it.

But anyways, it's cold outside and I'm in a hurry to get home, but I am not leaving my bike out in the

weather like this.... and I can't exactly ride it home in my boxers. I technically could but driving down the

interstate nude would be worse than flying nude in this weather. As it is I'm lazily drifting through the

air, occasionally stopping to warm up on somebodies roof by wrapping my soft wings around myself. It

takes a little while to get back.

The lights are off in their apartment (Danny and John I mean), but I do need clothes. I'm sure they won't

care if I sneak in and borrow some. Danny's stuff should fit me the closest: John's stuff would be far too

baggy. I glide down to the doorstep silently only to immediately find the door locked. Great.

Somewhere in the city, though, the massive public orgy that I created must be coming to a finish. I feel

my pocket-sized demonic/angelic handbook buzz.

I open it up and the pages automatically turn to chapter 1. It reads:

Your current level of ability is: Beginner

Souls in your possession: (1)

Suffering currently being caused: minimal

Chaos created today: (1) riot, (1) public orgy, (12) destruction of

property, (5) unplanned pregnancies.

Justice dealt today: none

As a Novice you are restricted to using the following:

1). Levitation level 2

2). Self-modification level 1

3). Fear level 1

4). Knowledge level 1

5). Other-modification level 2

Not terribly useful...

Ooo! Idea! I'll just fly up to Danny's window and open the lock with 'levitation level 2'! I'm a genius.

And so with a wing-assisted mega jump up to the second floor I perch carefully on Danny's windowsill,

and what to my surprise? Danny is sitting quietly in the dark and furiously masturbating himself. One

hand is rapidly pounding his meat, and the other is aggressively groping his tit. A bottle of lotion sits on

his night-stand.

He looks very close to orgasm. I would one hell of a prick to interrupt him, wouldn't I?

Hell, watching him is making me a little stiff. He'd make a great chick. He has the perfect body for it.

Hell... if it weren't for his cock and balls you'd have trouble deciding what sex he was. His face is pretty

androgynous, his black hair a tad long, and his black eyes slightly effeminate. How did I not see all of this


Danny seems pretty intensely caught up in his own fantasy world, but his eyes open momentarily to look

directly at me, or at least the shadow of me that is being cast by the moon through his window. His

immediate reaction is one of ultimate shock and embarrassment as his throat clenches and he tries to

cover himself up. His tits sure are mighty perky in this cold air though, and he doesn't even think to

cover those up. This only completes the picture of him as a female, and I can't help but laugh.

"I guess that means I don't have to fix it..." I say almost to myself, unable to stop smiling. Who knew

Danny was so perverted?

"How long were you there?!" he hisses in a whisper. He seems to recognize after a pause that his boobs

are rather exposed, and pulls his sheets up over them too.

"Only for a minute," I reply honestly, unlocking the window with a gesture and sliding it open. "Came to

borrow some clothes."

Danny just stares mutely at me, so I climb in. I then realize I, too, have a sizable erection and now it's my

turn to blush.

"Oh, come on... I'm no monk." I say. "We should make a videotape of that and put it on the internet."

"NO FUCKING WAY!" says Danny in a very loud whisper. "Just take my clothes and get out of here!"

"Sure sure... sorry I busted in on you like that man. What you do in private is your own business. I'm not

here to judge you."

"You... I so going to kill you!!"

"You and what army?" I say, fully serious. I pull on of Dan's Jeans, and although they fit really tight they

do fit, and so grab a t-shirt and jacket. Hmmm... wings are in the way. I should probably get rid of them.

"Wings: begone!" I say jokingly... and they do disappear. So do my cock and balls. A long, muscular tail

explodes out of the seat of my 'borrowed' jeans. My feet become clawed, digitigrade talons, and my

hands become clawed as well. Scales cover my body, my spine becomes incredibly lithe and flexible, my

muscles hard as steel and fluid as mercury. All of my body hair evaporates, and my face warps as my

mouth fills with razor sharp teeth and a long, flat, rough tongue. My ass becomes round, and modest

breasts push out of my chest as my waist thins and my hips widen. This time my boxers did not escape

unscathed: the seat of both them and the jeans are now in tatters. I'm now half a foot shorter too,

despite the added height of digitigrade legs.

Well now: at least I'm no longer cold! My body heat alone feels like it's flooding the room with fire. Dan


"Fuck..." I say.

"Language," replies Danny quietly.

But as I breathe in the night air and let it out I find I'm not terribly upset in this accidental

transformation. Hell, I feel too good right now to be upset! I feel sexy and powerful. My eyes catch on

the small tent Danny's Dick is making under his covers, and a passing thought takes my fancy. Why not

try it?

"Oh, God... I'm so hot right now!" I exclaim, and ain't it the truth? "Nnnnm, man do I love this body! Oh,

sorry about your jeans Danny..."

"I didn't like them anyway..." he mutters.

I smile, and slowly remove my legs from the ruined jeans. My boxers fall right off, the rear of them

damaged too badly to even attempt to cling to me. My extremely wet vaginal slit is on proud display

now, and even is producing a small column of steam in this cold night air.

"Wow, it sure is a cold night out, isn't it?" I say, walking over to the edge of Danny's bed. He doesn't

protest. He's transfixed by my body.

"Maybe I should just stay here and sleep over tonight..." I say, almost to myself.

"That's probably a good idea..."

"Are you cold?" I ask Danny.

"Well, yea, I suppose it's a little cold in here-"

I grab hold of him around the shoulders, letting my furiously hot body warm his cold skin. He shivers, but

after a pause returns the embrace, dropping the sheet. I sit there on the edge of his bed and we hold

each other close, our tits pressed up against each other, our skin making feverish contact. My tail trails

out across the bedroom floor, it's tip idly flipping back and forth. Who knew anything could ever feel so


"Maybe we should sleep together. You know: I'll keep you warm and you keep me cool?" I suggest.

"Yea! That sounds like a good idea. Make yourself comfortable: my bed is your bed."

I smile.

"I usually prefer the couch, but this is pretty nice too."

And I pull up the sheets and slide in next to Dan, snuggling up closer to him. Letting more of our bodies

come into contact. His still-very-hard dick pokes me as I get under the covers next to him.

"Sorry!" he says.

"Oh, whatever. Just flip over."

He does, and I spoon him. He really is cold. I probably should have shut the window... but too late for

that now! I'm already comfortable.

I pull my tail up under the sheets too, letting it curl and slide up and over Dan. He strokes it gently, and I

reach around and cup his breasts, laying my neck against his and rubbing chins. He moans.

"Oh man, this is so weird."

"We can stop..."

"No, that's not it... it's just that this is so surreal."

"Want to take it a little further?" I ask, lifting my leg up over his and pressing my piping hot sex against

his thigh. I purr in his ear as I grind a little against him.

"Nobody ever needs to know. We're best friends right? This will be fun!"

"How do you talk me into this stuff??" he groans, reaching down to grab my leg behind the knee and

pulling it up on him. I knead his breast as little harder.

"Cause I know what you want better than you do." I reply, laughing.

I tickle his chin with the tip of my tail, pinching his nipples occasionally between the pads of my fingers.

He looks like he might cum right then and there. He's definitely ready. I am too.

He turns over.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" he asks, suddenly serious and looking me in the eyes.

"Dan. Since when have I ever regretted the consequences of my actions?"

"You're kidding right?"

I roll my eyes and pull him tight. Now our breasts are mashed between each other like puzzle pieces. I

curl my tail up between his legs and skootch him up against me. His erection presses against my belly

and makes itself known. It really is a pretty good size.

"All lights are green on my end," is all I say, our faces drawing closer to each other.

"Well okay then..." he replies, right before our lips connect and we kiss. Things immediately take off

from there.

The French have nothing on me as I let my very long tongue into Dan's mouth. His surprise is short lived

as he grinds against me, and I grind against him. Our hands hold and caress each other gently, and I

break away for just a moment to smile mischievously. A worried frown passes over Dan's face as he

realizes the time has come for him to lose his virginity. He really has done a remarkably good job so far,

even considering that I've been helping to steer everything.

I slide up him, and we both look down underneath the covers as I slowly drag my pussy lips up his fleshy

shaft, smearing him the entire way with my bodily secretions. His dick is straining almost painfully, and a

thin trail of his seed is already leaking from the tip of his member. My pussy reaches the head of his dick,

and I press myself against him, letting him part my flesh a little before carefully guiding him into my own

virginity. As a male I've had countless women... but as a female? Nope: I'm pretty much clueless as to

what's going to happen.

Ecstasy is what happens of course. He penetrates me slowly, as I stop and let him do the rest. I'm

incredibly tight down there: and Dan is pretty damn big. It takes a bit of work to even get him in


And then of course he reaches my hymen. I suspected this would happen, but nonetheless am a bit

shocked to actually feel it happen.

"On the count of three?" I ask him. He nods his head.

"One.... Two.... Threee! Nnnngh!"

We actually both cry out in pain. Me because it feels as though my pussy has been split in too. Dan

because the pain of my hymen breaking caused me to accidentally dig my claws into his back as I clung

to him.

"Owowowow.... Sorry!" I say, still wincing. That hurt quite a bit more than expected. Dan winces, though

he doesn't appear to be badly hurt, and I quickly use my demonic/angelic powers heal his back via

other-modification lvl 2.

"Hey... I'm inside you," whispers Danny in my ear after I stop the bleeding.

"Hey..." I whisper back. "I can be inside you too you know..."

I tap is ass with the tip of my tail.

"Woah! None of that. I'm totally not ready for anal."

"Aw... fine then. Just be gentle until I can adjust, k?"

"Whatever... just stay away from my ass."

I squeeze his butt with my hand, laughing. "You mean no anal. I can still grab it right?"

"Uh huh..." he says shakily. He slid half an inch into me when I grabbed him in an involuntary reflex. My

pussy is spread wide by his thick cock. Almost too wide, if I were honest, but I don't really care. It feels

wonderful inside of me.

It feels even more wonderful when Dan slides more of it slowly up into me. Inch after inch, until his

pelvic bone bumps against my clit. I can't tell you what a surprise that was. I grind up against him again,

only now he's inside of me.

"Oh man."

"Yea..." I agree. I wish this could last forever... but I doubt Dan could last that long. I'll just have to settle

for an all-nighter. I'm sure going to milk this, and him, for all it's worth! He is going to be sore in the


We roll over together, with me on top, and I begin to move on top of him. Slowly at first, then faster and

faster... and everything just sort of went on from there.

I doubt Dan has never experienced anything remotely close to comparing to what we did together that

night. At first I did most of the work, but he quickly learned to take charge when the situation called for

it. For the first half hour I left him alone, but after his second orgasm I had to help him with his virility

using 'other-modification lvl 2', as well as heal him several times throughout the night because I keep

accidentally hurting him in the heat of our passion. The sheets were an absolute mess let me tell you.

John just slept through it all like a baby, despite the increasing volume of our "fun" as the night


We didn't even slow down until the sun started to rise, and only then do we both collapse next to each

other. I wish I had a power that could instantly clean bedding... but I'm too tired to do anything about it.

Dan's poor, abused little guy is relaxing, (soft and totally limp), and for once the sex drive of this body

appears to have quieted down as well.

"We need to go to school now..." he says after an eternity of shared silence as we both bathe in the bliss

of our own satisfaction.

"Yup..." I say.

"Does this mean I'm gay?"

"I have no idea."

"Ah. I am totally up for doing all of that again sometime."

"It's a date. Mind if I borrow your clothes?"

"Just be careful not to destroy them by accident again. Shouldn't you be able to just materialize clothes

or something?"

"Nope. Not one of my powers yet. I'm guessing I won't be able to manifest clothes until I get a few more

souls at least."

Buzz! Buzz!

Ooo! An update!

Your current level of ability is: Beginner

Souls in your possession: (1)

Suffering currently being caused: none

Chaos created today: (1) riot, (1) public orgy, (12) destruction of

property, (5) unplanned pregnancies.

Justice dealt today: gave friend a good time

As a Beginner you are restricted to using the following:

1). Levitation level 2

2). Self-modification level 1

3). Fear level 1

4). Knowledge level 2

5). Other-modification level 2

"Damn. I only upgraded my power of knowledge. Load of good that does me."

"You never know. Might help you in class."

I concentrate on becoming human again, but without wings. I rapidly transform, growing taller and more

handsome, but the wings sprout out of my back against my bidding. I drape them around my shoulders

as I scowl, cause it really is cold in here.

"What is the deal?" I whine, and then the answer comes to me unbidden.

"Oh. Apparently all angels, once they have acquired wings, cannot remove them. It's like a permanent

badge. When I transform into a demon though.... I sort of use a loop-hole in the system. Hold on, let me

try something..."

I quickly transform back into a demon, and am rewarded by a warm flush across my skin and a sudden

wetness between my legs. Geez, this body sure does like to fuck doesn't it?

I then concentrate on becoming human. I only succeed partway. Dan bursts into laughter.

He's laughing because I'm human in appearance just like I wanted alright... but I'm also incredibly

female. I am the female equivalent of my male self... and I must say I'm smoking hot. I'm also still pretty

damned horny.

"Which do you think is worse?" I ask Dan, posing in front of him. "Going to class with gigantic angel

wings... or with bewbs?"

"Boobs seem less likely to attract media attention..." says Dan. I turn sideways and push them up.

They're a little bit smaller than when I'm fully demonized... but much more round, taut, and 'athletic'. At

least I won't have to worry about a bra, or having two sweater cows beating me to death when I go

jogging. My power of knowledge lvl 2 tells me that a C cup bra would fit me perfectly. I could get used to

having google installed in my brain.

"On second thought: maybe you should just not go..."

I still have my breasts in my hands and am squeezing them experimentally. They're definitely much

more firm.

"Why not?"

"Cause you plus breasts actually does equal media attention... and you're still in demon form right now

too, right? You're gonna be horny 24/7."

"Yea, so? I'll be careful. I still look like myself, mostly, and if I dress right you won't even be able to tell

I'm a chick. Hell: I could even just tell everyone I've always been female if anyone finds out. It's not like

anyone's ever seen me naked."

"Something tells me that will be a hard sale."

"Whatever: it'll work out. I'll give you your clothes back tonight."

"Aw man! Again? Tonight? You have any idea how sore my little guy is right now?"

"Nope, and don't care. He ain't 'little' either."

The door to the bedroom opens. John sticks his head in.

"Are you two love-birds going to come down and eat or are you gonna play hookie and fuck?"

I guess John didn't sleep through last night like a baby after all. He stops to stare at my body.

"That couldn't possibly be you, could it?"

"It's the only way to hide my wings," I answer, quickly getting dressed. "And I guess my demon side is

pretty strongly aligned to being female. I can't change it."


John shuts the door slowly behind him, then stomps down the stairs.

I look over at Dan and he immediately interrupts me.

"I am not playing hookie."

"I wasn't about to suggest it!" I say with my hands in the air. Now Dan's clothes are too baggy on me,

but that's actually a good thing. It's not immediately obvious that I've changed genders. In fact: I look

remarkably like my normal self... despite the major and minor differences. I already have rather long hair

for a guy, and it works to my advantage right now. Depending on my posture and behavior I could easily

switch between looking like a guy and a chick... but right now I need to just move and act like myself,

make sure my hair is in its usual messy unbrushed state of repose, and make double sure I refrain from

walking any differently, talking any differently, and of course slouch to hide my new chesticles.

I walk over to the mirror in the bathroom to examine the effects, and everything is pretty convincing...

except my tits weren't nearly as well hidden as I thought. They're bound to be noticed. My nipples bring

good tidings of joy, hard as they are from my persistent arousal.

The obvious solution is, of course, athletic tape. I take Dan's shirt off, bandage myself up, and put it back

on. The illusion quite suddenly is complete, especially when I slouch a bit. I am, mostly, back to looking

like myself again. As long as I refrain from using the gym, don't let strangers grope me, and otherwise

keep myself from getting compromised (no wet t-shirt contests for instance) I can't see why I can't just

do this the rest of the year.

In all honesty, despite the binding boob-tape, I find this form exceedingly comfortable. As a guy I never

really noticed how much a pain in the ass balls were. Being free of them is like suddenly taking off a

heavy backpack and being able to stretch your arms.

After that I borrow a pair of Dan's flip-flops and we go downstairs, eat quickly (poptarts are lifesavers in

college), and we all carpool to school.

"See ya later!" shout to Dan and John as I run off to my first class. It doesn't start in half an hour: but I

usually take my motorcycle and park much closer.

I make it with several minutes to spare. It turns out it's rather difficult to run in flip flops, but I managed.

The class is physics 292, advanced calc-based stuff. Half of the time I have no idea what's going on. It

probably doesn't help that the professor uses notation that I've never seen before half the time, and I

usually spend a couple hours after class to catch up using the internet in combination with the textbook.

Taking good notes in this class has saved me countless times.

I quickly find a seat in the back and unpack my things.


I look up to see Damien, a short, energetic kid with a very large mouth and a buzz cut, walking up to sit

next to me.

"Yo," I say back.

He does a double-take before sitting down.

"You do something to your hair man? You look... funky."

"Nope, but thanks for asking!" I say back jokingly. Me and Damien get along well, even if we only ever

see each other in phys 292.


And class starts.

I'm about 10 minutes into the lecture when everything suddenly appears to be growing farther and

farther away. I hear some dude chanting. A funny feeling hits me in the pit of my stomach and I feel

something grab ahold of me, and before I know it I'm free-falling through pitch blackness.

The world goes topsy-turvy, and then quit suddenly I'm no longer falling, but rather soaring straight

upwards. I look above me and see an intricate pentagram made of fiery lines, and I'm heading straight

for it. I can see a guy on top of it, suspended in midair and surrounded by darkness.

He's what you might call your average douche-bag. Sagging pants, 'bling', a flat-brim hat, his sneakers

untied, baggy shirt, etc...

As I approach the pentagram I slow down, and I can hear him finishing the chanting. He's good at the

chanting I'll give him that. He sounds like he's rapping.

I can feel power in the space around me and sigh as I realize that there's no escaping the pentagram. I

guess I'm being 'summoned'. Might be an excellent chance to obtain another soul. I shall go along then.

As I rise through the pentagram I find that on the other side is a room. It looks like I'm being summoned

to an attic. In fact... I know this attic! I'm still on campus: and this must be that one fraternity. Delta

something-something or other. I can't remember, I was drunk when I was here last. This attic is famous

for being 'secluded' as well as fairly soundproof, and so couples like to sneak up here during parties,

scoot the small mattress stored up here over the trapdoor, and have some private 'fun'.

The guy stops chanting, and looks up to see me brushing off the sulfurous flames that accompanied my

transition through the portal. I see a bunch of black candles are the only light... and in the corner a small

goat is in a plastic tub with its throat slit.

My power of knowledge is going crazy. The pentagram is well constructed (drawn with the blood of the

dead goat no less) and has no immediately perceivable flaws. While inside the circle I am privy to some

really top-notch power... but I can only use it in certain ways, and I cannot do anything at all without

permission from whoever summoned me to the circle. The name of the game is simple: I cannot lie, and

I have the power to give this human just about anything he wants... but only if he asks me to. I, in turn,

can refuse to give him anything unless he gives me some sort of payment. Something to make it worth

my while to help him. Once a bargain is struck I have to keep to my word.

My tail curls on the ground at my feet as I cross my arms and wait. The ball is in his court.

"Duuuuude..." is all he says, staring at my nude body. I find myself immediately disliking him. The bulge

in his pants says he feels otherwise about me.

"Well?" I ask after he doesn't say anything else.

"I can't believe it worked!"

"Yea, yea... come on now and get on with it. I don't have all day."

"Oh yea. Right. Well, to be honest I didn't think this would work."

"Just tell me what you want before I murder you."

"Can we fuck?"

"Depends," I growl. Now I really don't like him. "What's it worth to you?"

"I dunno. I've got cash."

The dude pulls out his wallet and hands me a twenty. I roll my eyes.

"Works for me... but I need to here you say the words 'I want you to fuck me', and I give you my word I

will fuck you like you've never been fucked before."

"Awesome! I want you to fuck me!"

What an awful idiot. Here I am, with effectively unlimited demonic power on tap, and he goes and gives

me an open door like that. I actually laugh out loud.

"Consider yourself fucked."

And so I snap my fingers, and the magic does the rest.

His immediate reaction is one of confusion.

"Whoa... Hey, what's going on. What are you doing?"

"Oh, nothing..." I chuckle. "Just getting you ready for your fucking is all."

"Hey! I feel really weird!"

"Oh, you don't say?" I mock.

I move closer to him, and he backs up quickly until he hits the invisible wall of the pentagram. With

every step I take towards him I grow larger in size until I'm over eight feet tall. I reach for him with a

claw and slowly rip open the front of his shirt and pants.

"Ooo-la-la! What have we here?"

"What's happening to me?!" he shouts.

"Isn't it obvious?" I ask him as his waist visibly slims down and his gut flattens out. The changes so far

have been mostly isolated to his belly and internals... but now they progress a tiny bit lower.

"No! No this wasn't the deal! I just wanted sex!"

"I fully intend to honor our deal. I am going to very thoroughly fuck you..."

His pubes have already mostly gone, leaving only a tiny 'v' shape at the top. His balls are already

shrinking, and he grabs hold of them in a pointless effort to stop them.

"Stop! Deals off! Just fucking stop!"

His dick tucks up against his shrinking ball-sack and forms a cleft... then disappears into his body along

with his balls, leaving nothing but a pair of lips that tighten up rapidly as the excess flesh fills the chasm

left behind. A hood of flesh pulls down over a newly formed nub of excessively sensitive flesh as his

urethra relocates to the middle of it all and a wet hole opens up at the bottom.

He is, of course, freaking out and can't keep his hands away from it. He's digging through his brand-new

coochie like he's looking for gold, but his manhood is long gone. He's actually starting to cry now.

"You can't do this to me!" he yells. "Take it back! Undo it!"

"Don't be such a pussy," I say with a laugh. "It's only skin after all. It's not like you'll die without your


The changes of course aren't finished yet, and are progressing up towards his chest now. His pectoral

muscles soften and weaken considerably, then balloon out as the mechanisms for producing milk

develop fully and are surrounded by fatty tissue. His nipples and areolas change both in shape and size,

and very rapidly he grows a very health bust. He won't be able to hide those with sport tape, that's for

certain. They swell slightly further as milk production kicks in, becoming taut as a pair of drums. They

won't ever stop lactating, will never sag, and the skin will never stretch or lose its elasticity. My gift from

me to him.

The dude's face is priceless as he holds his hands to his face in horror, looking down at his changing

body. His breasts hang freely and beautifully, well rounded and symmetrical, and in between he can see

down to his groin where a neat line tells the tale of what was once there and what remains. As he holds

his head all masculine traces leave his face: from his small amount of stubble to his strong chin, as well

as slight rearrangement of his cheek bones and his face and eye shape. I make sure to leave it so that he

still looks pretty much exactly like he used to: but now he finally looks like he was born a woman.

Nobody should be able to tell any immediate differences without looking closely though. The final

touches, such as the removal of all excess body hair, the trimming down of armpit hair, removal of his

adams apple, all happen in a flash like an afterthought as the changes finally finish.

And so he is left standing there, frozen in shock, looking down at himself in disbelief. He is most

definitely fuckable. I am soooo going to enjoy this.

"This isn't real..." he says to himself. I reach over and flick his boobie.

"Looks real enough to me... and I'll bet it feels real too don't it?"

"This can't be happening!!"

"Oh, it's happening... and it's not over yet. You haven't forgotten our deal now, have you? I believe you

said you wanted me to fuck you, am I right?"


"Mmmm... perhaps I will, in exchange for something else of value, but right now I still need to fulfill my

promise. I can't go back on my word you know: I have to fuck you like you've never been fucked before

or suffer severe consequences."

"Oh God no! Don't! This is rape!! Don't touch me!!!"

"So what if it is rape? Rape is still a form of fucking. Just relax, sit back, and let momma do allll the


As I talk I use my power of self-modification (temporarily lvl 8) to try and change my gender. I'm only

partially successful. Apparently, just as my angel form must have wings, my demon form must have

breasts and a pussy... but there ain't nothing that says I can't have a dick too.

From just above my clit a second vent opens up in my body, and for a second it almost appears as

though I have two vaginas, although the top is obviously different from the bottom, until with slow

deliberation a long, tapering, purple dick rises out of the slit. I moan as it slowly swells out of my body,

pushing my vent wider and wider as it gradually becomes fully erect... finally reaching its limit at a foot

and a half long, with the tip thinned down to a point and the base as thick around as a baseball. My new

dick has a gentle 'S' curve along the shaft as well, my urethra has bifurcated and now I have one both in

my pussy and my penis, and at the base of my shaft, along the sides, are deep ridges.

The guy looks terrified, and can't look away from my dick.

"Like what you see?" I ask, posing for him and licking my snout with my long, flat tongue.


I look down at his crotch and his pussy agrees with him. He's not in a state of arousal. He's in a state of

fear... so I bend low to fix that for him.

"What are you doing!" he shouts, and tries to run around me to the side along the invisible wall of the

pentagram. I grab him by his waist with my tail, wrapping up his midsection and lifting him into the air


"Mmmm, nothing you won't enjoy I think..." is my answer before snaking my tongue out to him.

My tongue is rough, flat, and wet... and I waste no time in sliding it in between his labia lips and dragging

it slowly upwards, making sure to keep contact with his clit the entire way too.

"AH!" he shouts as his body spasms, his breasts jerking as his back flexes and his hands clench. I'm also

immediately gratified to find that his vaginal flow has already increased. Blood is starting to fill his

mound... and so I lick him again. He really does have a very nice flavor.

"OHMIGOD don't! Stop! You don't know what your ooouuuughhh.... I said aaah! Let me AHHH! Oh God

please URrrrNNGGGH!!!"

And suddenly he's orgasming. He squirts a little bit onto my tongue, and I swallow it as I watch his fem-

bits quiver and clench.

That was remarkably easy!

"Put me down!" he begs as his chest heaves. His face is bright red.

No... no not yet. I still want to have some fun!

I lick his pussy again, but this time stop halfway through and push my tongue into his puss-hole. Deeper

and deeper I go as he squirms and twists in my grasp, until I push all of my very long tongue up into him,

and then begin lapping from his honeypot like a hummingbird drinking from a flower, my lips pressed up

against the flower of his womanhood and sucking down his feminine fluids as I tongue-fuck him.

He squeals and bucks in my grasp, but he isn't going anywhere as I mercilessly stimulate his puss-hole,

the tunnel squeezing and sucking at my tongue as it moves in and out of him. Oh god, just doing this to

him makes me feel like orgasming out of sympathy... and of course he doesn't disappoint when he finally

climaxes for the second time this morning... and I remove my tongue from him as he officially creams

himself, licking my lips.

"Please... please stop... No more! I don't like this! This is wrong!"

"But earlier you seemed so eager!" I taunt, lowering him down a little so that my face is level with his


"Hey... what are you EEEKKKKKK!"

He actually screams as my finger finds his clit and I vigorously rub it, not stopping or slowing as his hips

spasm and he cries out uncontrollably. He has apparently entirely given up on trying to sound masculine,

that's for sure... and I ignore his pathetic wails and wrap my lips around his left nipple and begin drinking

from it.

"Huh! HUh! Huh-eeee-uh! Huh-Ahhhh! Oh-huh-huh-EeeeeeeEEEEEEUUUUUNNNNNGGGGH!!!"

And for the third time in less than twenty minutes he climaxes. He's sure got a helluva cream pie going

there now. It's like his pussy is foaming at the mouth.

I detach myself from his nipple, letting the milk dribble down my throat, and play idly with his tits and

nipples as I wait for him to recover.

"How was it?" I ask him.

"I hate you."

"Aw. That's so mean. I'm only trying to make you feel good!"

"I don't want to feel like this!"

"Well that's a shame, cause you're going to be like this the rest of your life. I'm just giving you some

pointers on how to use your body. For instance..."

I lift the tip of my tail up between my legs to lube it with my own pussy, which is so wet you could bathe

in it, and then take the tip of my tail and press it into his ass.

"AH! Hey! No, don't you dare!"

But I'm not even really paying attention to him anymore. Using the sensitive tip of my tail I quickly

locate his prostate. I'm going to make him cream himself now with zero vaginal stimulation. I wonder

how long it'll take?

I resume sucking on his breasts while my tail presses and rubs against the poor man's prostate and

immediately the increase in his arousal is evident. His pussy quickly begins to leak down his legs and drip

onto the floor, his toes curl and uncurl, and he balls his fists as he grits his teeth. This technique is a tiny

bit more subtle, in that it is a sort of indirect sexual stimulation that, if I do it right, should make him

want more. I want him to want me inside of him, even if he won't say it. I want him to enjoy it, love it

even, when I finally take him.

I push more of my tail into his ass and begin more aggressively rubbing his g-spot, and am rewarded as

he begins thrusting his hips of his own accord. Judging by the pained look on his face he's found himself

in a dilemma. On the one hand, he could do nothing and go crazy as his bodies level of sexual arousal

skyrockets until he breaks... and on the other he can give in and try to help stimulate an orgasm to

relieve himself.

Truth be told he won't orgasm this way unless he participates. It only takes a little bit though: like his dry

humping of the air. He definitely wants to fuck something.

"Do you want me inside of you little man?" I ask him, once again detaching myself from his lovely


"No!" he shouts as he continues to try to climax. The pained look on his face is priceless.

"Want me to help you orgasm?"

"Yes! I mean no! Fuck: just let me go!!"

"Not yet..."

His naked pussy is beet red and really juicy right now. The subtle twitches of his face and body tell me

that he's close, and the increased pace of his dry humping confirms this.

"Oh God..." he says in ecstasy as I speed up with him. He brings his hands up to his tits and starts

squeezing them. His breaths are coming in forced pants in time with my tail and his pelvis. He's really on

the brink now!

"Okay, now I can let you go," I whisper in his ear, and set him back down on the floor as I remove my tail

from him.

He can barely stand, and a look of utter astonishment and disbelief is written on his face... quickly

replaced by anger.

"YOU SON OF A BITCH!" he cries, standing weak kneed having been on the precipice of a g-spot induced

orgasm. His tits, now that I've got them flowing, leave rivulets of milk down his front. He can't seem to

catch his breath. In fact, it wouldn't take much for him to pleasure himself and still achieve that orgasm

with just a little more effort.... I can tell that he's seriously contemplating doing just that in fact. He is


"Oh," I say, sauntering up to him. He trips and falls backwards onto his ass, and I fall forward and crawl

on top of him. My excessively long dick slides up between his breasts as I do. "I'm not about to leave you

hanging my good man."

I pull back, leaving a trail of my sperm down his front to mingle with his breast milk, and spread his legs

for him.

"NO!" he shouts.

"No what?" I mock, letting my dick slide against his piping hot, dripping wet, virgin pussy. He shudders

powerfully, but doesn't try to move to escape me. I smile at that.

"Don't fuck you?" I ask as the pointed tip of my dick aligns with his pussy hole. I push it in.

It is pure ecstasy for both of us as my shaft penetrates his folds several inches with one thrust. I push

harder, and now his virginity becomes apparent as my dick's width rapidly increases. He is much tighter

than I thought he'd be in fact.

"Slower! Slower!" he says, shaking as he tries to lift his back up off the floor. His tits are jiggling. "Ow!

Owowow! That hurts!"

"Of course it's going to hurt a little the first time..." I admonish. "Just relax and the hard part will soon be


And by the hard part I mean his hymen: a tough ring of unyielding tissue that must be torn to gain

access to the womb. I break through it as if it were made of paper.

The man screams, and a rivulet of blood flows from his pussy. I ignore it and push forwards, and quickly

his cries of pain are replaced by moans as his virgin pussy continues to stretch wider. Soon that too will

become painful. I am larger than any man he will ever encounter, and larger than most animals even...

but just like his never-fading breasts I bestowed upon this man another gift in the form of a pussy that

will always be tight and virginal, even if the hymen is now forever torn. It'll really suck for him if he ever

decides to have a kid though. He'd be wise to go with a C-section.

And now, with my dick buried a full six inches into his crevasse, I encounter more resistance in the form

of his pussy getting much, much too tight.

"OW! Hey, that's enough! That's too much! You can stop now, it won't fit!!"

"I designed it to fit..." (thank-you power of knowledge lvl 8!)

"AH! But it OW! Ouch! Fuck! It hurts!!"

"Bear with it."

I force myself further into him, penetrating his belly a full foot now. His vaginal lips are spread wide over

my shaft. With every inch I force up into him it grows harder to push, and he grows exponentially


"ARRGH!" he yells as I keep going. "You're going to tear it! There's no more give!"

"Do you want me to fuck you or not?"

"Of course not!! And you're gonna split me in two if you keep goingAARgh!!"

"Obviously not," I say after having plunged several more inches into him. "And you don't seem to be

very resistant to me. I'd almost say you want this."


"I suppose you're right... but we're almost done with the hard part."

My dick has reached the end of the man's modified vagina, and now I find myself at the entrance to his

womb. The pointed tip of my dick pokes through the cervical barrier, and I start to push my way deeper

into him.

"What the! Ouch! Fuck! Ah! What in the OW! That fucking hurts!!!"

"I'm penetrating your womb. Your vagina can only be so deep you know."

"I have a womb?"

"Of course you do. You can have babies too if you like."

"I don't want to have babies!"

"That's just as well. In any case, did you know the uterus is an erogenous zone just like the vagina?"

"No, but I don't really uuunnnngh!"

I begin forcing the remainder of my dick up into him, almost half a foot is left to play with. His already

overstretched pussy continues to show more and more give, both to my victim's pleasure and


"How far can this fucking thing stretch?!" he asks himself in disbelief as he tries to catch his breath. I let

him for a second before plowing several more inches into him.

"Pretty far: but I dare say we're reaching your limit. Just in time too."

The ridges at the base of my dick are now starting to slide into him. I take it a tad slower now, letting

each ridge pop past his tight pussy lips grabbing hold of me. He gasps as each one passes into him,

rubbing the walls of his inner vagina as more of my cock slides up into him. Soon it's down to the last

two inches, and how there is little to no give left in his maximally stretched pussy.

He's closed his eyes and is chanting 'ow' over and over as I push gently but forcefully against him, and

the last of my dick is engulfed by his pussy. Our pelvis's touch. My pussy drips steadily onto the floor.

The very tip of my dick has reached the farthest corner of his womb, and for a moment I let him lie there

and absorb the reality of his position. His chest heaves as he tries to catch his breath for what is to


And then I pull out. Gently and slowly, as his pussy sucks hungrily at my cock and the ridges rub and pull

at his flesh. He cringes and gasps, throwing his arms up and around me to hold me as I retreat just a

little, the plunge back in to the hilt.

He cries out, and digs his fingers into my scales. He can't possibly hurt me, but even if he could I'd let

him. We're about to have a very wild time.

And so I fuck him. Slowly and gently at first, then gradually faster and faster, both of us growing rougher

and more violent. He quickly loses all abandon and fucks me back, slamming his hips into mine, clawing

and squeezing at my ass. His mouth unexpectedly finds my tits and he bites and sucks on my nipples,

and as I furiously pound his pussy harder and harder his fingers find my pussy and my clit, his arm

reaching around my ass and under my tail to find them.

He quickly reaches crescendos, orgasming so powerfully that he screams bloody murder as he claws at

my breasts and my pussy and my ass, yelling profanity to the heavens and shouting with unfettered joy

as his pussy squirts and creams and I continue to pound it.

I orgasm too, but it's not a male orgasm. Jism shoots up my dick, yes, but it's in perfect time with the

spasming and creaming of my pussy, and I do not in any way tire or grow sore after climaxing. I suppose

even though I have a dick, I still cannot be a real male in this form. It does not matter. It feels delightful.

I fuck myself with my own tail. I fuck him in his ass too. We both grope each other and touch each other

and have passionate sex together: two complete strangers forming a bond of the flesh.

We fuck for hours. Daylight disappears and cold night air seeps into the attic. We keep going. We take

short breaks, but quickly resume afterwards. We laugh as we play with each other's bodies. He requests

small changes, and I honor them. Changes like a more sensitive clit. A more powerful sex drive. Softer

breasts. We both fall asleep from exhaustion two days into our marathon with him elbow-deep in my

pussy and my lips wrapped around his clit. In those two days I had used my power of knowledge to

teach both him and myself some very interesting techniques and positions. His pussy is as tight as ever,

and needs to be stretched anew with each successive copulation. His breasts are a joy to play with. He

himself is rather inventive with his methods of pleasuring my own body as well.

I wake up hours later with the pentagram still intact, and nudge the dude to wake him up to.

"Hrm, what? Oh. Hey."

"Hey yourself. I got to go, but before I leave I was wondering if I could strike another bargain with you."

"Naw, I'm good I think. I don't want to be male again. Male is boring."

"I was thinking along the lines of this." I say, and materialize a ring out of the air. Of course, I can't give it

to him without his permission. That would count as using my power on him. This is just a combination of

my power of conjuration and knowledge.

"This ring will cast an illusion around to you make you look male again." I explain. "Whenever you wear

it, ordinary humans won't ever notice the fact that you have breasts and what-not."

"Cool. Can I have it?"

"I'd like to trade you it for your soul, actually."

"Oh. That doesn't sound like a good idea."

"Meh... perhaps, perhaps not. What it would mean is that when you die you'd go to hell, yes, but you'd

be my property, and I'm not big on the whole 'suffering' thing. You'll never know of the joys of heaven...

but I dare say heaven isn't everyone's cup of tea. For instance: you can't have sex in heaven, but sex is

totally cool and acceptable behavior in hell."

"What about eternal damnation and swimming in a lake of fire?"

"That's for ordinary bad folk who never had a chance of going to heaven in the first place. The way I

understand it, you'd end up being a lesser demon underneath me. I could take you for brief visits to the

human world, you'd have pretty much free range in hell, and you'd have your own power too. Time isn't

the same for demons either, and if you ever get summoned by a human like you did with me you can

have some fun as well. Maybe even get yourself your own subordinates. What do you say? Sound like a



He clasps hands with me, and I hand him the enchanted ring. The ring itself is actually powered by non-

demonic magic, which I learned how to use with my power of knowledge lvl 8. I won't remember how

to use such magic after I leave the circle, but neither will the ring disappear.

A little flash of flame heralds the arrival of my paper receipt for his soul, we say our goodbyes (I tell him

how to summon me specifically next time he wants to go round two), and I break the circle.

I fall straight through the floor back into pitch blackness, vertigo hits me once again and suddenly I'm

soaring upwards, and with a jarring stop I find myself back in my lecture. The professor is still talking

about exactly the same thing he was two days ago. My clothes, chest bandage, and human body are


I pop open my phone and realize no time has actually passed, shake my head in disbelief, and resume

taking notes.

This can only mean that right now, as I speak, I'm in two places at once. My true demon form is in an

attic about five miles down the road about to seriously fuck with a random strangers life. I realize that

attempting to go and watch myself, or interact with myself or that guy in any way, isn't a terribly good

idea and will only make things complicated, so I put them out of my mind.

My pussy is practically running now though from all the hormones coursing through my veins. I hope

nobody notices.

The rest of the lecture is rather boring in comparison, and I leave feeling very distracted and very angsty

and sexually pent up. Either I need to fuck something right now, or I need to find a place to discreetly

transform into my angelic form and take a breather.

(to be continued in part 3)

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