it happened on vacation (and continued at home) pt 9 by str8tohell

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Thank's for the compliments and pointing out grammatical errors. I'm not trying to make excuses but I write these stories under less than ideal conditions being at work and at home my girlfriend is around a lot and wouldn't understand, let alone condone my writing, so I write when/how I can.

I don't use WORD at work. I worry about something residual left over even after deletion. I'm not a techie guy and perhaps thats is not a problem but I don't know or take the chance.

We don't have WORD on the home computer and use Open Office, which is a generic WORD program but again I don't want anything left over because of my girlfriend ?.

What I've been doing is writing stories on my web based email account and saving it as a draft. This way it's not on either computer and I can access it from anywhere. I cut & paste from the email onto the story site. I also don't visit the story site at work "just in case" !.

On part 8 I had a little bit of time before my gf came home so I cut & pasted the story from the email to Open Office to see it better, did quick proofreading then cut and pasted it onto the story site. Before publishing it looked fine (grammar was another matter as has been correctly pointed out) however, after it was published and I logged back on to the story site and noticed quotation marks, comma's, etc, are replaced with questions marks ???

Something between Open Office and the email I guess ?. When I paste directly from the email onto the story site, like I did with other stories, I didn't see that problem ?.

Above all I hope the stories do what I intend which is 1. They get you HOT, 2. misdirects and keeps you guessing/wanting more, 3. Gives me something creative to do and 4. Allows me to improve my writing. I can tell you that # 3 has been achieved and I think # 4 is improving.

I hope through the series I have fooled everyone a few times like who Sis and I were caught by, and I figured everyone thought Sis was blowing Dad in part 8 and that Mom also fucked me which ended up being a dream (at 1st anyway) and of course there was...........oops, almost gave away some of part 9 or 10 ???.

I will strive to do a better job and again, Thank You.

And now I hope you enjoy "it happened on vacation (and continued at home)" pt 9:

After Mom had sucked and licked me clean we laid back exhausted, at least I know I was !.

We laid there for an undetermined amount of time not talking, touching, spooning or cuddling rather there was space between us and that was fine with me. I just had mindblowing sex and now I didn't feel like touching her or wanting her to nor did she attempt to touch me, I don't understand the ambivalence ?.

The sex was as great as my dream had been yet it ended different than I anticipated.

When a word was spoken it was her, "sweetie, we can't stay like this, you better go to you're room", she said.

I stood and picked up my clothes then looked at her. She had rolled onto her side with her back to me. I wanted to say "I love you" but it just didn't seem right. I do love my Mom dearly but as strange as it seems saying it would have sounded and felt out of context ?.

"Goodnight Mom", I said.

"Night sweetie", was all she said.

In my room I strained to make sense of EVERYTHING. I was jacked up so I paced the room and when I was tired of that I laid down. I had so much in my head I thought it would explode.

I laid there thinking what in the world is not to love here. I mean since I was 13 years old I have been consumed with thoughts of sex, sex , sex and wishing I had a variety of girls who would just "give it up" and want nothing more than to satisfy me. In the last two days I have had more sex with different partners than my imagination ever allowed me to have, with the exception of imagining a three way.

I had to sleep but needed to concentrate on something to forget everything else. I needed comfort, I needed satisfaction, I need my sister. Thoughts of her filled my head as I finally dosed off.....................

I woke feeling better, much better. I had the typical morning wood and wanted to stroke it but I didn't. After taking a shower and dressing I went to the kitchen. When I walked in Mom was standing at the counter. She had that short robe on and she was on her toes stretching to reach something, causing her robe to ride up.

My cock started to rise up as I looked up and down her legs while noticing the shape of her butt which was just above the bottom out of her robe. I drew in then let out a slow breath while slightly shaking my head side to side and let out a low "mmm, mmm, mm".

She looked back and dropped down on her feet, finished what she was doing then went to the table and sat down. I got a drink from the fridge and when I turned around she looked at me and said, "Sweetie, we need to talk".

I sat down at the table across from her.

"Look, about lastnight........", she said. She stopped as if searching for words.

"Mom.....", I started to say then she cut me off.

"Listen, what we did was....I...uh, that is you......(she let out a frustrated breath) look, you are a young man with normal "urges" and,, it "happened".

"Are you saying..... "I took advantage of you" ?, I asked.

"Oh god baby NO !........., I felt I took advantage of YOU" !, she said.

"Mom, I..........",I started to respond but stopped due to the sound of a door opening.

"We'll talk about this later", she said in a whisper while giving the back of my hand a few pats.

My sister had come home. She walked in smiling, full of energy telling us all about the birthday party, they all went swimming, etc. Mom went to get dressed, Sis went to her room and I sat at the table. Mom and Sis came back in the kitchen about the same time. Mom said she was leaving and would be back later this afternoon.

As Sis was standing at the counter I looked at her. She was wearing shorts, (the type most people think are to short yet are the only ones they seem to make for girls), I followed her shapely tanned legs all the way to her full hips and her shorts were tight which defined her generous well sculpted butt. She looked irresistable.

I stood then walked up behind her putting my arms around her waist and pressed into her.

Her ass felt so good against my hardening cock. She leaned back into me and moved her head to one side resting it against my shoulder. Her hair smelled wonderful and she felt wonderful.

Her neck was begging to be kissed so I moved my head down and munched on her neck while tightening my arms around her waist which elicited a lightly audible, "mmmmmmmm" from her as she stretched her head back to expose as much of that kissable neck as possible.

She started breathing harder while I worked on her neck and slipped my hand over the front of her shorts and down to her pussy.

She turned and looked at me, "I missed you", she said.

"I missed you to", I responded.

She reached down and rubbed the lump in my shorts, "I have a naughty idea", she said with a smile.

"What", I said.

She lowered herself down in front of me.

"HERE ! ?, are you crazy", I said.

"Come on, I want us to do something in every room", she said looking up at me.

I lowered my shorts. My cock was hanging low and was very heavy. As she sucked me into her mouth it started to rise and expand. She had her mouth stretched around my now fully engorged meat while I had each hand on the counter to steady myself. I leaned my head down and closed my eyes as she slowly worked on my tool with such care and passion, she was making love to my cock with her mouth.

After several minutes of her working on me I needed more, I needed to be in her sweet pussy.

"Sis, I want you", I said. She pulled off of me and looked up.

"I need you in me", she said

She stood up and led me to the living room. She laid on the couch pulling me down with her as we kissed. She opened her legs as I reached down to guide myself in. She grabbed my ass with both hands pulling me into her as I pushed.

I was laying on top of her with one arm around the back of her neck and the other shoved straight down into the cushion trying to keep my weight off of her as I thrusted in and out.

Her breathing picked up and got faster and faster. I was moaning "UHH, UHH, UHH" and picking up the pace as I felt the pressure rising and squeezed my muscles.

Her breaths quickened then she gulped in a fast breath and held it. I felt her stomach tighten then she let out a slight squeal while breathing out an "uhhhhhhhhhh" then my cock was suddenly bathed in hot liquid.

Knowing I had satisfied her I made a few more strokes then held myself deep inside her while easing the grip the muscles had on my cock and let out an, "ohhhhhhhhhhhhh", as the first stream shot into her dripping pussy.

I made a few more strokes, held it in and let out a, "mmmmmmmm", then a few more strokes after that and grunted, "UH, UH, UH" as I squeezed what I had left into her.

I held myself off her as much as possible while breathing with relief and exhaustion. I didn't want to move off of her and even if I did she had her arms around my neck, holding me as she breathed.

I looked at down and held her pretty face with my hand leaning down and kissing her deeply, she responded equally. We started kissing, moaning and squeezing each other as my still semi-solid cock started to harden again.

"Oh my god it's getting hard again" she said.

"I just can't help it baby", I said.

"Maybe you need more than ONE to satisfy you", she said.

"ONE what", I asked.

She just smiled at me as I continued to look at her.

"Come on, ONE WHAT", I asked.

"Something I've been thinking about", she said.

"You gonna tell me what it is", I asked.

"NOPE, not yet anyway", she said with a smile.

Thinking we were taking our chances to continue laying on the couch naked holding each other, which enhanced the excitement, we still thought it prudent to get up and put clothes on. I didn't even bother trying to get out of her whatever it was she was talking about before and figured she's just being a tease.

With both of us "satisifed" we watched TV, played video games, and did various individual things around the house.

We were in our indiviual rooms and I was listening to music when my phone beeped a message alert.

"want 2 do it ?", read the message.

"said i'd text U !", I replied.

"later ?", she replied.

"will c", I replied.

"ok", she replied.

I got up and walked down the hall to get something to drink and passing by my sisters room I noticed her feverishly texting away on her phone. She stopped texting and put the phone down when she noticed me looking.

"Have you seen your sneaky little friend lately", I said.

"Yeah, she was at the party for awhile yesterday", she said.

"Did you mention anything about the "cousin" thing", I said.

"NO, what do we know anyway", she said.

I just nodded my head and started to walk away and she instantly picked up her phone again and started texting when I stopped and looked at her and she dropped her phone down again.

"How close are you and her REALLY", I said.

"What do you mean", she said nerviously.

"Well apparently you two shared a lot and I was wondering anything else you two may have "SHARED"

"I don't know", she said, shrugging her shoulders.

"WHY ?", she said.

"Nothing", I said.

I started to walk away and she was raising her phone up when I stopped again.

"One more thing, I said.

She dropped her phone down.

"WHAAAAT", she said frustratingly

"How long have you been on birth control", I said.

"Since I was 13, WHY !", she said.

"Just wondering, making sure", I said with a smile on my face.

She rolled her eyes, brought her phone up and started texting.

After awhile Mom came home. Sis and I were playing a video game in the living room.

Mom was in the kitchen when she said, "Would you come in here and sit down, there is something serious we need to talk about".

Sis and I went to the table and pulled two chairs around where we could sit side by side and across from her.

Mom was nervious and fidgety and it was obvious she had something really serious on her mind.

"Look this directly concerns you two and....uh....oh god..uh..I have to stop this"...........(she looked up and closed her eyes as if to summon courage then took a deep breath).

Sis and I looked at each other, she had a fearful look in her eyes, she reached over and put her hand on my leg and squeezed.

Mom opened her eyes as she brought her head down looked at us and started again, "There is no easy way to say this but I have to, I just can't deny this anymore. I know"........................................ (to be continued)

Rating: 95%, Read 79590 times, Posted Aug 03, 2011

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