Lost Empire 75 by pars001

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Science-Fiction | Alien, Non-Erotic, Violence

0001 - Tempro

0003 - Conner- Thomas

0097 - Ace - Zimmel

0098 - Lucy

0101 - Shelby (mother ship)

0125 - Lars

0130 - Gillese

0200 - Ellen

0250 - Tendra

0301 - Rodrick

0403 - Johnathon

0778 - Jan

0798 - Celeste - Shelby (human)

0805 - Toran

0808 - Radella

0881 - Handrax

0908 - Tara - Mara

1000 - Sherry


Ungrown - unnumbered


0100 - Derry (father ship)

Rescued from Tendraxians

so far


4 on Shelby 2 in re-gen

8 on Lucy


Known and OR numbered


0501 - Thaddeus

???? - Lena


missing - 0667 - Marco

0999 - Zan - still lost


Everyone turned to stare at Derrick then moved to release Jimison. "Thank you sire, I'll try not to let you down." With that Jimison and Difina stepped into the area cleared for them.

Jimison took a defensive stance as did Difina. It wasn't until she released her claws that the humanoid side started to get nervous.

Jimison threw a whirling kick that was far faster than she was expecting as it knocked her back a good fifty feet. Roaring back, a smile on her face, Difina moved in to begin her assault.

Difina came bounding back like an animal on the hunt. Spinning she feigned a high hit, instead changing direction going for Jimison's legs.

Jimison smiled broadly as he also went low catching Difina by both legs. A shocked look covered her features, then an even more look of shock as she was lifted, then flipped downward. Landing with an oomph, it took her a few moments to recover.

Difina wiped a few drops of blood off her mouth then licked it clean. "First blood I salute you, I will not allow you to do so again." She hissed.

Jimison smirked, "I think you should get used to it. You move just as you did before, you're almost telling me what you are going to do."

Difina roared then rushed Jimison, at the last moment she stopped short swinging her clawed paw. Jimison shook his head then snatched her arm to the side. Slightly pulling, he had her flipping through the air again, landing flat on her back.

"Much better you almost got close to me." Jimison said.

A look of anger covered Difina's face as she flipped up. Landing in front of Jimison, she actually took him by surprise. Swinging her clawed paw again, she hit Jimison in the chest as he was pulling back.

The resounding crack let all know that she'd possibly broken a rib or two. Stumbling back Jimison saw movement among the Delcon party, then saw a flash of a weapon.

Moving far faster than he thought he could, Jimison hit Difina taking her and himself to the ground. There was a flash as the weapon was fired striking Jimison across his back.

To the surprise of everyone the assailant was dead a moment later, Kimon standing over one of the Delcron space commander’s body. Kimon turned to Emperor Kandra bowing. "I apologize for not moving faster sir, I might have captured him alive."

Kandra's eyes were wide, the male had moved? He'd seen nothing, one moment he was there, the next he was over the body. "No apologies needed, though I think that your friend is in trouble."

The mournful sound coming from where Difina and Jimison had been fighting drew their attention. Difina was holding Jimison close howling at the top of her voice. Akira had already moved to Jimison passing several compact medical scanners over him.

Akira tried to get Difina to release Jimison, only to be swiped at, then a low threatening growl and hiss started.

Akira took a step then seemed to disappear, a moment later she appeared two fingers pressed to the side of Difina's neck. Difina growled looking at the hand then promptly passed out.

"We need to get him to the ship; I can save him though we have to go NOW!" Akira said, then sighed when she couldn't remove Difina's arms from around Jimison's body.

Akira turned to Derrick, "I'm afraid that we're going to have to take the princess with us if I am to save him."

Kandra's eyes went large, "I assume you are telling me so as to not start a war?" Kandra said. When Akira only nodded, Kandra went on. "I will allow it, though she will have to return soon or that might still happen."

Akira bowed slightly, "I thought as much when I saw the look on the other's faces. I assume you wish," here she indicated Kimon. "That he be placed to guard her? He is by far the best, as he did teach Jimison basic kills."

Once again Kandra's eyes were wide, Jimison only had basic skills? Plus, he'd saved his daughter with speed far beyond normal. If the one who'd taught Jimison was better, than by all means he did concur.

Kandra turned toward Derrick, "I know that your word holds much with your people. If you can have him watch her I will agree."

Derrick nodded looking up, then suddenly all of the human side vanished. Kandra could only shake his head, then turned toward his own party. "I want all that you can garner on his reasons, for the attack."

A few moments later a small shuttle landed with more than a few troops disembarking. Kandra was moving to his own shuttle when there was a commotion past his troops.

"NO! You will not take me, ugh!" They all heard then the troops parted revealing another of his space fleet commanders was on the ground. Standing above him was the female that had been with Jimison's male teacher. What was her name? Ah! Onai!

The troopers were all pointing weapons at her when Kandra raised a paw. All lowered their weapons. "My future mate thought that there might be another assassin here, this one," here she kicked the male. "This one had a weapon trained on you. I was able to render him inert, though conscious."

Kandra nodded staring at the commander he'd known for a long time. "So, you have decided to betray me I..." Kandra started.

"Betray? No, I wish to restore glory..." The male Delcron started.

Onai again kicked the male in the face. "Enough pretender, reveal who you truly are!"

The male threw looks of hatred like daggers at her then hissed. "Sssso, there are ssstill those that can detect usss. The one who would have melded the empires together will not live. Our mission was sssuccessssful, neither will you find all of usss before it is too late. We will..." Was the last the male got out before Onai separated his head from the body.

Onai turned then bowed slightly to Kandra, "I apologize sir. I was afraid that it might activate others while it was still alive."

Kandra nodded then ordered the others in the shuttle. "Have you any ideas as to why they only attacked now?"

Onai could only shake her head, "it could be a number of things. The metal on your ships, the fields they produce. It appears they have had something of a plan like this for a while. Obviously, they fear that both empires will destroy them."

Kandra scratched his chin then nodded. "I will have to proceed carefully for the moment."

A moment later Derrick's visage appeared through Onai's com. "It was as we thought sire." Onai stated as she knelt. "There was another attempt this time on the emperor. It appeared that the longer the subordinates where here, the more susceptible they were to the delta waves we detected."

Kandra could only shake his head, this human empire was far more honorable than he'd at first thought.

"It's good that you stayed then." Derrick turned toward Kandra, "if there is nothing else. I think that we should retire and plan."

Kandra nodded, "I agree, I will contact you after we are finished with our investigation."

Onai bowed to Kandra, then Derrick right before she also vanished. Kandra shook his head, this humanoid empire most definitely had more than A FEW SECRETS.

On board Shelby, Akira was racing to do all that she could to stabilize Jimison. Though he was in no imminent danger, she was afraid he might still die. Oddly enough, it seemed that whatever energy the weapon had used, had been attuned to Jimison specifically.

Akira looked over Jimison, her eyes falling on Difina, so far nothing she had done, had released the female's grip. A search through her memories on the Delcron physiology, finally gave her an answer. Leaning down she whispered in Difina's ear. The female issued a sigh then relaxed her hold on Jimison.

Akira shook her head as she started to apply pressure to several areas of Jimison's body. Moments later a soft sigh also issued from Jimison's lips. Akira nodded, her hands starting to blur, moving faster and faster 'til they appeared to disappear.

Difina was having a horrible sleep vision. She'd actually gotten a hit in on Jimison, he'd honored her by not only not going down, he'd also not issued a sound. She knew from the moment that, NO ONE would ever take the place in her heart that Jimison now occupied.

Then to her horror, he'd saved her life bestowing the greatest honor he could on her. He had to live, he had to, she had never met a male like him. She was after all his as, he was hers, she'd absolutely hated to challenge him though, it was tradition. Without the traditions they had, what were they but beasts!

It was only ten minutes after they had arrived, that Difina's eyes snapped open. From experience she didn't move a muscle, to do so would reveal that she was battle ready. A look to her side, showed that she was in a stark room much like the med rooms on her father's ships.

Difina's eyes fell on Jimison's body on a medical like table. It appeared that the Akira female, was working on him, the strange thing was that Difina couldn't follow the female's hands.

Difina was about to spring from where she was laying when Akira spoke. "I suggest little one, that you not move for a time. I immobilized you with a bundle of nerves in your neck. It might be a little bit before you regain full control of your muscles."

Difina scoffed jumping to her feet only to have them wobble then she was falling to the deck. Akira sighed when she saw this then saw the pain that Difina was in. Almost too fast for Difina to follow Akira was beside her pressing two fingers into her back and neck.

Difina drew a deep breath as most of the dizziness faded. Difina could only stare at the humanoid doctor, how had she learned their top doctor's healing ways? By the great feline she almost felt normal!

Difina bowed low to the deck, "you are obviously a legendary healer. You performed a healing technique that I have seen only the finest physicians of my world perform. Please great healer, will he who I belong to, survive? Is there anything that I can do to help?"

Akira was shocked only a moment, then shook her head. "No, I am afraid there isn't. Though you may remain til such time that he awakens."

A huge smile crept to Difina's face, bowing again she backed away then sat on her haunches nearby.

Akira was about to ask Difina to sit out of the way, when the female did so without Akira saying a thing. A small smile crossed Akira's features, this new species it appeared, was better mannered then their humanoid counter parts.

It also appeared, that she was going to be detained here far longer than she thought she would be. She would have to announce this to her clan, it's leader. She also needed to inform the council and its leader, Onai's father, Isamu Sakuta. Then again, she thought, the master probably already had an idea about all this.

Difina watched Akira closely, again she was amazed at the speed of the humanoid healer. So far, everything the female had said she'd more than backed up by her actions.

Difina had held her position for almost two hours watching, when she heard Jimison groan. It took all that she had to resist rushing to Jimison's side. Akira noticed this nodding slightly to show her appreciation.

With each passing moment Difina was having more and more difficulty. The gnawing feeling of almost desperation growing in her chest. Lost in her thoughts, she almost missed Akira's motion to her to approach.

Difina rushed to Jimison's side, though pale he was still alive. "My Difina, I am sorry I didn't move faster. I..." Jimison's low throaty whisper started.

Difina softly place a finger like appendage on her paw on Jimison's lips. "What you did has as far as I am concerned, negated any reason for this contest to continue. You are mine; I will never have another, I feel that no other will honor me as you have." Here Difina bowed to the floor, "command me mate I am and will always belong to you."

A groan different from the physical pain one issued from Jimison's lips. "Difina I don't want a slave I..." Jimison stopped as soon as Difina started to issue a low threatening growl.

"I am no slave, nor will I ever be!" Difina stated her eyes flashing in anger as she looked up. "I am your mate, you may command me, not order me." Came Difina's angry explanation.

An extremely confused Jimison looked at her, "aren't they the same thing?"

"NO!" Difina almost shouted. "Between mates they are far different things. I hope to have the time to, "show" you the difference."

"I will obviously need the time to learn, I..." Jimison started then his eyes rolled up as he passed out.

An almost panicked Difina turned to Akira, "healer!"

Akira was once again moving at blurred speed as she checked Jimison. Turning to Difina, Akira said, "his body had to fight the energy that was trying to kill him. It took much of his own energy, rest should have him better soon. I am afraid though, the scars on his back might never disappear."

Difina's eyes shone brightly, "he is a warrior, I am sure he will wear them with pride."

Akira could only shake her head. "Perhaps with your people, a humanoid male can differ greatly than those of your race."

Difina was nodding taking in all the information that she could. Her mate was far different than any male of any race she'd ever met that was for sure. "I will remember all you have said great healer."


Hartwell was having a hell of a time avoiding Bee, he'd told her he'd think about bonding with her after the battle. From the expectant look on her face each time he saw her, he knew she was patiently awaiting an answer.

The problem was, he'd not really had time to actually think about that or much anything else. He had to give her something or she was going to drive him nuts with her looks.

Hartwell walked to where Bee was standing next to his sister, the two of them obviously plotting something.

"Bee, I am sorry that I haven't had time to think this through. With all the casualties and damage from the battle I am still so busy with the fleet." A hesitant Hartwell told Bee.

For only a moment Bee's face fell, just as quickly it was replaced by a huge smile. "I understand Lord Sir, you are a very powerful, very important male. I will wait for your answer. I will not leave your side 'til such time as you do. By the laws of my people, I will assist in everything. Might I suggest that you take my sister and the others?"

Hartwell's mouth dropped open, "What in the hell are you suggesting?" Hartwell said barely getting the words out in a whisper.

"Lord sir, as important as you are, you will need more than one bonded female. Plus, you will need many children to..." Bee started.

"WHAT!?" Hartwell shouted then regretting as Bee started to shrink away from him. Lowering his voice Hartwell continued, "Bee, I have no desire for children at this time."

Bee smiled behind her hands, at least the Lord sir was thinking about it. She felt that she had him thinking more friendly of her people, well, at least the females. She was almost afraid to speak, she'd angered the Lord sir she needed to step lightly.

With her head lowered she continued, "I am sorry I angered you Lord sir. I only thought you would want to continue your legacy with children."

When Hartwell was speechless, Bee smiled more she had finally planted the seeds. Now, Bee just needed to see if the seeds would grow.

Hartwell's mind seemed to almost be in a fog. Children? Had Bee lost her damn mind? Especially now with the empire fighting for its life.

"Bee," Hartwell started guarding every word that left his lips. "If we don't stop these damn bugs that are bent on killing us, that won't mean a thing. Until we are past all of this, I am afraid I can't even think about let alone want children."

Hartwell started to shake his head as soon as the words left his mouth. True, Bee's face had dropped in defeat, then an even larger smile dominated her features. Looking at his sister he could see her smiling strangely too.

Johnathon spun, quickly leaving the room, he had to get clear of the female influence so he could think clearly. The only problem with that was, Bee was right on his heels.


Kandra had already set things in motion. His best scientists were hard at work trying to discover just how the Creagons had gained control. Thing was it might take a few days.

Kandra shook his head as he thought of his daughter. It appeared that she might finally be satisfied, therefore no more fights. To do so would, no the male had double honored her and his family.

For now, the emperor needed to go over how much of his battle fleet he had left. He sat in his command throne listening to the reports as they came in.

An hour later Kandra nodded, he'd lost far less than he'd thought he had. That was good to know in case another attack was headed their way.

Kandra's scientists, were already working to discover what these delta waves were that Onai mentioned. It appeared that the bugs were starting to grow smarter, not a good thing at all.

It was bad enough that they were as close to the empire as they were. Things could grow far worse if they had discovered a way of mind control.

A sudden thought hit him as he shook his head, were these new allies willing to share information? It could speed up the process, perhaps even have the two empires bond. His head nodding Kandra thought, perhaps this is what the bugs were so afraid of.

A chiming sound let him know he had a return call. "Emperor, in all the confusion I was negligent in asking about.."

"I was thinking that I was also. I have had my top scientists prepare the information. I apologize, though as you said in all the confusion things were forgotten." Derrick said interrupting Kandra.

Kandra's eyes were again wide, this was a very honorable thing that the humanoid emperor was doing. "I also apologize, I should have made mention of it sooner I know that you have much on your table. I did not want to add to the growing pile."

This time it was Derrick's turn to be surprised, "I believe you have me at a disadvantage."

"Oh, I know the pressure and stress that come with the position. At times it seems as if nothing goes right, then at others all is perfect." A small chuckle escaped Kandra's throat, "in time you grow used to it."

A slightly shaken Derrick could only stare at Kandra, then nodded his agreement. "Perhaps we can have a meal together soon. Though," here Derrick looked around, "that might prove damn near impossible."

Kandra's eyes rolled as he also nodded his agreement, "I think that would go very far in bonding our two empires."

Derrick looked close at Kandra's face, "so you think that the Creagons are that afraid of this. I agree with that assessment, I am sending the information. I hope that we can share that meal soon." With that Derrick's visage winked out.

Well, Kandra thought, both empires appear to be on more than friendly terms. Now he thought, we just have to have my daughter and the male bond. A small smile crossed his features, then all hell was going to break loose. Damn, it was a wonderful time to be alive!


Derrick sat back, the last discussion with Kandra had been more than encouraging. With a shake of his head he had to get through with everything else.

"Shelby?" He said even as she appeared before him.

"I have managed to connect to all five that are damaged. I am afraid that I will have to go slow. This new method that Colonels Kimison and Rayburn discovered should increase re-gen another thirty percent. Far faster than they could on their own." Shelby sweetly reported.

Releasing a sigh Derrick started again. "What of..."

"I have already assessed our battle readiness. Mary has already informed those at the academy of the sacrifice that Captain Brown made. They reported that they are holding ceremonies as soon as we return. They also ask if you will be in attendance." Shelby asked.

Derrick was nodding as he thought about Brown. They needed to return as soon as possible. They just needed to conclude their business here first. Then there were all the brain boxes still out there they needed to recover.

"Tell them that I would be more than honored to attend. Is the new.." Derrick started.

"I have felt no adverse effects from the new re-gen process. I had both Colonels check while I was connecting. They have a constant lock on me while I am in the process." Shelby stated.

Derrick shook his head as he tried one more time. "I thought that you..."

"I m sorry Derrick as I explained when we first met, I am almost completely attuned to your thoughts. It seems far more efficient to tell you before you have to ask." Shelby said sweetly.

"I thought I told you that I like to complete what I am saying. It can be annoying at times when you do that. Now then has Mary got any more..." Derrick said annoyed.

Mary appeared at that moment, "I have been conducting tests this whole-time sire. As of yet I have found no danger to this empire, from the Creagon delta waves."

Derrick again shook his head christ, Mary was doing it also.


Kimon Dempsy was still a little startled. In just a few weeks time, he'd not only ended the bain of his disgrace restoring his clan's honor. He had also ended the one who had attempted to kill him and his comrades restoring his own honor.

His head shook as he thought of the challenge, Onai was a far better master than she thought. It had taken all he had to defeat her. The few days he'd prepared before the challenge were barely enough.

A small smile crossed his lips, he wasn't about to tell her any of this though. He didn't think it would be good to give her a bigger head that she had. Plus, there was the fact that she'd try to defeat him, every day, for the rest of her life, no, it was far better that they left it like it was.

A look into the med bay showed him that his mother was still hard at work. That was another thing, she was a great brain doctor though, she wasn't the best, close but not the best. With a shake of his head he had to admit perhaps it was him that she had come to see.

His thoughts drifting back, he remembered the days and weeks of training. His very refusal to stop was the one thing that made him stand out, plus nearly killed him. He had a penchant for pushing his self to the very edge of death.

His master had damned near killed him when he pushed 'til he was too weak to move. When his master had asked, Kimon had stated that he thought it was his place to learn or die. That of course, had garnered him a beating unlike any he'd ever received.

The things he learned that year, had shown him he was human, that he could hurt himself far more than an enemy could. It was also the turning point in his training.

A movement in the med bay drew his attention, the young cat/human female had rushed to Jimison as soon as he awoke. The smoldering look of devotion he saw in her eyes reminded him of Onai.

Then there was the fact that, the commander had almost guaranteed that the joining of Onai and he would happen. Yes, if Kimon didn't know better he could swear that the commander was also going to attend. He nodded his head, knowing the commander, as sneaky as he was, he'd be there.

Another movement from the room had Kimon putting an arm out, catching a struggling cat/human.

A threatening hiss issuing from her mouth, Difina tried to rake the face of the male that was restraining her. "Release me! I will have your eyes and heart for this!" Another swipe, then her arm was immobile, a stunned look on her face. Throwing a rapid chop, she was shocked when she only met air throwing herself off balance.

Jumping to launch a kick, she was again shocked when not only was her leg caught, she couldn't move it. Attempting a spin kick with the other leg, she could only stare when her face stopped inches from the floor. Then there was of course the male was sitting on her back with both her arms restrained.

"Now little one, before you hurt yourself, I suggest you stop." Came the male's strangely soothing voice. This of course had Difina struggling harder. With a tired sigh Kimon gently placed two fingers on her neck. This immediately caused Difina to freeze.

A low growl issued from her throat, "are you also a healer? I have felt this touch before I do not wish to be unconscious."

Kimon removed his fingers as if he'd been burned. "No, though I can see that you have met my mother."

Difina's eyes were wide a moment, "I ask that I be released I find it difficult to talk in this position."

Kimon shook his head, "I find that very hard to believe. I can see that you are ready to spring the moment I release you. I do not wish to injure you, I saw you fighting Jimison, against most you are deadly. Against me? I am afraid that I might hurt you far more than I would want to."

Difina's eyes were wider, then in a whisper she asked. "are you the one who taught my mate?" When Kimon only nodded, he felt the cat/human relax completely.

"I taught him, though only the basics. The conflict that we were in I didn't see the need to go farther. I had, had one great failure, I didn't entertain the thought of another." An almost whispering Kimon said.

Kimon released Difina who sat on the floor at Kimon's feet. Bowing she stated, "master of my mate, I would be honored if you would teach both of us. Our empire is fraught with assassins, the skills you could teach us could extend our lives."

Kimon placed a hand under her long mouth, gently lifting her face, looking deep into her eyes. What he saw there was nothing but sincerity. He took a step back thinking a moment. "If Jimison agrees, as does your father, then I might consider it. That which I teach is a very old way, I do not teach it lightly nor gently. I will also have to talk to my mate Onai, plus my clan leader. I know Onai's father would agree, the other's not as much."

Still bowing on the deck Difina said, "thank you master, if you can then we will do all we can to learn.

Kimon looked down on the bowed cat/human female, she was tough as was Jimison. Was it possible that he'd finally found stronger more worthy students? "We shall see little, we shall see."

Another movement behind him had him nodding his head. "I take it that you found another?"

"It was as you thought mate. As for asking me, I think that it is about time that you started to teach the old ways. There has been no new master/teacher in a long time."

"Good then I just have two more worlds to speak to. Perhaps if I talk to the commander, he might have her father agreeing." Kimon said.

Onai's eyes were wide a moment, then she nodded. "Yes, the exalted one can do much as we both have seen." This of course had Kimon rolling his eyes.

Rating: 94%, Read 7464 times, Posted Sep 14, 2020

Science-Fiction | Alien, Non-Erotic, Violence


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