My College Niece by john

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My 19 year old niece attends college in another state about 5 hours north of where we live. The day before she was suppose to head home for Christmas break I received a call from my sister-in-law explaining they were looking for someone to go pick up April. I reluctantly agreed and left the next morning for her college.

I picked up my niece around noon and started heading back to home. Neither of us watched the weather and didn’t know that a huge nor’easter was about to hit the east coast. It wasn’t long before we were driving in white out conditions.

I pulled off an exit at a truck stop to check the weather and get something to eat. We sat in a booth at the truck stop watching the TV weather. Here we found out the worse isn’t even upon us and they are calling for 24” of snow by tomorrow morning. My immediate response was we better find a place to crash for the night.

My niece started to argue with me. She had a date with her boyfriend that she hasn’t seen since the summer. I teased her that she wasn’t going to get lucky tonight. She laughed and said one more night won’t kill her.

We had a good relationship. She knew what I was saying was true because she was dieing for fuck from her boyfriend tonight. She was so horny because it was almost four months since she has seen him. They agreed to be faithful through college and just sleep with each other. How she regretted that decision when she got to college. But she kept her word and hoped he did as well.

I knew all this because she told me on the drive. After all ready being horny from her talking so open to me, I didn’t know how I was going to keep my hands off her that night. Oh, well I thought I will just have to into the bathroom and take care of myself when we find a motel.

As I paid for the food tab, I asked the waitress about a place to stay. She told me I better grab the last room at the truck stop because it was the only motel for 30 miles. I paid her for the room and she gave me the key.

We drudged through the snow to our room. I opened the door and we were both disgusted by what we saw. There was only one double bed and the door to the bathroom was ripped off. The room was disgusting and cold. I went to the heater and turned it on.

I agreed to sleep on the floor and though at least I can release myself there without my niece seeing. I would wait until she is asleep and pull my cock out and bring myself to at least one orgasm.

All we had to entertain ourselves that night was a deck of cards. We played poker and laughed we should play strip poker. Not to see each other but for the extra layer of clothing. Our room never got to above 60 degrees.

Bedtime came and I made a bed on the floor out of the extra blankets from my niece’s dorm room. We both laid down to go to sleep but neither of us could. It was cold.

About midnight I heard my niece, “Uncle Joe?”. “Yeah”, I said. “I am so cold” she said. “Me too” I replied. She had an idea. She wanted to move me up to the bed that way we could use my covers on the bed and have two sets of blankets. Plus the body heat should keep us warm. I told her I might get a little randy and she nodded and said at least that would generate heat. I reluctantly moved up into the double bed with my niece.

I wasn’t sure how I was going to control myself. My niece is beautiful. She is probably about 5’3”, 120 lbs, nice C cup tits, long light brown hair, blue eyes, and a beautiful smile. I climbed into bed lying on my left side. The bed was small and after some tossing and turning my nice curled up besides me with her back against me. I had no where to go with my arm so I rapped it on top of her. She must have liked it and moved even closer to me. I started to feel my prick awaken.

I pulled her tight to me and we laid in bed in the spoon position. My mouth was about level with the back of her neck and she felt the warm air of my breath on it. She must have gotten a tingle of excitement too as she nuzzled closer to me. My cock was getting hard and I didn’t know how I could let it just pass. I lightly caressed the bottom of her left breast with my hand. I waited for her reaction.

I was very surprised with what she said, “Oh, Uncle Joe that’s a good idea on how we could create heat.”

That was like the go signal and there was nothing that was going to stop me. I continued to reach around and fondle my niece’s left breast while I lightly kissed the back of her neck. My cock continued to get hard.

I slid my hand down and unbuttoned her hip hugger jeans. I slid the zipper down and place my hand down her jeans and to her crotch. She spread her legs a little to allow me better access. I slid my hand down to her mound. I rubbed her mound through her cotton panties. Her breathing increased as I turned on my niece and she started to moan lightly in great pleasure.

She turned her head to look at her uncle that was giving her pleasure. I was still kissing her neck and she was getting more excited by the minute. She twisted to lay a little more flat which allowed our eyes to meet. We looked into each others eyes. I saw a young woman needing sexual release. I saw her lusting for my touch. She wanted me and she wanted me now.

Our mouths moved closer together. They touched and soon we were engaged in a deep passionate kiss. Our tongs tangoed as we tasted each others mouth. My niece’s 19 year old mouth tasted so good.

I continued to massage her mound. I pulled back and slid my hand behind the elastic of her panties. I slowly slid my hand down. I lightly brushed her clit as I slid down to see if she was wet. I pushed my finger in a little and felt a little moister on the tip. I used the moisture as I rubbed her clit. At first very gently and then I rubbed harder and more rough. Her breathing increased as she thrusted her hips tying to make me rub harder. Her loins lusted for my touch. They lusted for a release, for an orgasm. She moaned in pleasure as I brought her close to one.

At the same time she reached behind and rubbed my hard cock through my pants. I felt her rub the bulge through my pants. It felt good but my cock wanted to be freed. I leaned towards her and whispered in her ear “I think if we get naked we can generate even more heat.” Good idea as we hopped out of bed and striped down to nothing.

Man was she beautiful. I didn’t get to look long but I did get a glimpse of her perky breasts. Her nipples were hard and eager for my touch. How I wanted to suck her breasts.

We got back into bed, this time facing each other. Our legs were parallel and she reached down for my cock. She played with my hard cock with her hand as we kissed again passionately. I reached over and played with her breasts. I slid down and moved my head under the covers to suckle her breasts. I did for a moment and came out for air.

This gave my niece an idea. She got under the covers and I soon felt her mouth on my cock. She sucked my cock like a pro. I reached out to feel for her cunt. I found it and it was really wet. How I wanted my cock inside her pussy. How I wanted to fuck my niece. Then I got a thought. I wanted to taste it.

I pulled my niece away from my throbbing cock. Her head came back out of the covers for air as I went down. I spread her legs and in the dark stuck my head in her crotch. With no lights I had to use my mouth to find her love hole. This drove my niece crazy with desire as I licked all around until I found her love button. It was hard and erect. I licked it with my tongue and I heard her moan with pleasure through the covers. I felt her hand on the back of my head pushing me deeper towards her love hole. With my right hand I inserted a finger inside her while licking her clit feverishly. She bucked her hips and continued to moan louder and louder until I heard her start to scream “Uncle Joe”. She was cumming but I didn’t let up. I continued to flick her clit with my tongue and I plunged my finger as deep as I could at the moment of her climax.

I came out from under the covers for air. My niece was all smiles and I bent over to kiss her. We kissed passionately as she pushed me onto my back. Staying under the covers my niece straddles me and with her hand inserts my cock into her wet hole. She slides her body allowing the entire length to penetrate her. We started our hips in motion thrusting my rock hard tool in and out of her wet pussy. I wrapped my arms around her and we kissed deeply. Her breasts pinched right up to my chest as my cock was inside her. We were one. We were connected and we both loved it.

My niece lusting for my cock deeper inside her, in one motion pulled away and knelt up. My cock went deep inside her as she rode me to orgasm. The cold didn’t bother each of us as she pushed the covers off. We were hot with passion as my cock penetrated deep inside of her. I reached up and fondled her breasts as she rode me. Her tight wet cunt felt so good wrapped around my hard meet. Our hips worked in harmony allowing the hard tool penetrate deep inside her. I was on the verge of cumming and I was trying to hold it back. I was using every trick in the book. It wasn’t working too well as I felt the pressure continue to build in my cock. I wanted her to cum with me deep inside her.

Just then, she started to scream my name again. Her body moved faster and more furious. She moaned with pleasure as the waves of her second orgasm came over her. Faster and faster she went. I couldn’t hold on. The pressure was too great as I felt the walls of her vagina clamp harder to my cock. I yelled her name, “April”, as I felt my load shoot deep inside her. She continued to buck up and down as she brought herself to a third orgasm. We thrusted as fast and hard as we could. We screamed each others names.

My niece rolled off of me and back to the bed as we heard a knock on the door. I got up and quickly dressed to open the door. A man stood and told me that he had a complaint we were making lot of noise. We both smiled at each other as I apologized.

I looked out. It stopped snowing. We checked the weather and found it went the other way. We got dressed and headed home. On the way home we talked about sex. April was going to break up with her boyfriend. She told me I was the best she has ever had. No guy has lasted as long as I did. She told me she was jealous of Aunt Tracy. I told her I never used to last as long as I did tonight. It comes with age and there were many times Tracy rolled off me with disgust because I already came. I was trying to give my niece a lesson here as I explained that never slowed me down and that I always made my wife satisfied. She changed her mind about her boyfriend and in a few years they were married. I often wondered how there sex life was.

Rating: 79%, Read 49764 times, Posted May 03, 2006

Fiction | Consensual Sex, Hardcore, Oral Sex, School, Teen, Young


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