To big to handle- The birth by Tiffany0012

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True Story | Bi-sexual, Interracial, Pregnant, Written by women

Over the next several hours, I just drove around, trying to put all my thoughts together. I knew I needed to talk to Brian, I wanted to know why he done this to me, or if Paul was being honest with me. Though I couldnt think of a reason for him to make all this stuff up. I finally went home, cried myself to sleep.

I finally worked up enough nerve to go visit Brian a month later, I figured I was running out of time. Pulling in the driveway, I noticed another car parked along the street, since it wasnt out of the ordinary, I didnt think to much about it. I sat in the car, cleaning off the smeared mascara off my face, my emotions were way out of control. Finally when I thought I looked presentable enough, I started walking toward the house.

When I opened the screendoor, I noticed the other door was ajar. I knocked lightly on it and it opened more. After waiting for a few minutes, I just walked in. I walked through the kitchen into the living room. I seen Brians shoes sitting by the couch and his jacket on the floor. Thinking he might be in the bathroom, I started walking down the hallway. Brians house only had 2 bedrooms, and they were both in the same hallway as the bathroom. If he wasnt in the bathroom, he was probably taking a nap.

Once I reached the bathroom door, my heart dropped. I heard the moaning coming from his bedroom. I knew it was Brian fucking someone else, I wanted to just leave out of there, but I needed to see it for myself. I walked closer to the bedroom door, it was open about an inch. I stood there trying to see through the small opening, I put my hand on the door and pushed it back, very slowly. I just wanted it open enough to see who he was with.

I could see Brian laying on the bed, naked. A girl was leaned over, taking his cock in her mouth. I was amazed by how well she sucked him, Brian had a nice size cock, I was never able to take it all in my mouth. I watched her how she went up and down on his dick, I could see the saliva running down his cock every time she reached the head. His cock looked so good to me, I havent had any contact with a male in months, I could feel my pussy getting wet just watching them. Every time she took his cock all the way in, he'd moan, telling her he loved in when she did that. I could see why he was bored with me,I couldnt come close to comparing to her.

I wasnt able to see the girls face, her hair was long and hanging in the way. I continued to watch, totally loosing track of time while I stood there. I heard him tell her to get on all 4's, she got into position, and made sure her ass was pushed all the way up to meet him. She had a nice body, slim waist, her ass was more plump. Im sure Brian liked that part, as he grabbed her ass and inched closer to her.

I seen him reach down and guide his cock toward her, I wasnt sure if he was aiming for the pussy or bum, but as soon as he pushed forward she screamed. Her head went back, hair away from her face, it was Kendra! I couldnt believe it, this whole time he's probably been fucking her. I could see the tears fill my eyes, my throat getting tighter, I was going to loose it! When I turned around to get out of there, everything went black.

When I opened my eyes, I had no clue where I was. Brian was sitting beside me, I was laying on a bed. I started moving my head around looking around the room, I realized I was in his bedroom. I felt his hand on my belly, moving it around to feel the baby move. I looked over at him and told him to get his hands off of me and started to sit up. He pushed me back down, lightly, told me to stay laying down for a few more minutes. He got up and walked toward the window, I asked him how long he's been fucking her. He told me since the first time I took a preg test and it came back positive. He started letting it all out about his cheating with her. I laid there and listened to every word he said, waiting for the moment to interrupt him about what Paul had told me.

When he was done, I this your baby or Paul's? He looked at me, said he wasnt sure. He told me he didnt think Id get pregnant that quickly, that he was only trying to make it easier on me the first time. He said he was going to tell me after I had the baby, he just didnt want to upset me and cause a miscarriage or something. He continued to tell me how much I meant to him, that he was still in love wth me, that he wanted this to work between us. He said it wouldnt matter to him whose baby it was, that it didnt change how he felt about me. Part of me wanted to hold him the other part wanted to hurt him. It mattered to me whose baby I was carring! What about what I felt? I could feel the anger building, I told him I thought I should leave. That being around him wasnt a good idea, I was hurt and confused.

I got out of the bed, stood up to leave, he walked toward me, put his arms around me, held me close to his chest. It felt so good to be held, the closeness. He looked at me, said he loved me, put his lips on mine, and I went with it. Within a few minutes we were both laying in bed, he just laid there and held me while his hand moved over my swollen belly feeling the baby move.

When I woke up, the room was dark. I couldnt believe I slept that long. Brian was no longer beside me, I laid there, thinking I should just get up and leave. That staying would cause me more heartache. I got out of bed and walked toward the living room, I heard Brian talking to someone. I paused for a few minutes and realized he was talking to Paul, explaining himself to him. Telling him that the baby could possibly be his and that neither of them would know until it was born. I walked in the living room, Brian seen me and stopped talking. I told him that I should go, that it was getting late. He asked me to give him a minute, that he wanted to talk to me. I nodded, went back to the bedroom.

Within minutes, Brian came in. He seemed alittle worried and confused. I asked if everything was alright, he nodded and said he needed to talk to me. He sat beside me, told me he talked to Paul about the baby. I looked at him, told him I really dont want to talk about this right now, it had been a long day. He leaned over, started kissing me, within minutes I could feel my pussy getting wet. I wanted him so bad, I asked him to fuck me. He stopped kissing me, told me he wanted to, but he cant. I blew up, I was so sick of this! I told him if he wouldnt, then I would find someone else that would! Not sure if I meant that or not, I was just so frustrated with him. I stood up, grabbed my jacket, he stood up to meet me an said to sit down and relax. That he would take care of my problem, just to give him a few minutes.

I went in the bathroom, ran the water and laid in the tub. Within a few minutes I was out, I woke to the water being a little chilly, had no clue how long I was in there. I got out , dried off, seen a pink robe hanging on the door. I figured it was Kendra's, but I didnt care, I put it on and went to bed.

Brian woke me up by rubbing my belly, telling me he was sorry he was late, but that he took care of everything. He took his clothes off, laid beside me. I turned my back toward him, I could feel his hard cock laying against my ass. I sat up, took off the robe, laid back down and scooted my bottom closer to his cock. His hands was on my breast, moving back and forth between both of them, massaging and playing with the nipple. I was getting so wet, I wanted/ needed his cock in me, I wanted him to make love to me. I raised my right leg over his, to see if he'd move his cock toward my pussy. I felt him push toward me, his hand moving his cock up and down my pussy. he told me I was wet, that I was ready. H e put a finger in my pussy, slowly inching it inside me, moving it around, god it felt so good! I felt him insert another one, then spreading them apart while they were in my pussy. He kept his fingers open while he started moving them in and out, I whispered to him ..I wanted his cock in me. He nugged my hip to lay me on my back, whispered in my ear to open my legs wide for him.

I could feel his fingers working deeper and faster inside of me, my breathing was increasing, I told him to fuck me. He leaned over my belly, started kissing me, I was getting lost in it. His kissing was intense, we were both moaning in each others mouths. I felt his fingers pull out of me, then I felt something else going in. It was bigger than his fingers, I knew it wasnt his cock by the way he was positioned. I tried asking who was fucking me, but he kept his mouth on mine.

I felt the head enter my pussy, it was being worked in so slow I could feel the veins running along side his cock. Whoever was fucking me, seemed like it was happening in slow motion. I could feel Brian working his hands all over me, up to my breasts and back down to my belly, sometimes even sliding down to my pelvic area. I was lost in the feeling of the cock massaging my pussy, I had almost forgot what it felt like. I just knew I didnt want it to stop, Brians kissing became more intense, he was moaning louder in my mouth. I moved my arm along side of me to feel his cock, I ended up with a handful of hair. I kept moving my hand around trying to figure out what was going on, i opened my eyes, Brian had his eyes open, backed his lips off of mine..said to leave it be, then went back to kissing me. I knew it was probably Kendra down there sucking his cock, but at that moment, I didnt care. The darkness in the room didnt give anything away, so it was easy to leave it alone.

I felt the cock deep inside my pussy, bumping into my cervix, lightly, but enough to make me close to cumming. I could feel hm pulling all out all the way to my opening, then sliding back in to my cervix, was almost like he was making love to me, just without the kissing. I didnt know which one to concentrate on, the one fucking me, or the one kissing me. I could feel myself getting closer each time he bumped my cervix, I wanted to cum. I whispered in Brians mouth, to make me cum baby. I then felt a hand squeezing and massaging my ass cheek, pulling them apart each time. Then moving closer to my bum, massaging it as it got closer. I wanted it in my ass, I kinda missed being fucked there too.

Brian moved his head to my right breast, as soon as he put my nipple in his mouth, he said I was leaking. Then he opened his mouth, and started sucking. I wondered if it tasted terrible or not, but I noticed he didnt stop. I told him to put it in my ass, then I felt a finger putting pressure on my bum. I remembered if I push down alittle, it goes in easier. I started pushing down, felt the finger being inserted in my bum, the cock bumping my cervix, then I felt it, a warm gush coming out between my legs. I felt it soaking the bed under my ass. Everything stopped, besides Brian sucking on my nipple, the cock remained in my pussy, motionless, finger in my ass. I put my hand on brians head, pushing it away from my breast. I heard a voice say "her water broke", I knew then, that it was Paul that was fucking me. I felt all of them get off the bed, someone turned the light on, I looked over and seen that Kendra was in the room. Figured she was the one sucking Brian off. I started sitting up, Brian told me to lay still, he got on the phone and paged my dr.

Within minutes the phone rang, I couldnt hear the conversation, but I could see the worried look on Brians face. Kendra and Paul had already gotten dressed, kendra left the room. Paul sat beside me on the bed, rubbing my belly. Told me if this was his baby, that I didnt have to worry about anything, he would help provide for it. I noticed he was talking lightly, I could hardly hear him. Didnt know if he just didnt want Brian hearing him, or what. I just nodded, told him I needed to get up and get dressed. He told me to wait a minute, then left the room. Coming back I noticed he had a washcloth and towel. Told me to spread my legs so he could wipe me off, I was alittle worried about what brian may think if he walked in the room. Then I remembered...I wasnt with him anymore. I wasnt with either of them, so I opened my legs wide to Paul.

He washed me so gently, the washcloth was so warm, I was enjoying his touch. I was still very horny, since I didnt get to cum

. I felt Paul open my pussy lips, washing my clit lightly. I started pushing my hips toward the washcloth, I needed to cum. I know I was about to have a baby, but I went so long without it! There was no pain yet, just the sexual craving to get off. I looked at Paul, whispered lightly..please help me finish. he looked at me, leaned over and kissed my forehead, slid his hand over my breast, down to my belly, I watched his hand follow the baby's kicks. Then he worked it farther down, between my legs. His finger gliding across the clit, I flinched. He sat on the side of the bed by my legs, looking at my pussy as his fingers circled around my clit. His finger started pushing pressure on my clit, instantly I felt the excitement building. I knew it wouldnt take me long to cum, his finger picked up the pace, moving lightly back and forth on my clit. My breathing became faster, for some reason, Paul was so gentle to me, I shut my eyes and tried to imagine the feeling of his cock moving in and out of my pussy, like it was earlier. I felt like he was making love to me, I was lost in thought. I started to moan, told his I was close. His finger moved faster across my clit, I could feel my body tightening. My hand grabbed his leg, that was it. I came...hard. I felt my stomach muscles tighten, and started feeling it run down my ass. I opened my eyes, looked over at Paul, seen that he was still watching my pussy. I felt great..thank you! He looked at me, leaned over, kissed me. It wasnt an ordinary friendly kiss, I could feel the passion, the intensity. I started wondering...was he in love with me, or was this jut how he fucks a girl.

Paul was cleaning my pussy when Brian walked in the room, by the look on Brians face, I could tell he wasnt happy. But this time it was different, cause I really didnt care what he thought. I got up and started geting dressed, Brian came over to me, put his arms around me, told me he loved me. I knew things would never be the same between us, even if the baby was his. I had to make sure he knew, I looked over at Paul, asked him if he was ready to take me to the hospital. Paul nodded, Brian looked at me, I left the room.

The drive to the hospital was quiet, Paul didnt say much, and I had a terrible backache. I was wondering if he was planning on being in the room with me, or if he was just dropping me off. I wasnt going to ask, even though I wanted to.

When Pauls cell phone rang, it brought my attention back to the situation. I heard him just saying okay, be there in a few. When he hung up, i looked over at him, he glanced at me. Asked if Id be alright with having the baby at Brians place. NO, was my instant answer, what if something goes wrong? He said Brian had a nursing student there that would help, an since neither of them knew who was the father, they both wanted to be there. Before I even answered, he was already turning around. I asked him, what about the pain, that I needed something for the pain. Paul looked at me, said its all covered and not to worry about it. He put his hand on my leg and rubbed it back and forth, then grabbed my hand and held it until we got to Brians place.

When I stood up to get out of the car, I noticed my pants were soaked from the water trickling out of my pussy. The cramps wasnt to bad, more in the lower back. But it did feel good to stand for a few minutes. Walking in the house, I could hear voices coming from Brians room. As Paul and I walked back there, I could see the shadow of movements. Standing in the door opening, I seen they had stripped the bed and covered the bottom of the mattress with a sheet of plastic.

When Brian seem me, he introduced me to Candy, the student nurse. He assured me that everything would be alright, he told me there was a robe in the bathroom, to get undressed nd put it on.

I went in the bathroom, I slowly got undressed while listening to all of them talk. Candy was pretty, young, of course I wondered if Brian had her too. Walkng out of the bathroom, the bed was ready. They had put a blanket over top of the plastic, had a bunch of towels laying on the side of the bed. There was a few other people in the room that I never seen before. I was little nervous, wondering if all of them were staying, I wasnt one for opening up my body like that. Paul was there and nodded, for me to come over to the bed. I got in bed, he propped up some pillows under my head. For some reason I was feeling closer to Paul than Brian. Didnt know if it was because Paul to told me the truth, or if I was feeling something for him. The way he fucked me was so comforting, I was able to savor every moment of it. Dont get me wrong, Brian was great in bed, but he was so concerned with bringing everyone else into our most private moments. It would of been nice if we had our time to ourselves.

Candy came over and sat beside me, she started explaining what was going to happen. She explained how the cramps would get worse, how she would be regurally checking my cervix for dilation. That since there was no stirrups, Brian and Paul would be on both sides of me, holding my legs up and open, when it came time to give birth. She also explained how an organism helps the birthing process go quicker and keeps my mind distracted. She was very detailed in some of the areas, and others...well...she left that quiet vague.

When Candy left the room, Brian scooted a chair next to the bed, telling me they were going to take turns keeping me company. I asked him for the remote to the tv, then told him he could leave, that I didnt need someone sitting next to me the whole time. He smiled, gave me the remote, an said he wasnt leaving. I found a channel that seemed interesting, then I fell asleep.

I awoke to the worst backache ever, I seen Brian was still sitting beside me. I asked if he had been there the whole time, he told me Paul was in earlier. I tried shifting my body to see if there was a more comfortable position. Brian seem me moving around, asked if I was alright. I told him my lower back hurt so bad, I finally found a position on my side with my back facing him, that was more comfortable. He walked out of the room for a few minutes, then he came back in with Candy. She told me I had taken a long nap, and she needed to check my cervix. I told her I didnt want to move, that my back hurt to much. She said I didnt have to, that brian could hold my leg up while she checked me inside. I heard her put the gloves on, told me she was using a lubricant, I felt the sheet being pulled off of me. brian pulled my robe open, grabbed my left leg and pulled it open, I snapped at him, told him he had my leg to far up. Candy said she needed me opened wide to get her fingers deep inside of me.

I felt her fingers in my pussy, normally I love it when fingers go deep inside of me, but this time felt so much different. She was only inside me a few minutes, I heard Brian mumbling something to her, I could only make out a few of the words. Then I heard her say I was dialted to 2. I knew I had to make it to 10, I knew then, this was going to take a long time.

Candy left the room ,I could hear Brian behind me, couldnt figure out what he was doing though, I drifted back to sleep. Id wake up about every 10 minutes to the cramps, not fully awake, I know I was moaning and shifting every time I got the pain in my lower back. I felt someones hands start massaging my back, it felt so good, Id be back to sleep within a minute.

Next time I woke up, I felt hands massaging my lower back and move down to my ass cheeks, It felt so good I still didnt want to move, but the next pain that hit me, almost had me in tears. I grabbed the hand massaging me, told him it hurts. I could tell it was brian by his voice, he said "I know baby Im here for ya". He moved his hand from my hand for a moment, then I felt his hands back on my bottom. I could tell he had gloves on and a lubricant, his hands worked down toward my bum hole, he was still squeezing as he got farther down, then I felt a hand spread my cheeks apart, his finger tip massaging my hole. I told him no, that..cant you see Im in pain? He told me Candy told him that this would help wit the pain, to just lay there and relax. I felt his finger massaging the entrance to my bum, moving in a circular motion, then I felt the tip insert, he held it there. I could feel another contraction coming on, I told him to remove it. He told me he can feel my bottom tighten up on the contraction and to give it a chance.

When the contaction stopped, I felt the finger moving slowly deeper in my bum, moving in and out, very slowly. It was relaxing once my ass became adjusted to his finger, knowing Brian he was watching every stroke his finger made. I was in and out of sleep periodically, each time I woke up, the finger was still in my ass. I heard someone open the bedroom door, it was Candy, she asked Brian how I was doing. He told her the pain had gotten worse, that he was massaging my bottom like he told her to do. She said she needed to check my cervix, but for him not to stop. She went out in the hallway, yelled for Paul. He came in, she explained what she needed to do, and that he needed to hold my leg up. I felt Paul lift my leg, Brian was still fingering my ass, his other hand started caressing inside my thigh, close to my pussy. I felt fingers by my pussy entrance, she said to open her leg more. Her fingers went inside of me, working their way to my cervix. I felt her move them around, I told her that hurt. She said she was sure it does, but that she needed to get deep to my cervix. Withdrawling her fingers she said it was dialted to 5, that I was halfway there. Told Brian and Paul to start the occasional organisms, then she left the room.

Brians finger was still working in my ass, Paul sat at the end of the bed, using one hand to keep my leg open. I felt another finger circleing my pussy entrance, just the tip being inside. I could hear the wet sound each time it circled in my pussy. I heard someone move alittle, then felt another finger circling my clit. brians finger was deep in my ass, still moving the whole length of his finger, in and out. The finger on my clit was touching it so lightly, I tried pushing against it, I couldnt believe my body was responding to this while being in so much pain. I started to moan, I heard Brian say another contraction was coming on. The touch on my clit became more sensitive, then I felt something warm, so warm and wet hit my clit. I knew someone was licking it, I wanted to cum, but I could feel the pain building in my lower back. As the contraction became stronger, I felt the lips on my clit, te tickling of the toungue, then the sucng of the lips. I started breathing heavy, I didnt know if Id even be able to get off like this, but something was happening.

Brians finger picked up speed in my ass, as the contraction got stronger, I heard Brian tell me when I cum, to bear down, but not to hard. I just nodded as I was panting, Paul was working my clit and teasing my pussy hole, I almost wanted it inside of me, but the pain wasnt going to allow that. I felt his lips put suction on my clit, I started moaning louder, telling them I was going to cum. Brian put his face up to my ear, telling me to get ready to bear down. I felt my muscles tighten, I whispered Im close, Im going to cum! The whisper in my ear told me to cum hard, to let Paul see my pussy juice squirt out of my swollen pussy. He kept talking to me, saying my slit was beautiful, my pussy was beautiful being pregnant, that he was going to see my pussy open up and give birth to his child.

Another contaction started, Brian told Paul to finish it, I felt the suction on my clit get more intense, he sucked harder as his tounge moved over my clit, Brian was fucking my ass hard with his finger, making my ass cheeks jiggle every time his hand met my ass. Between the contraction and the building of getting ready to cum, I was moaning loudly, all I kept hearing was to push down baby, to bear down on Pauls mouth, I felt it, omg the rush of cuming so hard! I even think I screamed as came, Brian told me to bear down, I tightened up my muscles as I came, and pushed down. I could feel the slack that my ass gave to his finger fucking it, I knew I was bearing down, like he taught me to when he first started ass fucking me. I felt my cum runnning down over my inner thigh, I knew I came hard. Brian withdrew his finger, Paul lowered my leg and I was out.

With each contraction Id wake up just enough to get through it and be back out. Not sure how much time had passed, but Candy had came back in the room to check my cervix. She told me I needed to lay on my back this time and pull my legs up and let the knees fall open. As I turned over I seen Paul was now sitting where Brian was, I looked over at him, he just smiled and said its about over. He opened my gown for Candy, helped me pull my legs up, then he stood up and watched Candy. When she got her gloves on, she said she definately dont need any lube this time, she can see how moist my pussy was from the outside of it. Her fingers slid in, worked their way to my cervix again. I thought I was going to come out of the bed, it hurt so bad. Paul told me to lay still so she can get up inside of me. He rubbed my swollen stomach as she moved her fingers in my cervix, withdrawling them she said Im about ready.

A few minutes later other people came in the room, I reconized Brian and kendra, didnt know who the other 2 was. Brian and Paul helped me scoot my bottom toward the end of the bed, I had to keep my legs bend or theyd hang over the side of the bed. I leaned up so they could take the robe off of me, and adjust the pillow for my head. I was laying there naked, with my legs spread in front of people i didnt even know.

Brian and Paul positioned themselves on both sides of my legs. They grabbed my legs and held them up by placing their hands under the knee and the other under the ankle. They had them pushed toward my stomach, making it alittle uncomfortable, Candy was at the nightstand getting things ready. I felt a finger back at my bum, working it in slowly. I knew it wasnt Brian or Paul, since they were both holding my legs up. The finger felt smaller than either of theirs, only took a few minutes for it to get deep in my ass, I told them it felt like I needed to push, Candy spoke up and said to breathe through it, not to push yet. Then I felt another finger moving on my clit, massaging it back and forth, was more gentle than Paul or Brian had ever been. Kendra climed on the bed beside me, started massaging my breast, I looked a brian with a confused look. He told me shes getting my breasts ready to feed his kid. Then I felt her warm lips take my nipple inside of her mouth, using her tounge to flick the nipple.

Brian was telling me how beautiful my pussy looked in that position. He always loved it when I was wide open for his viewing. Brian told me I needed to concentrate on cumming, so it will make this easier and quicker. I felt a finger at my pussy entrance, pushing and circling on the entrance, the finger on my clit felt good, but it wasnt enough pressure to make me cum. Brian looked at me, told me to tell them what I was wanting. I looked over at Paul, asked him to suck on my clit. I felt like pushing with each contraction, but I was able to breathe through it, but it kept distracting my mind. Paul switched with the other person between my legs, as soon as I felt his lips attach to my clit, I moaned. He was a master at knowing how much suction and how long to hold it there. I kept glancing at Brian, he was intertained watching Paul work his magic. The next contraction that hit, I started yelling, saying I have to push. Candy rushed over, looked between my legs, and said it was crowning! I had no clue what that meant, I just know the pain was unbearable, Paul increased his suction on my clit, the finger in the ass was moving faster. I could feel the orgasm building, I wanted to cum, in hopes all this wouod be over. I started moaning, and crying, I was begging them to make it all stop. It was to much pain, my pussy started spasing, I knew I was close to cumming. I yelled for Paul to go harder, he increased the suction, I was panting like a dog, i was hot and sweaty. Then my muscles tightened, and finally, I could feel the juices running down my ass.

I also felt the babys head pushing against my hole, and the pain terrible. I was trying to breathe and scream, at the same time. I remember begging for them to get the baby out of me, Ive never felt that kind of pain. Candy told me on the next contraction to push down and count to 10. Paul was now using his finger to stimulate my clit, I told him it wasnt going to happen. The contactions was to close together, but he continued to play with my clit. I could feel myself get closer to cumming, then another contracton would start, I pulled my leg from Brian, trying to kick Paul out of the way. I just wanted this baby out of me, I didnt care about anything else ant the moment. I heard someone say that it had alot of hair, I felt kinda relieved knowing he was almost out.

Another contraction started, I waited till it got stronger, then pushed down. Paul moved over and grabbed my leg, guessing he didnt want to miss anything. Afer several pushes, I heard him crying, I was so relieved. Candy put a blanket and gave him to me, immediately I started breast feeding. I kept looking at his facial features, to see if i was able to tell if he belonged to Paul or Brian. I couldnt tell anything, just that he was darker than me. Candy was still between my legs, I could feel some kind of tugging inside of me. I asked what she was doing, she said removing the placenta. I felt her hand go inside of me, i started moaning, I told her to give me a few minutes, it hurt to bad. She nodded, Brian and Paul put my legs down and came closer to me to look at the baby. They started asking about names, I never decided on a specific one.

They both continued to come up with names, I was to tired to even think. I just wanted to enjoy my son, I then felt Candy back down between my legs. I felt the placenta come out of my pussy, felt a warm washcloth wiping my bottom. I scooted back up in the bed, turned over and cuddled next to my son. (Deshawn)

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True Story | Bi-sexual, Interracial, Pregnant, Written by women


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