The Three of Us_(0) by myra3808

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Fantasy | Bi-sexual, Consensual Sex, Erotica, Female, Lesbian, Oral Sex, Voyeurism

You and I are very open with one another. You know you can tell me anything. I meet a woman at work. She has a little girl, about seven or eight. We become friends. We become so close, we start talking about sexual things. She is very attracted to you, I know you feel the same way about her. You and I, were talking about how hot she was one evening, while we were fucking and sharing fantasies.

One evening, she is alone, because her daughter is with her Grandparents for the night. The three of us are playing dominoes. We are at the dinning room table. To reach the domino, she needs to play on , she has to lean way over the table. When she does this, I can see her ample breast , down her low cut blouse. I look over at you and I see you are staring down her top. I get up and walk behind her chair. I reach around her and grab her tits, with both hands, as I lean, to the side of her neck. I kiss her neck and tell her that she is driving you crazy and me too. I tell her that she better hold her blouse close and stop leaning over like that. We all laugh and I go back to my chair.

As we continue to play, she leans over again. You tell her, "If you're going to tease us, at least take your bra off, so we can get a good look. " She laughs and says Okay. We watch, she unsnaps her bra and pulls it out, of the sleeve of her blouse. The moment her nipples come in contact with her silk blouse, they become hard. I reach over and pinch one of them. When I do, you say that you would love to see us french kiss. She and I, start kissing and all three of us, end up naked in bed. Each of us are feeling each other up and kissing.

I slide my two finger, up inside, her wet pussy. The feeling of the inside of her pussy, makes me almost cum. I can feel her pussy juice flowing down my fingers. I want to taste her, but I don't want to stop fingering, her sweet cunt. We are all on our knees. I tell you to stand up. I take your hard cock, in my other hand. As I hold it, I say, " " Suck his cock, I want to watch your lips opening as his cock slides in." I see a lustful look, cross both of your faces. My pussy responds to this. You tell her, " Put your fingers up Alicia's pussy, I want to see you doing it"

I feel her hand, sliding up my thigh, then across to my pussy. I slide my legs, open a little more. You see me do that and you say, " Ohhhhh baby, that's right, let her get to that wet pussy." When I hear you talk like that, it drives me crazy! Feeling her fingers inside my pussy, feeling her finger fuck me, while watching her suck your cock is so hot. We have been talking about, bringing a third person into our bed. We always became so hot, when we talked about it, but I never thought we would go through with it. Now I am thinking, we should share this often! I love the touch of a woman and I love the way she feels inside.

I am getting so hot ,watching the two of you, that I start finger fucking her, harder and harder. I can feel, she is getting close to cumming. This is turning me on, more and more. I want to bring her off. I want to experience, feeling a woman's pussy, clenching my fingers, as she cums ! I want to feel her cum, filling my hand up. There it is, I feel it. I feel her cumming. She pulls her mouth, off your cock. I watch her grab your hips, to steady herself. She throws her head back and moans very loudly. I am fingering her, as hard, as I can. She screams out, " Ohhhhhhh yesssssssssssssss." She collapses onto the bed.

We all cuddle together, gently kissing one another. Our hands, are flowing over each other's bodies. She leans over toward me. She takes my hard nipple, into her mouth. I feel the sensations from my nipples, flowing down to my pussy. I arch my back, I can feel her silky lips, sucking my titty. I am in heaven. Where are you? You are not on the bed with us.

There you are, sitting at the foot of the bed in the chair. I see your legs are spread wide. I watch you, as you are playing, with your cock. I love your expression, it is so sensual, you even look lecherous. I love that we are doing this. I love the freedom, to be able to comfortably go, with the sexual flow. I watch as you start playing with your balls. I love your balls. I love the feeling of them, when they slap against my face, as I deep throat that luscious cock of yours. I want her to feel them that way. I want her to deep throat you. I want it so much.

I pull her on top of me. Oh God, I can feel her tits rubbing against mine. Her nipples are so hard. Her pussy is grinding against me. I feel crazy with desire. Suddenly, I move my feet, on the inside of her ankles. I pull her legs apart, as wide as I can, so you can see us, pussy to pussy. I can't see you any longer, but I know you are watching, cock in hand.

I motion for you to come up. I point down between our legs, as she and I are passionately kissing. I am hoping, that you will remember one of my fantasies, that I shared with you.

I felt you move onto the bed. Yes, you are coming up between our legs. I hope you are showing me that you remember !

I can feel your legs moving up between ours. You are running your hand up the outside of my thigh. Do you remember? OHHHHHHH, I feel you thrust your cock deep into her. She is moving her lips from mine, so she can gasp. With each time you thrust your cock, I feel the movement. You are fucking her so hard, I almost feel, like you are fucking me. OHHHH baby, that's right, fuck her, fuck her ! Oh yes, I love feeling you pounding her pussy, give it to her. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH yessssssssssssssss, you are doing it, you remembered. I can feel you pulling out of her pussy, and I can feel your cock entering my pussy. That's right give it to me, give me her pussy juice with your throbbing cock. You know that I have always wanted this.


Rating: 81%, Read 10435 times, Posted Aug 11, 2015

Fantasy | Bi-sexual, Consensual Sex, Erotica, Female, Lesbian, Oral Sex, Voyeurism


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