Sold into a night mare (Part 2) by claricee

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Fantasy | BDSM, Domination, Hardcore, Male, Rape, Written by women

He steered me towards a wooden structure in the middle of the room. it looked like an oversized workbench, like a massive table with all kinds o built in metal rings, knobs and gears. Leather belts were fixed to some of the rings and now dangling down the sides. Being suddenly aware of the desperation of my situation i finally decide to fight back:

"NO!!!" i screamed, pulling myself out of his grip with one quick movement. Before i could move away from him further he quickly yanked so hard on my leash that i stumbled and fell against the table. He rolled up the rope around his hand until his fist was next to my neck.

"Well, looks like we have to secure you a little better, now that you're a flight risk..." he whispered softly into my ear. he stood behind me, pushing my body into the table and then - with a very quick movement - he grabbed me by the neck and pushed my head down onto it. I immediately tried to break free, kicking and wiggling like crazy - he just laughed at me.

"God that's hot! i wasn't sure whether you'd just be the well mannered little girl your daddy is so proud of or whether you'd put up a fight.... this is such a turn on! you just fight like hell, you scream and beg! i love this!" He pulled himself half onto the table and pressed his knee into my back, then pulled my arms up over my head. his weight on my back pushed my body hard into the wood, i couldn't move.

I could feel him slinging something around my upper arm, then the other one. then he yanked it tight with a knot. Rope was cutting into my skin, my arms were pulled together behind my head. "nooooo, please.... you're hurting me" i whimpered. "yes, i know. it's gonna hurt. i am gonna make you feel pain you've never felt before in your sheltered life." he kept tieing more rounds of rope around my arms, making sure to fasten each knot until i let out a squeal.

"Eventually you'll get used to it and become the dirty whore that you were always meant to be." i could hear him breath more heavily. He grabbed both my hands and pulled them down to my neck, tieing them one over the other. he took his time, enjoying this. occasionally when he moved around i could feel his cock brushing against my butt.

He jumped off the table, grabbed my left ankle and pulled it up from the ground. Suddenly feeling the weight lifted off my body i made another attempt of getting away from him. i tried to kick my leg free, but having only the other one to stand on and my arms being restrained oh so tightly to my body i couldn't manage anything but a pathetic wiggle of my body on the table - like a fish out of water...

He laughed again, as he folded my leg at my knee so that my heel came to rest on my buttocks. he gently lifted my dress just a little bit and entangled some rope around my thigh. slowly he pulled it upwards as far as it would go and then tied it into a knot, pulling it tightly, letting it sink into my sensitive skin. he kept going, slinging the other ends around my ankle and jerking it tightly onto my body.

"Aaaahhhhhww, please!!!!!" i cried out. "Please?", he asked, "please, one more, you mean?" he kept threading the rope around my leg, alternating between my thigh and my ankle, pulling it tight eacht round. after he finished with a tight knot he stepped towards my other leg. he reached to grab my other foot, but then he hesitated.

I heard a zipper being pulled down and tried to turn my head. from the corner of my eye i could see him opening his pants and taking out his cock. he stroked it up and down and stepped between my legs. as he reached over to pull back my head by my hair he pressed his cock onto my leg and my buttock. he breathed heavily into my ear and my face as he hissed with clenched teeth: "can you feel this, my little whore? this is what you're doing to me... this is how hard i have always been around you." he pressed harder and rubbed his moist cock up and down. "i spent entire dinner parties at your house like this. i almost lost it once and and pounced on you in your fathers wine cellar, do you remember that? hey, do you remember us meeting down there? but now we are here... and this is so much better! this is my basement... and nobody can hear you scream down here. and we have all the time in the world.... and when i come, it won't be over some old photograph, i promise you that." and with that he let go of my head and started to tie my other leg up as the first one.

I was laying on the table - completely helpless. Except wiggling my fingers I could barely move at all. the ropes cut into my skin as my body started to revolt agains the awkward position it was forced into. I arched my body backwards to relieve some of the strain on the ropes, but i couldn't hold that position for very long. He bent over me to whisper in my ear again: "You should see yourself, my little princess, you look so amazing..". He reached his left arm around me and grabbed my neck under my chin, pulling my head backwards towards his face. He licked over my cheek with his wet tongue. As he turned my head more towards him, his tongue reached my lips. I pressed them together, tried desperately to turn my head back. He hissed disapprovingly, held me even tighter and forced his thumb between my lips. He pressed down on my lower teeth and as he opened my mouth his lips moved onto mine. He pressed his tongue into my mouth and kissed me fervently. His tongue explored every part of my mouth, I never had another tongue so deep inside it. He held me so tight as he kissed me wildly, pressed his body into mine and I felt his cock rubbing over my dress. My inner voice yelled inside my head: "This can't be happening! NOOO! This isn't real!" It felt like an eternity that he rummaged through my mouth. Finally he pulled back, but held my head in the same position so i had to look right into his eyes. "I'm gonna have so much fun with you!!" he said softly. Then he let go of my head.

He grabbed my thigh and my waist and turned me over with one swift movement. I came to lay on my legs and shoulders, frogtied, my head hanging over one edge of the table. On the wall opposed to it was a huge floor-to-ceiling mirror. I closed my eyes to spare myself the expression of horror over my own face.

He jumped onto the table it and kneeled down between my spread thighs. He ran his hands softly up both my thighs, pushing my dress upwards. "Now is the moment of truth, now we'll find out, whether there's just a little dirty cum-whore underneath this angel-like exterior, or not...." His voice was low and also he spoke in a very soft, almost sweet tone if felt menacing to me.

I wriggled around a little bit as his hands moved further up. He pushed the dress over my hips, exposing my pussy in my way too tight white lace thong. 

"I knew it!" he exclaimed loudly. "I knew Roger's little angel was just another slut! Does your Daddy know what you're wearing underneath those pretty dresses he buys you?!"  With that he started rubbing both his thumbs over the parts of my pussy lips that the thong didn't cover anymore, ignoring all my pleading, crying and fidgeting. 

"Beautiful! Let's see the rest!" He towered over me, grabbed the edges of my neckline with his hands and ripped my dress open with one tear. Bent backwards as I was my breasts got squeezed out of the tight bra cups even further, leaving my nipples completely bare. Glancing in the mirror i could see him staring at them satisfied. But suddenly he turned around and grabbed more rope that was laying on the table.

Rating: 91%, Read 17642 times, Posted Jun 20, 2018

Fantasy | BDSM, Domination, Hardcore, Male, Rape, Written by women


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