Part 2-Introducing Amy to the life style with a bbc by beeongc

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True Story | Anal, Blowjob, Female, Interracial, Old Male, Young

Introducing my ex to the life style with a bbc Part 2,

All my stories are true experiences.

Amy and I couldn’t stop talking about our night with Jim and after our Melbourne trip I really wanted to take Amy back up to see him knowing she loved it that much. I message Jim and we make plans to meet in couple weeks when he is free for the night.

On the day Amy in such a great mood as she spends all day for something hot to wear and shaving herself nice and smooth, we get up there meeting Jim at a bar not far from his unit and catch up over few drinks and shots.

Doesn’t take long before both are making every hint and excuse to head back to Jim’s so getting few take away beers we head back. Once back I tell them tonight is for Amy and I just going to watch, Amy didn’t know what to say but Jim already knowing this was happy to except.

Soon as Jim and I have a minute alone I tell him she is submissive and loves being dominated so tonight show her how an experienced guy does it.

Amy comes out of the bathroom and we go into him bedroom and Jim takes Amy kissing her as his hands wondered over her body, he strips Amy then sits her on a chair before stripping himself giving Amy a look of that cock she talked about so much.

Kneeling down between her legs he begins to lick Amy’s beautiful smooth pussy, she hold his face against her reaching out and grabbing back of his head. Jim licks her clit working his way down to her ass tasting every bit of my young girlfriend, he looks over at me telling me how amazing she tastes and how much he loves Amy’s tight little wet pussy as he uses his fingers to spread open her pink lips.

Jim licks and kisses his way up Amy’s naked body stopping at each nipple as they stick out at him stiff and excited, then kisses her before grabbing Amy by the hand leading her to his bed which is just a mattress on the floor.

Jim lay’s down holding his cock up like an offer and Amy takes it gratefully as she takes every inch of his half hard cock into her mouth, moaning in pleasure Amy makes him hard in no time.

She doesn’t act shy as Amy licks down sucking on his balls and what I really liked she looks up at him slapping his cock on her face and mouth before feeding it back down her throat.

If you checked out my other stories you’d know Amy is amazing at deep throat and even with Jim’s big black cock she gets every inch down making Jim gasp and moan with the great feeling of her throat.

He passes down a condom and Amy quickly opens it and rolls it over his big cock, then moves up and slowly Amy slides herself down stretching her tight pussy over Jim’s thick cock.

I sit on the end of the bed and look up as I watch from behind while Amy slides up and down faster and faster in till she is bouncing on him slamming down hard pumping Jim’s cock deep, I get so turned on feeling my cock throb I pull it out stroking it.

Jim grabs Amy pulling her on the mattress next to him and gets on top, he slides back inside my young girlfriend and with his hands holding her above the waste Jim thrusts fast and pounds Amy talking dirty to her. I stand next to them and they fuck like I’m not even in the room and Jim moves his hands up taking a tit in each hand stopping them from bouncing all over the place and keeps asking Amy as he looks down at her “ you love my big cock don’t you ? “ “Tell me how good it feels”.

Moaning Amy says “ yes it feels great” and “ I love your big cock inside me “ over and over, Jim starts groaning and cry’s out as he pumps hard holding in deep blowing his load so quickly.

Jim pulls out and gets straight down eating Amy’s gapping red pussy, He goes into the bathroom to get rid of the full condom hanging off his cock and walks back standing right next to her holding his cock out.

Amy leans up with mouth open and tongue out and rubs her clit as she enjoys the taste of his meat.

He then takes her by the hand and still naked they go outside on his balcony for a smoke break, I grab a beer and wait inside giving them time alone.

Over 10 minutes pass so I go out to see what’s taking them so long and as I step out I see Jim standing along the railing with both hands down grabbing Amy tight by her hair as she on her knees and for the whole city to see he fucks my girlfriends face.

Now I got to admit even though Jim was thrashing away at Amy’s mouth like cheap whore it was one hell of a turn on and for another few minutes they didn’t even look or say anything to me and just pounded away without a care in the world.

Then Jim pulled Amy up with the grip he had by the hair and walk right past me back onto the bed and hands Amy another condom to put on him, within half a second of being on Jim flips Amy over grabs her hips pulling them up high and squats behind sliding this big thick cock deep inside her wet tight pussy.

Jim begins talking dirty again saying all kinds of things as Amy just moaned and groaned face down into the mattress.

Jim gives Amy’s wet little pussy a hard pounding before moving her over on her back putting both legs up on his shoulders and shoves his cock back inside slapping up against her naked skin.

He thrusts fast and hard she gets pushed over the edge of the mattress so Amy reaches back holding herself from coming off the bed with hand against the wall.

Then without a warning he pulls out moving up and pushes the head of his throbbing cock into her perfect little ass, slowly Jim works deeper as his hips push in then pulls out and saying “ your ass in mine“ well Amy screams out.

I watch as he squeezes that big black cock deeper inside and almost cum by the sight, Amy reaching down rubbing her clit like crazy as this huge big black guy squats behind her feeding his monster deep up her once tight ass.

After Jim has shoved every inch in he begins, and with a firm grip holding each leg he pounds in with long quick thrusts. Amy keeps moving forward as she bounces back and forth so he slides out getting long ways on the bed so they both are on it now and gets behind her again pushing Amy face down holding her there with one hand as the other pulling her ass up.

I can’t get over how much this turns me on, I know I dominate Amy but watching him do it and right in front of me is the best experience ever.

All I hear is the muffled screams as Jim holds her face down with fist full of hair and drives deep pumping hard. I get close and look as all I see is this thick dark cock disappear inside her little white stretched hole, Jim tells me to help out and keep her head held down.

I grab the back of her head pushing down and with a firm spank Jim slaps her ass then holds tight, then he just goes as fast and hard as he can move pounding Amy like she’s never been fucked before.

He doesn’t stop and thrashes her once tight pretty little ass, even face down Amy most of been heard by half the city and this continues for a while in till he tells me it’d be a good idea to move back.

Jim pulls out ripping the rubber off and strokes his huge throbbing cock over Amy and cry’s out as he shoots a big load landing up her back then pumping couple more squirts with the throbbing of his cock, wipes the tip clean on her ass and walks away into the bathroom and Amy just drops like she’s made of rubber flopping on the mattress.

Jim walks back over with a towel and cleans Amy’s back and ass asking how she feels, she just looks up and gives him the thumbs up not saying a word still trying to catch her breath.

We eventually get ready and leave for the drive home, I make sure she is ok and liked it and she just told me we better not lose his number and giggled. Amy asks me since I just watched and must have been desperate to cum and the look on my face said enough so as we drove down the high way she leaned down in my lap taking my cock out and bobbed her head up and down till she swallowed the massive load that built up watching them.

Unfortunately that was the last time we saw Jim but the adventures kept going.

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Rating: 89%, Read 16396 times, Posted Jan 05, 2016

True Story | Anal, Blowjob, Female, Interracial, Old Male, Young


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