Sweet Cindy by DaSpark

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God damn its cold out here, thought Frank as he locked up the front door on the rectory. The school next door was dark, there must not be any events tonight. While Frank did teach a few religion classes next door in his church's school, Frank was more involved with the Youth Group and trying to keep the great kids under his tutelage off drugs, off sex, and off tobacco. He really did have great kids in his groups and classes. He had the young ones twice a week, the the 5th-7th grade once a week and the crucial 8th-10th graders twice a week and every third Saturday. These were the important kids. The ones who had a high chance of falling into bad behavior.

Frank was a pastor and very devout but he wasn't a priest. Though he did not have to take a vow of celibacy, he did feel that all of his time should be devoted to his flock while he was the Youth Group Pastor. One day, when he was a Pastor to the congregation, he would find himself a wife, but he was only recently out of seminary at 26 years old and the Lord would let him know when the time was right. In the mean time he would have to let the young ladies who had already developed bodies and wore the tantalizing school uniform with stockings feed his earthly desires for now. Masturbating wasn't exactly condoned but he only did it once in a great while when he had seen one too many young beauties. And he never did it with any one in mind, perish the thought! He would just see a menagerie of the young figures, the budding breasts, the curve forming legs and hips, and the tanned skin of summer. He only really ever fantasized about the bodies from the neck down, and never fantasized about doing anything to them, just seeing all the figures in his minds eye was plenty.

As Frank turned from the rectory to head to his car he saw Cindy out waiting for the bus. The wind was whipping pretty good and snow was starting to fall. Cindy was a wonderful and popular student, her father was from their little town and he had met and married a Persian woman on an evangelical mission abroad. The result was this mixed child who was quickly becoming the type of woman who would stop traffic. Cindy had long dark brown hair with slightly lighter highlights, a bronzed skin, huge round eyes, a skinny and somewhat flared nose, and thick lips. Her body was a bit advanced for a girl entering 8th grade. Forget advanced, it was luscious.

She had the lithe body tone of her father and shadows of the voluptuous mother. But the greatest feature was the bright blue-green aqua eyes off setting her tanned skin and dark brown hair and dark features.

There must have been a game that afternoon as she was only wearing her cheer leading outfit and her school windbreaker. Frank walked over to her, the whole time finding himself staring at that butt. It was amazing, one of a kind. Even when the 90 pound young lady stood straight up at attention, the have circle stuck out like she was forcing her tailbone backwards. A perfect little bubble but, and even better, it was very taut. She didn't have a phat ass, just an amazing one. It stuck out so drastically naturally that her longer than usual skirt due to school regulations still almost left the bottom of her ass cheeks exposed. The uniform was mostly teal, with yellow trim as a secondary color, and the jacket as well.

"Hi Cindy, are you waiting for the bus?" Frank asked.

:Hi Pastor Frank, yea and the stupid bus is late!" she hollered through the wind, the few stands of hair that weren't clipped by barrettes in her high squeaky voice. The voice was about the only thing to consistently stand out as to her younger age.

"I am heading home now, come hop in and I will drop you off at your folks place."

"Oh my gosh, thank you so much!"

We ran as fast as we could to the car, Frank pushed the keychain to unlock the door and we both got inside. The dome light stayed on for just a bit after the doors shut and after Frank had started the vehicle and was pulling on his belt that his gaze was in the direction of the glove box and he couldn't help but notice her legs. They were going to be great legs someday. Frank wasn't sure why a young woman's legs looked so good in bunched up socks and low top athletic shoes. The socks always intercepted the curve of their calves as they curved up towards their feet, but instead of going to the skinny ankle, they follow into a cute bunching of sock. Their legs really never look that way after puberty, be it 16 or 19, but then, even if they stayed in great shape, would be toned and muscular or if they didn't stay in shape, they got fat. But in the puberty phase, they had that thin but chubby, firm but soft look.

The drive to her place didn't take long and they just chatted about daily events and school life. Cindy had always gotten along very well with Pastor Frank, she was a good student, very straight edge, always did her homework, was totally chaste and dressed properly and all this with parents that had just had an unexpected pregnancy and were spending 90% of their attention on Cindy's new baby sister. Cindy wasn't upset, she knew it was necessary. But since she didn't feel like she had her parents attention she no longer felt like going to them with her problems or questions. But she did have an issue that was worrying her.

They pulled up in front of her house down by the mailbox since her parents cars were in the driveway.

"Alrighty sweetheart, here you are. Say hi to your folks for me and remind your Dad he is the presenter for next week Men's Bible Study."

"Pastor Frank"


"I need to know what to do about an embarrassing situation."

"You know I am always available for anything you need. What is it that is troubling you? There is always a solution through God's love."

"Well", she said, her beautiful angelic face bathed in the glow from the car's dashboard screen. "I have been praying to God, and begging for help, and diving into my studies and my cheer leading and volley ball, but no matter what I do I am felling, um, horny all the time. I think that's what it's called. I have always stayed away from all, s--s--sex stuff.:

The discomfort was visible on her face, her expression of shame palpable. "I don't know what else to do, I well always stay chaste for the Lord, I will save myself for my husband of course, and I have never watched porn or read dirty stories, and I will not soil myself by committing masturbation but I, I feel like I am going to lose my mind." At this point Cindy's eyes had tears welling up.

"I am so sorry Cindy, I know that is a difficult time for a young adult. And I know the desire to release and explore the tantalizing feelings you feel are so very hard to leave be. But you are a young ADULT Cindy, you are old enough to make decisions for yourself. You can decide that you will honor god and keep yourself chaste through the strength of your will. God knows you can do it. I know you can do it too. Don't throw your life away for simple Earthly pleasures."

"Do you really think I can? I feel like crying half the time because I want to explore that tingle. Oh my Lord, why don't you take it away!?" at this point the words were tough to really understand because Cindy was sobbing."

Frank leaned over and pulled her in and gave her a strong full hug. "It will be okay Cindy, you can do this."

"I can't I really can't. I have to make the tingle go away."

"Listen to me Cindy. I want you to promise me that tonight you won't let yourself explore that feeling. Do everything you can to stop from doing it ok? Promise me. If that doesn't work then there other steps that can be taken. But tonight, do it for me Cindy. Stay true to God and yourself."

Cindy pulled back from my hug and wiped her tears with her hand. "OK. I will do it Pastor Frank, I won't let myself disappoint you and I will prove my love to God. Thank you for listening to me."

"You're welcome Cindy, now go do your homework and then watch a sermon channel until you are sleepy, or if you want to read, read scripture. Practice your prayers. And we will chat tomorrow ok? Come by my classroom after 5th period and tell me how it went. I can give you a ride home if needed." instructed Frank.

"I will, I will. Goodnight!"

With that she hopped out of the car and rain through the still thick rain to her door. Frank made sure she was inside and safe before he started for home. On the short drive to his house Frank thought about how proud of Cindy he was. She was a special girl and she had a great future ahead of her. He hoped she would stay chaste and save herself. She deserved to be rewarded for being such a good person, of which there were fewer and fewer.

Frank got home, showered, made some dinner and watched two episodes of Murder She Wrote, his guilty pleasure, and headed to bed. He just planned to go to sleep but he had developed a hard on. Frank didn't really know why he was hard, he just felt extra sensitive for some reason and he knew after a few minutes that this one wasn't going away. Frank had been a bit of a rebel before he gave his life to God, not anything crazy but he had had sex with three women, one of them 6 times. But he always felt like it wasn't what God wanted, and he finally stopped with the cavorting. But when he got one of the hard, hard ons, he knew he would have to jack off if he wanted to get sleep. He felt guilty at the thought. Here was Cindy doing everything to stay chaste and right and he was just giving in?

No he told himself, I am a man, we get backlogged and we have to let some go, we just have to. Maybe if they were virgins they could do it but Frank felt that anyone who had felt an orgasm would fall prey to a self induced one even if just minimally every once in a while. It was too hard to tell the REALLY sensitive hard on to settle down, it clouded your mind, he was a better man of God when he had control of his thoughts.

Frank grabbed a new out of the box t-shirt (Frank ran a lot, he went through them quickly) and hopped into bed. He turned off the TV and laid back on his pillow. He reached down and grabbed his erection, shrouded by the undershirt and began to stroke it and push it back and rub it next to his stomach. He began to visualize different bodies from the many wholesome pretty girls at the school, when Cindy flashed through, the vision of walking up behind her, watching the ass bulge out. He purposefully pushed that thought out and began random headless bodies again, and again Cindy jumped in, this time his view of her rain slicked calves in the car. Again he cleared his head and went back to random women from school. Cindy jumped in again but instead of just Cindy it was Cindy in a pose he hadn't ever seen her in. laying on her side in her cheer leader outfit, both legs curled, the top one sloping over the bottom one and pushing forward while she was playing with her hair. Frank didn't push that image away, he couldn't, it was too invigorating and began to push Frank towards release.

Frank saw the clip of her moving her leg over and over until as really there, he lunged forward and reached out and caressed her top thigh and licked and kissed it. That sexy, dainty, supermodel to be tanned leg! Franks cock exploded, soaking the under shirt. Frank came and came hard, so hard his breath caught in his chest for a second, and Frank never really came down from his orgasm until after he fell asleep. The exhaustion of such pleasure was too much for the man to absorb. He would have to chastise himself for the thought of Cindy, but for now, he had never felt so content.

When the alarm went off in the morning Frank woke up extremely rested. He couldn't remember the last time he had slept like that. But then again, he also couldn't remember the last time he had a release like that. He felt incredibly guilty at allowing himself to fantasize about a particular girl. Even worse he had even for a second fantasized about actually touching and engaging in a sexual way with one of his flock. She trusted him, so much so that she had sought his help in staying a woman of God and yet he couldn't even stop himself from doing so. He felt terrible but also confused. Why would God allow me to feel this way, why did he make her pop into his mind? He was fine with the faceless mob of body images to satisfy his urges as he waited for God to put his future wife in his life, so why was he putting images of that sweet innocent Cindy in his deviant thoughts?

Oh well, Frank was not going to second guess The Father in any way, but he was confused. Frank went through his normal ritual of showering, shaving, breakfast, the morning paper and then headed off to work. He had three periods of religion today. Two in the morning and one in last period. And then Cindy comes in!

What the hell was that? Why, why did his mind do that? For the rest of the day every 20 minutes or so either the view of Cindy in her uniform from behind, or those legs in the front seat or those thick lips, silhouetted by the cars electronic lights would go through his head. Only once did the vision of her lying on her side, one leg caressing the other pop into his head. And he instantly felt a bulge growing, thank god the vision was during an in between period so he could let the bulge deflate on its own, he couldn't fathom fantasizing about the same female two days in a row, and especially not one of his own flock.

The day past slowly, too slowly. Pastor Frank definitely felt a little churning ball of anxiety in his stomach. He knew he really couldn't wait to see Cindy again. He didn't know why exactly, but he was hoping to hear that she was a woman of strength and had stayed pure, she deserved to be one of the chosen few who actually got to go to heaven. Maybe, just maybe he could use her strength to inspire him. And maybe he could pretend to apologize for something trivial while in his heart apologizing for using her like a piece of meat in his in inappropriate fantasy.

Finally as the sun was getting close to sinking behind the mountains, the days were actually getting longer but January still had short days overall. Frank had always been a bit of a night owl and felt more focused when it was dark out. Frank was grading a stack of papers when there was a quick knock on the door.

Cindy came in, she was wearing her school uniform today, though she had on cotton legging under the uniform skirt due to the cold and snow. And on cold days they were allowed to were boots, Cindy had on Uggs. They didn't really match her uniform but everything seemed to look good on her now. Frank worried that he felt some serious attraction to this girl. But she had come to him with problems and God had given him the wisdom to tell her, and he would continue to do so.

It wasn't until she was close to his desk that Frank realized how horrid this beautiful girl looked. She had dark circles under her eyes, those beautiful bluish eyes were red around the iris, her light foundation makeup had streaks from tears and Cindy looked to be physically ill.

"My goodness Cindy are you alright? Did you get the flu sweetheart?" asked Frank.

"No, Pastor Frank." Cindy squeaked out her voice weaker than usual. "I--I was able to stay chaste through the night but I am having trouble even thinking or walking today. Every step my leggings lightly rub against my private area and I am so filled with shame from the feeling I have." She began to sob softly.

Frank walked over and hugged Cindy from the side and let her just cry for a few minutes and get the stress out. The sobbing eventually subsided, and Cindy began to describe the struggle of the night before, she had done poorly on her homework due to the constant distraction of tingling feelings from her pelvic area. She had tried watching some sermon channels on tv, then tried reading her favorite Bible passages but it didn't take the urges away. But she had shown incredible strength and not explored the feelings at all.

It was painfully obvious that Cindy was barely keeping her sanity. Her body was shaking, the slightest touch of any fabric in her nether regions caused a mini-explosion of tingling and her urge to follow her desire of exploring these feelings was now her constant thought. She told Frank that she hadn't been able to listen to any of her lectures or take any notes because it took all her focus just to keep her hands off her self.

Frank consoled her and tried to give her a solution to her problem when a thought jumped into his head. At first he dismissed the thought as a disgusting perversion that he would admonish himself for but for now he needed to focus on helping out this wonderful blossoming woman.

But then again and again and again the image would push back into his minds eye. Finally Frank realized he could not push the image away anymore and thought to himself the God was giving him a solution so that Cindy could go back to having a normal life and not have done anything of her own accord. She would be clean before God.

Frank closed his eyes and prayed to God to tell him if he was wrong, if not he would do as he saw in that recurring vision. The vision wasn't overly complex, it was clearly his office, Cindy laying on his sofa, he in a chair next to her. Not all the kids at this school were noble and chaste like Cindy. Some were devious, some didn't care about God and their actions showed it. One senior female, completely incorrigible, he had caught moaning under the bleachers and caught her with a vibrator, pleasuring himself. He had confiscated the vibrator and let her know any other violations of any kind and he would have her expelled.

The contraband he had taken from her was locked away in his lower desk drawer. He never had considered that he would ever use it for anything, but he didn't want it falling into the wrong hands, so in the drawer it had stayed. Now he felt God was instructing him to use it to save this wonderful young lady from the unfair urges she was having.

"Cindy, I am so unbelievably proud of you for staying true to the Lord last night and today. I have prayed to God about it asking, pleading for a solution and God has given me a vision. You have to be helped, or you will become a heathen, no person can resist urges forever."

"What about you Pastor Frank? Have you ever had urges?"

"Of course Cindy, and I wasn't always sure I wanted to be a man of the cloth. I did explore my urges and it took me a long time to feel right before the Lord again. You have done nothing wrong and God wants me to help you. We need to go to my office." I told her.

We walked out from the school and over to the church into the basement where my office was located along with the nursery, and the children's Sunday School rooms.

Frank unlocked the door and let Cindy inside locking the door behind them. Thankfully the church was deserted on this sub-floor, as Frank was well aware even a high pitched voice like Cindy's could be loud if overcome with passion. Frank told Cindy to lay on the couch. She did so and he lit a few candles around the room and turned out the lights to create as comfortable an atmosphere as he could.

Frank went to his desk and put on some light surf sounds from his clock radio/sleep machine and grabbed the vibrator from his desk drawer and hid it on his back and his belt. He grabbed his chair and brought it over to Cindy. He sat down beside her, and realized she was squinting hard, she was fighting the urges even then, and he was never so sure in the vision God had given him.

He reached out and grabbed a hand of Cindy's and led her in a long prayer, asking for God's guidance and for God to be gentle and kind to such a wonderful servant as Cindy. Cindy gripped his hand hard, and slight tears were emerging from her eyelids.

Don't worry Cindy, I will make you better, Frank thought.

"Cindy, Cindy look at me."

She opened her eyes and stared into Franks. "I am going to do as God has asked me Cindy. God wants to remove your pain. Remember Cindy, you have done nothing wrong, you are a noble follower of the Lord. I want you to completely relax and keep your eyes closed. I also want you to not fight at all, just let everything envelope you. I am here to help you and God will guide you."

"Ok" Cindy said in a whisper.

Frank put one hand on her thigh as he grabbed the vibrator with the other. She jumped at his touch, she was coiled so tight from the stress.

"Cindy, you need to be relaxed. Please try."

"I will, I promise." she replied.

She released her taughtness just slightly and Frank gently pulled her leg away from the other. He snapped on the vibrator and before Cindy could wonder what the noise was he used the tip to gently push up her skirt and then he brought the tool down to the apex of her legs, to as close as the rear section of her pussy as he could, wanting to start where she was least sensitive before moving forward. It was a bit of a guessing game since her underwear and leggings were still on, but he only had to be close.

The second he touched Cindy's private area she immediately opened her eyes in terror, "Wh-What are you DOING? Oh no, you have to stop!"

"Cindy you need to trust me, you need to trust in the Lord!" instructed Frank as he gripped her leg.

"But I can't keep that feeling away!"

"Let go Cindy, its okay, the Lord is giving me the sin of pleasuring you, you will not face his wrath for this. Relax and let it happen to you."

"But! But! Oh! OH! OH! OH! OH!" Cindy began to moan and take quick staccato breaths and the first waves of pleasure began to radiate out from the epicenter where the vibrator was touching her.

Frank slowly moved it up until the vibrator was right over her lips but still below her clitoris. Or at least he thought that was were it was.

"Oh, OH MY GOD!" shouted Cindy as she felt what she would have sworn was an orgasm.

Yet she had no idea what she was yet to experience. Just as Frank saw her hips start to buck he moved the unit up to a likely location for her most sensitive area and he really hit home.

Cindy's butt rose up off the sofa as her clitoris reached to meet the vibrating sensation. "OOOOO! UUUGH! OH, OH, OH, OH FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!"

At that moment Cindy was completely overtaken by the pleasure of a full orgasm and passed out cold. Her hand fell to the floor, her body went limp, she had spittle on either side of her mouth and the only sign of life was her deep breathing and the wet spot on her leggings that had grown in circumference till it reached each of her mid thighs.

Frank had seen a woman release liquid or female cum before, but never so much. Cindy was gone, completely unconscious and that was when Frank noticed how hard he was. He almost got angry at himself and then thought better. He had just witnessed a woman orgasm and helped her achieve it, it was natural for his body to think he was going to mate. Instead he got up and went to his desk to meditate for the next 30 minutes.

Thankfully a half hour later his hard on had softened, at least most of the way and he went over and awoke Cindy.

"Wha, whe, who. Um, um what happened?" Her grogginess was total and a deep shroud of sleepiness was still all over her.

"Cindy, do you remember what happened?"

It took a few minutes before Cindy remembered. "Oh my goodness. Yes I do. Pastor Frank, that wasn't right!"

"It's okay Cindy, God came to me in a vision and told me to do that to you so you could go back to living a normal life. You hymen wasn't touched, you were never unclothed, and you did not cause the release you felt. I did that with the vibrating tool. Is the sensation gone."

Cindy blinked a time or two and said, "You know, it is! Oh thank you Pastor" and she jumped up and hugged him tight.

"I am happy to do what I can to help you under the guidance of the Lord. But Cindy, what I did I only did because God gave me the vision of it. It isn't proper and I would not have done it otherwise. And your parents, if you tell them or anyone else Cindy, I will probably have to go to jail."

"I understand, I trust you Pastor Frank, you have always been kind and honest to me."

:Let's get you home."

Frank drove Cindy to her house, and let her out of the car with a reminder to shower and rinse her leggings. She promised she would and smiled at Frank and shut the door and jogged to the front door of her home.

Pastor Frank drove home and suffice it to say that evening, he ruined 3 new undershirts before he finally got his erection to subside. He hoped he had cured Cindy of her problem, because he couldn't stop wondering what that wet pussy looked like under the leggings, and was afraid of trying to find out.

As Frank stepped out of the shower and dried off, he made his way to the bedroom to get dressed for Friday. Friday's included 6 periods of Bible study, and one of those classes had Cindy in it. The cops had not shown up at his residence so he felt confident that Cindy had kept quiet about their little encounter the previous night. The first thing Frank noticed when he went back into the bedroom was the pungent smell. His eyes fell to the three now stained undershirts on the ground and remembered how much he had revisioned his experience the night before and how many times he had to expunge himself to get his erection to subside.

He was disappointed with himself for having to pleasure himself so many times and he also felt guilty, but he was helping a young woman with perfect morality and courage to stay a perfect jewel. The man that scored her for his wife would have a beautiful, great bodied, impeccably mannered, 100% loyal and totally faithful woman on his side. Yes, that woman would be considered a true 10.

Frank made his way to work, and knew he had a busy day but couldn't wait until 4th period, right after lunch. It was when Cindy had Bible study and while there was nothing between them more than God's will, Frank still found himself excited, almost yearning to see her. He did worry to himself that perhaps he was beginning to covet this delicate flower, but he pushed that from his mind and decided to dive into his teaching to forget about her for a while.

Lunch had almost no taste to Frank, he was so preoccupied with seeing his favorite student and was relieved when the bell finally rang calling kids to class for 4th period. Cindy came in not long after the bell. Frank was siting at his desk and as she walked by Cindy and Frank made eye contact. She flashed him a smile, blushed and quickly turned away. Frank felt a wave of warmth cascade through his body. He felt so much responsibility and pride in his student and the special moment they had shared. He knew he should not covet, but in his heart, he still did, at least a little.

Friday was also free dress day. The students didn't wear their uniforms and Cindy had chosen some bedazzled slim fit jeans, and a pink top, tucked in, and a faux leather jacked over her shirt. Frank could help but follow the contours of her backside as she made her way to her desk. He made sure not to stare but he loved watching her sway as she walked. Her walk seemed different, more feminine and sultry than her remembered. Possibly experiencing her sexuality for the first time had changed her in more ways than one, opened her eyes to her sumptuousness. When she got to her desk she took off her jacked, necessitating her to briefly push out her chest for one wrist to reach the other behind her back and this arching of her back

made Frank realize for the first time that Cindy had developed a bit more than her had noticed in the conservatively styled school uniform. He had thought she had nothing but bumps but now realized she had a firm b-cup and more on the way.

Frank shook his head to brake free of his momentary staring and get back to his lesson plan. Usually Frank did most of the scripture reading but today he had the students do it while he walked up and down the isles. All was a veiled attempt to conceal that he was watching Cindy. Her long dark hair was up in a pony tale, its natural ringlets still noticeable. When it came to Cindy's turn to read, Frank could swear that her voice was even different, more relaxed and more voluminous, it was as if her whole being had gone up two notches in self confidence.

When the period ended, Frank was at the front of the room and in the corner, "Cindy?" he asked as she walked by the front.

"Yes?" she answered as she walked over to him.

"How is everything today?"

"Wonderful" the last syllable wavered in her throat. Her eyes were wetting and Frank realized she was trying to conceal her emotion. "Thank you so much Pastor Frank. I can't tell you the difference, I feel focused and fulfilled. I prayed to God for an hour last night, and thanked him for you and your understanding and trust. A warm contentedness washed over me after I said Amen. I know it was God saying you're welcome. I gotta run to math class but can we talk later?"

"Of course Cindy, I am still so proud of your will power and determination. You are truly one of the blessed."

Cindy gave him a large toothy grin and made her way out the door. Frank figured that was the last he would know of the issue and was proud of himself for staying noble.

However about 5 weeks later, near the end of the basketball season, Cindy came by Pastor Frank's office before 1st period. Frank hadn't seen her outside of class since that one afternoon, but the look on her face was readable. She looked about halfway to where she had been on that fateful morning.

"Hi Pastor Frank" Cindy said, very quietly compared to normal, though still relatively high in pitch.

"Hello Miss Cindy, what can I do you for?" asked Frank.

"Well, it's just that, the feelings I had before you helped me, they are starting again. It's not nearly so intense yet, but it grows every day, and I need, well I also want to be relieved again. I feel so guilty that I enjoyed it, but if God was ok with you helping me before, he would be ok with you helping me again right?"

"Perhaps, but I am afraid of you wanting to make this a habit everytime you feel urges." Explained Pastor Frank, though inside he was thrilled at the thought of another encounter and even felt his member slightly enlarge at the thought.

"I won't I promise, but well, now that I know how good it feels to follow the urges and how much better life is the next day I know I will eventually try to resolve the problem myself. Please Pastor Frank, won't you keep me clean and free of God's wrath?"

Frank tried to protest, but the fight wasn't in him, he wanted to help Cindy as much as she wanted help. They discussed the coming week and decided Thursday would be the best day for them to be able to steal away some time. There was a basketball game that afternoon but the school always had an assembly before the games so the girls were given a full hour and a half for practice before hand. Cindy would complain of nausea and say she just wanted to take a walk around campus to see if it would go away. Then she would go to Pastor Frank's office where they would have a quick session and would give Cindy ample time to recover before she would have the eyes of the whole student body on her.

Frank got to his office early and laid everything out. Had a pillow and towel for Cindy, plus some moist towelettes so she could clean herself. He also had a glass of ice water for her on the table and finally the special piece, the vibrator that had been confiscated from a naughty student.

It couldn't have been more than a minute after the lunch break bell that Frank heard a soft knocking at his basement office door. Frank walked over and in walked Cindy in her cheerleader uniform, her face beaming with a big smile and eyes full of anticipation and if Frank wasn't mistaken lust. Frank wondered if he might have awakened a monster.

"I got here as fast as I could" said Cindy quietly and walked over to the couch and sat down and patted the pillow, and then laid down, all without instruction. Cindy was ready this time, not to mention completely willing.

Frank to the chair next to her and handed her a moist wash cloth.

"I got this for you to put in your mouth to muffle any noise. It's pretty empty on this level but I think the nursery women are here preparing for the weekend."

"Oh, ok, that's a good idea, I guess I did make some noise last time" said Cindy.

Cindy closed her eyes and she laid back on the pillow, put the folded wash cloth between her lips and, Frank noticed, let her knees and legs fall apart, giving him clear access.

Frank grabbed the vibrator and switched it on, very curious to see how long it would take her to climax. He brought the unit up to her cheer leader bloomers and began to massage her lower vaginal area.

"mmm-uuu-mmmm. There it is again!" whispered Cindy loudly, having removed the wash cloth.

"Cindy please, you need to be quiet!"

"Sorry, sorry. Please keep going, I will stay quiet!" and with that she stuffed the wash cloth back in her mouth.

Frank went back to the probing with the vibrator and was about to move up a bit when the unit went silent. He smacked it a time or two but it was done. Frank had never even considered that the batteries might be low. What the hell was he going to do now?

"What happened?' asked Cindy staring up at Frank.

"I think the batteries are dead."

"Do you have more?"

"no I don't think so." said Frank.

"Oh no" said Cindy, her eyes watering. She had been counting on and looking forward to this day for too long, and it was very important to her to get to feel another release.

"Well, it is possible to stimulate you with . . . my fingers and thumb. I--I don't know if we should do that, that is too personal"

"Will it make we feel the waves like last time?"

"Well, yes it would do the same thing, but, well I would have to touch you directly, you would have to take off your bloomers and panties."

"Ok, fine, I don't care, I can't stand to have started and stop. I can't think of anything but getting the waves again! "

"But Cindy, listen to me, this is very serious, if you were to ever tell anyone about this I would go to prison for the rest of my life. And I really don't want to."

"I won't tell Pastor Frank, I promise! Please don't make me suffer from this all day. God said it was okay for you to help me, then you can help me right?"

"Yes, I will help you if you really want me to."

"Yes, do it"

It was a little disturbing to Frank how quickly Cindy reached under her skirt and hooked her thumbs in her undergarments and yanked them down. She seemed to have no embarrassment about exposing her virgin slit to the Pastor. It was obvious to Frank now that Cindy wasn't just doing this because of how the feelings had punished her before. She was doing it now because she WANTED to cum.

Frank squirmed for a moment in his chair. He wanted to help Cindy again, he wanted to be there for her, but he was also afraid that he wanted to touch her. That he wanted to give her an orgasm, not just help her out of her situation. He wanted to know she had cum from his touch, from his affection, and he wanted to create more lust from her. He didn't just think Cindy would make a great wife someday, Frank was thinking she would be a perfect wife for him. Had God kept Frank single because he was saving him for Cindy? Frank was feeling confused and lost, but he knew that he couldn't wait to feel the warmth and wetness of her opening.

Cindy was motionless but here expression, even with her eyes closed showed nothing but eager waiting. Frank got out of the chair and kicked it over and instead got on one knee so he had a perfect vantage point and so he would not be restrained. He sucked on his fingers for just a second to moisten them and then slowly ran his two fingers up and down her outer labia, and very lightly. Frank saw that it didn't take long to entice the girl and she was pushing her hips up slightly becoming him inside. With the thumb and forefinger of his other hand he parted her lips and used is moistened finger to run up and down the ridges of her canyon.

With the sudden inhalation by Cindy it was clear she got a different sensation from the one she had through her leggings. He continued to touch, rub and tickle different areas of her inner and outer labia, following her guidance by watching the movement of her hips. She unconsciously showed him where it felt normal, where it felt good and where it felt too good. He kept working her like a maestro occasionally re-wetting his fingers. My God the taste of her nectar! This honey pot needed a honey bee. Frank could not stop from the thought, I wish I were that honey bee!!!

Cindy began breathing heavy, audible through the wash cloth, and Frank moved to add her clitoris to the places his fingers were visiting. Cindy continued to get more and more aroused, but unlike with the vibrator, Frank could scale back the intensity to keep her from going over the edge. He wanted to get every ounce of orgasm out of the pussy that it had in it. Cindy was in a near constant breath pattern of hyperventilation, but Frank wanted to please her even more. He stroked a bit more and plunged his finger over her hymen and into her. Cindy's stomach shot up towards the sky and she moaned , "OOOOO. . .MNMNMNMNMN-HUU! and settled back down onto the sofa.

His little sweetie had had an orgasm already, but she wasn't done yet Frank thought, she needs to feel an orgasm like the last one to satisfy her for another 5 weeks. He continued to slide his fined in and out and then he added a second and he stomach rose from her hips just a smidgen before going back down, a good jolt but Frank had not brought her to a larger orgasm. Frank looked up from his work where he had added his thumb on her clit, and say Cindy looking down at him with those teal eyes. She was quite a sight. Cute pony tailed head staring down her mouth now open making short quiet grunting or moaning sounds, amazing the girl was focused enough not to be loud without the wash cloth.

Just then Frank heard a door close and footsteps pass his door. Soon he heard the outer door open and shut. Thank the Lord, the nursery ladies were done and had left, though he didn't tell Cindy she had to be quiet, no reason to alert a random passer by. Frank looked back at Cindy, those big eyes were locked on him and her arm was now stroking up and down on his outside arm. Frank wasn't sure why but for Cindy it was simply a means of connection. He was touching her, she wanted to be touching him too. Were she more experienced she would have probably grabbed for his erection but being so naive, she was acting on instinct.

Speaking of erections, Frank had the hardest one of his life and he literally felt like he would break his dick if he didn't let it out. Oh fuck this little goddess of his was so god damn fucking HOT! Then she did the thing that forever changed their relationship. Cindy said, "please make me orgasm again." in a short of breath way that made it sound like she was crying, and the voice was the most vulnerable Frank had ever heard. Frank stared down at her crotch and suddenly remembered his dream from that first night he fantasized about her. Completely without contemplation any more Frank grabbed one leg under the thigh and lifted it while pressing down and away on the other leg with his other hand. God those legs, they were beyond amazing, firm but supple, they had some baby fat but it held its form in the way and with a body only a female like this could forge.

With that Frank plunged, without even taking his glasses off. He planted his mouth on her pussy lips and began to kiss, suck, lick and butt with his nose any where and everywhere, wanting to suck all her juice, to feel and learn every crevice. He loved Cindy, he felt it stronger than any feeling he remembered. He wanted to pleasure her in every way possible.

Cindy had what seemed like a conniption fit. She started breathing in and out OH OH OH OH OH! She did so nearly silent, the sound more of breath not of vocal cords. Then she changed to HE HE HE HE HE HE and HU HU HU HU. Then she was mixing them all together. Wave after wave of orgasm was hitting her. Her hands were not gripping his hair yanking him this way and that. She was in ecstasy, but she had blacked out the first time with him, he wanted her to black out now. He reached up and grabbed his glass of water and took a big mouthful of cold water and then another and held it in his mouth for a couple of seconds before swallowing and diving back in for more. The cold sensation added to his tongue was more than Cindy could take.

Frank was mashing his face in, both hand now under her legs gripping that amazing bubble butt. Frank's cold tongue swiped across her clitoris, and Cindy brought her together behind Frank's head, hold on to him in sexual spasm. her back arch raising her ass slightly until her arch had her on the backside of her head. Those young tits, still encased in a bra and top pointed to the opposing sides of the ceiling, and her hands pushed down hard. Frank kept digging deeper and hitting the clit faster and faster his crotch driving into the side of the sofa.


Cindy came so hard that she only got to experience the first 7 or so seconds, but one second did get to be with the true top level orgasm. The entire body felt like one continuous nerve bathed in the greatest sensation a human could have to such a level that after the orgasm goes up the entire body and penetrates the brain the feeling is too good to have, and you black out. Cindy did and her legs unlocked and her butt fell back on to the sofa. Frank, feeling the unholy orgasm his student was having drove Frank over the edge as well and he shot off like a shotgun in his pants. He pressed against the sofa, his nose buried in her thinly haired pussy, his hands still gripping her moaning into her hymen. Frank stopped grinding and pushing and went mostly limp, his head now turned sideways on top of her pussy, taking very deep breaths, feeling his orgasm fade slowly, wave by wave until he fell asleep,

Frank snapped away and his head shot up, after a bit of stickiness. It took him a moment to realize where he was. He saw the clock. It was a hour into lunch break! Frank looked at Cindy deciding the best course of action. He ran to his storage closet, thank God he always had extra clothes. He quickly changed underwear and pants, so much stickiness here he poured the rest of the water on himself. Once redressed he took the wash cloth and his underwear and rinsed them out in the sink and ran back to the room. He wiped down Cindy's face and then went to work cleaning up her legs and pelvis.

He began to stroke her hair, "Cindy, Cindy" he said softly. "Cindy, wake up sweetheart."

Cindy stirred for a moment and opened her eyes. She sat up and looked into Frank's eyes. The love, the trust, the gratitude and the desire rang through her eyes into his and Frank moved in and kissed her on the mouth and held it there for a few seconds. Cindy returned his kiss but lips never parted. Frank pulled back,

"Time to go darling. I don't want you to be late."

"MM Ok Pastor Frank." mumbled Cindy as she took a big breath in and sighed it out, her eyes closed, her body still unsteady from the orgasm.

Frank was back at his desk to grab his soiled pants to put in the car when he looked back seeing Cindy stand. Those sensuous legs stretched up, up! Then back to flat feet sticking her ass out. A bare ass none the less. Cindy leaned over and grabbed her underwear and stepped into them. Frank didn't breath through the whole display. That incredible, bubble, firm, supple, erection inducing ass. It was incredible. Frank fell into one of those daydreams that lasts 5 seconds but seem like minutes. He thought of how he wished to take Cindy and go. Just go. To Mexico or some other Latin country where they were strict on things. They would marry, have a home, and years from now, they would have a family.

But for the first decade, he would have her take a morning after pill each morning, then they would go and sit in the sun, and play in the waves, her bikini top off. They would massage and kiss and caress and walk the surf. Then at night they would practice the Kama Sutra. Every night, a different position, but only one each night, all the way to completion. Then when they had experienced them all the would start over, now doing two positions each night. In the next round three a night. And with the morning after pill they wouldn't ruin their sex with latex. Frank would drain his seed completely into her each night, every cum spouting shot would coat her innards.

Frank snapped out of his fantasy and watched Cindy pull her panties and bloomers up, amazing how clean they looked after all the debauchery. She came over to him and he walked her to the door telling her she would need to go first, so they arrived separately to the gym rally. He cleaned up as much as he could, but that was going to have to be dry cleaned, tonight. He opened his sublevel windowettes to let the place air out and locked the door as he left. He dropped off his slacks and the cushion cover in his trunk and went to the gym. He got a seat as close to the middle as he could find and as close to the floor as possible.

When the cheerleading squad came out to the floor hopping and yelling, Frank actually momentarily teared up. She was so incredible, so beautiful, so luscious, and so intoxicating. As he watched her and her classmates lead the school in cheer, every time her eyes hit his they locked for just a moment. He couldn't see it but her eyes had teared up to. He knew right then and there, though he didn't have a clue how, he was going to keep every other damn man on the planet away from Cindy, she was his, and he didn't know how long he could wait.

Frank still had his head cupped in his hands as he woke up the next morning. He hadn't had a hang over in a long time. But after yesterday, he drank himself silly. What the hell was wrong with him? He was the Lord's choice to care for this wonderful pious young lady and instead of helping her with her emerging feelings, he was encouraging them. What was he thinking putting his mouth tongue on her, inside her? He was going to prison some day he was sure, and even more sure he was going to Hell. The Lord had tested him with Cindy and he had failed miserably. He should go to Cindy's, beg her parents forgiveness and then turn himself in. He loved her. That was what he had honestly thought last night. That's when the booze entered, and soon Frank loosened up to admit this was all him, his weakness of lust. He was disgusting.

Frank almost called in sick for work, but made it to his office. He only had two periods today and he could go home. He struggled through the first and was able to do better in the second as he finally had drank his weight in water. Frank packed quickly and made for the door. He was almost there when Cindy and a couple of friends came out from the side hall.

"Hi Pastor Frank." sang the girls staggeredly like they always did. It was a powerful moment for Frank as he saw Cindy back with her young friends as a sweet naive girl who didn't need the dirty world of the heathens. Frank didn't even look Cindy in the eye as he said hello back to the girls and left for the parking lot.

Suddenly the door opened and Cindy yelled, "Pastor Frank wait"

Oh sweet Jesus thought Frank, she is gonna say something stupid and sell me down the river.

"Yes Cindy?"

"Here's that note from my Mom you needed." and with that she disappeared back into the school.

Frank unfolded the note. It read: On Thursday my squad had practice cancelled, I won't be expected until 7pm, see you then!! The dots on the exclamation points were little hearts.

Frank folded the note again and went to his car and got in. He looked at the mirror, then the note then the mirror, and then the note, again and again. Frank sighed, she was ready to make this a regular thing, and he wasn't gonna be able to stop himself. Frank decided to grab another bottle or two, he needed to forget his morals for a while, he could deal with the guilt better after getting another taste of Cindy's nectar.

That Thursday they met again. Frank was all too willing to help Cindy, and it might not even be exaggerated, after all when he was Cindy's age he jacked off non-stop, maybe she did feel that horny all the time. With no release, that would be torture. Frank couldn't bare the thought of torture to his little angel. He kept things mechanical, tried as much as possible to only use the toys to help Cindy but she began to pull his hair until eventually he would finish her off with cunnilingus.

That was how it was for some time, at least one a week Cindy would find a way to have an hour or two of extra time and she and Frank would meet. Cindy was fantastic at always finding free time when Frank could meet as well. This clue to Cindy's determination got by Frank, but years later, looking back, he should have known then that Cindy was becoming obsessed. Cindy always wore skirts on those special days and the last few times had worn tight sweaters, and once using a push up bra. It hurt like hell but it make her perky B's into C's, and while she was expanding every day, she wanted to get attention for them now. Cindy really was of great stalk and as her birthday neared she was going to be going into the high school classes. Cindy made sure to get an hour of free time with a forged Dentist note for her birthday. She wanted to have a release on her special day, and she wanted a big one.

She loved meeting with Pastor Frank. He would hike up her skirt, yank down he panties and tease her, touch her, vibrate her and finally taste her! She loved the feeling of him taking her in him. She had been sent a gaurdian angel by God. She was so happy with her gift and thanked God every time she prayed and begged for God to lavish Frank with joy for what he was giving her. Yes she had come to love orgasms. First the hand was enough. She never told Frank but after their first night she had touched herself for weeks. Then when she could no longer have new mental fantasies about that day she approached him for another.

Then she knew she wanted them daily. She hadn't figured out a way to get to see Frank daily but she yearned to. One day she would figure it out. Yes, she wanted Frank to taste her every day. But she wanted to taste, she tried to kiss Frank twice but he always pulled away. She wanted to feel his lips as he teased her below. She still wanted the orgasm but she wanted the feeling of closeness. She had felt Frank dig into her pussy, but she wanted his face to also dig into her. To feel his weight, to be totally in the moment.

On her birthday, she met Frank an hour before lunch, giving her two hours. Cindy loved that, she could have her tingle from below and sleep for a bit, that was always nice. She wasted no time getting onto her spot on the couch. Frank had warmed her up with some light lower body massage and was just starting in with the vibrator. Cindy wanted something, anything to be different this time, something to make it stand out.

Cindy had noticed anytime Frank wasn't on the ground but on the chair that he would have a point sticking out of his pants, pressing out the fabric. Cindy knew men had a penis but didn't know much at all about them. She had never asked much and without a brother, she never saw one. But she was a smart girl and could deduce there was something about this. Of course the school didn't have sex education and her parents hadn't broached the subject and Cindy wasn't allowed on the internet for anything but school and it was always in plain view. Cindy was very naive and didn't get the jokes some the the "bad" girl jokes she overheard. But she knew his pants didn't start out that way so something was happening to his lower area and she knew it was connected.

"what is that Pastor Frank?" she said between heavy breaths from the teasing of the vibrator.

"What?" asked Frank

"That!" she said firmly and reached out and pressed her cupped hand over he erection pushing out of his pants.

Frank made a jerky movement and yanked his crotch back. Unbeknownst to Cindy, Frank had almost come from the surprise of that touch. She didn't know how much she had him.

"Careful Cindy don't do that. That isn't proper." sweated Frank.

"I want to see it."

"No, no you don't."

"Yes I do."




Cindy sat up and pulled her panties up, "Show me now! Or I won't ever come back."

Cindy was prepared to say she would tell, even if that crossed the line. She was very thankful for Frank's tuteledge but she wasn't that naive. She knew she could get Frank is all kinds of trouble with the cops. She didn't know any of the terms but she knew what was not accepted. But Frank was a weakened man at this point. He had dropped any illusions that what he was doing was normal. He now masturbated every evening thinking about Cindy. It was his whole night after one of their sessions. Cindy was the only thing that even aroused him anymore.

"Oh--ohkay." said Frank sheepishly as he stood up and took a couple of steps back. Frank was in decent shape from running and biking. Nothing to turn heads but Cindy didn't know, she only saw the man that pleasured her. Frank took of his shirt and tossed it aside. Then he undid his pants and let them fall. Finally he pulled the sides of his boxer briefs, a small pre-cum wet spot on the front and pulled them all the way down. His erection was a bit above average, a full six and a half, straight out pointing at her.

Cindy stood up and turned around. She pulled off her top, a light blue shirt. Then she unzipped her plaid skirt and tossed it aside. She hooked her panties with her thumbs and as she stepped out of them Frank realized for the first time she was wearing sandal heels. They weren't very tall but Frank couldn't believe he had missed it when he was starting to tease her. Then again these days she kept those beautiful shimmering aqua marine eyes open for the first bit and would stare longingly at him. It was that mental picture that Frank pleasured himself to at night. These heels were giving her lithe legs just the right amount of curvature, and her little bulbous bubble butt stuck out a little more.

Cindy had finished unclasping a very sexy red and black lace bra. She dropped it beside her and turned around. Frank had massaged her breast once or twice but always from outside, he had never seen her lady lumps in the flesh. He had always been impressed by how much her bras had held up her breasts. Now he realized her breasts were held DOWN by the bra. They were miraculous, bulbous and round with a gentle curve. They stood out at attention with small areolas. The were the size of women's softballs. Cindy was quickly growing a full Persian body. Her sunkist brown skin had a cleavage line up the back, this body was built to make men salivate. She stood before Frank, in her birthday suit, plus sandals. Frank almost cried. He knew she was beautiful but he had really seen very little of it and never all at once. Frank felt his dick dancing a bit, her body making him had minnie convulsions just taking her in.

Cindy stepped gingerly towards Frank until they were standing very, very close. Frank was terrified, he felt like the virgin, Cindy was a natural beauty and like all natural beauties, she was very instinctual about others pleasure. She kept Frank's eyes locked on her and put her hand on the sides of his face and stepped forward to kiss him. Their lips locked and their tongues danced. Cindy had very few kisses on her resume but let Frank glide and was assisted by her thick luscious lips. As Cindy stepped to him their chests and stomachs touched, Franks erection nestled between them. Cindy's body was taught and supple. Frank could feel the firm muscles from cheerleading, yet they were covered by a perfect curve inducing layer of fat making the whole body a very reactive squeezable form.

Franks hands danced around Cindy, her ample ass, cupping her ass, drawing the line of her back, that fantastic valley right down the middle. the tight waist and just beginning hips, the strong shoulders. She was amazing, and Frank was slowly rubbing his stomach along hers, teasing his cock by rubbing her soft,flawless skin. He figured he would pop with a minute or two of this. But Cindy pulled back just a bit and put her hand on his crotch.

She didn't know what to do but figured his fingers made her feel good, maybe hers wold make him feel good. she poked her, rubbed there and wasn't getting the reaction she wanted. Eventually though Cindy made a quick half stroke of his manhood and felt Frank jump. She encassed her entire hand around in and did a purpose full stroke and Frank moaned into her mouth. Finally! She found what made it happen for him and Cindy began to stroke.

Frank felt cum bubbling and didn't want to be done already. He pulled Cindy's hand off and spun her around. One hand wrapped around her waist and pulled her back against him. He balls slide on to a cheek of Cindy's ass. The lower part of his shaft between the starting crevice of her ample butt, the head of his cock on her lower back. It felt great and at least this he could hold for a few minutes. He wanted to explore more. Her crotch, her wetness, her sides, her neck and finally those incredible standing at attention softballs! So firm, so soft, so buoyant, so squeezable. Frank just wanted to keep exploring, his fingers working Cindy's pussy but Cindy wanted to feel his lips again and craned her neck until she locked his lips again. This pulled his cock off of her backside and he loved the pressure of it. It fit so perfect.

But Cindy was determined and eventually and force ably spun around to make out with him full on . Franks hands continued to roam all over Cindy until one naturally settled on the back of her head, cradling her. Their tongues danced in each other's mouths and Cindy felt like a long lost lover finally found again. The kiss was perfect, the tingling in her nether region was about to make her cum. She finally felt complete.

Franks other hand eventually came to rest on her shoulder and ever so slightly without his realizing it Frank pressed down. Cindy was so used to following Frank's lead that she didn't fight but tried to anticipate and with his gentle pushing had sank to her knees. Her thighs rested on her shins causing them to widen just enough to close the space between them, her contours perfect from top to bottom. She barely had one hand up onto his pelvic area before the pressure of Frank's hands pushed her forward. Cindy didn't fight the incoming projectile.

Frank pushed forward gently with his hips pushing his throbbing erection passed her lips. She was so warm! Warm and moist and incredibly inviting. Her lips created a light seal and Frank nearly popped when Cindy, needing to exhale did a flapping with her lips, no idea they helped increase the orgasmic waves beginning to eminate from Frank's balls. Cindy couldn't say she really liked the taste of Frank's penis. It tasted like salty skin, but it was undeniable from his breath the effect it had on the man that pleasured her. In and out Frank moved it, Cindy reacting naturally with the guide of his hands.

"Oh Christ! Oh my sweet Jesus! Uuuuh-aaah. Oh yes." Frank whispered through gritted teeth. Cindy continued to the rhythm they had started with and was stuck. She couldn't think by instinct what to do next. This man had given her so much pleasure and the one time she wanted to pleasure him at the same time she was going to fail. She didn't know how to finish. How did she make Frank feel the things she felt? What was the tipping point? Suddenly, Cindy finally understood a joke she heard and couldn't keep down a muffled giggle.

Now never in a million years would Cindy have understood that giggle but to Frank it was an instantaneous and simultaneous acceptance of the situation, enjoyment of the situation and tacit approval for him to release. At least that was what it meant to his testicles. Frank grabbed a handful of hair with one hand the the back of her skull with the other and slammed home. Frank's cock reached right to the back of Cindy's tongue. Cindy felt the organ widen and then constrict, the semen coating the back of her throat. Then a second jet and a third and even a smaller fourth.

"Ahhh,aaaahhh, ooooooo, haaaaaaaaa, uuuumph!" grunted Frank as he came. Even when he was dry he spasmed twice more on her tongue. His dick wanted to cum more, but his balls couldn't comply. Frank held Cindy there for just one more second before realizing she had been held there a while. He reluctantly removed his softening cock from her lips and she bent over and coughed a time or two before inhaling deep.

She coughed again and looked up at Frank and said, "Wow, what happened?"

Frank helped Cindy to her feet and gave her a long deep kiss, tasting his cum on her tongue. "You made a foolish man very, very happy."

"I did?"

"Yes my child, you really, truly did."

Cindy reached down to touch Frank again.

"Whoa, no no. Ha, ha. You have to let it be for a while okay?"

"Oh OK."

Frank grabbed Cindy and pulled her down onto his lap on the sofa and cradled her in his arms. She looked up at him with her big green eyes, and Frank kissed her passionately. They nuzzled their faces together and dozed for the rest of the lunch period before hurriedly getting dressed in time to make it to 5th period. It was the first time together that Cindy had not had an orgasm, but she felt even more contented with a tummy full of Frank.

Frank awoke from sleep and stretched to the ceiling. Frank slept better than most men could dream to. But then how many men went to bed after an afternoon of being pleasured and sucked dry by a drop dead gorgeous young lady? That first time, the first time Cindy swallowed Frank's seed was one he would NEVER forget. He could even remember the sounds, the smells, the weather, the brightness of the room, every detail was crystal clear. It had been one glorious summer. Cindy's parents both worked full time, and Cindy signed up for all three terms of Summer School. Summer School got out at 2 PM, Cindy's parents didn't get home until usually 5:30. They trusted Cindy to find something constructive to do with friends. And she would, after stopping by Frank's office. It had even become a game, who could get there first.

The last month of school had seen Cindy and Frank meeting up at least once, sometimes twice a week. Cindy began asking Frank if she could come to his house after she had dinner with her parents, saying she was going for study or some other activity. Cindy's parents were involved but she was entering High School, albeit the same building, and they wanted to give her some more authority. Her grades remained outstanding, she was still doing well with cheerleading and volleyball and student government. The sky was the limit and with Frank's tongue pleasuring her and she pleasuring him, Cindy didn't waste time thinking about and gossiping about boys. Every time she would hear someone talk about their boyfriend Cindy would roll her eyes. The other girls thought she was a square, but Cindy was actually feeling pity for them. They were letting boys touch them. She was in a relationship with a man, her man. She knew she owned him and she loved it, boosting her ego and her energy. It also had unleashed her femininity, which was becoming more prominent every day. She didn't flaunt it unless she was with Frank, she liked to make him look at her that way, where he didn't look like a man trying to keep his cool, but a man in the heat of passion. That was the feeling she would relive at night in her bed, masturbating, which was nearly every day now. Cindy started to do her own laundry, mostly because of fear of stains on her clothes or worse, smells that were unmistakable. Cindy had it all planned, she would get into Harvard or Yale, and Frank would move to a new church. They would elope quietly when they got there, and that night she would guide Frank inside her to consummate the marriage, ending their Guardian Angel and Little Lamb roles and enter man and wife roles. She and Frank would make love constantly to get her pregnant, then she would tell her parents they had started dating and had to get married and they wouldn't be able to stop it. To avoid shame they would let it go. Cindy would have her education, her man, her family, her child and have stayed completely true to God. Yes she was engaging in sexual acts, but God had given Frank to her, and its not like they were having coitus, she was very firm that she would not pass that line until it was proper or all of this was a sham.

Cindy even had it planned, how the apartment would look, the rose petals and fine champagne, the crimson sheets and comforter, candles, red ones in the corners. She would trim herself the night before, wear an incredibly sexy corrset, pink and firm but flexible, long pink stockings, with pink high heels. She would make sure to have a deep tan, and she would do her hair in a combination of long curls gathered behind the head with groups of thick shimmering dark hair, over her shoulders straight, with a slight curl at the end, right where her breast began. The large tear drop breasts had grown in more over the summer and reached their true size, a wonderful 34D and still incredibly buoyant, reaching perkiness that defied belief. She had paid very close attention to what turned Frank on, she began to wear certain outfits, more risque and feminine then what she wore to class that day. She knew the type of leggings, shoes, bras, and hair and makeup days made Frank easiest to give in and let her pleasure him. He always resisted, but when she really turned him on, she saw it, and he would let her take him in her mouth again. She loved sucking on Pastor Frank, and she had learned, she paid attention to every detail, she knew when he wanted her lips loose and when he wanted them firm, when he wanted short and fast and deep and slow. She began to make a little game of it seeing which technique, noises, and looks made Frank spill his semen the fastest. She always drank every drop. The Lord said in the Bible that a man's seed should not hit the floor, and she would make sure not one drop of her man's did.

When Summer came to a close Cindy was really bummed out, as now all her extra-curricular activities would start up and that plus full school days would make it harder to see Pastor Frank and it did. The first month of September was torture. They only saw each other once a week the whole month. Cindy hadn't had to ask Frank to let her pleasure him any more. Now after she came to after Frank had given her an orgasm, she could see just in his eyes how much he NEEDED her to give him release, like he had so kindly given her when she needed it. Frank would come so hard and nearly so fast that she didn't even get to get into a groove or try a new idea. Frank was pent up after a summer of continual release. Plus, Cindy now had a full wardrobe of Frank's favorite types of bras and made sure to take off her top when she pleasured him. The full padded bright satin colored bras that clasped in the front and had frills or a lace bow in the middle. She loved the look of Frank's eyes when she would strategically unhook the brazier causing her breasts to bounce up and out. They always put on an outstanding performance and Cindy loved timing it to right before he came in her mouth. She also tried to always have some type of leggings, anything that brought attention to her perfect slopping calves and widening and strong thighs. She wore g-string underwear before she would go to Frank's office, enjoying it when he would pleasure her without removing her underwear. She didn't know why, but it always made her cum just a little bit harder.

The first week of October was past and Cindy had just finished taking a load of Frank's semen in her belly and was using a wet nap to clean up the spit of hers that had dribbled out during the blowjob and smeared on her tits. As she began to dress again she asked Frank about the homecoming dance.

"It's in two weeks, and my mom got me a really nice dress, It a really pretty red with golden floral design. Are you going to be here on Homecoming night?"

"Of course," said Frank, "I have to chaperone the dance to be sure there's no monkey business. Did any boys ask you if they could take you?"

"Yes, 8 boys did,' Cindy stressed the word boys.

"Did you say yes to any of them?" asked Frank.

Cindy nearly wanted to retch. Let one of those little boys take her? Put their stupid unknowing hands on her? She couldn't even entertain the thought. "No, you're the only one I will let touch me."

Frank looked at Cindy and got a stupid smirk on his face. Then he giggled. Then Cindy joined, soon they were both laughing so hard they had to sit down. They felt such love and comfort with each other. "So . . you'll be here an hour so before the dance?"

"Let's say two." Frank knew Cindy would look great all dolled up an in a pretty dress, He wanted to make sure they had time to be delicate, and not mess up her outfit with their play.

Cindy woke up early on homecoming night. She said her morning prayer, thanking God like she always did for Frank. He was such a precious and wonderful gift. Cindy decided to do her hair herself at home, She would Cheerlead at the game and then come to the locker room to get dressed. Most of the girls were going home to change, so she would have some extra time. She did have a pretty dress for the prom but not the one her mother bought her. That one was in the dress bag too, but the important dress was the one Cindy had bought with her own money saved from her allowance and some chores for some neighbors and some babysitting. She measured herself and had shopped online and paid extra for delivery at a time her parents would be unlikely to be home.

Her prom dress was a traditional puffy skirt with plenty of hosiery and undercoats, with a pink top with a neckline so high it showed no cleavage. Cindy hated it, she felt like a playboy model, too feminine and beautiful to be smothered, her beauty should be visible, at least for her man. The dress Cindy bought was a satin crimson red very shiny with muted black floral patterns dampening the hue. It was sleeveless, held up by clinging on to her breasts, held together by a padded lacy black bra, which, with help from her bosom, just peaked over the top of the dress. It gave her long and pronounced cleavage and allowed the globes to bounce and sway under the heavy bra. The dress was form fitting, especially over her expanding hips and tiny waist and had very high slits in the skirt nearly up to her ass cheeks, which made the back piece of the skirt stick out just a little extra. She had a guarder belt with straps clipped to long red and black meshed stockings, with high stiletto black open heels with a strap down the front. And a dark red silk thong to tie it all together. She had gathered mascara, liner, dark red lipstick and rouge. Cindy had perfect skin and she had tanned it a nice dark brown and this time she did it nude at the tanning bed, she was perfect from head to toe.

She was so excited during the game, not that she gave a shit about who won, but because she would see Pastor Frank after. She already was feeling tingling in her pussy, but tonight she planned to turn the tables on Frank and pleasure him first and try to do what she never had . . make him cum so hard he loose the ability to stay standing. She thought if she was sexy enough, undressed just right at she pleasured him and employed the technique she read about earlier that week on how to massage testicles, she thought she could make Pastor Frank have that intense an orgasm. Not only did she want to please him but Frank was a new man with Cindy. He has started running and lifting and dieting and was morphing into a very handsome man, and one Cindy would have on her arm as she went out into the world. It was going to be so hard to wait to be with her lover, but it was going to be worth it.

Cindy changed in the church bathroom and did her makeup. The facility was nearly empty and she put on her overcoat, covering most of her dress, and grabbed her make up bag and dress bag and went down stairs to Frank's office. She loved the sound her heels made on the floor as she walked to Frank's office, the sound of her heels on the tile sounded for womanly, so feminine, it was already turning Cindy on. It was just starting to get dark outside when she knocked on Frank's door.

He let her in, surprised how she was nearly looking him in the eye, he didn't register that she had heels on, only how sexy it was to look across at her and not down. She seemed more . . mature, womanly. Cindy put down her makeup bag and hung the dress bag over a chair. Frank got behind her and helped her with her coat. Frank turned and hung the coat on the coatrack, not seeing Cindy's dress until her turned back around.

Cindy was taking a step toward the middle of the room away from him and it pulled apart the skirt, showing her leg all the way up. Her painted toes showing out the bottom on the sloped heels, her leg muscules taut from the curve, her ass pushed out as a result. Her hand clasped across her tiny waist, in the shadow created by her ample bosom. Her side hair cascaded over her shoulders to lay on her breast, the rest tied up behind her. She was flawless olive brown from visible head to toe, and was in a word Frank's fantasy, if he were asked to create a perfect mind's eye picture of a woman, there it was, right in front of him.

"Do you like my dress?" asked Cindy over her shoulder, eyes wide, finally allowing a coy smile to part her pouting lips.

Frank didn't answer, he couldn't. He just stood taking her in. She was . . . . perfect. She was fucking perfect! There wasn't a model, a pornstar, a webcam darling, NOTHING was hotter than Cindy right there, just like that. Frank wasn't moving at all, except for his penis. His cock had grown rock hard, harder than viagra can make a teenager. He was a rod of steel, seven inches. Frank had only ever measured six and a half, but there was so much pressure in his cock it had eeked out another half inch. Frank opened his mouth then closed it. Again. Again. He just couldn't speak, he was completely and totally infatuated and for the first time ever, he felt and animal lust grow within him. She was fucking perfect, too amazing, too luscious, too God damn sexy!

Frank finally was able to move, and rushed over to Cindy as she turned to him. They locked in an embrace as their tongues danced with each other. Frank then began to kiss her neck and bite her jaw. Cindy gnawed on Frank's earlobe, her freshly painted fingernails digging into his back. Frank was making grunting noises as he wrapped his arms around her waist and hoisted her to her tip toes, burring his face in her incredible chest. Cindy's loins were on fire, she was so wet feeling Frank's animal lust for her, she began to soak through and had a tiny dribble run down one leg. Frank continued to grope Cindy, one hand rubbing her thigh, one hand though the dress slit and massaging her ass cheek. Cindy loved the grunting Frank was making and strong unstoppable grips his hands were making of her flesh, she had done it! She had taken her lover to the edge. Soon she would drop to her knees and make Frank cum like his body never had before. Cindy did get his body to cum like never before, but not how she thought she would.

Frank spun Cindy around to grope her from the other side. On had was up cupping her breast, jiggling it and the one attached to it. He loved how her firm breasts felt under the padding. It was like an exquisite pillow, of perfect dimension and strength. It turned him on so much! He reached into her skirt and got his fingers in her panties to start masturbating her. He couldn't believe how wet she was! As he began to massage her, she naturally tensed back and this into Frank. He hard erection pushed up and pressed against his stomach. Cindy was now at a different height than Frank was used to. His base and balls were not resting on her ass, they were pushed up right underneath her bubble butt.

Holy Fuck! Frank thought as he sucked her neck and pushed his hand into the bra from above pulling out one of Cindy's breast. The beautiful globe squeezed and retracted so wonderfully. Frank peeked down at it as he nibbled on Cindy's shoulder blade. Frank kept grinding into Cindy and Cindy was moaning and grinding right back into Frank.

Frank began to have a different type of orgasm, it was more internal mental as he fantasized about fucking Cindy, feeling his goddess from the inside, knowing her every nook and cranny. Frank's cock shot constant near orgasmic waves of pleasure but they were still mental, internal. Frank felt one after another, panting, sweating, groping, squeezing, licking, sucking. . . and fucking was what came next in his mind even though he didn't want to think it. It brought, Frank to a whole other level of lust and pleasure. Frank was grunting deeper and louder now, grinding so hard into Cindy that it was causing her to step forward in motion with him until she braced herself with her hands on the desk, her pelvis hitting the desk each time Frank pressed into her again.

Frank began seeing fantasies spinning by his mind's eye. Cindy in a french maid outfit, in bunny costume, in a leather mini skirt, in lingerie, in a teddy, in cowboy boots and nothing else. Fucking her in missionary, doggy, cowgirl, sitting, standing, leaning. Cumming in her, thrusting away, pounding, hearing her moan and yell for more. Then the fantasy switched for a second as instead of himself, he saw a snot nosed punk from school having his way with Cindy. Frank thought she looked unbelievable and every man would risk crime to have her. He was gonna lose his baby to some dumb jock, with no brain but a big dick. He was gonna lose his baby! Fuck those bastards! He would have her first!!!!

Cindy had no idea what Frank had going on in his mind but she was about to ask him to stop grinding so hard, she was starting to get sore from pushing into the desk. Frank now was using his whole hand in a full pussy long masturbatory motion. It wasn't one Cindy liked, it didn't feel loving, and gentle. It felt rough and domineering, it felt force full.

"Frank. . Frank can you please, ow!" Cindy was cut off by being shoved again into the desk.

Frank reached and grabbed the front of her top and yanked it down, tearing it a little and popping Cindy's other perfect breast out into the open and with is other hand yanked down his pants and boxers. His waist was pivoting his crotch back and forth, his dick already in a fucking motion and he kneaded her breasts. His cock, hard as steel, was jabbing Cindy in her butt cheeks through the dress and she didn't like it. It felt forceful and unrestrained. Frank hadn't said a word since it all started, just grunts and moans and heavy breaths. Cindy didn't even think he FELT like Frank, it was like a foreign man was touching her. Cindy began to panic.

"Please, please Frank, I don't like thiii" Frank caressed up Cindy's neck to her chin and stuck two fingers in her mouth and she gnawed on her neck, and continued to jab her. Cindy kept trying to protest but all that got out was a gargled sentence with Frank's fingers on her tongue. Frank then reached down, grabbed the back piece of Cindy's skirt and ripped it clean up to about her tiny waist. Cindy's let out a cry, trying to make Frank understand this wasn't right, Cindy knew what was going to happen to her and this was not the way she planned it. This wasn't her dream.

Frank put one arm across Cindy's waist and the other pushed down hard on Cindy's neck and shoulder forcing her down onto the desk, only her hands preventing her from smacking the surface of the desk outright. Frank yanked back once on her waist and she was up on her toes, he pussy mounds pushed between her legs, open and exposed once Frank pulled the g-string panties to the side.

"Frank, uuuh-uuuh- uhh- huh-huh!!!" cried Cindy as loud as she could in her mousy voice.

It was no use, Frank was no longer a rational thinking human being, he was all cock, all hormones and he was going to fuck and fuck hard.

Frank drove forward, his cock head plunging into Cindy up about a quarter of his length. This was all the hymen had been stretched by the vibrator.

"Cindy cried out, sobbing for Frank to stop, but he didn't hear a sound. Even his ears were ringing from his lust to cum. Frank pulled back and rammed home again, the hymen stretching out of the way and Frank got 3/4 of the way in. But that wasn't enough. Frank needed a once in a lifetime cum, and it wasn't going to happen without total immersion. Despite Cindy's large hips her waist, pussy and birth canal were small, and still developing. It wasn't stretched to welcome a man, and for once Cindy was not feeling the gentle next step, Frank wasn't making love to her, he was fucking her. He wasn't helping her her was taking her and Cindy was sobbing so hard her back was shuddering. To Frank it just looked more sexual, the curve line of her back deepening and releasing, just as his cock was deepening and releasing.

Frank slammed home again, his cock finally going in all the way to the hilt, his balls smacking Cindy's taint.

"Frank . . Frrrr-aaa-aaa-aaainkkkk!" Cindy sobbed, her voice barely having sound anymore, her throat dedicated already to crying.

Frank began to jack hammer into Cindy, thrusting, pounding, all the way in, all the way out.

"Nu-nu-nu- ruh!" grunted Frank and he slammed into Cindy as fast and hard as possible but Frank wanted even more, he grabbed Cindy on her hips and began forcing her up, and pulling her down into his thrust. "Oh-umph-uh-uh yeah-yeah!"

Frank's thrust were lifting Cindy of the ground and pushing the desk forward an inch or two with each thrust.

Frank loved the way Cindy's hair bounced as he pounded her, and that perfect olive skin, she looked so good he wanted to fucking each her, consume her completely. Frank kept thrusting, beginning to feel one hell of a stirring in his balls. Like a swirling ocean of pleasure and it was ready to be set free.

"Uh-fuh-mu-oh-uu-uh-uh-uh-uh oh OH OH FUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!" Frank grabbed Cindy's hips so hard he bruised her and slammed home again! A torrent of cum rushed up Frank's engorged shaft and exploded out the tip, showering Cindy's love tunnel with a massive spray of semen. Again Frank thrusted, his balls slapping Cindy's thigh and Frank unleashed a second torrent of white and hot cum.

"UH-UH-UH-UH!" Grunted Frank as he pumped time and again into Cindy's tight inviting cunt. Each thrust brought another load of cum until finally Frank had cum as much as any man has in a single fuck. 10 pumps of thick globs of semen had coated Cindy internally. It began to dribble out the front as Frank continued to thrust, still orgasming but no longer cumming.

"UH-UH-uh-uh-uh-uh--uh--uh. . . uh . . uh" said Frank as he began to slow down slowly feeling reality creep back in as he finally had satisfied his lust. He leaned over and laid on Cindy's top half resting his head on her shoulder blade. He was matching her heavy breathing, his from exhaustion, hers from sobbing. Frank's waist continued to thrust likely for the next minute and his legs kept moving trying to pump his cock in and out up and down. The orgasm still not passed, and his body still trying to engage in procreation, despite the lack of reserves in his balls.

Finally Frank's heartbeat returned to normal, his hand still around Cindy's waist, holding her lower body to his, as his cock began to shrink and finally Frank was hearing reality again as he felt a wave of cum hangover like never before and was starting to fall asleep just like that until his ear's finally picked up the sound of quiet sobs.

He lifted his head groggy and disoriented and released Cindy's waist. Cindy continued to sob as she slid against the desk, clutching at its wall as she sank to the floor sitting sideways on her knees, a small pool of cum gathering beneath her pussy. Her face was in her hands, her shoulders heaving. Frank tried to reach out to console her but every time he touched her she would shake and shiver.

Frank fell back into his sofa and just watched Cindy as she slowly got control over herself. She got her globes back into her dress, Ripped off the hanging back piece of her skirt and walked over to her coat, thankful it was enough to cover her. She grabbed her make up bad and the dress bag and headed to the door.

"Cin-Cindy, I. . I"

Cindy looked back at Frank, mascara tears all down her face. "I don't want to ever talk to you again." Cindy said softly as she left his office. Cindy knew Frank was going to worry and worry a lot. And he deserved it she thought. Cindy wasn't crying about the sex, or her virginity or Frank being her first lover or even the danger of pregnancy. She was mad Frank took control of the one night she planned to orchestrate, that she was still stuck in the role of subservient. She would let Frank worry for a good while, or as long as she could.

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