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My name is James. I'm a not so average 17 year old all A's kid, play video games, I was on the baseball team, day dream about girls, although I never dated anyone. I'm about 5'9", 165 pounds, with silver hair, due to a hereditary anomaly. I don't mind though. I like being unique. One thing I have to deal with, is an idiot school board. One year ago they decided to redivide the town to give this new high school more student. Despite living right next to East Valley High, I was to be moved to Citrus Valley. At least they claimed it was to get more students. As soon as I stepped on campus, I was ushered straight to their baseball coaches office.

"Welcome son!" He said. "How's it feel playing on the other side of the tracks?"

"Like I'm sleeping with the enemy." I said in my best Roman Pierce impersonation.

"Well, regardless of how you feel, here's a form, you and your parents will have to sign before we can let you on the team." He paused, looked around, then quietly continued. "It's just the basics. Keep a 2.5 GPA, no violence on your record. Your spot's guaranteed. We even had your uniform made." He paused and I took my chance to say something.

"I'm emancipated." I replied.

"Well that's fine, just take this to the courthouse and they'll clear it with the


"I think I'll go straight to the BoE." I said, getting up to leave. "Make things easier." I knew where the office was as I put up one hell of a fight to keep from transferring. When jail time was mentioned I backed off.

After school I walked out to the parking lot to find some jock and his girl sitting on the hood of my navy blue1970 Dodge Charger. "Nigga better back away from my car and my girl." He said. I stopped to look at him, pulled out my remote and unlocked the car, from 10 feet away, sounding the horn. He got off my car, and for a moment I thought he was gonna be smart, that is before he pulled his knife. "You piece of shit!" He yelled stepping toward me, but my .38 was out.

"CCP bitch!" I yelled. "On the ground, drop the knife." He did so, as I holstered my gun in my backpack.

"Gon' shoot up the school nigga?"

"I'd use something that shoots more than five rounds." I relied while calling the cops on my phone. "Can I have an officer at Citrus Valley High?" Right away, James, said the operator. I have a history with Emergency Services. 5 minutes later an officer showed up, and I explained what happened.

"Will you be pressing charges? Understand he's the quarterback for this school's football team.

"Not my problem. See you in court?" I answered.

"If I can make it. Can I see the gun?" I pulled it out. "Keep more than one round in it." He replied, putting the jock, Chriss, in the car.

"Me and my friends are gonna fuck you up!" The girl, Lori said. I smiled at her as I boarded my chariot.

vvvVVOOOooom! Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba...! I always loved the sound of a 440. It technically had a muffler, but it did nothing to quiet the engine. As I pulled away from the school, a single tear fell down my cheek. The truth is, I never really knew my mother. She was killed in the line of duty a month after I was born. As for my dad, He remarried to a gold digger, who is the mother of my baby sister, Mikaela. Dad and I spent my whole life working on his dream car. All that needed to be done was to put the grill on when he got diploid. He was killed in action. That was a year ago. Now, this car was all I had to remember him by. His wife tried everything she could to get the house, car, and trust funds from me. Luckily I knew every judge, cop, and attorney in the city. I couldn't wait to be 18 and out of this place.

Now, I cranked up a mix tape of Toby Keith, Johnny Cash, Sabaton, and Keith Urban, for the drive home.

When I finally got home, I stared across the street at my old school. "Hey playa'." I turned around to see Marcus, my old coach.

"Look at this shit!" I yelled, thrusting the permission slip in his face. "Guaranteed spot! How brazen can they be? I'd sure like to know who they paid off in the BoE to pull this shit!"

"If you're gonna pick a fight, do it the right way." He said.

"Thanks. By the way, their QB is in the lock up. Pass that on please?"

"Will do."

Homework done in 2 hours, and all I wanted to do was sleep. I turned in at 8. Early but I didn't care. I woke up in pitch blackness. Looked over and it's 12:30. I headed to the kitchen to get some water, running on memory of the house alone as I couldn't really see anything, but I found my cat, growling at something in the living room. I turned on the light to find an aluminum vase knocked over across the room, and what appeared on my hazy vision to be huge ass dragon fly. "The fuck?" I started blinking, slowly restoring my vision as I approached the creature. As I got up to it, I noticed it was in fact, not an insect at all, but a barbie doll? Lighting on the shelf. My little sister was staying with her mom, so she wasn't here.

"Ungh." I heard, making me jump. She moved her head slightly, and I noticed the chest moving up and down. This made my vision come back in full, allowing me to see that she was in fact not a barbie as barbie's don't have little pink nipps or slightly puffy mounds with clitorous exposed. My first thought, however, was that she was hurt. I gently scooped her up in my hands, and took her to my room where I laid her on my bed, and began feeling around her body with my finger to check for breaks, which I found none. "Uhhnghh". She opened her eyes and blinked a few times, then tried to get up, at which point I held a finger on her lower chest.

"You're hurt." I said. "Can you understand me?" She nodded and lay back down, her long red hair going everywhere. "Can I get you some water?" She nodded. "How about food?" She stared at me. "Meat? Vegies? Bread?" She stared at me. I scooped her up and took her to my sister's room, where I found some tiny barbie sized clothes, a tiny plate, and a small plastic glass. I took her and the things to the kitchen where I found a syringe. I placed everything including her on the table, and got a glass of water for myself. Then using the syringe, I filled her glass with water, making a mess. She giggled, so I thought I was off to a good start. I wiped up the water, while she drank. I then got bread, ham, and lettuce out, and cut pieces that I thought were of size for her, and I built what must be the world's smallest sandwich. I put it on the tiny plate in front of her, and she began eating.

I took this time to check her out. She was 12 inches tall, had what looked like double Ds, and had a tiny waist, with a baby smooth mound. Basically a living, breathing barbie with red hair. When she was done, she looked at the clothes, picking out a set of PJ's. She got the shirt on, but when she attempted to stand, her right leg gave out. Luckily I was quick to catch her. "Careful. Here. Sit on the edge of the table." As she did I brought the bottoms up her legs. When I got to her knees, I pushed her off the table, and she fell into the PJ bottoms with a squeak. I then took her to bed, and made a makeshift sleeping bag for her with a clean sock, and laid her down next to me.

It was now 2 and I was tired. "Where did you come from?" I asked. She pointed toward the ceiling. "Space?" I asked, and she nodded. "I wish you could speak, so we can communicate easier." I said. There was bright blueish purple light that surrounded the girl, and then it disappeared.

"You were saying?" She asked in what was the quietest, yet most beautiful voice.

"Yes. So, what are you? Where are you from?"

"Well, originally, we are from here. We coexistence with humans since the beginning of time, but we became much more advanced. At the rise of the Catholic Church, many of us were killed. Those of us who survived fled to low earth orbit in our craft." She paused. "As for what I am, for sake of your understanding I am a fairy.

"How did you end up here?" I asked.

"My ship lost power and fell out of orbit. I serviced the crash, but my ship is gone." She answered.

"Are you magical or something?"

"Yes but there are rules. Our magic can not be used to harm others in any way. It can not be used to obtain funds, that is you can't wish for money or items." She paused. "Oh! And I can not use magic on more than thirty people at a time. Also, I cannot give a living being magical capabilities. Also, for me to access my magic, you have to make a wish. The only way I can access my magic is if I'm about to die, in which case I can use it to survive whatever ordeal I am in.

"Ok." I said. "Well, I wish you were healed.

"Done. "We will talk more tomorrow."

Rating: 91%, Read 13043 times, Posted Jun 04, 2015

Fantasy |


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