Twin Sisters And Their Best Friend_(1) by zacksmets

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True Story | Consensual Sex, Gay, Oral Sex, Teen Male

“Ah crap! I forgot all about that text, I’m sorry. We got high and were playing pool then next, we were all over each other. I’m so sorry Kylie.”

Mary sat up and brushed the hair from her face. She looked down and saw the quizzical expression on Zack’s face. “Uh… um… I texted Kylie that we had a plan to keep you hard and you would, probably, pleasure us all.” She pointed to Amanda on the floor still out and then to Kylie slowly walking towards them.

“So what was the big idea to keep him hard?”

Mary turned to Zack and gave him an uncomfortable grin. “Well he told us that when he gets high that he stays hard after ejaculating.”

“Yeah, I told them that but at the time I thought it would be just these two.” He pointed at Mary and Amanda. Despite what he just said though, Mary felt his flaccid cock grow and harden. She decided to keep it hidden until the right moment.

“Oh… okay… well I have some homework that needs attending to… So I’ll just let you guys rest.”

Mary felt his cock pushing into her crotch and felt arousal seep into her from the feeling. She looked down at Zack, he met her gaze and nodded.

“Kylie I have some homework that I think you might be able to help me with.” Kylie brightened and jumped at the chance to spend some time with Zack.

“Yeah, I’m sure I could help you!”

“Well you know, I’m pretty smart and even I think this is hard.”

Mary rolled off of him and presented his cock to her twin sister.

“Well you know that…” she looked at his dick and her eyes popped and her jaw dropped. “That is a huge cock, how did… never mind.” She stripped off her shirt and skirt, then dropped her underwear to the floor.

“Oh Kylie come on, nobody cares.” Mary told her sister and made a motion behind her back.

Kylie shot a glare at her twin sister and walked hesitantly toward Zack.

“He’s not going to care. Zack, can you guess what she thinks is a big problem?” Mary grinned at the phrase she used.

Zack looked at Kylie kind of worried. Does she have a growth, a hairy back? He asked himself these questions. Then he noticed what Mary saw right away. Kylie made no move to take off her bra.

Mary and Kylie had much of the same looks but Kylie’s face had more angular features. Also her ass was smaller but more a bubble butt than her sister’s. Her breasts were also smaller a 32B.

Zack guessed that she thought that her breasts were too small. He thought to himself, what? They look great. But he shook his head in answer to Mary’s question.

“She thinks her tits are too small to cause any arousal. Kylie, he’s already hard as rock, it doesn’t matter.”

“Shut up Mary.”

“Here.” Zack held out his hand to Kylie. She grabbed it and he took her to the couch sitting perpendicular to the one Mary was on. He sat down and Kylie straddled him while he leaned up and kissed her. A small one, then he looked Kylie in the eye. He held there for a few seconds then smiled and gave a little laugh. He kissed her upper lip and then her chin.

Kylie thought this last one was silly and giggled. She looked at his face and saw his expression change from a certain playfulness to determination. He kissed Kylie with more passion than the one before. She felt this and kissed back with ardor.

Zack began to brush his fingers along her back, making random patterns. He pulled away from the kiss but leaned his forehead against hers and traced lines from her middle back to the top of her ass crack.

He kissed her again and this time he brushed his tongue on her lips. She parted them allowing him access while she pushed her own tongue into his mouth. They fought against each other, a duel that was a dance.

As they were making out Zack brought his hand up and pinched and rubbed his fingers. Kylie opened her eyes and leaned away. Zack wrapped his hand behind her head and leaned forward kissing her, now with a furious passion.

When she made no move to break the kiss and was running her hands through his hair and along his neck, Zack pulled the straps off of her shoulders. Kylie hesitated but kept up her kissing. He left her bra where it was, slightly pulled off but still covering her breasts.

He reached down starting to play with her ass by grasping both cheeks and kneading them between his fingers. He squeezed and pushed them together then ran his palms up and when going down he spread her cheeks apart.

This was getting Kylie horny and wet. Thinking about it for a second and then fuck it! She pulled back and slipped off her bra. “I know they’re small, you don’t have to play with them if you” she gasped as Zack went forward and tried to fit as much of her left tit into his mouth, as he could. He brought his hands up and started massaging and rolling his hand over her other tit.

Then he let go of her breast with his mouth and looked Kylie in the eye. “These are perfect! I don’t think they’re small at all! They’re perky, you have perfect nipples, can I take them home with me?” He asked this question with a pleading look.

Kylie who was getting more apprehensive by the second, let out a nervous laugh. “Really! You think they’re perfect!” She cupped them in her hands and pushed them together.

Zack pulled her hands away and slowly nodded as her went back to them. He licked over her nipple a couple of times and then nibbled on it.

“Oh my god, that feels good. You’re the first guy to do this for me.”

Zack leaned back for just a couple seconds. “Assholes” he shook his head and went back to flicking his tongue over her nipple. He switched over to her other nipple, nibbling and licking it, while his hand went up to play with the one he left.

Kylie started to grind herself into Zack’s lap. “Oh, Zack I need you in me Now!” Kylie reached down and fumbled with his cock, trying to get it from in between them into her pussy.

“Hold on, first I need to taste you.” Before she could protest, he lifted her up and laid her next to him on the couch. Zack didn’t bother with kissing her stomach and down her legs. He could tell she already wanted it bad and he could see a drop of her moisture rolling down to her asshole.

He licked up her slit, tasting her sweet nectar.

“Oh shit yeah, yeah, yeah.” He licked up and then down and pulled back. Kylie grunted with frustration, but before she said anything Zack licked side to side up her slit and when he reached her clit he used long slow strokes. Putting more pressure when he passed over her clit.

“Yes don’t stop, please don’t stop.”

Zack ran his tongue down to her wet hot hole and pushed it in. He curled and uncurled his tongue inside of her pussy. Then he sucked in leaving only the corners of his mouth open to do a reverse raspberry.

“That tickles, OH!” Kylie started twirling her fingers through his hair and softly clawed the top of his head. Zack went back up to her clit and made circles around it, slowly moving in towards her hard little nub. Then with his first three fingers he rubbed around her slit, slicking up his fingers in her leaking juices.

“Zack I’m getting close, I’m gonna cum.” She tried pushing his head away. “I’m going to cum!” She said with urgency. Zack looked up at Kylie, wrapped his arms under and around her legs and refused to budge, now flicking over her clit with his tongue and pushing his middle and ring fingers into her pussy.

He saw Mary come up and run her fingers through Kylie’s hair and caress her face. “Don’t, just let him do his work.” Amanda came up and started tweaking her nipples.

“No, no!”

Zack, wanting to put an end to her protestations, started to saw her clit. Then immediately switching to pulling it with his teeth and transferring it to his lips, sucking as he pulled. He started pushing his fingers into her pussy harder and hooking them up as he pulled them back.

“Fuck! I’m cumming.” As she said this it started rushing out over his fingers. Zack swapped positions with his fingers and drank all the sweet nectar he could while he rubbed her clit furiously.

“NO, no, no it’s too much!” Then he stuck his tongue into her pussy. “Oh shit, no don’t stop, don’t stop. FUCK YES!”

When her orgasm was fading away she looked down at Zack who had leaned back. Her juices covered his mouth and chin, “you don’t think that’s gross? I mean, all the other guys pull out when I tell them I‘m cumming.”

“Are you kidding me? I live to taste a woman’s cum.”

“Well, now I want you to make me cum with your cock.” Kylie sat up, grabbed his dick and started stroking it, thinking that if she did this he would have no choice but to comply with her wishes.

Zack sat back pulling her on top of him. “How about we make each other cum?”

Kylie reached down and guided him in and he let out a moan. They also heard two other moans, Zack and Kylie looked over and saw Mary and Amanda fingering each other.

Kylie lifted herself up and back down slowly. “ I think they wish they had this in them.”

“Right now, its only for you.” He matched Kylie’s slow rhythm, relishing in the feeling of her tightness. “Damn you’re tight as hell!” Kylie smiled and started circling her hips as she moved up and down on his shaft.

Just like with Amanda he didn’t expect the rush of pleasure and held still not wanting to blow too soon.

Kylie soon picked up her pace, impaling herself onto his rod harder. Zack began to thrust up, meeting her downward motion. “Oh, oh, oh this is too good.” In her lust she pulled too far up and Zack’s cock slipped from inside her pussy.

“NO” she yelled and grabbed his cock shoving it back in her. Zack grabbed her hips and held her still as he pumped into her. “Yes, yes oh fuck me. Keep going, harder, Yes, god dammit yes.” Kylie was pulling on her hair and dragging her hands down her face. Then she started rolling her nipples between her fingers.

Zack let her down and pulled her hands away from her nipples and placed his mouth over one of them. Licking and flicking her nipples with his tongue. Kylie put her hands on his shoulders and started grinding. Zack let go long enough to say “I’m getting close, babe.”

“Yeah, yes me too” she gasped as tiny ripples went through her body, indications on what was about to come. Kylie then put her hands on his thighs and rocked her hips forward and back, lifting her hips a little as she went forward. Kylie’s muscles gripped his cock “I’m cumming, oh yes, I’m cumming.”

Feeling the stranglehold on his dick and the rush of liquids around it made him start shooting his load into her.

“Oh my gawd I can feel you cumming. Its so, so…” She stopped talking with her eyes shut and mouth gaped open in a silent scream.

Zack couldn’t think of a time the pleasure was so intense. With Kylie still rocking on him, it felt like she was sending electricity from the tip of his penis throughout his body.

When they both had calmed down, Kylie was leaning on him kissing his neck. “Thank you for that, it was amazing!”

“Damn, that was great. I should be thanking you, babe. But next time let me do my thing, okay?” He looked at her and she smiled and nodded.

“That was so hot!” Amanda and Mary said as they licked their juices from each other’s fingers. “I came like four times watching you guys” Mary said.

After a while they all dressed and went back to the house thinking about homework but hoping for something else.

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Rating: 92%, Read 39835 times, Posted Dec 05, 2011

True Story | Consensual Sex, Gay, Oral Sex, Teen Male


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