Digimon Rise and Fall: Chapter 4: Ignorance_(0) by lilsweetbaby

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Fantasy | Asian, Blowjob, Cum Swallowing, Fan fiction, First Time, Romance, Written by women

Apocalymon felt himself getting stronger. Already half of the digidestined had been corrupted. He felt the weight of his living hell lifting from his shoulders. Soon he would be free and soon he would have his revenge. He felt power course through his veins and a wicked smile appeared on his face. He used his powers to view the digidestined in the human world. He could reach them if he focused allowing him to unleash the hidden darkness that lied in their hearts. Who should he torment next? His eyes went to a bushy haired boy sitting at his computer looking bored. Apocalymon smiled widely at the perfect victim.

Life after the digital world has been mostly good to Izzy. He breezed through high school with minimal effort. He went onto study at the Tokyo Institute of Technology and graduated at the top of his class. He developed an app that could detect the best wifi hot spots in any area. He had all the tools for a successful life and was clearly destined for greatness. So why was he here? Izzy sat at his desk in the tech support department. He was smart enough to run the company and yet he was stuck there. His app had less then 100 downloads so he had no choice but to seek other employment. He sat rolling his eyes as he dealt with yet another hopeless customer. He had been trying to help them for over an hour and was running out of options.

“Ok mam you need to check and make sure that your power cable is intact.”

“Um which one is that?”

“That’s the one that leads to the outlet.”

Izzy sighed and stared at the ceiling. Why was he forced to take orders from those inferior to him?

“Yeah the cord is fine.”

“Ok then the only thing left to do is check and see your power system is functioning.”

“Well I don’t know if it will be we haven’t had power for the last two hours.”

Izzy slammed the phone down as hard as he could. He couldn’t believe the ignorance and stupidity of people. Over an hour of his life wasted and now he would have to explain to his actions to his supervisor. Why did he have to pay for the mistakes of others? He stared blankly at his computer screen. This job was a living hell that drained his soul of it’s life everyday. However both his life expenses and his student loan payments were beginning to stack up. He went to university to get ahead of the world but it set him back farther then anyone. Izzy stared into his computer slowly dissolving into nothingness.

The unmistakable sound of a woman moaning bought Izzy back to the world. The sound came from the cubical next to him. He stood up and saw a group of men standing around a computer. On the screen a drunk woman no older then 18 began taking off her top and moaned softly. Izzy couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

“Are you guys watching porn over there?”

The owner of the cubical turned to him with a look of disgust on his face.

“Dude it’s not porn it’s teens going sluty.”

Izzy shrugged his shoulders. Another employee’s eyes widened.

“You haven’t heard of teens going sluty? It’s only the one of the biggest DVD series of the new millennium. Chad Fields films these drunk girls all over the world and gets them to flash and do sluty things for the camera.”

“And people buy this?”

“It has sold over 50 millions copies around the world. Chad owns his island.”

Izzy’s jaw dropped. Over 50 million copies and his own island? All he did was get a few girls to show their breasts and he becomes rich. Here Izzy was with a university degree and doing his best to better the world and yet he was almost broke. It wasn’t right it wasn’t fair. Red hot rage flowed through his body. His coworkers stared at him with worry.

“Hey man are you ok?”

“No I’m going home tell the boss I’m not feeling well.”

Izzy didn’t wait for a reply. He stormed out of the building as fast as he could. The subway was only a couple of blocks away but he made no effort to go there. He didn’t want to go home and he had no destination in mind. He walked around the city a solitary figure in a cruel world. He walked past a group of teenagers farting on passers by and laughing themselves silly. Izzy shook his head worrying about the future of the world. Is ignorance truly bliss or was it a passing phase? Izzy saw a large group of people gathered around a television shop. A newscaster on the television was doing an entertainment story. Izzy stopped and listened.

“The weekend box office numbers are in and the Jackass spin off Bad Grandpa earned over 30 million dollars in the U.S. alone. It is expected to break 100 million dollars before it’s first month is over.”

Rage began to fill Izzy again. How could the world be so stupid? People throw down hard earned money on that shit and there are people starving in other countries. He looked at the other people and was shocked to find them unfazed. Several of them were smiling and nodding. How could this be? Hard working people like himself struggled and idiots flourished. He had wasted his life studying computers. He never went to a party, never went out drinking and had never even known the pleasure of a woman. In this moment of weakness he found himself desiring what he never thought he would. He wanted to be stupid he wanted to let go of everything he had learned. He wanted to be like everyone else. But how?

A group of unruly drunk businessman came out of a bar. The group debated on what to do next. One of the businessmen turned to his friend with a smile.

“Dude there is this strip club just off the highway and they have this one dancer that you just have to check out.”

The other men cheered at the idea. Izzy wasn’t sure what came over him but he decided to follow them. The men despite being stupid beyond reason seemed infinitely content. After 20 minutes they arrived at the club. The place looked like a real dive bar. Izzy froze at the door. Was he ready to do this? Would he throw away everything that he was? He took in a deep breath and walked in. The place was even dingier inside. It was filled with some of the worst type of people known to man. Truckers, drunks and shady tourists all crowded in together cheering on the poor girl on stage. Izzy grabbed a drink and sat down. The drink was passable at best. Is this what the rest of the world did for fun? The DJ grabbed his mike.

“Ok gentlemen get ready for the crown jewel of the club. Give it up for the young flower Mimi!”

Izzy’s eyes burst up to the stage. Out onto the stage walked out the young cherry blossom of his old team Mimi. She strutted out on the stage and moved like a creature of lust. There was something wrong with her eyes they were glazed over as though she was miles away from there. What had happened to her? She was a model, an idol why was she stripping? His eyes were glued to her. His friend whom he had known since he was a boy walked around half naked in front of him. His mind was horrified but his body was in heaven. He could feel his penis growing inch by inch in his pants. He began to sweat and pant. He wanted her, more then anything he had ever wanted anything in his life he wanted her. He had made up his mind tonight he would shed his old skin and be born anew. He was going to have her.

Mimi finished her sexual dance and gave a big bow. Izzy knew that they would never let him backstage so he went out to the back alley. Waiting out there for her was like living as someone else. He felt like a creepy pervert or a rapist. The scary thing was he liked it. Finally she descended upon him. She walked out of the door with her long flowing brown hair shimmering in the light. He moved towards her.

“Hey long time no see.”

Mimi turned around and gave him a sweet smile. He felt his heart melt at the sight of her.

“Good to see you old friend.”

“So I caught your show you are really incredible.”

Mimi blushed for the first time in years. Shame was something that he lost first in her adult life.

“Well I do my best I suppose.”

Izzy could feel the tension in the air.

“Hey it’s been a long time why don’t we catch up? We could have dinner. Do you live near by?”

Mimi felt nervous he could not let him know what she had become.

“Umm it’s out of the way can we go to your place?”

“Sure we’ll take the train.”

Izzy walked up to her and grabbed Mimi’s hand. The two walked down the street to the train station. An unfamiliar feeling swept through Mimi. Her body felt warm and her heart felt lighter. What was happening to her? She didn’t know but she liked it. The two took the train to Izzy’s place never stopping the conversation once. Izzy moved around his merger apartment feeling ashamed.

“I’m sorry to say that I don’t have a lot of to offer for dinner.”

Mimi moved to the fridge and all that was in there were some cold cuts, white rice and soy sauce. Mimi’s eyes lit up in an instant.

“Don’t worry about it I can make this work.”

Mimi grabbed a large frying pan and went to work. She worked diligently never pausing once. She mixed the ingredients like a pro using whatever type of spice that lied around perfectly. Izzy was amazed at her skill. A large smile appeared on Mimi’s face the simple act of cooking was the most fun she had experienced in years. Mimi put the food on the table and the two began to dine together. Izzy took a bite and it was as if his taste buds had opened up to a whole new world. He never knew that simple ingredients could taste this good.

“Wow you really know how to cook this is amazing.”

“Well when I was young I always wanted to please my father. My mom rarely cooked so I knew that it was a simple way into his heart. I spent hours to studying on how to cook the most exotic recipes.”

“Well you have a real gift for this.”

Mimi smiled it had been so long since someone actually complimented on her and not her body. Slowly she began to feel like an actual person. She looked at Izzy smiling at her.

“So Izzy how have you been? You must be very successful.”

“Oh well I’m going an entrepreneurial route trying to make my own way. I’m working at a call centre just to keep me a float right now.”

Mimi nodded slowly. She knew what he really meant. There was a point in her life when she said the same thing to others. She tried to do freelance modeling knowing in her heart that it wasn’t going to work. Even though it was a depressing thought it made her feel better. There was someone else from their old group that was struggling like her.

“Well I’m sure that you will work things out. So are you married?”

Izzy lowered his head.

“No I haven’t even been on a single date. I’ve been too busy.”

Mimi felt heart broken looking at him. He was so different from her and yet she understood him. He was such a good person and he had saved her life more then once. Not only that he had treated her to dinner and offered her kindness that she hadn’t known in years. She knew now how to pay him back. Mimi stood up and dropped her dress straight to the floor. She stood completely naked in front of Izzy. Izzy’s jaw dropped to the floor. Mimi’s body was so perky and perfect.

“What are you doing?”

“I can’t pay you back for all that you have done for me. I offer you the only thing that I have. Take my body for your own do what you will.”

Izzy couldn’t believe what he was hearing. This was his childhood friend and he was asking her to make love to her. He felt conflicted part of him wanted to throw her on the sofa and take her every way he could imagine. The other half of him wanted to dress her and take care of her. The dual forces within him swirled through his mind. What should he do? The logical part of his mind activated. He would go for the middle ground. Izzy stood up and gently stroked Mimi’s face. Mimi was shocked by Izzy’s actions and flinched.

“I’m sorry I didn’t mean to startle you. I didn’t mean to be so bold.”

“It’s ok.”

In truth it wasn’t his boldness that shocked her so much it was his gentleness. None of the countless men that she had been with had ever touched her that way before. It was an act of tenderness not lust. Izzy gently reached out and kissed her cheek. He moved down and kissed her neck slowly and sensually. Mimi grew weak in the knees and almost collapsed. Izzy caught her and gently lay her on the couch. He continued to kiss down her body reaching her vagina. He gave it a gentle kiss with his lips and began licking it softly. Mimi’s eyes widened his shock.

“What are you doing?”

“Oh well I’m going down on you. I’m sorry I’ve never done this before so I don’t know if I’m doing it right.”

“No it’s great keep going.”

Izzy obeyed and began licking her vagina more swiftly and sensually. Mimi couldn’t believe it. Never had any man done anything like this to her. Never once did a man take even a second to think about pleasing her over him. Izzy gave her clit a small lick and a jolt of pleasure went through her body. Mimi gave out a loud audible moan. Mimi had never felt one moment of pleasure from sex before. She felt so grateful. She grabbed Izzy’s head and thrust it up towards her. She shoved her tongue into his mouth and made it dance around wildly as several men had done to her in the past. To her surprise he didn’t respond with force but with love. His tongue gently massaged hers circling around slowly. Izzy massaged her shoulders and sat her down.

Mimi knew what to do. She pulled down Izzy’s pants and stared at his cock. It was fairly average in nature maybe six inches at most. She jerked it slowly and moved her mouth towards it. Izzy grew nervous and stopped her.

“What’s wrong Izzy do you not want it?”

Izzy shook his head.

“No I want to have my first climax to be with you. I want to become one with you.”

Mimi was touched by his words. She had never heard anything so beautiful in her life. She also felt worry. She had never orgasmed before. She could fake it well enough but she felt it was an insult to him. However stopping now was not an option. She lay down and spread her legs as she had 1000 times before. Izzy moved to her kissing down her leg. Izzy positioned himself over Mimi. He moved the tip of his cock to her vagina lips.

“Ready Mimi?”

“More then you know.”

Izzy pushed his head in. A new sensation erupted through both of them. Izzy felt the luscious act of sex for the first time. It hit him hard that after over two decades on the earth he was finally a man. He smiled at the sensation of her vagina around his cock. However Mimi felt something very different. Somehow the feeling of Izzy inside of her was right. She felt actual pleasure course through her. It like nothing she had ever felt it was the most wonderful thing in the world.

Izzy moved his hips slowly in and out of her savouring every moment, every sensation that rose up in him. Mimi lay back and let herself get lost in the motions. Sweat poured from both of them. Mimi slowly began to pant real moans of pleasure. With every thrust she felt happiness return to her body. It was as though she was a young 18 year old girl over again. Izzy looked into her eyes and saw a gleam of hope return. She looked like the girl he left behind all those years ago.

Izzy began to speed up and with every thrust he lost a piece of himself. All those years pounding keys on his computer, all those years studying they were all a waste. This was all that mattered. The power of sex flowed through him like blood. He smiled widely this was what he was missing. He looked down at Mimi’s body drenched in sweat. He leaned down and licked it wildly savouring the salty taste. Lust took over him and flipped over Mimi. He fucked her like a dog in heat. Both of them panted together it was like nothing he had ever imagined.

A strange and new sensation spread through both of them. It was as though the gates of heaven opened up in their genitals. The golden feeling spread from the tip of Izzy’s penis all the way through to the tip of Mimi’s tongue. Mimi couldn’t believe what she was feeling. At last she understood what the appeal to sex was. She finally knew what it meant to be love. The two let out a scream of passion making an opera of love and lust. Izzy slowly exited her and sat on the couch. Mimi reached down and began sucking Izzy’s cock but for the first time because she wanted to. Izzy moaned and stroked her hair gently. Mimi was a true pro and he could tell despite his lack of experience. He knew what he wanted now. Mimi sucked out every last drop from his cock. She put her head on his shoulder and smiled.

“I love you. I don’t want to leave.”

Izzy reached out and felt her face.

“Then don’t. Stay with me.”

Mimi couldn’t believe what she was hearing. He truly was an angel sent from above to save her from hell. She gently grabbed his head and kissed him deeply. She had finally found something worth living for. Unknown to her were Izzy’s true motives. He didn’t care about her feelings. He would use her to change himself into the type person that he always wanted to be deep down. She was his guide on the path of ignorance.

Rating: 57%, Read 7838 times, Posted Oct 22, 2013

Fantasy | Asian, Blowjob, Cum Swallowing, Fan fiction, First Time, Romance, Written by women


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