The Rush. pt. 3 by SarahD88

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Fantasy | Bi-sexual, Female, Lactation, Lesbian, Teen Female, Teen Male

[If you haven't read my first two Rush writings, go back, reread them, and THEN read this. Otherwise, it won't make much sense.]

Melanie got back to Kissa’s room to find her still sleeping soundly, and she frowned in annoyance. God DAMN it she needed a fuck! Hissing in irritation, she debated waking her friend for a quick fuck before she heard the door downstairs slam. Walking to the window, she pulled the curtain open a little and grinned; Kissa’s younger brother Chad was home. Chad was 16 and hung like a horse for his age. According to Kissa, who fucked him in the shower almost every day, Chad was at least 7 inches long and at least 4 inches thick. Melanie licked her lips and walked away from the window, heading out into the hall. She’d not fucked Chad before, but he’d walked in on her and Kissa before, so seeing her nude wasn’t something new for him. She paused at the top of the stairs, leaning seductively against the wall and trying to calm the excited pounding of her heart and getting her skin to stop glowing.

Chad was having a hellish day so far; he’d gotten to work only to find his girlfriend being fucked by their boss. Needless to say, they were now broken up, even though Chad now knew for a fact that his bosses cock couldn’t even compare to Chad’s own. Whatever, it was her fucking loss. To make matters worse, he’d gotten a hard-on in the middle of his shift, drawing the attention of the Delaney twins who worked the prizes stand at the Chuck-E-Cheese where he worked. He’d banged them both back when they’d gone to summer camp a few years back. He’d been 13 and already well-hung, and they’d only been 12, but they were amazing fucks. He rode them both till they were leaking sperm from their pussies, but it still hadn’t left him completely relieved. His entire body felt tense and edgy, so on the way home he’d been blasting some Megadeth from the speakers in his old Toyota while he fantasized about fucking Kissa when he got home. Needless to say, he was more than a little surprised when he started climbing the stairs and looked up to find a total stranger standing, nude and incredible, at the top of the stairs.

Melanie saw the look of shock on Chad’s face and grinned. “Hey kid, how was work?” Chad frowned and paused on the stairs, not bothering to hide the huge hard-on in his pants at the sight of this nude goddess, “Work was shit. Who the fuck are you, other than in my way?” Melanie laughed and eyed his hard-on hungrily; GOD she was wet! “It’s me, Chad. What? Don’t you…..” She stood and ran her hands down her body, giving her breasts a firm squeeze so her milk trickled down her body, flexing her arms while she caressed herself, “….recognize me?” Chad eyed her closely before he just snorted and shrugged, “Guess so. What do you want? Kissa asleep?” Melanie nodded and walked down the stairs to meet him, “Yeah she is….she’s gonna be out for quite awhile too, from the looks of it, so it’s just….” She ran a hand down his chest, irritated that he was still wearing a shirt, “….you and I.” She smirked and leaned back against the wall across from him invitingly, bracing herself on the stair-rail. She eyed him and purred seductively, “Come on Chad….how about you take some stress off?”

He didn’t need to be told twice; whatever the hell was wrong with Melanie, he was never one to pass up a good fuck, especially from his sister’s hottie best friend! He dropped his pants and boxers, and his cock almost leaped out. Without hesitation he stepped forwards and drove it home between Melanie’s legs, groaning loudly in surprise at how tight she was; he didn’t remember her being this tight! It was like fucking a virgin for God’s sake! But instinct took over, and as she grabbed him and forced his head down to her perfect breasts, he couldn’t help himself and started pounding his hungry dick into her for all he was worth.

Melanie hung onto the stair rail for dear life as Chad started pounding her pussy with his shaft. GOD he was so big! Her eyes rolled back into her head and she groaned loudly, pulling his head to her breasts, forcing him to suck as he fucked her; she was relieved when he complied, and she soon felt his lips and teeth working her left nipple over hungrily. She thrust her hips forwards and back, riding his cock for all she was worth. She felt the large, fleshy pole stabbing in and out of her, pushing deeper into her so-tight pussy with every thrust. After about 3 minutes, she felt it push into her womb, and her eyes flew open. Her breaths started coming in startled, nervous pants and gasps; with her new body, she wasn’t sure how easy or hard it would be to get her pregnant. Her body didn’t care though, and she clenched on his shaft HARD, whimpering pleadingly, and eliciting a surprised, pained moan from Chad. He switched breasts, leaving a messy drip-trail of milk across her body, but continued rocking his hips with hers, not letting his fucking up even a little.

Oooohhnnnn Holy fucking shit! Melanie thought to herself as she clenched again, unable to keep herself from sobbing in pleasure. Hating every second of it, but unable to stop herself, she gasped, “C-chad….please….f-fill…me….!!!” She clenched again, and knew she was about to explode; she could almost FEEL his dick swelling with sperm as he pounded her, and she knew he wasn’t far off. She pulled the enthusiastic teen up from her breasts and kissed him firmly, biting and sucking on his tongue as they fucked with wild abandon on the stairs.

Chad heard her plea and for some reason that was beyond him, growled appreciatively. After they kissed, he grabbed her and forced her to kneel on the stairs in front of him before he stabbed his dick back into her body from behind. She screamed and dug her fingers into the stairs. Holy fuck…did she just dent our stairs…? He wondered as her fingernails dug deep into the wood stairs. Her clenching was coming a lot faster, and she was clawing at the stairs, swearing up a storm and he knew she was about to orgasm; he wasn’t far off either! Be a hell of a thing if I could outlast her though….He thought absently as he slapped her ass hard, and she screamed in pleasure and pain.

He continued stabbing his throbbing, sore dick in and out of her hungry pussy until they finally settled into a rhythm, and little by little her clenching pulled him in deeper and deeper until, incredibly, he was completely inside her all the way to his balls. He didn’t think it was possible for a chick to take his whole dick, but whatever, she was! He groaned loudly, fighting to control himself, but his groan was overwhelmed by her pained, relieved shriek of pleasure as she came, her pussy muscles clamping down on his dick so hard he saw stars, and his head swam. He tried to count her orgasms, but they were coming too fast as she bucked and shook on the stairs in front of him, riding his cock and milking it for all she was worth. He bit his lip and tasted blood, trying to keep himself from cumming. He didn’t want to knock this slut up! He reached forwards and started kneading her breasts, and she let out a choked sob of pleasure as she started cumming yet again; her cum was making the stairs slippery!

Finally, several minutes later, he couldn’t take it anymore, and when her muscles clenched on him, his eyes rolled back into his head and he nearly blacked out as he felt his dick, swollen and turgid with sperm, explode into her womb.

Time lost all meaning to Melanie, all that mattered were the feelings. She was acting purely on instinct now, and when Chad finally started cumming, she growled in satisfaction and started clenching even faster, like an animal milking her mate for all he was worth. She ground on his shaft, clenching again and again, intent on milking his huge dick for every drop of his hot seed. She felt it explode into her body like lava, and relished the feeling. His cock continued twitching and shaking inside her for several minutes, and he orgasmed at least four times until her womb was almost in pain, straining to hold all the sperm he was pumping into her. She felt her own body tensing again, and grinned briefly before another orgasm exploded within her.

Chad passed out with one exhausted thought, What the fuck just happened…..before he sank to his knees, then collapsed, insensate, on the stairs, his cock pulling out of Melanie’s sex with an audible “Pop!”, trailing sperm and cum as he fell. Melanie for her part, didn’t move for several seconds, simply kneeling on the stairs, watching upside-down as Chad’s sperm dripped thickly from her pussy in thick, gooey ropes before falling to the stairs and pooling with her leaked milk and cum. Her stomach was noticeably swollen like it had been after she’d fucked Kayla, but it was even bigger, and this time it almost HURT she’d absorbed so much. She grimaced, holding a hand to her stomach as she rolled over and sat up, pulling her sweat-matted hair from her forehead and eyeing Chad with a relieved, satisfied smirk on her perfect lips, Finally, a good fuck….Almost absently she raised her hand and flexed her fingers, watching in amusement as golden energy danced between her fingertips. She giggled and patted the now-unconscious Chad on his head, then whimpered softly as she felt his energy flow into her. He would be out for hours as his body recovered, and Melanie, for her part, was now more powerful than ever, a sexual Goddess in full heat….

For some reason, Melanie felt really restless after her energizing fuck with Chad on the stairs. So she dressed and left the house. It was Saturday, the banks would be busy, but she didn’t really mind. It felt good being outside. She shut her eyes and tilted her head back, letting the sun warm her face, neck, and what was exposed of her cleavage above the top of her blouse’s neckline. Opening her eyes again, she spotted Kissa’s Audi TT in the driveway and grinned. She walked towards the sleek, sexy car and raised one sparking hand. She pressed it against the lock and shut her eyes, whimpering quietly in pleasure as her power coursed through her body and the lock in the car turned easily to her will. She opened the door and climbed in before buckling herself in. It was only once she was buckled in that she looked down; the seatbelt strained to hold her. She grinned and gripped the steering wheel, flexing gently and enjoying the feeling of her power rippling through her arms. She eyed the car’s engine hungrily Hm….how do I turn you on, eh?

She yelped in surprise when lightning shot down her arms and the car roared to life. She flexed her hands on the steering wheel and the engine revved angrily. She grinned and laughed “Fucking awesome….I’m a damn Goddess!” She grinned and using only her mind, willed the car to shift gears, and before long she was tearing down the street, heading off to the bank.

Twenty minutes later, she was standing in line at the bank, enjoying the envious glares she was getting from every other woman in the room, and the lustful, hungry gazes from the men. She could get used to this kind of attention! But, wait….There were two people who weren’t staring at her. One of them was shifting his gaze constantly between her and a lot of other spots, and he was sweaty and toying with something in his pocket. The second person seemed indifferent to his surroundings. His eyes were closed, and his breathing was slow. It almost looked like he was in a trance, but he moved whenever his line moved, and otherwise seemed normal.

She dismissed the two men from her mind; it was finally her turn. She approached the counter, but no sooner had she opened her mouth to greet the banker, a gunshot rang out, and it sounded like cannon-fire in her powerful ears. She yelped and slapped her hand over her ears, looking around in panic to see the sweaty, nervous man leveling two guns at the two bankers; the one security camera that was watching the lobby was now a smoking, shattered ruin.

Melanie frowned to herself, Are you fucking kidding me? The bank’s being robbed? While I’m in here? She stood to her feet, thoroughly annoyed. The would-be robber leveled one gun at her “What are you doing?! Get back down on the ground with the others!” She glared at him, and if she’d been able to see herself she would’ve seen her skin start glowing, but unlike its normal gentle golden glow, this was a violent black glow that seemed to almost seethe from her. His eyes bugged out and she smirked, “So what was your plan stud? Rob the place? You’re that desperate?” He frowned and gestured with the gun again, cocking the hammer back, “It doesn’t matter! I said get down! Get down or I WILL shoot you!”

Melanie hesitated fractionally. She knew she could change other’s bodies by will, and she knew she was really, really strong, but was she invulnerable? Unfortunately her hesitation was all the chance that the robber needed, and with a second earsplitting “crackow”, the gun went off again….

…..And Melanie watched almost in slow-motion as the bullet flew forwards and slammed into her chest, targeted perfectly between her breasts, and flattened against her body before bouncing, yes, BOUNCING, off. She didn’t even feel it! She looked up and smirked; the robber went pale. He clearly wasn’t the brightest bulb in the box, because he whipped his second gun down and started unloading both clips on her.

Bullets flew forwards, drilling into her chest and bouncing off harmlessly, leaving flattened pieces of metal all over the floor. Melanie just stood there until the hammers on both guns started clicking empty. She raised an eyebrow and stared at the robber, who was looking at her with an incredulous expression. “Are you done now?” He nodded shakily and lowered the guns slowly. But she wasn’t done. This pathetic creep had interrupted her otherwise perfect day, and he’d put holes in her blouse. She was irritated. Melanie nodded primly and snapped, “Good. Now it’s my turn, asshole.” She raised her hand and slashed it through the air. The guns melted in the man’s hands, liquefying and moving like snakes through the air, intertwining with each other before solidifying into a pair of handcuffs around his wrists, crackling with energy as they did so. It was over in less than a second, and Melanie strode forwards, grabbed him as gently as she could by his shoulders and jerked her knee up into his groin as gently as she could. She only wanted to hurt and humiliate him; not kill him, or break him in half. He dropped to his knees with a soprano cry of pain before blacking out. Melanie stood over him and glared down at his unconscious form before snarling, “Stay the fuck out of banks, dickless.”

She looked up and didn’t notice as the black glow vanished as she casually flipped her hair behind her shoulder and flashed a dazzling grin at the bankers, cowering behind the counters. “Can I make a withdrawal now?” The bankers, a man and woman, looked at each other with pale expressions. They looked back at her and the man stammered, “W-who are you?” Melanie frowned, confused at first by his question. “I’m Melanie Thompson. Address is…” She paused and considered, was he asking who SHE was, or who she WAS? She smirked and shook her head lightly, “Call me….” She hesitated, thinking over possible names in her head. “Erotica.” She smirked and laughed lightly, “Or, you know, whatever!” She shrugged, turned, and left, swaying her hips like a runway model. She may not’ve been able to get any money, but DAMN it had been a fun time!

What Melanie didn’t notice was that the man who had been standing with his eyes closed, now had his eyes open as he watched her leave. He was completely expressionless save for the fact that the corners of his eyes creased slightly when she stated her name. Otherwise he could’ve been made of marble. She wasn’t in the building to notice when the other patrons in the bank began walking through him as though he wasn’t there, and they couldn’t see him…..

Rating: 87%, Read 25203 times, Posted Jan 28, 2011

Fantasy | Bi-sexual, Female, Lactation, Lesbian, Teen Female, Teen Male


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