Susan Sucks Off the Neighbor Boy While Waiting for Husband to Fuck Her by XTrapnel

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Fiction | Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Female, Group Sex, Male, Old Female, Wife

One afternoon, Susan made herself a turkey sandwich for lunch, and sat down at the table in the breakfast nook to eat it. As her backside met the chair, she felt the butt plug her husband Jim had inserted into her ass before he’d left for work that morning. “Nnngh,” she groaned slightly, wincing a bit at the pain, but also enjoying it.

Jim had picked out a nice thick butt plug: “I want you to feel it, honey, and stretch out your ass a little,” he’d told his wife that morning. “I want you to keep it up there all day, as a reminder of the ass-fucking I’m going to give you tonight.” Susan had nodded obediently: It was part of their current sex game: She was more passive, agreeing to anything her husband—her master, in this game—told her to do.

The butt plug was having Jim’s desired effect on Susan: Now that she felt the hard piece of molded plastic pushing up into her asshole, she could think of nothing other than the fucking her husband was going to give her this evening. She dropped her turkey sandwich on the plate—her appetite was gone; she couldn’t think about eating now.

She reached down to touch her pussy. She was wearing a very short skirt that barely covered her thighs. It was loose and pleated: she liked to have access to her pussy whenever she felt like stroking it. That’s what she did now, rubbing her cunt through the thin fabric of her panties. The panties were already soaked: ever since Jim had shoved the butt plug up her as she lay across Jim’s lap this morning, she’d been in a near-constant state of arousal.

Susan slid two fingers past her panties and into her pussy and moved them in and out. Shit, she could cum right now if she wanted! But what had Jim said? “Not only do I want you to keep that thing up your ass, I also want you to avoid any orgasm all day. You hear me? All day. I want my fucking you tonight to be the first time you’ve cum all day.”

Susan grinned at the memory of Jim’s words. That bastard! He knew exactly what would test me, what would be my biggest challenge all day. Wanting to obey her husband’s orders, she took her fingers out of her pussy and could not resist putting them into her mouth, licking her pussy juice off them. They tasted delicious.

Susan realized that if she didn’t do something to distract herself, she’d make herself cum. So she got up and went out the back door into their back yard. It was a beautiful sunny day, and she stood on the patio, feeling the warm sun. She wore a thin, scoop-neck t-shirt with no bra, so her big tits could wobble with freedom. She smoothed her short pleated skirt as she stood wearing tan platform high heels—she wore heels almost constantly, since she liked the way they made her legs look, and the way they tilted her ass up in the air invitingly.

Susan looked over into her next-door neighbor’s yard and saw the Davidsons’ son Timmy. He was of legal age, Susan thought, but he was also kind of innocent, a good-looking kid wearing shorts and an old Lynyrd Skynyrd t-shirt that had probably once belonged to his dad. He stood tossing a football up into the air and catching it; he was alone.

“Hi, Timmy!” Susan called, smiling and waving. Timmy whirled around to the sound of Susan’s voice—he hadn’t realized she was there. “Um, hi, Mrs. Smith,” he said, gulping when he saw Susan—and Susan’s sexy little outfit. Susan could feel the boy’s eyes do a quick up-and-down examination of her, taking in her high heels, her long legs, her short skirt, her tight t-shirt, and her big, friendly eyes. Susan loved it when any man, no matter how young, appreciated her body.

There was no fence separating their yards, and so Susan, impulsively, pointed to the football Timmy was holding, and said, “Hey, toss it here!” She held out her arms to receive a catch. Timmy stopped staring at Mrs. Smith and looked down at the football in his hands. “Oh, ok,” he said. He tossed the football to Susan underhand, so the nice lady could catch it.

The throw was a little short, and Susan had to step forward on her teetering high heels and lean out to catch the ball. As she did she felt her tits heave forward, straining against the scoop-neck. “Oh, my!” she exclaimed, catching the ball but having to take another step to keep from falling down. Susan laughed as she straightened up, holding the ball to her chest, beneath her big titties. She saw Timmy staring at her chest in silent awe.

“C’mere,” said Susan. Timmy crossed over from his property to Susan’s. He came to the edge of the stone patio, and no further, and Susan noticed he continued to stare at her tits. She couldn’t help herself; she had an idea.

“You’re getting to be a big boy, Timmy,” she said. “Very handsome. I’ll bet all the girls like you.” It occurred to her that perhaps Timmy liked boys more than girls, and so she followed that up with, “Do you like girls?”

Timmy nodded his head vigorously, not taking his gaze off Susan’s chest. “Yes, ma’am!” he said emphatically. Susan giggled. “Well, that’s nice,” she said. She took another step closer to the boy, her high heels clicking on the stone patio. She looked over at Timmy’s house and asked, “Are your parents home?”

“No,” said Timmy. “Dad’s at work and Mom went to the store; she’ll be back in a little while.” He looked puzzled by Susan’s question.

Susan tossed the ball back to Timmy and lowered her voice. “Tell me something, Timmy,” she said, putting her hands on her wide hips. “Have you ever seen a woman’s naked breasts?”

Timmy tore his eyes off Susan’s tits and looked her in the eyes, surprised and not a little shocked. “No!” he said, his face turning red. “I mean, sometimes my mom, but…” his voice trailed off. Susan thought about Timmy’s mom, Helen, a dark-haired beauty with very nice tits, smaller than Susan’s but hard and round. The fact that Timmy admitted to Susan that he’d seen his mother’s breasts emboldened her.

“No? I mean, have you ever seen breasts like these?” Susan suddenly pulled the scoop-neck aside with her left hand, and, with her right, lifted her tits out of her shirt, letting them flop against her chest. Her nipples were hard.

Timmy could not believe his eyes. Staring at Susan’s quivering tits, he stammered, “N-n-n-n-o, Mrs. Smith. Gosh, those sure are pretty!” Susan was delighted by his reaction. She took another step closer to the boy, her tits wobbling from side to side as she did. Now she was within reach of him.

“Go ahead, touch them,” she said softly, pushing her chest out at the boy. He looked up as though he couldn’t believe what he was hearing. “Go ahead,” said Susan again. “You said no one was home, right? No one is watching.”

Timmy nodded hypnotically. He reached out with two hands and cupped a breast in each one. Susan felt her pussy tingle at the boy’s touch. She wanted to encourage him, make him feel comfortable. “Mmmmm,” she said, closing her eyes. “That feels good, Timmy. You have strong hands!” She felt Timmy’s hold on her tits tighten a little—he gave her breasts a little squeeze.

“Oooh, you naughty boy!” Susan squealed. Timmy pulled his hands back, alarmed. “Oh, I’m sorry!” he gasped. Susan opened her eyes to stare into Timmy’s. “No, silly, don’t be sorry,” she said in a crooning voice. “I like it when you squeeze my titties. See how you made my nipples hard?” Timmy gazed at Susan erect nipples. “Yes,” he said in a whisper.

Emboldened, Susan looked down at Timmy’s shorts. “Now,” she said, “I let you feel something of mine. Can I feel something of yours?” Without waiting for the boy’s response, she reached over with her right hand and placed it over the zipper on the shorts. She could feel the boy’s hard penis.

Timmy instinctively took a half-step back, surprised. “Hey!” he yelped, then immediately stopped and looked up at Susan. “I mean…”

“Oh, I know, Timmy, it’s confusing, isn’t it?” Susan said softly. “But really, I think you’re a very sweet boy. I like you. Do you like me?” She took her hand off of Timmy’s pants and twirled around in a circle, feeling her pleated skirt whirl up, undoubtedly exposing her pink panties to the boy.

Timmy finally permitted himself a grin. “Yeah,” he said huskily, watching Susan’s round ass as it made its circle, “I like you, Mrs. Smith. A lot.”

Susan reached down to the boy’s crotch again. “Let’s see how much you like me,” she said. Susan was impressed: For a kid in his late teens, Timmy had a nice-size dick, and it was as hard as a rock now. Susan took her palm and rubbed the front of the boy’s shorts. “How does this feel?” she asked.

Timmy inhaled sharply. “F-f-f—feels good!” he gasped.

Susan decided to be even more bold. “Let me ask you something, Timmy. Have you ever had sex?”

Timmy looked down and shook his head “No.” He was self-conscious now.

“Not even a little blow-job from one of the nice little girls who like you?” Susan asked, keeping her palm on Timmy’s crotch and rubbing it lightly. Timmy shook his head in the negative again.

Susan made a decision. She decided that if she couldn’t cum, she was going to make someone else cum. By being generous, she’d get something out of it, too.

She abruptly squatted in front of the boy, her knees on either side of the boy’s thin legs. She reached up and with two hands pulled down the zipper of his shorts, reached inside them, and pulled out Timmy’s cock, which was beautiful—hairless and strong, a skinny little hard dick that looked delicious.

Susan felt her mouth filling with saliva and she said thickly, “You have a very nice penis, Timmy. Do you mind if Mrs. Smith touches it?” She was stroking Timmy’s dick as she said this. “No!” he yelped. “Not at all! Go ahead!”

Susan chuckled. “Ok, big boy,” she said. “Calm down. Mrs. Smith is going to give you a nice little blow-job.” She licked his cock once, and then put the head in her mouth and sucked. She thought he might cum immediately, he seemed so hard. But he didn’t, which enabled Susan to start giving him a proper blow-job. Gripping the boy’s cock at its base, she pushed the thin, hard rod into her mouth—it just reached the back of her throat. This was a novelty for Susan: she was so used to having her husband’s thick long dick in her mouth, pushing its way down her throat, choking her wonderfully, that the relative smallness of Timmy’s cock was a pleasant new feeling.

“Mmmmm,” she murmured, warming to her task. She started bobbing her head up and down, sucking quickly and confidently. Keeping her right hand on his dick, she reached her left hand behind Timmy, feeling for his ass and pushing it toward her, making his dick go as far into her mouth as possible. “Mmmffff,” she said, snorting a little through her nose, getting more excited.

“Oh, man!” Timmy groaned. “Mrs. Smith,” he said through gritted teeth. “That feels so good!”

Susan popped the cock out of her mouth and, continuing to stroke it, looked up at the boy’s face and said with a grin, “That’s the idea, little boy! I’m really proud of you that you haven’t cum yet! I am loving this dick in my mouth!” She resumed sucking and pushing it down her throat.

“But, Mrs. Smith—I think I’m gonna cum soon!” Timmy said in a strangled voice. He sounded worried about Susan’s reaction to this. She yanked her lips off the cock again.

“That’s ok, baby!” she said. “You cum when you need to!”

“But,” Timmy gasped, “should I pull it out of your mouth when I…” his voice trailed off, distracted by the way this beautiful woman was working so fiercely on his cock.

Susan pulled it out of her mouth again just long enough to say, “No! Don’t worry! Just cum in my mouth whenever you want!” She then put Timmy in her mouth again and started working more lustily on it, knowing that this blow-job was about to end. She felt the base of his cock start throbbing and knew what that meant.

“Oh, shit—I’m cumming!” Timmy yelled, not caring if the neighbors heard. Instinctively, he ground his hips into Susan’s mouth. By pure male reflex, his right hand went behind Susan’s head and pushed his cock even further into her throat.

Susan got really turned-on by this new aggressiveness from the boy. She kept her mouth glued to the boy’s cock, breathing heavily through her nose now. Here it comes, she thought.

“Oh, jesus, oh jesus!” Timmy yelled, shooting a stream of cum into the back of Susan’s throat. It was warm and good—not as much as Jim shot down her mouth when he came, but a good amount. Susan had no problem gulping and swallowing the cum without taking Timmy’s cock out of her mouth.

When he’d finished coming, Timmy’s tenseness relaxed. Susan let his deflating cock out of her mouth and cleared her throat as she said, “Good boy! That was great!” She began licking his cock, cleaning it like a kitten. Then she stood up, wobbling a little from her exertions and unsteady feet in her high heels.

“Ooooh!” she laughed, regaining her balance. She looked at Timmy, who was stuffing his cock back into his pants and zipping up. Susan was glad she’d given the boy this pleasure.

“Um, thanks, Mrs. Smith,” said Timmy. The boy’s shyness turned Susan on. Without thinking about it, she reached down and pulled her panties down; they fell to her ankles. She raised her skirt with one hand, and with the other, she rubbed her wet, shaven pussy with two fingers.

“Oh, Timmy,” she said with a little moan, “give my little cunny a lick!” She pushed her cunt toward the boy. After a moment’s hesitation, Timmy squatted down in front of Susan and licked her pussy once, twice, three times.

Susan felt her pussy juice up even more and start throbbing. She had a sudden thought: No! No! Can’t cum! Can’t cum now! Jim will know!

She stepped back and reached down to pull up her panties. Timmy looked at her as though he may have done something wrong. Susan smiled at the boy. “Oh, sweetie, it’s not you—it’s me!,” she said. “I, um, just remembered I have something in the oven and I should get back inside.” She smoothed down her short skirt.

“Listen, Timmy,” she said. “Maybe we can do this again some time. Would you like that?” Timmy nodded his head vigorously. Susan giggled. “Good: I’d like that too! But we can’t if you tell anybody. So don’t tell your mom and dad, ok?” Timmy nodded in silent agreement.

“Good boy, Timmy,” said Susan. Blowing him a kiss, she took her wet, throbbing pussy and her butt-plugged ass back into the house to await the fucking her husband was going to give her when he got home from work. END

Rating: 89%, Read 143608 times, Posted Mar 20, 2020

Fiction | Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Female, Group Sex, Male, Old Female, Wife


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