College Fuck-Off by ally-oops

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May jumped onto her bed as soon as she entered her bedroom, tired as can be. She had just worked her 3rd overnight shift and was starting to regret her work availability. She took out her high bun, locks of her dark brown curls fell around her tan face.

She had graduated from high school in the beginning of June, and spent most of her summer working, hanging out with friends, and shopping for supplies for her freshman year at Arizona State. May was excited to move out of her small town and finally face the real-world head on – as well as play a shit ton of volleyball!

May decided to scroll through her Instagram feed before taking a nice nap – she didn’t have to work again until tomorrow afternoon – but all of the posts were of the same blonde bane of her existence, @alexis.cartwell.

Alexis Cartwell was your stereotypical queen bee; popular, bitchy, and selfish, and she had been May’s rival since middle school. She wasn’t sure why, but she hated Alexis with a passion. The two had a silent competition to become valedictorian – only for it to be neither of them – and captain of the varsity volleyball team – which went to May two years in a row.

Now she couldn’t wait to never see the bitch again. Until she got a DM from her.

alexis.cartwell: hey boo!

May rolled her eyes – she was so fake!

mayparker: what do you want?

alexis.cartwell: just wonder how ur summers going. have u been getting busy? ;) lol probs not

alexis.cartwell: anyways u know how im going to ucla so we wont see each other anytime soon

alexis.cartwell: buuut i wanted to challenge u to a contest

mayparker: I’m not really interested in play your stupid games anymore

alexis.cartwell: come onnnn it’s a good one

mayparker: fine whatever

alexis.cartwell: i want to have a fuckoff!

mayparker: a what??

alexis.cartwell: a fuckoff! whoever fucks the most guys in a year wins

alexis.cartwell: unless ur virgin ass is too scared

mayparker: 1 – I’m not a virgin and 2 – I’m not scared of a dumb bitch like you

alexis.cartwell: omg who was the poor soul who fucked u??

alexis.cartwell: was it that nerd ethan?? he always liked u LMFAO and smelt nasty

alexis.cartwell: poor kid got a boner everytime he saw you

mayparker: shut up, just tell me the rules

alexis.cartwell: in order for a fuck to count u have to send a pic of ur partners cum either in or on u

alexis.cartwell: u can fuck either boy or girl idc

alexis.cartwell: regular count for 1 point, people from high school count for 2, anddd teachers for 3 LMAO

alexis.cartwell: everyone counts for double on holidays like thanksgiving spring break and Christmas

alexis.cartwell: and the slut with the most fucks by april 30 wins!

mayparker: so when do we start?

alexis.cartwell: oh sweetie i already have

May almost gasped at the picture she was sent; it was of Alexis, her eyes closed and her mouth opened wide for a cumming dick. Drips of cum were painted across her cheeks and forehead, as well as some on the tip of her tongue. May's stomach felt warm as she stared at the picture.

alexis.cartwell: thats one for me!

alexis.cartwell: may the best slut win ;)

Suddenly May was wide awake. I’ll show that bitch, she thought to herself and immediately dialed a number.


“Are you home alone right now?”

“Uh, yeah why? What’s up, May?”

“I’m coming over.”

May hung up the phone, jumped out of bed, grabbed her keys, and jumped into her car before driving across town.

When she rang the doorbell of a large brick house, a confused face opened the door. It was Liam - Alexis' on/off boyfriend and May's former crush. A typical dreamboat; messy light brown hair, bright blue eyes, and a pretty nice package. He played on the football team and he was her first kiss at a party freshman year, in this very house. He would've been her first boyfriend too if Alexis didn't steal him from her...

May realized that he was shirtless too, only wearing a towel - he must've been in the shower when she called. "May? Why did you call, did something happen?" Liam asked, concern written across his face. May stepped into the house with her hand on his bare chest, gently pushing him back into the house.

She was familiar with the house from numerous parties Liam held, as well as projects they'd done together. No matter what she told herself, she always had a soft spot for him - and Alexis always ruined their time alone. Not today.

"Do you have any condoms?" She asked, kicking off her shoes and tossing her keys onto a nearby table. "Uh, I think so, upstairs in my room." He replied, jogging up the staircase with May trailing behind him.

As soon as they entered his bedroom, May kicked the door closed behind her as Liam opened his drawer to pull out a handful of condoms. When he turned around, May ripped off his towel and sunk to her knees. It was bigger than she imagined...

"Whoa! W-what are you doing, I don't -" Liam stammered, embarrassed and tried to cover his dick with his hands. He stumbled backwards so he sitting on his bed. May sighed, feeling pathetic that she'd have to beg.

"Please fuck me Liam. All I want right now is to be fucked senseless by your huge dick, I'm already wet for you. Please fuck me?" She whined lightly, unbuttoning her work shirt to reveal a plain black bra and crawling slowly towards him.

Liam didn't respond, but removed his hands from his dick. It was already hard! May licked her lips before slowly rubbing his cock. Liam moaned at her touch, and May licked a long stripe from his balls to his tip.

"Mmm, fuck," He panted out as her mouth covered his dick and she began to suck. Up and down she went on his cock, trying to suck as much as she could. With a nice "pop", she held his dick in her hands before spitting on it.

"Fuck me," she breathed, while kicking off her work pants and her soaked panties. Liam nervously but quickly slipped the condom over his cock just as May got onto the bed, and she ripped off the condom. She straddled him before slowly sinking herself onto his rock-hard cock.

May released the naughtiest moan she had ever done in her life, instantly pulling her hips up, and then lowering herself again. Liam held onto her ass and guided her body up and down on his cock. "Fuck!" she cried out, overcome with pleasure. She placed her hands on his chest and tried to ride him, but he was so big and felt so good, she could barely move.

"" she whined to Liam. He grabbed her hands and began to rapidly piston his cock up into her wet, warm pussy. She moaned loudly, it sounded like music to his ears. Liam grabbed her bouncing tits as well, only stopping to suck hard on her nipples.

"L-Liam...I'm g-g-gonna cum~" she whined, as he continued to fuck her hard, she eyes rolling back. He flipped her over so she was laying on the bed and held her legs up before fucking her pussy even harder than before. "Fuck, you're so good, May." he breathed.

It wasn't long before May came. She was moaning so loudly that the whole neighborhood could hear her as his warm cum spilt out of her pussy. "Picture..." she panted, pointing to her pants that were lying on the floor. "Take...a picture pussy..." she asked.

Liam stayed inside her for a moment before pulling out to grab her phone. He snapped a picture of her cum-filled twat and showed her how she looked.

She laughed at how tight her pussy was in the photo, cum lining her legs. "Damn...can we go again?"

Rating: 90%, Read 18318 times, Posted Jun 21, 2019

Fiction | Anal, Bi-sexual, Blowjob, Erotica, Female, Male, Teen Female, Teen Male


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