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Fantasm | Domination, Humiliation, Male, Romance

Election Time.

It was the night before the elections, usually no body bothered with elections in Praedsville and nothing changed as it was hard enough finding one person that was crazy enough to want to do a two year term as Mayor let alone find two but this year we had two contenders and one was a woman and a short spiky haired feminist, who some said was a lesbian!

That's why Praedsville city hall was pretty much full that night, hell I doubt the town had ever seen anything quite like it since the place was built back in 1897. Anyway there we were, me Royston Hanks, Mayor for the past two years, and brash newcomer Ms Sophie Di Marco who had this notion that Praedsville needed an east coast lesbian to drag us into the twentieth century.

See nothing ever seemed to happen in Praedsville, so when they thought there would be an election why most everyone got election fever and some even crammed into the town hall to hear what we had to stay.

"Sisters!" Sophie was saying in that aggressive East Coast way of hers, "We must stand up for our rights," she bellowed like a newfoundland fishwife "It's time to call time on male domination, the future is ours, Women of Maidstone County seize the moment, your destiny awaits," she paused and her ample bosom heaved, "Vote Women's liberation, vote DiMarco tomorrow!"

I was on next, hell I had to have my arm twisted to do the damned job the last time. the money you got for being Mayor was a joke and you had no power really, except since Sophia was stirring things up it came to light that neither Praedsville nor Maidstone county were ever properly incorporated in the state and the state is a Commonwealth anyway technically, and we never had the "Klondyke" law revoked in 1948 like the other places granted emergency powers so well as Sophia said we could have our own laws like equality laws so women got rights to half a guys wages just for stopping home and looking after his kids, and there wasn't a thing the state could do about it..

"Well, how do you follow that?" I asked, "I figure on carrying on much the same as always," I said and I sat down again.

"Really Mr Hanks," Sophie was on her feet again, "Are you sure you don't want women shackled to the kitchen sink or something similar?"

As far as I was concerned she could have the damned job.

I stood up again, "Ok, right," I said real loud, "If I'm elected every woman will have to be chained to the kitchen sink if thats what her husband wants or tied where the hell else her man decides, and she wont have any rights and she won't have no money of her own nor nothing," I said and I turned to Sophia and,"Satisfied?" I asked

"And what of single women?" Sophie asked, "You really are pathetic!"

"They'll have to register with me and I'll allocate them a man!" I announced.

Gee you should have seen those jaws drop, I was about to walk out when the cheering started, not just the guys but half the women were clapping, I didn't believe it, hell that Sophia must have really got up their noses.

She sort of stared, she could have been attractive if she got a diet and a haircut, well a wig maybe, the hair was too short already, maybe some plastic surgery and a sense of humour woud be good, ok she was ugly with a personality to match, but she had something, the sort of inner beauty you get in a Hippopotamus maybe, the grey suit with knee length skirt she wore certainly didn't do anything for her.

"I'm surprised you don't want them chained up naked as well," Sophia snorted, "You really are disgusting!"

"If that's what their man wants," I said, "I don't have no preference one way or the other,"

I sort of said jokingly, she really was too much, I never meant anything, I was joking, I just realised it was hight time I moved on, and Sophie had just handed me the excuse I needed so I could get out of being Mayor.

"Well Ladies and Gentleman!" old Walt Naylor who was acting as master of ceremonies announced, "There you have it, you got change a coming either you get's a Lady Mayor or you get old Roy again and I reckon he gone plain loco."

We was back the next night Tuesday, after the election, I spent the day with Miss Simpkins a scrawny little thing with no tits worth mentioning, she hardly ever said a word but just worked away from before I come in at ten till after I went home at three, Amy I think her name was, hell I always called her Miss Simpkins, plain as pikestaff she was, anyway we spent the time sorting things so as I could just hand over the keys to Sophie on Wednesday morning and just walk out the door.

"Miss Simpkins," I asked, "Whats all this about the town having it's own laws if we want," I said and she smiled up at me as she sat at the desk.

"Why Mr Hanks sir," she said like she was quoting a text book, "Yes sir, it was the gold rush years, the local townspeople applied for a variance and like a lots of other places they were grated emergency powers but because we never ever did invoke any new laws they never actually revoked it in 1948 when the places what had invoked new laws under the emergency powers had theirs revoked."

Gee, she certainly knew her stuff, and it was the longest conversation I had with her in the two years we worked together. "Why thanks Miss Simpkins," I said

"I'll miss you Mr Hanks," she said and smiled showing her small but perfectly clean teeth..

"Why, I'll miss you Miss Simpkins," I said, "But I'm sure you'll get on just fine with Miss Di Marco."

I nearly invited her over the bar for a good bye drink but she had a pile of letters to send so I just sneaked off.

Come election night there was a hell of a fuss over vote counting, they hadn't done any for years anyway, pretty soon they got the hang of it and put my votes in a tray and they had a tray for Sophie's votes, except there weren't hardly any votes for Sophie. She cried foul so loud you could have heard it in New York, but what foul? there was the right number of slips in the box, they all had counter-foils, she just weren't popular.

In the end Walt stood up, "I got the result here," he says, "Roy won."

"Hey Walt, whats the figures?" someone asked.

"Royston Hanks, One thousand two hundred and thirty votes," he said, "Mizz Di Marco," he paused, "Ninety seven."

There was this ribald laughter, I stood there with Sophie, I offered her my hand, she turned away, "Bastard!" she said.

"Well thanks for that vote of confidence," I agreed, "I guess we carry on as usual."

"Hey sign the acceptance first!" Walt says and Miss Simpkins handed me the ancient acceptance of office book where she had wrote my name already, and her fancy pen and I scribbled a scrawl across it.

"Oh no, not so fast!" says Sophie really nasty like, "You made promises, naked women were to be chained up, remember?"

"Ok, right," I said real loud, "Now listen up, I hereby proclaim that from henceforth and from now on every woman will have to do exactly what her husband says, he can chain her to the kitchen sink or where the hell ever else he decides, she won't have no money of her own or any possessions and single women will have to register with me and I'll allocate them a man!" I announced, and there was all this clapping, I couldn't believe it.

"So who are you going to allocate me to?" Sophia challenged me.

"Hey wait up," I shouted, "If anyone wants to chain their woman up naked inside or out on the street that's fine too."

"You really are sick!" Sophia challenged.

"Well, I guess I have a civic duty to accept you as my charge," I told her, "Don't go away!"

I never meant anything, "Strip your clothes off and sit on the stage I'll auction you off," I said all reasonable like and she went for me, gee it was like being bunted like a hog.

Walt heard and saw everything, "You butt like a hog you can crawl like a hog,” he said as Sophia she wrestled me to the ground and pretty soon from nowhere Walt grabbed a rope and got her hog tied, not like on the internet but properly hog tied, like a hog, all four trotters together, gee did she squeal, till he strapped a rag around her mouth with some spare twine.

"Ok we got some prime grade a ass here," Walt shouted as the folks filed away, "Who'll start the bidding at ten dollars?"

"That ain't grade a," Stuart Hinemann shouts, "Thats all fatty stuff."

"How'd you know you aint poked it?" Walt asked.

"I ain't poking no hog!" Stuart says.

"It's a sow Stew," Walt corrects him.

"Still ain't poking it." Stuart says.

"I'll poke it then," Ally Weimar from the old Wilk's place says, "If you want to grade it."

"I'll give a second opinion," Steve Kramer adds, "I was eighteen Thursday that makes me a man too." I never had the heart to tell him you need more than that to be a man.

"Well form a line!" Walt says, "And lets get the wrappings off and see the piggy underneath!"

I just stood open mouthed, there weren't no way her stuff was coming off in one piece with her limbs tied but that never worried them none as they just took their pocket knives and cut that grey suit and white shirt and fancy black underwear away, hell she even had a corset keeping her fat gut in but they kept those pocket knives so sharp they could shave with them, and thats what they started doing when they found this ugly great mass of black hair on her belly.

"Cunt hair's longer than her head hair!" Walt observed.

"And better styled," Stuart agreed, as he hacked away at it.

"Want to leave a heart or something?" Ally asked.

"On a hog?" Walt asked, "You some kind of pre-vert?"

"She's a girl!" Stuart insisted.

"Looks like a hog to me, all that belly fat," Walt explained and then it was done and I stood there and watched as they lined up to "Grade," the hog.

Now you might think that someone would have called the Sheriff, not that they needed to because Sheriff "Gaitor" Barnes and deputy Morris was sat right there in the third row!

"Mr Hanks," a small voice said urgently, "I typed up the new laws it just needs signing," I looked down, and there was Miss Simpkins, "I got some allocation forms, sir, if you sign them I'll fill them in."

"Why thank you Miss Simpkins," I said, "Here," I just read what she wrote and signed it and then signed a dozen or so blank forms, I should have known better than to trust her.

There was all these folks staring, regular small town folks not some bunch of perverts in leather gear or diapers or stuff but regular street clothes what was maybe fashionable ten years ago just sat or stood there staring as young Steve Kramer sets up to take first poke, poor kid never fucked nothing and here he was having to perform with half the town watching him, anyway his cock was pink and stiff and sort of streamlined and he poked into that girl hog real smooth and easy.

She rolled on her side and near castrated the poor sod so old Walt chucked a rope over a beam over the stage and hitched Sophia's tied feet and hands to one end and hauled the other till her feet and arms was straight up and her ass at the stage edge so young Steve could have a proper poke, not that he had anything to grade her against.

I got into work next morning at eleven thirty sharp, Miss Simpkins had her little feet on the desk showing her scrawny little legs under her thin dress.

"Hi, Miss Simpkins," I said, "No work?"

"Yes," she said, "But I can't be bothered."

"You get stuck in or you'll feel my hand on your ass." I threatened, and she just smiled.

"Amy, it is Amy isn't it?" she nodded, I did some figuring, "If you don't start work I'll pull down your pants and tan your ass." she smiled some more, so I went in my office and had a think.

I came back half an hour later, she was smiling at me and filing her nails.

"Amy, if you haven't finished your work by three o'clock I'm not going to take down your pants and tan your ass," I said.

She looked hurt, "But Mr Hanks!" she protested, "That's not fair!"

"Amy, do you want me to pull your pants down and whup you?" I asked, she nodded, "Oh my," I said and I sat down, "What in the hell brought this on?"

"I thought you were going to, you know, with Ms DiMarco." she said.

"Well I'm a free agent," I told her.

"But," she said.

"Amy," I said cutting to the chase, "You want to come in my office and bounce up and down on my cock?"

"What!" she said, "I!"

"That's a yes then," I surmised, "You come right on in ok?"

"But Mr Hanks, I can't just do that," she protested.

"So who are you assigned to, which man?" I asked, and I just knew she had assigned herself to me.

"Uh, you Mr Hanks," she said.

"Then that's an order!" I said, "Come along," she followed me into my office and I shut the door and locked it.

"You're as flat chested as a boy, skinny legs, no conversation, what makes you think I want to poke you and not Sophia Di Marco?"

"Your boner," she said reasonably.

"Ok, I usually goof off to an internet porno right about now, before lunch, so if you want a poke you just pull down my pants and shorts and slide down on my boner ok?"

"I can't!" she protested, "Thats," she said, "Thats."

"You want me to force you?" I asked, she nodded, "Well I wont."

"Damn you Royston Hanks!" she wailed and she charged at me and leaped on my lap, I hardly had time to get my zipper down and then she had pulled her pants to one side and she just slid down my pole like we was made for each other.

"Amy," I said "Don't just sit there."

"It's nice," she said, "Don't you think?"

"Yeah, it is," I agreed, "You ain't done much fucking?"

"Just my dad and uncle Jed," she said, "But never with just one boy at a time."

"Then I guess I better train you up," I said, "If you're going to be my girl," and do you know I started pumping spunk right there and then.

"Ummm," she said, "That's nice," and she looked me right in the eyes, and leaned forward and kissed me, of course next thing I'm kissing her and then I get hard again, and she wraps her legs around me and I clear all the trash off of my desk and pretty soon I'm banging into her like I just paid her fifty dollars for a half hour.

"Oh Mr Hanks you're so strong!" she wailed, "I can't help myself,"

"Gee Amy, how'd you learn to fuck like that?" I asked.

"Pa and uncle Jed," she said,

"Right," I agreed feeling really foolish, "Yes you said."

Of course that's the problem with scrawy little bitches, soon as you fucked them they thinks you're in love and next thing they stay the night and gets your breakfast and washes your socks, and it took Amy the best part of three days to get all her stuff moved in my house.

But what the hell did I care, she never had no tits to speak of but her velvety little cunt was so quick to juice up that it was quicker easier and more pleasanter to get her in for a fuck than to get on line to goof off.

She weren't just a pretty face, to be honest she weren't even a pretty face except when my tool slid up inside of her she had this smile and her eyes went wide and she looked kind of beautiful in a sort of goofy way, but gee did she have a devious brain inside that scrawny little head of hers, "Mr Hanks," she said straight out as I was screwing her from behind as she leant over her desk.

"Hush," I says, "Get on with your typing."

"Why don't we advertise in East Coast and Canadian pervert magazine?" she asked.

"What?" I asked.

"Or Whip and Corset or Public Humiliation weekly," she suggested.

"Advertise what?" I asked.

"The Town!" she said, "There must be hundreds of men who would like to tie up their wives naked in the street legally for any passing man to fuck."

"Hey, you put that notion out of your mind, you're my private fuck," I told her.

"Oh Mr Hanks!" she said, "Do you mean it?"

"Sure, you want a ring or something?" I asked all sarcastic like, and do you know that scrawny little bitch already had one on her desk, and next thing the damned thing was on her finger, so there I was pumping jism up her and she was staring at her damned ring, I stopped pumping jism, "Hey you want to call me Roy?"

"No thank you, Mr Hanks," she says as she climbs off of me and dabs herself with a tissue, "We should maintain a professional relationship."

To be continued?


Maidstone County

East Virginia


Rating: 89%, Read 16525 times, Posted Nov 14, 2014

Fantasm | Domination, Humiliation, Male, Romance


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