African-American Studies Part 2 by ndouglass

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Fantasm | Interracial, Rape, Virginity

Malcolm gripped his tea cup, his hands shaking with rage as he watched the morning news. He had to do his best to control his anger enough to remember to hit record; it would certainly make a special treat. He was, in a way, glad he had caught it. He had intended to play it back, on repeat, but those intentions did little to counter the growing rage.

Mrs. Finnegan, perfect little Rebecca Finnegan's perfect little mother was plastered on every local channel. It was only nine in the morning. She had only gone missing yesterday afternoon and already her face was on every telephone and cell phone in the tri-state area. Already her mother was on tv, explaining through bursts sobbing, how special her daughter was to her.

This fucking town. If Rebecca Finnegan had been a Black woman, the police would have told her parents not to worry. It hadn't been twenty-four hours yet. They would have told her parents that they had to wait an entire day before she was officially missing.

If she had been Black, the police would have brushed her off as promiscuous. No need to worry, your little Black daughter was probably just off fucking her thuggish Black boy friend. She was probably too high to come home.

But no, not for perfect little Rebecca Finnegan. The police were more than happy to bend the rules when a cute little white girl like her went missing even though it had only been fifteen hours. Fifteen short fucking hours and the little white cunt was already an Amber alert.

Malcolm downed the tea in a single gulp despite the fact that it was still too hot to drink. He yanked open the book shelf, unlocked the heavy iron door, and marched down the stairs.

He had only been gone a few minutes, just long enough to microwave another cup of herbal tea. He had intended to wait longer. He had intended to let her baste in depression and fear while he ate a nice breakfast and gave himself time to get hard again. At his age, it didn't exactly spring back to life like it used to.

But, well, fuck it. He was angry. He was livid, and there were other ways to get hard again.

She looked up vaguely when he turned the lights back on. She was still crying, sobbing really. Her pretty little face was still puffy with tears. Her tight little white body was still shaking with the force of her sobs. But still, she didn't look at him like he wanted her too. Her expression was more exhausted than it was afraid.

It didn't make much of a difference. He was going to make sure she was awake.

She looked at him dully with her tear filled blue eyes and watched him march over to her. Her exhaustion faded into a rush of cold adrenalin the closer he got. Good. He thought he had already broken her.

He smiled at her pretty little face. She thought, for a second that he was smiling at her and not at how cute and fragile she looked covered in his cum. She was going to have to get used to it, there was a lot more where that came from. Thank God for Viagra.

She flinched away when he grabbed for her breast. She still didn't want him toughing her. That fucking bitch. Perfect little Rebecca Finnegan, with her perfect little 4.0, her perfect little family, didn't want his big Black hands touching her perfect little body. Fine. Fucking bitch.

Malcolm slammed his fist into her stomach as hard as he could. She let out an "umph," muffled slightly by the piss soaked panties in her mouth, and swung limply from the ceiling, her toes unable to touch the ground.

Her perfect little naked body swung back towards him and Malcolm plowed his fist into her stomach again, this time with his left hand. "Umph!"

It felt good hitting her. It felt good to just let lose. He had never hit anyone before, at least not since he graduated high school in 1968. This wasn't just anyone he was hitting, this was a naked little white girl. This was helpless naked little white girl.

"Umph!" He plowed his right fist into her stomach and she buckled a moment before she swung away. This was Perfect little Rebecca Finnegan he had naked and chained in his basement. This was the shining example of her race.

He made to hit her again, but stopped short. He didn't want to cause the cunt any series injury. He didn't want her dieing on him, and besides, given the expression on her face, it looked like something she could handle. He had her screaming bloody murder before, but this looked like something she could handle.

He switched tactics. He still wanted to hurt her. He was still going to hurt her, but that was for his own fun. He knew how to make her scream. He knew how to break her. Perfect little Rebecca Finnegan might be able to handle a bit of pain, but she was still the virgin. She was still the perfect little Catholic girl.

He pulled her close and grabbed her tight little ass with his strong Black hands. He lifted her in the air and licked his way up her flat stomach. That gave him the reaction he wanted. She might be able to handle being slapped around, but rape and molestation broke through her stubborn mental barriers. Fucking Irish.

She quivered in his arms as he ran his tongue up her flat stomach and closed his lips around the puffy pink nipples on her pert round breasts. She did not want him touching her, especially on her privates. Everyone had their breaking points, and it didn't take long to figure out what buttons to push on perfect little Rebecca Finnegan.

He squeezed her tight, round little ass in his hands as he sucked on her nipples. He licked his way from one of her breasts to the other, intentionally leaving a trail of drool on her chest as she screamed and withered in his arms. He circled his nipples with his tongue and gave them a flick as she sobbed and pleaded into her gag.

He wondered, vaguely, if those white cotton panties he tied in her mouth still tasted like piss.

She bucked and begged and tried to wiggle free as he squeezed her tight little ass and sucked on her perky perfect breasts.

That's right, Rebecca Finnegan, there is no privacy any more. Old Malcolm Brown is going to get to know every inch of your tight little sixteen-year-old body. That's right Rebecca Finnegan, perfect little Rebecca Finnegan, a big Black man is going to touch your perfect little body every where. He's going to stick his big, Black cock into all your cute little holes. You're not going to be a virgin for much longer Rebecca Finnegan. When Malcolm Brown gets done with you, no man is going to want to touch you.

Rebecca threw back her head and screamed as Malcolm worked one of his strong fingers up her tight little asshole. She bucked and screamed and cried as he pushed it knuckle deep, and the shoved it all the up until his fist hit the soft cheeks of her round ass.

He wiggles his finger inside her tight little ass as he bit down on one of her puffy pink nipples. He reveled in the screams of utter humiliation and pain that managed to make their way past the gag in her mouth.

He let her go and took a step back to enjoy the anguished, shame filled expression on her cute little cum covered face. Oh God this was beautiful. This must be horrible for her. Her expression was priceless. She was so grief stricken, so humiliated.

She whimpered as he grabbed her between her legs. He didn't need to do much down there to make her scream and cry. All he needed to do was touch the lips of her bald little pussy and she would moan in agony.

He grabbed her throat to hold her in place and keep her from swinging. Then he traced his strong, Black finger against the perfect little lips of her bald, white pussy. He stared into her sobbing blue eyes as he ran his fingers back and forth across her little virgin hole. She was, somehow, even more adorable when she cried. This must be misery for her.

He changed tactics. This would really break her down mentally. If she didn't like to be touched there, she would hate this. Besides, he was curious what a virgin white girl tasted like.

He lifted her into the air, it wasn't hard, her perfectly petite little body was hardly over a hundred pounds. He rested her legs over her shoulders and buried his face between her legs.

She smelled wonderful. Even after pissing herself, her little virgin hole smelled pristine and clean. He clinched his hands on her ass as she tried to buck away and closed his eyes and took another long deep sniff.

He slowly stuck out his tongue and gave her pussy a little lick, just to see what a virgin tasted like. He had no intention of eating her out, but the howl of anguish the sixteen-year-old made when she felt his tongue against her virgin lips was more than he could take.

He gave her pussy another lick, this one long and slow and he moaned with pleasure as she moaned with grief. It was so bald and smooth and fresh and clean that he had to do it again, besides, anything to add a little agony to his little white bitch.

Perfect little Rebecca Finnegan. He was tasting perfect little Rebecca Finnegan's perfect little white pussy. He worked his tongue in deeper, spreading open her tight little hole and she howled in grief and humiliation again.

He was careful not to get her too wet. Careful not to add too much saliva. Her wanted her tight little hole nice and dry when he tore it apart.

He grinned at the noise she made when he worked a finger back up her ass. He gave her tight little slit another lap with his tongue and then teased her clitoris, not because he wanted to arouse her, but just because he wanted to taste that too.

Then an idea struck him. Malcolm had to take a deep breath to keep from laughing. Perfect little Rebecca Finnegan was going to hate this.

He opened his mouth, gave her clit another lick, and then bit down hard on it. The noise she made was markedly different. This scream was full of pain, not just grief and humiliation, and her tight little naked body bucked fiercely in an effort to break free as Malcolm kept his teeth clamped tight on her clitoris.

He growled in his best imitation of a dog and shook his head back and forth as he bit down on her clitoris as hard as he could. He released abruptly, afraid that he might rip it off entirely, and pushed her legs off his shoulders.

He pondered for a moment as he watched her little naked white body swing helplessly from the chain. Her toes unable to touch the ground. Her agonized face covered with his drying cum. He wondered if he wanted to cut it off. Maybe not yet, but some time down the road.

Female circumcision. It was a tradition back in Africa. His people had been practicing it for centuries. It would certainly hurt her. It would cause her more pain than she had ever experienced. It would destroy her mentally.

But he would have to wait for that. For the moment he could use it to hurt her, and besides, he wasn't sure how to do it safely. He didn't want to damage her too much. Slaves were an investment, they were property, the white folks had argued that for years as a reason to oppress his people.

Malcolm shook his head in debate as he walked over to the gun safe in the wall and picked up a black leather riding crop. This time she did disappoint him. This time she wasn't paying any attention. Her head was hung low in shame and grief.

That was fine. He would have her full and undivided attention soon enough. She was always such an attentive girl. She paid close attention. Christ she could repeat his lectures verbatim when she was only a freshman.

He'd give her this momentary break in concentration. Even perfect little Rebecca Finnegan was allowed to take her beautiful blue eyes off the ball every once and a while.

Besides, he knew how to get her attention again. She her perfect little breasts were perfectly sensitive.

Malcolm raised his arm above his head. He clinched his hand around the handle of his black leather riding crop. He took careful aim. He swung as hard as he could.

Rebecca's eyes shot open and the threw back her head and screamed in pain. His first lash had crossed over her left nipple and onto her right breast. It was good, but he could do better. He raised his hand above his head again and brought the riding crop down against her firm round breasts. She screamed for bloody murder again and Malcolm was delighted to find that he hit both her nipples at the same time, on only his second blow.

Now that he was torturing her, really torturing her, he debated taking out her gag, just so he could hear her scream and beg. No, that wasn't a good idea. He had promised that they wouldn't talk to one another after he took her virginity and taking out her gag would certainly be a violation of those rules.

Perfect little Rebecca Finnegan was hanging naked and helpless in his basement dungeon. He still couldn't believe it. He cute little face was already painted with his dried cum. He had already tasted her bald little pussy. It was the perfect start to his retirement.

He walked behind her, he didn't want to leave too many welts on her breasts yet. Her beautiful little breasts. He couldn't help himself. He dropped the crop.

He grabbed her from behind and pulled her close. He made sure she could feel his enormous and angry Black cock press against her back as he held her close. He grabbed her breasts from behind and sank his fingernails into her soft white flesh.

He played with her sore little nipples. He gave them little pinches and yanks and rolled them in his strong black fingers as she cried. He pinched down hard and twisted and pulled. He pressed up against the tee and sucked on her ear as he let his right hand roam down her soft white flesh.

He gave her nipple a hard pinch and pushed the tip of his finger into her little white pussy. He heard her sob, he felt her body shaking against his as she wept. He pushed his finger in deeper. God she was tight. She was the tightest thing he ever felt. It was going to hurt like hell when he raped her.

He spread her little hole open and gave her breast another squeeze as he licked his way up and down her neck. Fuck it. He'd break the rules, just this once. He brought his lips next to her ear.

"I'm going to rape you, Rebecca," Malcolm said as he played whit her tight little pussy, "My nigger cock is going to rip your little pussy apart."

She sobbed and mumbled something into her gag. It sounded vaguely like "Mmm-mmm-mmm." She was begging him and it made him laugh.

He took a step back and picked up the crop. Perfect little Rebecca Finnegan screamed into her piss covered gag as he brought the crop down hard against her perfect little ass. He did it again and the teen rewarded him with another scream. He did it again, and took a knee as he swung so he could land the crop against the back of her thighs.

Perfect little Rebecca Finnegan screamed with each blow from the crop. Her petite, naked body swung back and forth from the chain. The cuffs cut off the circulation to her hands. Her little toes struggled to touch the ground as she swung helplessly with each hard blow.

Perfect little Rebecca Finnegan. Can you feel that Rebecca? It hurts doesn't it? That's what you did to Malcolm's ancestors. That's what it feels like to be whipped like a slave, Rebecca. This is what it feels like to be property Rebecca. Is Malcolm still your favorite teacher? Somewhere down the line your people owned his people. Somewhere down the line they kidnapped someone just like Malcolm and millions of others and they turned them into slaves. Now the same thing is happening to you Rebecca Finnegan. How do you like it? It hurts doesn't it?

"It hurts doesn't it!"

Malcolm's beautiful Black body was covered with sweat. Rebecca screamed as the crop swished against her breasts again. She was spinning around helplessly on the chain, rotating in little circles as Malcolm beat her with the switch, completely unconcerned about where he hit her.

She howled as the crop cut across her sensitive pink nipples. "This is what you did to my people you fucking white devil bitch!" The crop crashed across her stomach. Malcolm didn't even know he was yelling.

He stopped abruptly, exhausted and sweaty despite the cold basement chill. Rebecca stopped screaming a few seconds later. Her cum covered face was scrunched with pain. Her perfect little white body was covered in a series of red welts.

Malcolm was, honestly, shocked when he saw her. He had let his rage get the better of him. He had completely lost control of himself and now her tight little porcelain white skin was marked head-to-toe in harsh pink welts.

He hadn't meant to beat her nearly that hard or that long. He had lost control. He was having too much fun working out a lifetime of pent up rage and hatred. He'd have to watch himself. He didn't want to hurt her, not permanently and if he didn't watch himself he'd do some serious damage.

He dropped the crop on the floor and walked over to the wall. He let the chain down, he just let it unwind and he watched as perfect little Rebecca Finnegan fell to her knees and then collapsed to the cold concrete floor, too exhausted to even attempt to break her fall, let alone stand up.

Perfect little Rebecca Finnegan wept on the concrete floor, wearing nothing but a pair of white cotton socks. Her perfect little naked body was covered head-to-toe in painful pink welts. She didn't even try to take out her gag, she just curled on the cold hard floor and wept. Her naked little body shook with the force of her sobs.

It was the most pathetic thing that Malcolm had ever seen. Perfect little Rebecca Finnegan had a perfect 4.0. She was saving that perfect little body for marriage. She was active in the Catholic Church, a part of the swim team and too stubborn to fail at anything. Yesterday she could do anything and now perfect little Rebecca Finnegan was a mess on the basement floor.

It was the most pathetic thing Malcolm had ever seen. It was also the most arousing.

He gave the chain a yank, just enough to pull her arms in the air. He freed her handcuffs from the chain, and noticed the deep bruises around her wrists. He debated freeing her wrists and taking the handcuffs off, but thought better of it. He knew enough not too trust her, perfect little Rebecca Finnegan was too smart for her own good.

Instead he scooped her into his arms. It wasn't hard. Her petite little five-foot body hardly weighed more than a hundred pounds and Malcolm had almost two feet on her and still, even in retirement, had a fair amount of muscle.

He heaved her over his shoulder in a fireman's carry. She let out an "umph" as her stomach pounded onto his strong Black shoulder, but was too exhausted to object. He wrapped his right arm around her legs and was delighted at the deep anguished moan the teen made as he ran his left hand over her perfect little pussy lips. She sobbed and withered and moaned in grief as he teased her little pussy.

Malcolm opened the door to her cell and dropped her onto the cheap little cot in the center of the room. He had bolted the cot to the ground and left it with only a cheap and filthy army surplus mattress. Aside from the toilet and the shower, it was the only thing in the small prison cell. Welcome to your new home Rebecca Finnegan.

He climbed on top of the teen and sat his big, Black ass on her tight little stomach. She gave a pathetic and futile little struggle as he played with her firm, round tits. She screamed, yet again, when he pinched and twisted her puffy pink nipples.

He was going to have fun. He pulled the keys off the chain around his neck and freed her wrists from the handcuff. She didn't waist a second. The moment her hands were free she did her best to pummel Malcolm with her two little fists. Rebecca Finnegan did not disappoint.

No! She would not be raped today! The grief and exhaustion faded from her eyes and was replaced by a familiar stubborn rage. Fucking Irish. Perfect little Rebecca Finnegan did not disappoint. Her cries turned into a scream of rage and she pounded her little fists into Malcolm. Her little naked body bucked beneath his in an effort to throw him off of her, to send him to the floor.

Malcolm couldn't but laugh as her clenched fists landed blow after blow on his Black flesh. He couldn't laugh at the look of unadulterated hatred on her perfect cum covered face or at her little battle screams of rage. Perfect little Rebecca Finnegan could beat on him all day and not even make a dent.

With normal people, with sane people, Malcolm's laughter would have been soul crushing. Normal people would have given up with the resolute knowledge that their struggles were futile. Normal people would have heard his laughing and realized they would never win.

Not perfect little Rebecca Finnegan. She heard him laughing at her and it only served to fuel her anger. Fucking Irish. At least she was fighting. At least she had that same stubborn resolve that made her perfect little Rebecca Finnegan, Malcolm would have been truly disappointed if she cracked because of a little molestation and a dew whips from the crop.

He rolled his eyes and caught her left hand as she tried to hit him again. She screamed into her gag as squirmed beneath him. She did everything in her power to break free from his grasp.

Malcolm ignored her and locked her arm to the shackles on the metal headboard of the cheap army surplus cot. It was for her own good. He wanted her bound and helpless and the shackles on the cot were lined with leather, they would be easier on her bruised wrists. They would let some of the blood flow back to her hands.

Not that Rebecca wanted anything to do with it. She didn't understand that Malcolm was doing this for her own good. She had been hanging too long. Her bruised wrists needed a break.

He grinned down at her and brushed her away like a fly as she tried to free her hand, and then brushed her away again, laughing each time. Perfect little Rebecca Finnegan. Her struggles only turned him on more. Didn't she understand that he wanted her to fight? Didn't she understand that he wanted her to struggle and scream?

He grabbed her other wrist and brought it above her head. He had it locked in the, far more comfortable, leather and iron shackles in a second. She wasn't getting out of those, he had made them himself, he made them just for her in the metal shop at their school. A lot of the toys he made at school. A lot of them he had made with perfect little Rebecca Finnegan in mind. He had been waiting for this for a while, ever since he first met her in his Freshman World Studies class.

Her stubborn and defiant screams of rage and hatred ended the moment he had her arms bound with the leather and iron shackles on the headboard. She struggled, a little, enough to know that she wasn't getting out, and a new wave of grief washed over the sixteen-year-old. Her angry screams faded back to uncontrollable sobbing.

He put his hands on her waist and slowly ran them up her flat stomach. He marveled at how soft and smooth her lily white skin was and how much it contrasted with his Black calloused hands.

Malcolm cupped her round white breasts with his big Black hands and rolled her nipples with his thumbs. He leaned over her, watching her sob as he licked his way down her neck and closed his fat lips around her puffy little nipple. He sucked down hard, teasing it whit his tongue as he worked his way between her legs.

He bit down on her nipple and pulled his head back, making her scream in pain as he fought to spread her legs apart.

Perfect little Rebecca Finnegan was struggling to keep her knees locked together. She was fighting with every once of energy she had left in her petite little body to keep Malcolm from prying her legs apart.

Not that it mattered. Her efforts were useless. She was too little. She was too small. She was too weak to put up any real resistance. It took just a little more effort than Malcolm had expected, but he still managed to pry her knees apart and work his hips between her lily white legs.

"Shhh," Malcolm said as he pulled the tie free and yanked the panties out of her mouth. He wanted an unobstructed view of the expression on perfect little Rebecca Finnegan's face when he took her virginity.

Her bottom lip quivered as she looked up at him with her tear-filled blue eyes. She shook her head; the expression on her cum covered face was priceless. "P-p-p-please," She managed through her sobs. "P-p-p-please no. Please, please, please don't rape me Mr. Brown. Please don't rape me."

Malcolm grinned down at her and slowly stroked the tip of his cock up and down her tight, bald, virgin lips. Perfect little Rebecca Finnegan was so fucking pathetic. He laughed and pushed, adding just a little pressure to her little white pussy.

She screamed. "Oh God, please, please, please, please don't. Please don't rape me. Please just let me go, just please, please, please, don't rape me. Please Mr. Brown. Please."

"Oh," Malcolm said as he stroked some of her strawberry blond hair away from her cum covered face. He looker her in the eye and smiled as he teased her little pussy with the fat tip of his angry Black cock.

He slowly grabbed the headboard and clinched it tight with his fists. He grinned again and stared into her deep blue, tear-filled eyes. He licked his lips as he watched the panic mount within her.

"Please...Please...Please...AHHHHH!" He thrust forward as hard as he could, and split her little white pussy open with the bulbous tip of his fat, angry Black cock. God she was tight, he had only just managed to work the tip in.

He grabbed her head, pressing his Black hands against her cum covered face. He looked into her eyes, his head inches from hers and shoved his cock into her again. "Yeow!' He sobbing face squinted up in pain as he worked his cock a little deeper into her.

He must have been ripping her apart. She was so tight it was hurting him. He thrust deeper, this time he had made it all the way in. This time he felt his hairy balls smack against her little white ass.

He grind down at her and enjoyed the little yips and yipes she made as he ground his hips around him. He was inside of her. He was inside of perfect little Rebecca Finnegan. He had shattered her hymen and impaled her little white virgin slit with his big Black cock.

Do you feel that Rebecca Finnegan? He thrust into her again and she screamed. You're not pure as the driven snow any more, Rebecca Finnegan. He impaled her with his big Black cock once more. Did it hurt when the big Black man took your virginity? His balls slapped against her tight little ass. He's going to do worse things than that to you?

He was taking it slowly at first, one thrust at a time, in hard and fast and out nice and slow. He loved the noises she made as she tried to sob and scream at the same time punctuated by deep, long, moans of grief. He plowed himself into perfect little Rebecca Finnegan let out a sickening gurgling sound as he impaled her with his big, Black, cock.

He grabbed her breast with his right hand and teased her puffy little nipple as he rammed his cock into her again. "Oh yeah," Malcolm groaned she was too tight for him. She little white hole clung onto his fat Black cock. "You have the tightest fucking cunt I've ever fucked.

He forced her head to her side and licked his way up her neck as he gave her one hard thrust after another. "You're not a virgin any more Rebecca Finnegan," he whispered into the teen's ear as he bit down on her little lobe and rammed his cock inside of her. "You're not pure anymore. You got a big nigger cock in your little white pussy, you dirty fucking bitch."

"Yeeeow!" She screamed as Malcolm thrust himself inside of her. He let go of her face and gripped the backboard. "Eh!" He picked up his pace. Each thrust harder than the last. Each thrust faster than the last.

He wasn't just raping her. He wasn't just taking her virginity. He was punishing her. He was taking his revenge. He was taking his reparations for centuries of oppression and slavery.

He rammed himself into her, shoving his cock as deep into her stomach as he could, and the rammed himself in again.

Her firm, round, breasts bounced with each brutal thrust. She pressed her bound hands against the headboard, to keep her head from slamming into it. And she screamed and sobbed and moaned in anguish as Malcolm grunted with pleasure.

"Bitch! Take it! Fucking whore! Fucking! White! Fucking! Cunt! Perfect! Fucking! Little! Fucking! Rebecca! Fucking! Finnegan! Take it you bitch! You white fucking whore! You like that Finnegan! You like being! Fucked! By! Big! Nigger! Cooooock!"

Malcolm threw back his head and rammed his enormous Black prick as deep into her little white pussy as hard as he could. He clinched her breasts in his strong hands and squeezed tight as he blew his load deep inside of her.

"You were a great fuck Rebecca Finnegan," Malcolm said with a grin as he slowly pulled himself out of the teens little pussy.

She wept and whimpered as he dragged his Black blood covered cock across her perfect little face, smearing her blood across her pretty lips.

"It felt really good fucking you with my big Black cock." Malcolm said as he shoved two fingers inside of her little hole and coated them with sperm and blood. He smeared the blood and sperm over her quivering lips as she sobbed.

"I'm going to take a shower and drop by your house. Tell your parents how much I'm hoping for your safe return." He shoved her hands between her legs again and wiped a little more of her blood and cum across her crying face. "Don't go anywhere, we're going to play again later."

Rating: 88%, Read 33560 times, Posted Jul 13, 2014

Fantasm | Interracial, Rape, Virginity


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