The Time I Accidentally Paid for Sex_(0) by Nade91

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True Story | Female, Group Sex, Male, Prostitution, Threesome

The Time I Accidentally Paid for Sex


Know that this is a true story, at least to the best of my memory and understanding of it. I was in my early twenties, twenty-two, maybe twenty-three. I was on a four day trip to Vegas for a bachelor party. This was the night of day two and we decided to hit up a strip club. Its one of the more popular clubs in Vegas but I will leave the name out. I had only been to one other club in my life and hadn’t been with anyone in almost six months so needless to say, I was excited to see some tits and maybe for some female contact.

The group of us got a free limo ride from the hotel (a special the club offers) and pulled up to a VERY crowded looking club. The limo driver says no worries and says he can get us in faster because of the guide we went through and the deal he got us, we can get in the side door free of charge. So we pull around back, and everyone piles out. I was last out of the limo and I noticed no one thought to tip the driver. Funny how I get stuck with it when I know for a fact everyone I was with makes shitloads more money than I do. I chalk it up to everyone being buzzed from drinking throughout the day. I hand the guy thirty bucks, which I expect was probably high, but I have a tipping anxiety. I don’t want to risk tipping too little, insulting him, and asking how much I should tip is awkward. The guy smiles, thanks me, pats me on the shoulder and I go on my way.

I caught up to the guys just as they were going through the door and showing their IDs to the bouncer.

“No its cool guys. I understand you’re all a bit strapped for cash, but don’t worry, I took care of the driver.” I said sarcastically. I was laughing a bit and they know I was just fucking around.

“Oh shit, my bad Matt.” Jason, one of the groomsmen in the upcoming wedding laughs back.

“Ha, its cool. Next time, asshole” I respond.

The group of us consisted of the wedding party and a couple of others. There were seven of us in all, five at the club now. There was me, Jason, and Rich who were groomsman, a friend of the groom Eric, and the groom, my future brother-in-law Mike. I really only knew Mike and Jason, the others I had just gotten to know during the trip. We all share a laugh at my expense and proceed past the bouncers. They direct us through a hallway which took us back to the front of the club so we can go through the main entry. As we walk up to another round of bouncers, the one we already dealt with yells up to them to let us through. This bouncer, a freaking giant of a man unhooks the rope and we are now in the club. We started walking along the edge of the club, and took in the sights a bit. Its set up as a big walkway that surrounds the whole floor. There are a couple stages, tons of tables, booths, love-seats, single cushioned chairs, and tons of gorgeous women. The main floor was indeed crowded, but there were still many women standing at the edges looking for someone to give a dance to.

We were circling the joint looking for a place to sit. We could barely hear each other over the loud club music, so we were thinking of somewhere in a corner away from most of the speakers. I was in the back of the line walking a bit slower and admiring the scenery when I feel arms slip under mine. Two women, both absolutely stunning had come up behind me, and taken my arms. "This place knows how to make a good impression", I thought.

“Hey baby, do you want to come with us and get a special dance?” The one on my right arm asked. She was of some Hispanic heritage. Maybe 5‘4“, very lean but stacked in the breasts department. Fake breasts I guessed, but they were great. She had long black hair, a black bikini type lingerie outfit, medium gold hoop earrings and a belly button piercing. Very sexy.

“Uhh a special dance?” I asked. That’s me. Mr. smooth with the ladies. Great witty, confident response there. Maybe I’m thinking too much.

“Yeah, we’ll have fun. But we have to go back in the VIP rooms.” The one on my left arm said. I turned to look at her, and my god she was hot. She had a very similar build as the other, maybe a little taller and smaller natural breasts. She also looked Hispanic, with a light complexion. She had shoulder length wavy black hair, and was wearing a white outfit that matched her partner’s but with a netting connecting the top and bottom. What captured me though were her big brown eyes, and her smile. It was a natural smile, like it was just supposed to be there. She just looked happy and fun. One look at her and I just wanted to get to know her. I just knew we’d get along. She kept smiling, and waiting for an answer. I think she knew what it’d be.

“I think that sounds like a great idea. Let’s go.” I wasn’t sure what a “special dance” consisted of. I figured it would be something like a dual lapdance and I’d probably be able to do some touching. It sounded ok to me as long as I didn’t get hamstrung with the price.

“Excellent!” said the one on the right, “I’m Mindy, and she’s Eva.”

Mindy grabs my hand and leads me through a nearby door of beads and we walk down another hallway that led to a small lounge. It was a small room with a red couch circling the whole thing, and a silver circular table in the center. The music was a lot quieter here and there was a dark blue hue to a lot of the lights here. It had a very relaxing vibe. Mindy sat me down and they sat on either side of me leaning me. Mindy, on my right again, grabbed my hand and put it on her ass, which of course was perfect, and Eva just held my other hand in both of hers, and set her chin on my shoulder.

I smiled and looked at each of them, wondering where we go from here, and Mindy spoke before I could ask.

“So, are you comfortable?” Mindy asked. She slid my hand under her bottoms, cupping her ass. My heart was beating out of my chest, but physical comfort-wise I was good sure.

“Ya I’m great!” My voice came out a bit shaky. I guess I didn’t realize how nervous I was. Mindy smiled a kind of devious smirk.

“Just so you know, this is going to cost around eleven hundred dollars. Are you ok with that?”

I coughed and almost shot up out of my seat. Over a grand? Thats insane, why would I ever pay that? Then the thought occurred to me. What if they weren’t selling a “dance” at all. This is when I realized that there may be more going on here than I first thought.

“What exactly does this special dance consist of?” I ask. I had to know exactly what was going on here. This is when Eva started kissing my neck and jaw. I mean really kissing them. She also slid her hand up my shirt and onto my chest. Before answering, Mindy grabbed my dick through my pants(I also just now realized how hard I was right then), pressed up against me hard, and got close to my ear.

“We will take care of you.” She stopped, pressed her forehead to mine, and said, “Really, take care of you.” She was unzipping my jeans. Holy shit, was this happening? Not for eleven hundred it wasn’t.

“Wait, wait, wait. I can’t do eleven. It just can’t happen.” My heart was sinking.

Eva never stopped kissing me. With her free hand she slid mine down her stomach and onto her pussy, covered as it was.

“What can you do? We are flexible.” I bet.

“I don’t know, I don’t think I can really come close to what you’re ask-” Eva slipped my hand under her bottoms and inside her. “EIGHT!” Eight? Jesus Christ.. Eva giggled a bit.

“I think we can do eight.” Mindy said. Eva nodded. Oh my god, it really is happening. I opened my wallet and gave her the money. Before we came here, the guys and I were playing around at the casino and I did really well at a poker table. I actually could have done eleven, but that number was just so insane. Eight hundred was crazy too, and I’m sure I was still over paying but at this point nothing really mattered.

Eva turned my head to her and locked our lips. I closed my eyes and I kissed her back. We went at it for a bit and I felt Mindy pull away. I wondered for a second where she went, then that was quickly answered. I felt her tugging my pants down. I lifted my waist to help her, allowing her to pull them away along with my boxers. I felt her hair touching my leg so I knew what was coming next. Her tongue started going up and down my head and shaft, soon I felt her whole mouth. Eva pulled away for a second, and looked me straight in the eyes. Her faint smile was there. Her eyes seemed to smile this time too. She unclasped her top to reveal a beautiful set of perky tits. My guess is they were Bs. Her nipples were standing and she had a small silver hoop piercing her left one.

I guess I was getting bolder because I needed no further prompting for me to continue fingering her. Her faint smile got wide and she threw herself back onto me. She moaned quietly then kissed me stronger than before, thrusting her hips onto my hand.

This continued for a few minutes. Eva was passionate and drew my attention, and Mindy really knew what she was doing with her mouth. Eventually I felt Mindy’s hand around my shaft and she began using it instead of her mouth. Her mouth found my neck a second letter. I turned to her a for a second, but Eva pulled my head back. She was getting really into it. She was also getting really wet, which kind of surprised me. I figured people that did stuff like this became emotionally detached from johns.

Now Mindy actually pulled my face back to hers and started kissing me. Eva leaned away and left my reach. I felt her sit on my legs and replace Mindy’s hand with hers a moment later. Another moment later she started grinding on me. I looked from Mindy for a second to look on Eva and saw that she had removed her panties and was grinding my dick bare. It felt amazing, and she looked stunning.

“Oh my god, thats good” I groaned, and bucked my hips up a little.

She was grinding to the beat of the music in the background. I couldn’t tell what song it was but I could hear the bass. For a minute she had her eyes closed and her arms in the air, like she was dancing. She looked even more amazing as the blue light of the room shined off her silhouette.

Mindy put my right hand between her legs to do my own thing while she wrapped her lips around Eva’s pierced nipple. Eva looked down at her, brushed her hair back, smiled, then looked back to me. She started grinding harder and her lips opened to let out some quiet moans. Her face started to flush and with every motion I could feel her getting wetter. She kept her eyes locked directly onto mine. I grabbed her hip with my free left hand and helped her thrusting. We kept at this for several minutes. Her, grinding to whatever songs played out on the floor, Mindy sucking her nipple and occasionally tugging on the piercing with her teeth, and me fingering Mindy while also guiding Eva. Mindy eventually removed her bra and her tits stayed almost completely still while it fell. I was definitely correct in assuming they were fake, but they weren’t obnoxiously so. They looked good and plump rather than botched balloonish orbs. I reach up from Mindy’s pussy to get a grab of them, but after only a couple seconds she put my hand back.

“Hey now” She said. “I was starting to enjoy you down there, keep doing that.” I was happy to oblige, and my attention was better served on Eva anyway. Her cheeks were getting even more flushed and was now letting her moans out in louder, short bursts. As she stared deep into my eyes I noticed her pupils were getting bigger and her eyes even looked like they were pleading at this point. It was a beautiful thing to see.

“I won’t stop" I said, almost whispering. I had no idea where that came from. She nodded, I was pretty sure she understood me. Her moans turned to whines, and even cries. I was starting to feel my own end coming up when she stopped, started trembling, and letting out a loud moan, almost like a primal shout. Once it passed, she looked at me, down at Mindy, back at me and laughed.

“Holy shit! That was a good one!” Eva yelled out. Mindy hit me on the shoulder and laughed too. I was still good to keep going and Eva obviously saw that because she started rocking back and forth again, but slowly.

“You want to go? she asked Mindy, gesturing down at me. Mindy laughed again at that.

“All yours sweetie, do your thing” she said back. Mindy was more of what I expected from the arrangement; All business. She would probably switch if I asked but if its all same to me, she’s just eating up the time. The response seemed to please Eva because she smiled wide again, and what a great smile it was. She knelt down and whispered something to Mindy who chuckled, shook her head, got up and grabbed something from a purse on the table. When Eva grabbed it from her I saw that it was a condom. Oh fuck yes.

“Whoa, really?” I say, “I mean, is that really ok?” Eva stopped and gave me a flat look. It said, “No shit its ok you dolt. I literally couldn’t be more willing” That's me again. Casanova. This time I laughed and shook my head. “Sorry” I smile. “I’m beyond help sometimes.”

She gave me another smile and laugh, then reached down and rolled it on me easily enough. She kept her grinding going for a few more seconds, stood up a bit, then guided me into her. She moaned on the first thrust, paused for a second, then worked her hips on me again. Mindy sat down next to me, threw her arm over my shoulder just leaned back.

“If its all the same to you, I’d like to just watch you guys a bit.”

“Its fine with me. Uhh thanks for earlier” I was referring to the brief blowjob. She smiled, an actual heartfelt looking smile.

“Of course hon. Let me know if you want anything else.” She kissed me again, then leaned on my shoulder, both of us turning our attention to Eva. She was looking impatient, which turned me on even more if that was even possible. I now placed both hands on her waist and was guiding her back and forth along my dick, a lot like before.

“Oh my god. Thats good, lets go harder though.” She moaned.

“Awesome. I’ll work up to it.” I said back, a bit of a moan in my voice near the end as well.

I started rocking her back and forth harder now, with more force. I don’t even know if I could hear a song now but I know I wasn’t sticking with the beat of one. She starting biting her lip and her eyes were getting that pleading look again. It was a great look on her. Mindy started kissing my jaw a bit, probably just keeping herself busy. As much as I hate to admit it, I couldn’t deal with both of them at this point. I had to keep focused on Eva. I noticed her skin was shining with sweat now, and I was getting pretty sweaty myself. After a few minutes of slowly working our speed up I thrust her up, sat up and sat her back down forcefully. She let out a loud burst of a moan.

“Ghaa! Ok, really fuck me now! But like how we are.” she whined loudly. I wondered if anyone could hear us. I smiled and gave her a nod. I very firmly grasped her hips, and with her help I started to lift her up and down. There was very little of a build up, I was basically going with all the force I could every pump at this point. As she would go down I would thrust into her hard, and she moaned on basically every thrust. All the moving made leaning on me impossible for Mindy and I felt her pull away.

“Fuck, Eva, you are gorgeous!” I exclaim pretty loudly. She let out a cry at that. “Fucking beautiful!” I say again, thrusting the whole time. She kept crying out, I think thanking me, then used my shoulders as more leverage to fuck even harder. She was pouring sweat now, and breathing very hard. I was having a hard time too, but my adrenaline was through the roof, and that kept me going. My arms just wouldn’t give. She fell forward after a thrust and we bumped foreheads pretty hard. We shared a quick laugh at that but never stopped. Her moans got louder again.

“Oh fuck, don’t stop. I’m almost there!” she all but screamed. I was getting there too but it seemed like I was a bit behind. “Gha! There! There!” She let out a short sob. “Yes. Fuck!” Her legs turned to jello. I was about to cum but she would be no help at this point. She knew this and put as much weight on my chest as she could. She wrapped her arms around my neck and dug her nails into the back of my head and my left shoulder. She dug her head in my neck and bit down on me. The pain gave me another boost. I mustered every bit of strength I had left and wrapped my own arms under her legs, propping her weight up. Holding her up, I continued by bucking my hips upward and into her. She was screaming through her teeth as she bit into me. It took only seconds more for me to come. And I did. Hard. We both let out several heavy breaths, and she rolled off me.

“That was beautiful you two” Mindy said. “Really!” she laughed.

Eva giggled and curled up leaning into me. She gave me a soft kiss on my neck and snuggled into my chest.

“Well, I’m gonna go clean up, you coming Eva?” she asked.

“No” she said quietly. “He still has me another twenty minutes”

“Suit yourself, I’ll see you out there.” She looked at me. “Its been fun” she winked at me, slipped into her outfit and left.

Eva and I just laid there. I slipped my pants back on and held her. She preferred to stay naked. I didn’t complain. Until the end of our time together we just talked. I told her why I was in Vegas, what I did for a job, where I lived, just small talk. She listened, gave input and told me about herself. I really did like her. When our time was up she gave me her number, told me to contact her if I came back to Vegas, gave me another kiss, and I left her as she was getting dressed.

I found my group together around a big table drinking vodka and a couple of them getting dances. They grilled me about where I’d been but I just said I got a VIP dance. I never did tell any of them what really happened. I hadn’t told anybody before now. Maybe one day I’ll give Eva a call back, but who knows. The memory I have is good enough, and I’m not usually one to pay for sex, this was probably one time thing.

Rating: 91%, Read 25022 times, Posted Nov 08, 2016

True Story | Female, Group Sex, Male, Prostitution, Threesome


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