Growing up 2 by Longhardone

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This is the second in my series feel free to let me know what you think I am more than happy to

write more, since writing them make me horny and like jerking off after writing a story, so let me know whet you think and there is plenty of room for more stories ***

After Kelly had sucked Sam's cum out of my mouth, she rubbed my cock but I said I was too tired to continue the girls all went to bed I spooned with Jill's ass right up against my cock and Kelly behind me. And the rest of the girls were with Sam. We all woke up in the morning and Jill's parents had left a note saying that they had called all the parents of Jill's friends and said they could stay for the weekend since the parents were all out of town. Our parents didn’t mind because we had all grown up together.

The girls were all super happy because now they had two 12-year-old guys all to themselves and of course being 12 themselves the girls wanted to experiment. Not that the guys didn’t want to at all.

We all stayed in our PJs for the day which was kind of hot seeing as the Katie wore just a long shirt and some tight boy shorts, Jill wore cute pj pants and a tight tank top that made her budding tits look amazing. Kelly wore ass pants and a tummy shirt. Kim and Lisa wore the same thing as Jill. All of the girls were pretty cute seeing as they were only 12 and they all rode bikes constantly so they were very thin and had tight young bodies.

The girls suggested we all play truth or dare. Sam and I blushed and looked at each other and said what the hell couldn’t hurt right. So we all circled up. Since it was Jill's party I said "you pick who goes first" and she said, "Sam, truth or dare" he said truth and the question was if he enjoyed me sucking his dick the night before. He blurted out FUCK YEAH but then to act sort of macho he corrected himself and said uhh yeah it was all right, I came didn’t I. Then he looked at me and said Josh Truth or dare. I said truth, and his question was the same Jill had asked him which was did you enjoy sucking my cock. I said with a straight face yeah it was fun.

All the girls giggled and started to become fidgety crossing their legs and trying to put pressure on their pussys that were becoming wet from the thought of josh giving Sam head the night before. I looked at Katie and asked her she said truth and I asked her if she shaved her pussy. To which she said yeah, but with out me asking she said I like it smooth for when I masturbate it gets really shiny from the wetness. That sentence alone got Sam and I hard again. Since we were only wearing plaid pants the tents in our pants showed. They were all giggling when the noticed how excited we had gotten thinking of Katie's wet pussy.

Jill suggested that since half of us had been naked the night before we shouldn’t have anything to hide so she said she wanted everyone to take their pants off so their groins would be exposed.

There we were 2 guys with 3 obviously horny girls all with our pants off showing our cocks and their cunts. Sam and I were hard as rocks and the girls were starting to get a little shiny around their slits.

Katie decided to break the rules and come back to me. I went for dare hoping to relieve my cock from the cum that was building up in it. She said she wanted to see how much of Sam's cock I could get into my mouth. So I looked at Sam and asked if it was all right and he was like don’t even fucking ask. I kneeled down and lick the hole of his cock and ran the bottom part of my tongue over the top part of his cut cock because I knew that would drive me up the wall. And he apparently leaned back and moaned. I proceeded to bob my head up and down taking more and more of his cock in my mouth. Then I looked at Kelly with a grin and took Sam's entire cock into my mouth and down into my throat. Katie couldn’t handle the sight of a guy sucking another guy off so her hand dropped down to her pussy and started circling around the outside of her clit and slowly dipping into her cunny. I took Sam's cock out of my mouth and asked her if she was satisfied. And she just whimpered yes very much so.

I was getting fed up from not getting any and I asked Jill if we could switch things up. Why don’t we just go around in the circle and ask each other to do something or to tell something instead of going back and forth. Jill said she would start.

Jill said that ever since she studied what masturbating was on the Internet she would see guys taking their cock out of the girl's pussy and putting it into their ass. So Jill told us all that she would take a marker, or something else that was long hard and smooth and put it in her pussy while she would take a few fingers and press against her ass hole while she rubbed her clit with her other hand. I said why don’t you show us how you do it so she bent over in such a way that her ass hole was pointed towards me so I could see her bald pink pussy and her puckered pink asshole. She started rubbing her pussy until it became a little wet. Then she said that she would get this hand wet and then rub her pussy juice into her ass hole. I asked her if she ever put anything into her ass hole or if she just rubbed it. She looked back at me and smiled and said that she wanted to wait and put a finger into her ass hole while I was watching, because she thought that it would turn me on.

I blushed and looked around and saw the two other girls lightly rubbing their cunts and pinching their nipples. Sam was rubbing his cock. And I was sitting there with my jaw dropped open as this amazingly hot 12-year-old girl was masturbating by rubbing her clit and she slowly inserted a finger into her asshole. She straightened up a little bit as she got used to the feeling of something hard in her asshole. Then she moaned as she came all over her hands. She took her finger out of her ass hole and just stayed bent over while she looked around and saw everyone but me masturbating. She looked at Kelly who was sitting next to her and asked her what she wanted one of us to do. Kelly looked at me and said put your dick in Jill, Put it in her ass.

Jill smiled just thinking that my cock would be bigger than her finger and how much she enjoyed her fingers in her bodies. I said I should probably put some sort of lube on my cock before I squeeze it into your ass hole. So I crawled around towards her mouth and she quickly put my cock into her mouth and eased it into her throat until it was coated with her Sylvia and mucus.

I took it out and crawled around to her behind. I put both my hands on her ass and just the feel of the small tight curvatures of her ass cheeks in my hands as I separated them so I could have full access to her ass hole. I eased my cock closer to the puckered hole and as I felt the warmth of her asshole on the tip of my cock I went wild. I moved my hands from her amazing ass cheeks to the front of her hips and pushed her back into my cock. Now the head of my cut cock was in her asshole, and lemme tell you it felt fucking amazing. So I went in further another inch. I asked her if she was ok and she said, "OMG yes Put it all in me please put it in me then pound it in my I want to be ass fucked hard, I have dreamt of this day for so long put it in me PUT IT IN ME NOW"

She jerked up to a sitting position, which put all of her weight on the only thing supporting her, which was my cock so it went all the way into her. She was now bouncing up and down with my cock going in and out of her asshole, which seemed to get tighter every time she went up then back down on my cock. I reached around and pinched one of her nipples and rubbed her clit with the other hand.

I looked around the two girls had their legs parted and rubbing their clits with one hand and fingering their bald pussys with the other hand. Then I looked at Sam and he had spit on the head of his cock for lube and was jerking off the cock that I had, had in my mouth a little while ago. The thought of this drove me wild.

I pushed Jill back down so her head was in the carpet. I asked one of the girls to throw her a pillow for her head. And she put her head on the pillow and could only moan "YES o my god yes Josh stuck your cock into my ass, harder harder, Oh my GODDDDDDDDDDDDDD are you going to cum sooooon" I said yes Your ass is so fucking tight I'm going to cum where do you want me to cum Jill? She screamed at the top of her lungs, with her tits heaving as she was gasping for air, there were droplets of sweat all over her body with hair sticking to her wet face. And said "MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM in my ass I want to feel you're hard cock Shoot its load into my ass"

That was the last straw my balls tightened and started to unload into her ass I grabbed the front of her hips and pulled her back onto my cock so all of it was inside her tight ass hole. When I started to shoot my load she started to have an orgasm which made her ass muscles contract against my cock helping my shoot my cum deep into her pussy.

I kissed the side of her neck and slowly took my cock out of her ass. We both lay down in the middle of the circle and instantly fell asleep. The others had orgasimed and Sam had shot his load on his stomach and was wiping it up with a napkin, then covered himself with a blanket and went to bed.

****I can continue this little sex game of the kids if you would like me to. Drop me an E mail at [email protected] or leave a comment. As for me I have to go rub one out because I am fucking horny after writing that one.****

Rating: 79%, Read 51847 times, Posted Mar 21, 2005

Fiction | Anal, Bi-sexual, Blowjob, First Time, Young


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