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[Sherry: This is your Don Ho in Hawaii story as I remember your telling it to me…if anything is wrong let me know in a few days and I will edit it…otherwise it will be for all to enjoy on the internet. I have gone into some elaboration of your outline. We did get “busy” when you sketched it out. And to think in May 2016 you and I almost went for an idyllic trip to Hawaii but it “would mean” something offensive to you. How different our summer might have been. This summer wasn’t as much fun as last year’s which you and I enjoyed. You enjoyed that time with Don Ho…telling me even 40 years later…all the details, including the bronze Adonis with the uncircumcised penis…the baby skin soft rust-colored tip that you told me about…It made me jealous I couldn’t offer you a rust-colored tip for all the times we fucked…then I remembered, in writing this story…that my brother and I knew the very Percy who brought you to great ecstatic heights. There may have been some other Percy but I think our friend, Percy, is the one who brought you a lot of pleasure. Such is life…It is a small world. Did your girlfriend ever get to enjoy Percy?…he loved his “Okay” girl as he called her…It might have been you. He later became an alcoholic and died an early death at 45.

He was a nice and loving person…as you I both knew in our own ways. I think my brother has a picture of Percy Kinimaka if you would like it. It brings me memories…you and I may have even met once in Hawaii I was drinking Bud Light even then and you may have brought me one…I’m sure you were lovely then as now. I might have invited you for a drive to Makapuu Beach after work to see the moon and listen to the pounding surf. But I would have been competing for your attentions with the Samoan Adonis! I’m returning the pictures you had me print out when we were having so much sexual fun that you later said was “kinky“ At the time it was fun for both of us…I didn’t have any idea that your bronze Adonis might have been someone I knew. These are the pictures you had me print out before I bought you a printer, and when you were still fascinated, after all these years, of what the tip of the Samoan’s penis looked like when it emerged from his foreskin…you were still thrilled at how pink and delicate it was when allthe rest of him was bronze…and at your thrill of licking and sucking on it…you told me once my semen tasted good, but nothing like his pineapple semen. I guess that was flattery…you were very good with mine, too. Remember, I once told you I knew what I wanted for Christmas? And you laughed because you knew what I wanted. Those were the days you and I enjoyed.

Then more memories…after my brother and I were surfing with Percy sitting around with a Primo Beer before the Don Ho show and how he would tell us of the cute little haole girl who loved to play with his uncircumcised penis and his balls…always stroking his balls for some reason as though that was the way she had learned was part of sucking cock…to stroke him when he was soft and make the soft smooth pink head of his cock emerge from his foreskin…she would look up at him, smile, and begin to lick him…he would laugh when telling us about her…she seemed fascinated with his pinkness and wanted to lick and suck him until he came but he’d never let her…it wasn’t his thing…he loved that haole more than the rest of Don’s little cuties…loved to take her away from licking…lift her head away…she would resist but then she would lie back, spread herself for him, he would fit himself into her tight, hot cunt…as he said it was…she was his “Okay” girl…and he would fuck and fuck her as hard as he could until finally she would shout out and push away on his chest exclaiming: “Okay, Okay!” He would fuck her and waited for her to say that and whenever she would say those words it made him come into her. One late afternoon he told us she had gone back home and that he missed her…he said she was sweet and kind; that he actually loved his little haole girl. Then we had another Primo and he was off to the show.

Sherry’s Summer in Hawaii: Sleeping with Don Ho and sucking/fucking the Huge Samoan

By Sherry as told to Roger on her Veranda in the summer of 2015.

During summer break from college my girlfriend and I spent the summer in Hawaii where I learned about racism and tolerance though on a mostly mild scale. First we had to find a place to stay and places were expensive…We got lucky and found a condo occupied by some guys who weren’t there all the time. We had our own room and weren’t bothered.

Then we found jobs…the usual kind: waitress jobs where Don Ho…”Tiny Bubbles” Don Ho… performed. At that time he was the premier Hawaiian entertainer and his nightly shows were always sold out. Being young, shapely, pretty and white-skinned, it wasn’t very long before he got to know us…to say “Hello…aren’t you pretty girls!” but no more than a “Hello” basis for several weeks. The excitement would come a little later on evening and other evenings.

It was an awakening for me and my schoolmate. We were seen as haole’s…or not native Hawaiians and therefore interlopers. She and I were taking away native jobs because we were pretty, comely, shapely and…primarily…because we were blonde and white. For awhile, the bartenders would mix up our drinks, the other waitresses looked at us as not welcome…but with the men it was another matter. Don Ho took a liking to us…little by little. The others: the beach boys and kanakas and the Samoans were fascinated and we had to fend them off. They were attracted to us for the very reasons that the waitresses were not. We were white, sexy, pretty skin and hair and very appealing…so while we were anathema to the native women who treated us with disdain we were just as choice and delicious to the men, some of whom, I have to say were gorgeous specimens of mankind.

Some of those brown-skinned men made my blood boil up: beautifully muscled, smooth skin, bright teeth and engaging smiles and when I looked at some of them they made my groin pulsate with desire. Would one of them approach me and want to kiss and fuck me was my thought. I put such thoughts out of my mind…I was a good girl and a prude…most of the time…but I admit, in all honesty…I loved to suck cock and wondered what a native man’s bronze, muscled body would be like: naked, erect bronze cock, with my mouth licking and tasting his spend…his fingers on my ears and cheeks and coming in my mouth…how would his semen compare to my uncle’s and my boyfriends and all the others. I couldn’t help but imagine and knew it wouldn’t happen. My girlfriend and I were good girls, enjoying a summer in Hawaii. But then…then…Oh my…all my good attentions!

Night after night, as Don Ho would walk to the stage, he seemed to point us out with his great smile and then entertain so many of us with his songs and stage presence. The two of us had been there, working as waitresses, finally being accepted as fellow waitresses, because we worked hard and didn’t preen over the brown-skinned workers and we began to blend in. One night, Don walked by, acknowledging the two of us haoles, smiling and entertaining. Then one night, after the show, we waitresses were sitting around, counting our tips and figuring out our sharing with the bartenders and bus boys and Don Ho was beside me and my girlfriend. That big smile and a “Hello” and then a pat on our butts and sitting down with us. “Why don’t you come over and see me at my place?” It was the sign we were accepted and after splitting up our money of the night, the two of us walked along Kalakaua Ave. a few steps behind Don until we entered a building and went to his suite of rooms for more “entertainment” after hours.

Don was so cordial and ingratiating…smiling, serving us and his other friends cocktails and among them were some of those gorgeous bronze-skinned beauties that made my cunt squirm and get wet just looking at their carved bodies. I knew, instantly, that my girlfriend and I should soon leave to the refuge of our condo we shared with some boys. These were men, even Don, and I felt it was time to leave after one drink and amenities.

It didn’t happen that way as it turned out. My girlfriend wanted a taste of more than one drink, telling me that we might not be invited by Don Ho again. We would be invited according to how we behaved and so one drink led to another. She said to me: “Relax Sherry. Nothing’s going to happen. Don’t get uptight as you do. Not now.” I resisted and was scared but not scared of being harmed…scared of what my body might do if it took over what my mind was telling me. Later, after some exciting events, I knew for sure we would be invited back.

A muscled bronze man put his arm around me and said: “How long have you girls been here?” I just nodded and walked to my girlfriend. He followed me. “You aren’t afraid of me are you?” I shook my head. His arm was around my waist again…his fingers at my side and I sighed…his hand was hot on my skin…dark skin on my white skin…I looked in his eyes and he smiled. “No, I’m not afraid of you,” I said. My mind was telling me: ’I’m afraid of what I might do with you if I stay much longer.’ I looked at my girlfriend. Oh my!…she was kissing one of the bronze-skinned beauties…her body melting into his…his hands rubbing her ass and then he led her away as they disappeared into one of the bedrooms. Now I was alone with my own muscled person with the warm smile and hot hands. Don Ho saved me just in time.

“Hi…what’s your name again?” “Sherry,” I said. “Come with me Sherry.” I took his hand. He was rescuing me but he wasn’t. He had claimed me. He was the big man in the room and the muscled man backed off. Don led me to his own bedroom, closed the door, turned to me and kissed me. “You are one gorgeous chick,” he said. “I’ve had my eye on you for weeks and wanted to kiss you forever.” He kissed me again and began to feel under my little cocktail dress which was very skimpy. His breath was very liquory and his kissing was sloppy but this was Don Ho…I was his conquest…and boy did his hand feel good on my tired body. It had been a long night. I was tired and a little tipsy and his hand was inside my panties now, milking me, searching for my clit and my cunt. I opened my legs. The wrong thing to do…He pulled off my panties and kissed me again. He took his pants off. He was limp. It was pre-Viagra and he was only partly hard. He pushed my head down on him and in just moments I was sucking the cock of the great Don Ho…I licked him because I liked to lick cock and sucked because I liked to suck on a man’s cock and it wasn’t long before…Viagra or not…I was getting a response. His cock was filling. I fondled his balls, like uncle’s, and soon enough I had a fairly hard cock in my mouth. I was proud of my talent! He lifted me up and we laid on his bed. He started kissing me again; his hands on my bare wet cunt, his fingers slippery with my spend and bringing me close to an orgasm…so there we were: the spectacular Don Ho, the entertainer, and me, the little blonde, sexy, haole waitress trying to get him stiff enough for fucking. He leaned down to kiss my cunt. He was good but he was tired. He licked my cunt lips and got me hot again but it wasn’t going to happen and he fell back on his pillow and started breathing deeply and snoring.

That was the beginning of serious trouble for me. I was now a hot, wet and frustrated horny woman with all my hormones pumping away and sleeping with the inert Don Ho. My naked body ready for something it needed and at that moment, you guessed it, the door to his bedroom opened.. There standing and looking at our scene was one of those gorgeous muscled men…bulging muscles…lustful eyes…endearing smile: “That always happens to Don,” the big guy said. “He just has eyes bigger than his abilities. He may get you ready but can’t finish you off.” I was bewildered and scared and naked and hot and here was this bronze Adonis and me the pretty, blonde, hot goddess.

He walked to the side of the bed. He was wearing only one of those wrap around things at his waist…otherwise naked and so beautifully muscled!. He took off his wrap and there just a few feet away from me was a cock like I’d never seen. He was not circumcised. I have never seen one with foreskin. It just hung there, in repose. It was big and bronze and just hanging loose. I looked up at him; his chiseled hairless chest. A naked bronze Adonis and me a slender naked white woman…hotter than Hell at this moment. I put my hands up as if to push Adonis away and my hands landed on his muscled chest. I felt his nipples and then nature took over…my body was doing its thing…my hands moved over his nipples, I licked my lips looking at his smile…the brown face and white teeth in a welcoming smile.

My hands moved down his chest, my white hands and his bronze body…it was a still life but neither of us was still…we were in heat, out hearts beating fast, our bodies producing the fluids for coitus…hands moving down over his smooth stomach and below his stomach to where was this long limp thing surrounded by tight curly hair. I petted the monster and it began to move. Like my uncle had taught me: feel the man’s balls where is the joy of life, and I did. As I did so, petting his length it began to lift and grow in little pulses. It rose and rose…an uncircumcised penis was fascinating to me…I continued stroking his length with one hand gently over the warm skin. The end of it was funnel-shaped and the tip covered by skin. But it continued to move and I continued to pet it. As if by magic it was soon stiff and then the head emerged. It wasn’t bronze, it was reddish and changing in color as it stiffened to a deeper, fascinating rust red, it was already wet with his cock juices. It was so silky soft, like a baby’s skin, smooth and virginally rust in color. It was a magic thing and I was in its spell. I looked at it admiringly and licked the top…he flexed to my touch and I licked again…until I had cleaned it. It was very smooth and sensitive…not like uncle’s or boyfriend’s circumcised cock heads which were a little wrinkled. This was smooth like the side of a wine glass and I loved the new smooth feel as I licked it…my tongue wet with him and he seemed so uniquely sensitive. He tasted like pineapple and I liked pineapple…especially this warm, slippery pineapple taste that filled my body with a rush of feelings. I began to shiver and took this huge penis in my mouth. I felt a climax building just from the licking and sucking but I was also afraid. He was under my control now; both hands around his cock and my mouth and tongue at work. I would finish him off, take all his pineapple fluid and he would go soft and leave. He was too big for my little frame…my small cunt could handle big but this guy was huge. It was impossible, so I sucked and licked and stroked but then he lifted me under my arms for a full body hugging. I sensed he didn’t want me to finish him off with my mouth…that he wanted to taste of the real meat between my legs…which scared me. I felt his stiffness on my belly, hitting between my legs.

I thought of my girlfriend and wondered where she was. Then I heard her cry out from her bedroom…I knew her cries…she would “pay” her rent with our roommates and I listened to her particular sounds as she would come and pay her rent. I always paid in cash, but she would pay in body and soul…I knew her cries of ecstasy and it inspired me…if she could do it I could…and would…soon…do it. We were both petite and we both had our Adonises…she just struck pay dirt before I did…I could hardly wait but was scared at his girth, his weight, the size of his cock. Like I admired my white hands admiringly moving down his chest to his cock and balls I wondered how his bronze cock would look thrusting past my white cunt lips…his bronze curls and mine…but it all happened so fast my thoughts were in a flash.

That thick stiff cock scared me, too. It was my night to be scared. But I was beyond all decorum at that point. Don had fingered and licked me and I was close…he had done all the foreplay and my body was full of animal lust, ready to be taken, to be possessed. I just stood there, stunned, surprised, my legs spread, my cunt exposed, my head swimming with drink and lust and hugging the most magnificent specimen of a fucking machine of a bronze chiseled body and cock that women could only dream about.

He took my hand and I slid down on the bed. “Come on you honey. Percy knows what you want. Percy doesn’t want to just be sucked off… The first time I saw you I knew it would come to this. See anything you like?” I nodded…at least my body nodded…I opened my mouth…he put his fingers on my ears and pulled me near…I reached out, taking his huge thing again, leaned into it…kissing it…his tip was wet…it was so large but he tasted of pineapple and I licked and licked…he pulled my head on him…I had to open my mouth wide…his cock entered my mouth again…at first I gagged a little but adjusted…it was the most wonderful cock ever and I felt his balls…I knew how to do that…thank you uncle…and his balls were tight as I stroked him with my hands and mouth. Don Ho was sound asleep. I could hear him snoring but I was alive…so very much alive for this.

I kept sucking on his massive member but then he took me off him. “Lie down. Cunt. I’ve something else in mind.” I didn’t like that word: ‘cunt’ it always seemed a derogatory term but when he said it to me it sent thrills in me and thrills in my cunt. I was so ready for fucking but his cock wouldn’t fit in tiny me…I was certain of that. “Yes,” he said seeming to read my fears, “It will fit…just lie back and I’ll prove it to you.” I laid back. He took my legs, petted the blonde curls around my cunt, spread them and soon his big cock was at me…poking, searching for me. “Take hold of me,” he said and I did. “Help me fuck you.” And I did. I was so hot and wet and I took his cock and rubbed it all over me…played it on my clit which was almost unbearably exciting, as it flexed in my hands…It was a two-hand cock and I wanted it to fuck me, if it would only fit.

I held it…his thick arms around me…his mouth on mine…I wanted it all to work and I wanted to be worked and held him against me. We were both so wet and I felt the tip of his cock spread my cunt lips. I pulled him to me and felt him enter…first just spreading my cunt lips and then hurting a little as he slowly slipped inside but my cunt walls adjusted to his size and little my little, the gentle in and out at the mouth of my cunt and then further and further. I gasped. I could do this. I could let Adonis fuck me. I was little and tight and his cock was anointing me with a pleasure that was taking my breath away. He was finally all the way inside. I could feel his hard balls hit my bottom. I was impaled and helpless to his taking me.

Don Ho was oblivious and me? I was lifting on this cock, thrusting into my cunt, the depths of my cunt, spreading and luxuriating inside…I began to grunt my little sexual grunts as he hit me and hit me again…his balls pounding on my bottom, his cock stroking me. I began to lift and lift again and felt a huge feeling building in my body. Tears were in my eyes. His mouth and tongue were on me…my arms caressing his muscles…he was sweating…me too. I spread open. He lifted my legs on his shoulders…I was so vulnerable and so unbelievably somewhere else: not in Hawaii, not on Don Ho’s bed, not impaled by my own King Kong and I started to come and to climax on this tool, this God-given instrument of pleasure. I cried out and held on. I felt his cock tense, his thrusts exquisite, his hot pineapple juice splashing into my vagina. Tears streamed on my cheeks. I told him: “Okay, Okay, Okay.” I couldn’t stop the feelings and it became for him my nickname. He finished me…and finished me again…I tightened my cunt muscles on his pole…Now I wasn’t scared of him…I was scared he would leave. I didn’t want him to leave my body but then I could feel him going soft and leaving…a goodbye kiss…leaving me to spend the rest of the night…cooling down…sleeping with Don Ho. I wondered where my girlfriend was. Then I didn’t care. Part of my summer in Hawaii. I’d finally gotten the big tip I always wanted…it was just not the tip I’d imagined. I sighed, laid my head back and joined my little snores with those of Don.

Sometime during the night I was awakened. There was a warm hand on my cunt, petting it. “Did Percy take care of you honey?” Don asked. I whispered a: “Yes.” Don said: “You have a hot cunt.” I said: “Yes, I do.” The words sent shivers through me and I felt my cunt getting wet again just at the thought of my evening in bed with Don Ho. Don said: “Percy loves a hot cunt.” More shivers as Don was fingering my wetness and I came again. It didn’t take long for me to shake all over, to cream his fingers, and let loose my little grunts. I was still dreaming of my bronze God fucking me, his tight little blonde Goddess. Then Don and I, with thoughts of my dream lover and his taste of pineapple, shared snores until dawn. I felt myself during the night, putting fingers on my lips…my cunt…I liked that word now…and my cunt was still oozing with his come and my spend. I put my fingers to my lips. Pineapple! I was hoping Don might invite us again…as long as Percy took care of things…the next time I’d ride Percy. I’d fuck his huge pole from the top and get him even deeper inside and say: “Okay, Okay,” again.

In my sweet dreams I kept seeing the delicate wet pink tip of his bronze cock emerging from its sheath…it was like a baby’s skin or like my vibrator that I had secretly gotten at Liberty House but this was different. It was like a magical thing emerging from its sheath for my tongue to lick…so different from uncle’s and boyfriend’s which were a little rough…and then that pink tip, so wet, soft, hot, had gently slipped into my body…into my cunt…I loved that word now…I saw Percy again in my dreams…the pink tip at my pink lips, sliding in and taking me to delirious places…making me cry out…I was Percy’s “Okay.” I loved it and knew I would be invited again to “sleep with Don.” This time I would play with Percy’s tip, suck it until his juices filled me, suck it up again to hardness…push him back, straddle him, slide my cunt down on it…impale it in me…kiss his mouth with all those white teeth…sit on it, ride it as deep as it would go and make my noises. Don would lie there beside us and snore while I went to places I had never been. I’d make Percy mine and take him places he had never been. Maybe go to his place when only we would know. When I awoke that morning I was still creaming with Percy and me…when I wiped myself I shivered again. Not from the air conditioning.

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