A Boy In Babeland Chapter 3 by Nemasis+Enforcer

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Fiction | Incest, Oral Sex, Teen Female, Teen Male

Lee was woken by April as she sat on the bed next to her naked brother, he had been sleeping for 4 hours since he had, had sex with sister Stacey.

"So little brother what have you been up to since I was away?" she asked him softly as she rubbed his shoulder gently.

Lee smiled at her still pretty tired from his hot sex session just hours before.

"Nothing" Lee said smiling at his sexy oldest sister.

"Oh so Stacey was lying when she said you two had the best sex ever then?" she asked him nudging him playfully.

"She told you?" Lee asked shooting up in bed.

April nodded her affirmation to her brother’s question.

"April im so sorry I didn't mean to hurt what we had" Lee said nervously.

"Its ok Lee its ok im happy that you and Stacey are having sex, she was so happy when she told me and I was too" April said stroking her brother’s arm lovingly.

Lee smiled glad that his sister was not mad that he had cheated on her with her younger sister Stacey 'god what a complicated life I lead' Lee thought as he really thought about his situation.

"Well you better get some sleep for now, I'll tell the others your not well and need your sleep then they'll leave you alone you look tired out" April said as she kissed Lee's forehead and pulled the sheet over him tucking him in, Lee was practically asleep as soon as April grabbed the cover, she smiled and walked out of the room blowing her brother a kiss as she closed the door behind her.

Lee got up the next morning at 9: 00 AM, the bright sun shone threw his window on to his face making him squint to see where his clothes were, eventually he was able to pull on some clothes (a white t-shirt and faded jeans) and made his way downstairs.

"Hi Lee good morning?" It was Kim his youngest older sister.

"Hm yeah fine so far" Lee said as he sat at the table "Where is everyone?"

"Well mum, Dawn, Stacey and Trish are at work, Stephie is at Uni and April said she had to go somewhere and would be gone until tonight" Kim informed her brother as she grabbed him a bowl from the sideboard and a box of cereal.

"Thanks Kim" Lee said as he poured himself breakfast, Kim came over with a bottle of milk and placed it next to her brother.

"Thanks again Kim" Lee said grabbing the bottle and pouring a generous amount onto his cereal.

Kim smiled "No problem brother of mine you’re worth it I guess" she said rubbing his back and fluttering her eyelids unnoticed by Lee.

"So what are you doing here?" Lee asked his sister while swallowing a mouthful of cereal.

"I haven’t got a lecture today there was some sort of problem with my cause so we were all told to stay home why do you ask?" Kim asked her brother.

"No reason just wondered that’s all" Lee replied, the real reason though was he was hoping to have some quality time with April or Stacey but that was out of the question now with Kim here and the others gone.

"Well what are you doing all day then Lee?" Kim asked flicking her hair with her hand.

"Err just the normal stuff sit around, then tidy up and sit some more" Lee informed his sister of his daily routine.

"Come on Lee its so nice out why don't we do something together?" she asked pointing out the window into the bright sunshine in the cloudless sky.

"I don't think so" Lee said pretty apathetically.

"Well im going to change this lot is too hot and then sunbathe for a while your welcome to join me if you want to you know Lee" Kim said leaning over her brothers shoulder and grabbing his empty bowl taking it over to the sink.

'Was that a bit of flirting my sister just tried on there' Lee thought to himself as he watched his sister head towards the stairs taking a long look over her shoulder and having a giggly smile as she saw Lee watching her.

Lee was shocked when Kim came back down wearing nothing but a bikini, the tight fitting orange material of the bikini clung to her body and didn't leave much to the imagination.

Kim smiled as she walked past her brother was had his eyes on her body the whole time she was moving, her breasts although not as big as April's were still a sight to behold and to be proud of.

Lee couldn't believe he had never really noticed how Kim had grown into a voluptuous young woman, he watched her hips sway as she went out into the garden, the bright sun casting shadows over her body in places and exaggerating others.

Lee shook his head and closed his eyes for a second trying to get the image of his sister out of mind but she was an attractive woman and it was harder then he thought it would be as was his cock.

Lee was suddenly aware of his erect cock when his sister shouted from outside and brought him back to Earth, it was then he felt his cock trying to push threw his pants.

"Lee are you coming out or not?" Kim's voice came loudly from the garden.

"Err not just now Kim I told you im not really into that" Lee shouted back trying to think of unsexy thoughts to get rid of his erection.

"But Lee I need you to help me with my sun cream, your not even listening to me are you?" Kim shouted making Lee realise he wasn't listening to his sister.

"Ok Kim I’ll be right there just give me a minute" he shouted as he sat taking deep breaths and trying to get his cock down, it took a few moments but he managed to not think about his sexy sister long enough to accomplish his goal.

He made his way outside accompanied by his sister’s shouts for him.

"I’m here sis now what did you want again?" he asked shielding his eyes from the bright sun.

"To help me put on some sun cream" Kim said slowly annoyed that her brother hadn't been listening to her for the past few minutes.

"That’s right where it is then?" Lee asked trying not to look at his sister who was laying on her back on a sheet she had placed on the grass.

"Right over there" Kim said pointing to a little bottle a few feet away from her left side "If you could just put a bit on my back then well".

Lee walked over and grabbed the bottle reading the instructions he went over to his sister kneeling down next to her, she sat up leaning forwards her breasts dropping away from her body, bouncing lightly, they were so nice a firm DD cup just covered by the thin orange material her nipples poking at it begging for attention.

Lee found his eyes drawn to his sisters bouncing breasts; he knelt next to her unable to move his eyes from her body.

Kim looked over to see her brother looking at her body and smiled, blushing slightly from the attention, she was really shy by nature and always tried to avoid people looking at her and flirting with her.

Lee suddenly realised he had been caught looking and quickly turned red in the face from the embarrassment.

"Ready?" Lee asked as he squeezed some of the liquid content into his hand.

"Sure" Kim said smiling nervously.

Lee proceeded to put his hands together coating both then placed them on his sisters back, gently he began to rub the thick liquid into her shoulders.

Kim leaned her head forwards and pulled her hair out of the way so her brother could coat her neck too. Lee worked his hands over Kim's shoulders and onto her neck, before sliding his palms down the middle of her back.

"Ohhhh" Kim moaned as she felt her brothers hands rub her back deeply, she reached around her back and grabbed his forearms pulling his hands to her stomach "Do there as well will you?" she asked, Lee nodded.

Slowly he began so rub his hands over her stomach, Kim moaned again.

Lee began to become aroused as he heard his sister moan and his hands began to roam up Kim's body towards her breasts, he stopped when his hands hit Kim's breasts at the bottom, Kim threw her head back and moaned with delight as she felt her brother’s hands touch her breasts.

It wasn't the first time she had been touched like this, on her birthday when she was 18 she had let her only boyfriend touch her breasts threw her bra when they were in his car after a party they had, had.

He had wanted to have sex but being shy as she is Kim had not felt comfortable with sex and when he had removed her bra and began kissing her she had freaked out and pushed him off herself, he had been not too pleased but Kim had compromised with him, she would give him a blowjob but no more, her boyfriend agreed and she tried her best to do a good job which she think she did although she didn't want to, he held her head down and came down her throat forcing her to swallow his cum and gag, a few days later he broke up with her saying he had found someone who would go all the way with him, Kim had been heartbroken but got over it.

Now she had her brother touching her breasts ok not in the same way but there was contact and she loved it.

Lee moved his hands over her breasts his wet hands leaving large hand prints on the thin material covering her, he could feel her nipples hardening against his palms as his sister's mouth opened and she moaned loudly.

Lee realised what he was doing and pulled his hands away from her, he wanted to stand up and walk away but his cock was stopping that plan it would be pretty obvious he felt the same when he stood up and had a big bulge in his pants.

Kim moved her head back to its normal position and looked at her brother, he had looked away from her sheepishly, she smiled nervously then bit her lower lip.

Lee looked back at her eyes ready to apologise for his actions when Kim leaned forwards and placed her hands on his shoulders and kissed him on the lips.

Lee's eyes opened wide as his sister kissed him gently, no tongue was used her lips just sat on his, he knew she was not very confident and hadn't had much if any sexual contact with anyone so he was surprised by her boldness but didn't want to push her too much, besides he was in shock at this.

Lee quickly ran into the living room not wanting to show his bulge too much leaned forwards as he went.

The shock had subsided a bit now but he couldn't bring himself to stay outside with Kim any longer, it didn't take long before she came to him.

Lee looked to the door to see Kim's sexy form walking towards him, her hips swaying and her breasts bouncing slightly as she moved.

"Lee im sorry" Kim said as she sat down next to her brother on the sofa.

"No Kim I am" Lee said as he looked away from his sister, she smiled nervously.

"Lee I really like you, you know that don't you?" she asked causing Lee to spin back to her, had she just said that, little shy Kim had just admitted she liked her own brother.

"I....I really like you too" Lee said quietly as he saw Kim close the gap between their faces, he felt an unstoppable force pull him into his sister.

Their mouths met once more just as before no tongues were used, Lee was tempted but was worried Kim would not really like it he just wanted to make her happy by doing what she wanted and not pushing her too much.

Kim had the same thought about her brother, she was nervous about what she was doing but wanted to overcome this and please him, she slowly opened her lips and let her tongue slide upto Lee's lips, wetting them with her saliva.

Lee was shocked but responded the same, their tongues met for the first time barely touching at first but soon they were all over each other, first Lee's then Kim's invading the others mouth exploring every crevice they could find.

Kim moved closer to her brother sliding her legs over him so her she sat over his lap looking down at him she smiled, holding his shoulders as he brought his hands to her back looking for the bikini straps.

He soon found them and in a rapid move of his fingers untied the thin material, Kim watched as she saw the orange material drop from her chest revealing her heaving breasts to her stunned looking brother.

Kim smiled again as she saw her brother drinking in her ample breasts, when she thought he had looked enough she brought her arms around his neck and began kissing him deeply.

Lee was still fully clothed as his half naked sister began to rub her uncovered breasts onto his chest, the tee-shirt material scratching her sensitive nipples almost painfully, she pulled back and grabbed it by the base pulling it up, Lee lifted his arms helping Kim to take it over his head.

Kim looked back at her brother more satisfied now they were both topless; her shyness was fading by the second, overcome by her sense of need for her brother.

Lee felt his sister reach between them and undo his jeans before kissing him once more.

Their kiss had been going on for some time now and Lee was beginning to grow a little impatient to get inside his sister, she was just so stunning it was driving him close to cumming right there and then.

Kim was feeling the same now and responded when her brother began to lean her back on the sofa, they laid together Kim on her back with her brother between her legs only a pair of bikini bottoms and boxer shorts between them.

Lee was getting more turned on by the second as he and Kim kissed passionately, he slid his hands over her chest massaging her nipples before sliding his hands to her thighs pushing them around his waist until her was ready to slide his cock free and remove her bikini bottoms.

Kim was getting nervous again just like on her 18th with her boyfriend everything was coming back and she was starting to get scared.

"Hhhhmmmm Lee no.... no....Lee NO" she shouted as she pushed at Lee's shoulders.

"Oh god Kim im sorry" he apologised as he quickly pulled off her letting her sit up.

"Oh im sorry.... im sorry" Kim said almost crying.

"No its fine Kim honest its fine" Lee assured his sister.

"I want to just not now" Kim said sucking back some tears as she looked at her brother who smiled to mask his disappointment.

"Hhhmmm did I do this" Kim asked as she first looked then grabbed his cock threw his boxer shorts.

She may not have been ready to have sex but she knew one thing she could do for him the same as she had for her boyfriend.

"Here let me take care of this" she said as she kissed her brothers chest slowly moving down to his stomach before kissing the material covered cock of her brother.

Lee watched as his sister waved her hair out of the way and brought her hands up to move the boxer shorts out the way.

He felt her pull the boxer shorts by the waistband down letting his cock spring free in front of her face.

Kim licked her lips as she saw her brothers cock twitching in front of her, she looked up at her brother who had his eyes closed in preparation, smiling Kim obliged lowering her open mouth onto the head of Lee's cock, licking all the pre-cum that had accumulated from the fore-play and almost sex they had enjoyed.

Lee moaned as he felt his sister’s mouth slowly move down his shaft, her tongue licking the underside as she continued to apply a little more pressure with her mouth.

Lee felt his cock jerk as his sister pulled his cock out of her mouth until just the head was left in, Kim tried to smile from around his cock as she lowered her head again, soon she was in a steady rhythm, bouncing her neck when she reached the top and bottom of her brothers cock.

Kim and Lee both knew that he wouldn't last long; he had been so turned on by what had happened before that he was starting to get the feeling of his balls contracting and that feeling males know only too well that means that they will blow any second.

Kim felt her brothers cock jerk as the first blast of cum shot out of the head, she quickly remember back to when her boyfriend had held her head down and forced her to swallow his cum, she couldn't forget the feeling of gagging when it hit her throat, she was really scared but her love for her brother overcame that and she closed her eyes as she felt his cum hit the roof of her mouth, followed by another and several more.

Kim’s mouth was nearly full now and she was forced to swallow, to her surprise she actually liked the taste of Lee's cum as it slid down her throat and into her stomach, she licked his cock clean before pulling her mouth off his cock.

She had been kneeling in front of her brother while going down on him now she had finished she came and sat nest to him again, snuggling into his side she laid down over his lap feeling his wet cock pressing into her stomach as she leaned her chin on the back of her hands.

"What about you?" Lee asked his sister realising it had been him who had been given all the pleasure.

"I’m fine" Kim said smiling happy that her brother was, she was really desperate for some kind of relief though.

"Tell me what you want" Lee said as he rubbed her ass.

"I can't its embarrassing, stop it" Kim said giggling.

"Trust me" Lee said as he slid his hand up her back to her shoulders, Kim smiled and turned over on his lap.

Kim slid down the sofa abit until she was nicely settled, Lee had opened his legs slightly apart and made a little gap for her to settle into with her shoulders and lower back, her head was over his left thigh and the small of her back (the little curve) rested on his right, she brought her hands to her chest and squeezed them tight.

Lee smiled down at his sister as she settled down, she looked so little and innocent laying there on his lap, he wouldn't have beloved this little girl had just given him oral sex if he hadn't have been there.

Smiling he brought his left hand to her crotch and lightly began rubbing her outer lips threw the thin material that covered it.

Kim squeezed her eyes shut as she felt his warm hand press slightly harder into her crotch.

Lee slowly pulled his hand to the top of the bikini bottoms and slid his fingertips in the top getting a feel of the small mound of thin pubic hair that capped off Kim’s pussy.

"HHMMMM a little lower" Kim moaned as she felt her brother’s fingers slide towards her wet, dripping lips.

Lee did go lower.

"A little lower" Kim said again as she felt his fingers move closer.

Lee went lower.

"A little lower" Kim suddenly felt Lee's fingertips reach the top of her slit as she said it again.

Lee moved his fingers all the way down her wet slit then back up again being careful not to press his fingers into her unless told to.

"Aaahhh now make little circles" Kim moaned as she felt her brother move his hand back up to the top.

Lee followed her instructions and started to make little circular movements with his fingers over her pussy lips applying a little more pressure as he went on.

Kim started to moan louder as Lee increased his speed pressing his fingertips into her, he looked at his sisters face, she was tweaking her nipples as she moaned louder from the build-up that was starting in the pit of her stomach it was the same feeling she had, had the only she had brought herself to orgasm a few years previously, she was scared then and was again now.

"HHAAAAAA hhhmmmmmm STOP" Kim shouted as she sat up quickly, Lee pulled his hand away from her, Kim moved away from him and sat at the opposite end of the sofa.

"I’m sorry its not you" Kim said as she calmed down slightly.

"It’s ok Kim its suppose to be like that" Lee reassured her as she smiled at him.

Lee opened his arms and Kim moved into them giving him a nice wet kiss she settled like a baby into his arms and closed her eyes.

Lee kissed her on the forehead and pulled her close to his chest as she drifted off to sleep.

Lee smiled as he thought about what had happened in his life over the past few days, ok so he didn't get to have sex with Kim but he shared something special with her that nothing could replace.

Rating: 83%, Read 112198 times, Posted Nov 05, 2004

Fiction | Incest, Oral Sex, Teen Female, Teen Male


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