Case Study 301: A Disney World Orgy by jintina

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Chapter 7

Welcome back for another installment of this epic story Case Study 301, this chapter is entitled Disney World Orgy. If you happened to stumble across this chapter without reading the previous chapters I can give a synopsis but you really should try and read a few chapters before this one as many details are needed to move forward.


So, this is a story of a young co-ed who was inside a hotel suite with a well known gangster in Los Angeles. During their evening of copulation a Columbian hit man burst thru the hotel room door. The gangster and his bodyguards immediately started a shoot out right in front of our co-ed, Kristen. The only person to survive that evening was Kristen but unfortunately she has suffered a psychotic break and in her current conscious state she is catatonic. It is like she is in a walking coma.

Dr. Miles Spencer who heads up a secret facility known as the Camelot Clinic for the FBI is only able to communicate with her when he hypnotizes her then uses a technique known as regression for her to open up to him. The FBI wants to know what exactly happened in that hotel room that night unfortunately our co-ed Kristen she has locked herself in her eight-year-old ego thus far. Miles has been diligently working with her but she is only telling him things that have happened at that young age.

So for those of you who do not like the themes of a young lady experiencing sexual situations then this story isn’t for you, sorry. You should move on now. So, if you do read it please do not leave any nasty comments as this was your warning. I will say this, that upcoming chapters her age will increase check back then. For right now we explore how a family went to Disney World and made it the happiest place on earth for a whole other reason. For those of you who are not upset with this theme enjoy. Once again thank you for taking the time as this series has taken well over a year to put together.

A Disney World Orgy:

Meanwhile at the Camelot Clinic:

The next day Miles brought Kristen back in for her next session #51.

We rejoin Miles and Kristen at the beginning of session 51. Miles was taking a grave chance at regressing Kristen’s mind so soon after doing so the day before. His hope was to push Kristen. In their last session she remained in her eight-year-old ego and hopefully by pushing her perhaps he could bring her to her actual twenty-year-old ego. Kristen was brought to Miles’ office by her orderly named Carl. He helped her to sit on the couch waiting for Miles to begin their session for the day. Now, without the aide of being hypnotized Kristen just sat on Miles’ couch as if she was a living statue just staring at him or perhaps right through him, which he really didn’t know anymore. All he knew was unless she was hypnotized Kristen didn’t speak didn’t move and there was no reaction of any kind on her part.

As Miles sat behind his desk he contemplated what he should do next. Each time you regress a patient you run the risk of the patient locking themselves in their own little world inside of their mind perhaps for good. As he sat their staring back at her all he could think about was, ‘what if Kristen had already locked herself in her own little world? And everything she is telling him is just her sick twisted little fantasy?’ It was sad actually to think about the young girl’s situation. The fact that at such a young age she was asked to protect both of her parents by locking away the circumstances that she was being abused in one way or another on a daily basis. That she lived a life in which she and her parents were engaging in some form of incestuous lifestyle even to the point of it becoming normality. Miles for the first time was seriously considering calling his mentor Dr. Joel Greenburg with this problem as he couldn’t figure out how to help this young co-ed girl escape from her personal demons.

Miles’ can do attitude has served him well over the years and has pushed him forward to not give up on anyone and he decided right then and there that he was not going to abandon this young co-ed girl just yet. He felt that no matter what happens he would stick it out with her until Kristen becomes a fully functioning woman again. Miles began to talk to Kristen as he walked around the room setting the soft mood that he likes to create for his patients when he is about to hypnotize them, it gives a much more soothing affect for each of his patients. “Kristen I know that you can hear me and I know that you are aching to escape the world that you created for yourself in your mind. The only way I can help you is if you give me some sort of sign any kind of sign as to the entrance way to help pull you out. I want you to know that you can trust me and that I can be a protector as well for you.”

Then he sat down and began the process of hypnotizing her and several minutes later young Kristen was right back where she had left off the day before. Kristen was again wearing a soft cotton sun dress and as she sat on the couch she took her instinctive sitting position, Indian style. Her dress rose up her silky smooth legs slowly bringing into view yet another thong, this time it was Blue in color. Miles waited for her to adjust to being hypnotized then finally her eyes began to soften as it seemed as if her soul began to shine thru them. She then smiled at him taking the ends of her hair and began to chew on the ends like a young girl would do and she said, “Hello Doctor Spencer, how are you today?”

Miles was pleasantly surprised that she had started the conversation and responded, “I’m doing just fine today how about you?”

Kristen said, “Today I feel really good. You know I have been holding something back from you, Doctor Spencer. My parents have been bringing me here for the past year to talk to you so you can help me. I just want to say that ~ I like coming here ~ it seems like a lot of fun talking to you Doctor Spencer. I feel so much better after I leave here every day. I also like our alone time ~ it’s like ~ I can tell you things ~ anything that is bothering me ~ and you ~ you don’t get mad at me for the bad things that I do.”

Miles sat taking in what she just said and thought, ‘this is not good. If she thinks that her parents are bringing her here then she could possibly have developed a false scenario in her mind, an alter ego if you will, and in doing so that could be the reason why she has remained in her catatonic state when she is not hypnotized. Her statement that she has been coming to therapy sessions for a year now would lead him to believe that, that is exactly what she has done but reality is she has only been at the clinic about two months now. She really believes that she is currently only eight-years-old.

Miles tried to hold it together as he smirked at the young co-ed sitting across from him and said, “Kristen there is no reason for me to be upset with you. As I told you before anything you say or do behind this closed door stay’s right here, I promise.” This was the first time that Miles had not prompted Kristen to speak before regressing her mind. He wanted to see where she was mentally that day. “So, Kristen what would you like to talk about today?”

Kristen said, “Well, the last time we talked about when I was at Typhoon Lagoon in Disney World with my mommy and daddy.”

Miles wanted to try to keep things out of the sexual realm today and said, “Yes, that is right but you left Disney World after that, isn’t that correct?”

Kristen said, “Yes, we left the next day.”

Miles said, “So, did you have fun going on the rides and being in the park and seeing all the different Disney characters?”

Kristen sat there and smiled her pretty little smile, “You know it was sorta fun ~ but ~”

Miles interrupted her, “~ but what? So you’re now telling me you didn’t have fun? I mean when we talked about it before you were smiling, laughing all the time. You mentioned how you loved being alone with your father inside of the park.”

Kristen said, “I guess so but the real fun? Well, the real fun? Well that happened when daddy and I ended up in all the strange little places in Disney World. I mean ~ I had the most fun when dad kept taking me to all the different men’s room inside of Disney World. After we did it the first time I wanted daddy to keep taking me to all the different men’s rooms around the park so I could look at all the boy’s penises and the big daddy ones too.”

Miles wanted to head this off before she got started skipping down the sex road again, “So, after you finished playing at the Lagoon pool, did you and your parents have a nice dinner before you went home?”

Kristen looked at Miles and her face contorted a little, “The biggest surprise of the trip was waiting for my daddy and me when we made it back to our room after we finished at Typhoon Lagoon.”

Miles said, “What was that?”

Kristen said, “Well, when we got back to the hotel room, I really needed to take a shower so I could clean my privates because daddy’s sperm was like all dry on my skin down around my privates and all but a lot of it was still wet inside of me. While my daddy sat out in the like living room area of the hotel room he watched the football teams play against each other as I went in the bathroom and took my shower by myself. When I came back out I was all nice and clean. I noticed that my mommy still hadn’t come back to our room yet.”

Miles said, “So, I guess since your mommy hadn’t come back yet ~ you and your daddy ordered dinner from room service then watched the end of the football game?”

Kristen said, “Weelllll ~ no, not exactly ~”

Miles interjected, “~ oh for gosh sakes ~ don’t tell me that you and your daddy had sex again?”

Kristen said very sarcastically, “Well, it wasn’t like I walked out and my daddy just like ~ tore my clothes off of me then made me do things to him or something like that.”

Miles said, “So, what did happen?”

Kristen said, “I walked out into the living room still wet wearing my bath towel and sat down next to daddy on the couch as we watched the football game together. Daddy put his arm around me and held me tight next to him. He found a note on the table when I was in the shower. Daddy handed me the note and he said to read it while he went to take a shower of his own. He said, ‘that I should to put on a nice dress and no panties as usual.’ I read the note after he left the room and it was from my mother. She wrote for us to meet her at a certain time in a different hotel inside of Disney World.”

Miles asked, “So do you know what the note was for?”

Kristen said, “Well, when I first read the note I wasn’t sure why my mommy was in a different hotel than us and it just made me upset again. When daddy came back out he was dressed really nice but I was still wrapped in my towel. I didn’t want to go Doctor Spencer. If my daddy did then he was just going to have to leave me all by myself! My daddy was upset that I wasn’t ready yet. He told me to, ‘put on my dress so that we could go.’ But I told him that ‘I decided that I didn’t want to go and mommy should come back here with us.’”

Miles asked, “So why was the note making you so upset?”

Kristen folded her arms and gave him a little snarf from her nose and with a scowled look said, “I just wanted my mommy to stay with us ~ is that so wrong? You know she should be with us Doctor Spencer ~ I mean we were on vacation together and as this was supposed to be a family vacatioin ~ instead my mommy was finding all kinds of ways of spending so much time away from us. It was like she didn’t want to be with us at all.”

She lifted up her head and you could see the pink around her eyes from her tears welling up and asked, “Do you think I did something wrong Dr. Spencer? Was it because daddy wanted to spend so much time with just me? Am I a bad girl to let my daddy do the things he did to me when we were naked? Because all I wanted was just for us three to have a good time at Disney World ~ you know ~ like all three of us together. I didn’t know that daddy wanted to do all the things he did with me before we left on vacation. I mean he didn’t talk to me about how he wanted to have sex with me on my birthday. I mean that was supposed to be a surprise and like everything else that kinda happened while we were there ~ just like ~ kinda ~ just like happened if you know what I mean? Besides the night daddy and I had sex together it was mommy who was pretending to be me in bed while they were having sex together as my mommy was on all fours right over top of me while I was sleeping.”

Miles said, “No, Kristen I don’t think that you’re a bad girl. I just think that you are a young girl whose mommy and daddy did things that they shouldn’t have with you. I think that your mommy and daddy wanted you to be all grown up just like them. If anyone is bad it would be your mommy and daddy. I know you said you come from a special family but they shouldn’t have done the things to you the way they did them. You are a good girl ~ I hope you understand that, Kristen. So, what did your dad say about you going or staying? Did you go to the other hotel room where your mommy was?”

Kristen said, “I really didn’t want to go. I told daddy to call mommy and to tell her to come back to us where she belonged. I don’t like it when my mommy is having sex with strange men. I mean ~ it wasn’t fair to my daddy but my daddy told me that I need to respect my mommy and if she tells me, ‘that she wants me to go somewhere that I don’t have a choice.’ He said, ‘when you are all grown up and you don’t want to listen then that was up to me but because I’m so young right now I don’t have a choice.’ He also said ‘not to worry about anything.’”

Miles asked, “So, what did you do?”

Kristen said, “I was still mad at my mommy deep down inside of me but I didn’t want to make daddy ~ you know like ~ all mad at me and all. Daddy brought out my nice dress for me. He also pulled out his camera because he knows how much I like to play fashion model with him. Daddy started taking pictures of me as he helped me change. My daddy smelled so nice and looked so handsome I just wanted to kiss him all over ~ if you know what I mean?

He smiled at me as he took my towel off and I stood in front of daddy all naked and all. He just smiled at me telling me how beautiful I was and how much of a big girl I was now. He took his camera out and started taking pictures of me. I started to move around like a fashion model would as he took pictures of me being naked and all. Daddy always smiles when I spread my legs for him he likes that the most when my I spread my legs for him. He said, ‘he wanted to take pictures of my special naughty place now that he had his privates up there.’ He said, ‘my vagina looks all grown up now because he can fit his penis inside of me and all.’ He pointed to it and said that he could see how wide my hole was. It wasn’t as small as it was when we first got there a couple of days ago.

I even moved his hand over my naughty spot and let him play with my naughty spot as he took pictures of it. I like the way daddy touches me. He makes me feel so warm and like tingly all over my body. Then when I was naked standing on the coffee table my daddy kept taking pictures of me he looked at me and said, ‘listen pumpkin you know that you are daddy’s special girl right? And mommy is special too daddy as well. I just want to make you both happy okay? So, let’s get you into your dress, please? And let’s go visit with mommy and her new friends. I promise you ~ you will have a good time tonight.’

Then my daddy kissed me while I was still naked the French way again for a really, really long time. His hands went all over my body and his fingernails went from my butt all the way up to my shoulders. I like when he does that it makes me just ~ like ~ shiver as if I am cold or something ~ and I liked it when he would squeeze my butt with his big hands as his fingers went inside both of my naughty spots at the same time. He made me feel like I was a big grown up girl and all ~ I felt like I was safe with my daddy. I really liked the way daddy kissed me then I felt daddy’s privates against my stomach and daddy sorta like stopped and smiled at me and said, ‘I was a good girl and that I should listen to him and mommy always because they would never do anything to hurt me.’”

Miles said, “Well, from what you have told me so far that is true. It sounds like your mommy and daddy love you very much. Even though I may not approve of what your mommy and daddy make you do by having sex with them. I really believe that they both love you very much.”

Kristen became defensive, “I told you already and I am going to tell you one more time ~ I come from a very special family Doctor Spencer. I guess your family was not special like mine. I guess you didn’t grow up like my cousin Timmy did or my cousin Amy did or like I am right now. You can’t understand how I really feel!”

Miles sat still and thought, ‘nice to see she has a backbone’ and he said, “Kristen you are absolutely right about that. As a matter of fact you are the first patient that I have ever had that came from a special family.” Even though in reality he has dealt with multiple incestuous situations he just wanted to garner confidence from her that he was there to listen to her story and give her answers to her problems.

Kristen felt a little better and she continued on with her story of what happened that evening, “I told my daddy that, ‘I just want mommy to be with us and for us to be our family together.’ I didn’t understand why my mommy had to go somewhere else and not be with me and daddy. My daddy hugged me really tight and said, ‘come on honey please just give it a try I promise you that you are going to have fun. You know when you get a little older you are going to better understand your mommy trust me.”

Miles was happy that they were making progress whether or not she was right or wrong in her thinking that having sex with her parents was permissible or not. “Okay so you and your daddy were all dressed up where did you go?”

Kristen said, “We got on the high train thingy ~ what did you call it Doctor Miles?”

Miles said, “A monorail.”

Kristen said, “Yeah, we got on the monorail and we were the only two in our car when we left. Daddy held me tight as I sat in his lap. I was really nervous ~”

Miles asked, “Why were you nervous?”

Kristen said, “I saw the parties that my mommy and daddy had at our house with everyone walking around naked and having sex with each other. We have gone to so many picnics and birthday parties at other special family’s houses and had parties just like ours. I told you before that sometimes the parents will have special alone time with the kids just like my daddy did a couple of nights before with me.”

Miles said, “Oh I see. Well, I would have been nervous too especially if I didn’t know who the people were and what happens with other grown-ups at those kinds of parties then it would be really scary.”

Kristen pointed her finger at Miles as her head was nodding in agreement and said, “Yeah ~ I know right?! I didn’t know who we were going to see. I didn’t know if I was supposed to have sex with somebody who wasn’t my mommy or daddy.” Kristen put her foot on the floor for the first time and crossed her knees as her memory was very vivid in her mind. Her foot began to bounce up and down nervously and she was wringing her hands together. “You see ~ that is why my daddy held me in his lap and rocked me back and forth to try and keep calm on the monorail thingy. My daddy knew that wasn’t working so he stood up on the monorail thingy and I had my hands and arms around his neck with my legs around his waist. He walked me up and down the aisle and jiggling me up and down like he does when I am ascared of lightning storms. I knew as long as my daddy held me everything was going to be okay ~ he’s my protector.”

A bell went off in Miles’ head when he heard the word protector. That was the word she used at the hotel the night of the assassination. Kristen called Agent Murphy, ‘Protector’ that night. Kristen was in shock after witnessing four people murdered right in front of her eyes. She was sitting in a bathtub slipping in and out of her psychotic break and when she saw Agent Murphy. Something triggered in her brain and she rose from the tub naked. She was covered in male semen and blood from her hips to her shoulders and the climbed up on Agent Murphy’s torso just like she does with her father whenever she was scared as a child and she whispered ‘Protector’ into Agent Murphy’s ear. Miles knew that he needed to allow her to continue with her story as that word could be the very key to everything and breaking her catatonic state once and for all. Miles said, “So, did your daddy or your ‘Protector’ take you back or did you go to the other hotel room?”

Miles handed her a tissue and Kristen wiped the tears from her eyes and said, “We went to the other hotel. Mommy had written down the room number and we went to the room.”

Miles asked, “So when you got there were you still nervous?”

Kristen said, “Yes. I just knew if my mommy and daddy were there then I should be okay. We went the room and I heard someone come up to the door and they must have looked out that peep hole thingy because I heard a strange woman’s voice say, ‘hey Frank their finally here.’ The strange woman opened the door and she was wearing a small bathrobe. It was open in the front and she was completely nude underneath and it was very short because it didn’t even cover her butt. She wasn’t very pretty ~ I guess she was like just okay looking. She stuck her head out the door and looked down the hallway but we were the only ones there. Then she opened the door all the way and her robe opened all the way and I saw her small boobies and her vagina. She had to be really young like me because she didn’t have any hair above her vagina like my mommy does. She hugged my daddy and kissed him on the lips and she smiled at him and said, ‘hey Jimmy I’ve been waiting to fuck you for days now.’ Then she bent over and looked down at me and said, ‘but I guess you had your hands full with this one huh?’”

Miles quickly thought to his self, ‘okay here we go again.’ “So are you sure she was completely naked?”

Kristen said, “Yeah. Then she leaned down and kissed me on the lips and said, ‘you must be Kristen.’ Then she smiled at me then she kissed my daddy on the lips again and put her hand on his penis and said, ‘thank god you’re her Jimmy I need some reinforcements for the night.’ Then I heard someone screaming inside the bedroom and it sounded an awful a lot like my mommy screaming ‘Oh my god, Oh my fucking god your fucking killing me!’ I thought someone was hurting my mommy and I pushed by the lady and ran into the room and my mommy was on top of this really young boy and the strange man from the wave pool had his hands on her hips as he stood behind her, I could see that he had his penis inside of my mommy’s bum hole.

I didn’t like what I saw Dr. Miles it made me so mad watching my mommy be with someone who wasn’t my daddy. I didn’t know what to do so I screamed really loud and then ran to the bathroom and locked the door behind me and I started to cry really hard. It was like mommy broke my heart. I kept yelling and screaming, ‘I hate you, I hate you, I hate you!”

Miles asked, “Wow, you must have been very angry. I never heard you say that you ever hated your mommy. Why weren’t you okay with seeing a strange man and his son having sex with your mommy? Your daddy explained to you that it might happen before you left your hotel room.”

Kristen thru her hands into the air and blurted out, “Well duh……. Doctor Spencer my mommy is supposed to only have sex with my daddy, that’s why!”

Miles flipped through his notes and said, “Well, you told me the other day that your daddy said that both of your parents had sex with other men and women. Remember she had sex with that other man who played the Gaston character don’t you remember?”

Kristen for the first time in over a month and a half, cried for the first time. She began to sob as she put her head inside of her cupped hands. “It ~ It ~ It was horrible Dr. Spencer.” Her crying was so distressing to Miles that he stood up in front of her with his arms open. All he could think about was all the sexual abuse and mental abuse seemed finally hit its boiling point and has become too much for her. She stood wrapping her arms around his neck and buried her head into his shoulder. Miles could only wonder if she realized that he was actually part of the problem by having sex with her while she has been hypnotized during their sessions. Miles felt somewhat responsible no matter how slight it might be he was an active participant in her abuse. Then she hopped up onto Miles wrapping her legs around him just like she did with her father and Agent Murphy and said, “You are my protector now Doctor Spencer. You have to protect me okay?” Then she began to grind on him.

Miles smiled as she said that he was now her ‘Protector’ he must be on the right path no matter how bad her story of sexual exploration was. Miles began to grope her ass instinctively then he pulled his head back and kissed her full of passion on the lips, “Okay, I will do my best. I am so sorry you had to go through all of that. Kristen did you ever think that the reason why she had sex with those other men while you were at Disney World was because she was jealous?”

Kristen said, “Who would she be jealous of? Mommy is one of the prettiest mommies alive!”

Miles continued his groping of her ass and there was very little reaction or resistance from Kristen as his fingers began to pet her pussy over the thin triangle shaped layer covering her pink pussy and he said, “Your mommy could be jealous of you having sex with your daddy did you ever think about that?”

Kristen pulled her head back and looked into his eyes, “But why? She wanted me to have sex with my daddy. Besides Doctor Spencer she told me that we are a special family and that my daddy can do whatever he wants to me anytime he wants to ~ mommy told me that I belong only to my daddy and I should always obey what he says and whatever he wants.”

Miles said, “Did you ever think that your mommy was upset not because you were having sex with your daddy but that your daddy and you were having so much fun having sex together without her? That she wanted to join in with the two of you and have fun too?”

Kristen said, “I just don’t get it Dr. Miles. I mean mommy and daddy were having sex and she was the one that told daddy to put his penis inside of me. I never asked my daddy to do the same things he was doing to my mommy. Mommy was the one who took ~ like ~ tons of pictures of me and daddy and all ~ she even held the video camera to make sure we didn’t miss anything for my first time with my daddy. Then when daddy was done with me my mommy wanted to play with me too. After I took a tubby with mommy and we played with each other as daddy took pictures of both us pretending to be naked super models he even took videos of us too. I liked that the most pretending to be a super model like the girls in daddy’s favorite magazine Hustler. I liked that mommy and I played with each other like the girls do in his magazine it was a whole lotta fun.”

Miles then said, “You never know maybe your daddy told your mommy that he was having so much fun having sex with you or just being alone with you that she felt she needed to make her own fun.”

Kristen began to move her vagina along Miles finger that was still caressing her labia making the inner walls of her pussy perspire with her love juice. She eyes continued to secrete her fluid as she remembered what happened that night so many years ago and said, “Dr. Spencer it just broke my heart seeing my mommy having sex with somebody who wasn’t my daddy. I like the way your finger feels over my privates though. This reminds me when daddy held me on the airplane a couple of days ago before he took his penis out and peed on my face and inside my vagina.”

Miles pushed her thong to the side and he pushed two of his fingers inside of her as he began to explore her moistened cave for her G-spot and he asked her, “Your daddy also put his finger inside of you like this right?”

Kristen said, “Yes, but your fingers feel so much better than daddies did the other day. See that’s right Miles curl your fingers on my special spot inside. Yeah rub it a little harder that feels so nice. It’s like you are an expert at making girls feel like all squishy inside their naughty spots, don’t you?”

Miles continued to finger fuck her co-ed pussy enticing her G-spot. Miles’ cock pushed up between their stomachs as he was once again put into a position he didn’t want to be in again but here he was once again sexually playing with his hypnotized patient. His eyes locked with Kristen’s and they shared something special between their gazes. While Kristen was hypnotized and still locked away in her pre-teen ego Miles asked ”Well, while you were inside the bathroom after seeing that you were so upset and yelling at your mother through the door telling her that you hated her, what happened after that?”

Kristen’s gaze focused even more with Miles’ and she moved her lips down to his and began to kiss him with her open mouth gently twirling her tongue inside of Miles’ mouth. Miles then pushed his tongue out as she opened her mouth as Kristen let out a whimper of ecstasy. Miles penis began to filter more blood inside of his shaft bring him to extreme excitement. Kristen felt his manhood rise to its full potential against her stomach, she pulled back and said, “Oh yeah ~ after a while my daddy came to the bathroom door and knocked real light and said, ‘come on pumpkin open the door. I promised you everything will be alright. Now, open the door and let me in so we can talk this out before someone calls the police on everyone.’

Kristen said, “I was so angry at my mommy I just yelled as loud as I could, ‘I hate you, I hate you, I hate you mommy you shouldn’t be doing what you’re doing to daddy you are a mean person mommy.’ Then my mommy came to the door and said, ‘honey I never thought you would be so upset ~ you just do not understand honey ~ I’m sorry honey ~ we should have all come here together that was my fault honey ~ please forgive me. Now, please pumpkin open the door and let daddy and I in so we can talk to you in private. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want too we both promise.’”

Miles eyes rolled to the back of his head as he felt Kristen’s soaked thong push over his shaft under his pants. Kristen’s juices were staining his slacks and dress shirt but he didn’t care because of their past sexual experiences but still had the wherewithal and asked, “So what did you do? Did you listen to your parents?”

Kristen said, “I will always listen to my parents no matter how angry I am because I love them.”

Miles lightly smacked her ass while he walked both of them back to the couch then he knelt down so that she was now sitting comfortably on the edge of the cushion of the couch. Miles then stood and deftly pulled her light linen dress upwards and in one fluid motion it came off of her slender co-ed body revealing her two smallish breasts and two hard pink nipples. Miles fell to his knees as he was once again under the spell of her sexual prowess. Kneeling between her spread legs around his hips he could see the wet spot that he created by fingering her cunt hole. Miles smirked slightly as he was amused by his accomplishment and said, “Did they bend you over their knees and smack your tiny little bottom for yelling at them?” Miles finished asking his question then leaned forward and suckled on her breast.

Kristen said, “No, my mommy doesn’t believe in spankings. She sat down on the side of the bathtub next to me so I moved away from her and I sat down on the toilet while daddy leaned up against the sink. Then my mommy said, ‘Now what has got you all upset sweetie? Why in the world would you say that you hate me?’ Ooh Doctor Spencer your mouth feels so good on my booby.

I looked at her and asked, ‘why do you have to have sex with all of these strange men, mommy? We are on vacation together mommy you are supposed to stay with me and daddy. Why can’t you just have sex with me and daddy?’” Miles then moved his head between her silky twenty-year-old thighs and took a deep breath taking in her special aroma and then dipped his tongue into her fountain of youth. Kristen jerked a little as she felt the warm wet tip of his tongue push her lips open for his first taste. As Kristen continued her story she instinctively pulled Miles’ face tight against her vulva as she leaned back on the sofa pulling his hair forcing his face deeper inside of her crotch. “Oh, Doctor Miles, you’re the best when it comes to tasting my privates.”

Miles couldn’t help but think that there is no way for her to remember that they had sex during their previous sessions while she was hypnotized and he thought to his self, ‘I cleaned all of her thoughts when she was hypnotized it’s impossible for her to remember anything that I did to her.’ Then he snapped back from his thoughts that were making his heart race and asked from between her legs with his mouth against her labia, “So what did you mommy say to you next?”

Kristen said, “Mommy reached out and put her hand on the side of my face and said, ‘you are still so young. You just don’t understand that this is what our family likes to do. We like to pleasure other people with our bodies as they pleasure us with theirs. Daddy’s family and my family have been doing this very thing for many, many years now. Even your grandparents did these very same things. Your grandparents even had sex with both daddy and me when we were your age and even younger honey. They even did what we are doing tonight with other families at the same time when on vacation just like us. I just want to carry on that tradition with you so you don’t miss out on all the fun you could be having. It’s really important for me to teach you to keep our traditions honey.

Listen to mommy now, the young boy sitting outside in the hotel room, his name is Jake and we brought you here so that you two can play together. Daddy and I spent a lot of time and effort to find a special family that had a boy that we thought you may like. So please honey at least give it a try for us, please? See, daddy and I want to play with his mommy and daddy too ~ you know play together all at the same time. We are only here to have some fun. So what do you say honey? Do you wanna go out there and have some fun with everyone just like I did when I was a little girl at your age?’ Then my mommy kissed me the French way that my daddy likes to do with me and her tongue tasted like sperm so I spit it out of my mouth into the bathtub.

Then my mommy asked me, ‘What is wrong with you today? I’ve never seen you act like this before?’ I told her, ‘mommy your mouth tastes like sperm. I don’t know whose sperm that is? You could have gotten that from anywhere.’ Then we all started laughing together and I finally began to relax because what I said was so silly.”

Miles unzipped his pants and with no regard to his patient’s story or mental health of being sexually abused. Miles continued to be an active part in her abuse now. He knelt up and kissed his patient with his lips that were saturated with her vaginal juices. Miles lined the head of his penis with Kristen’s co-ed pussy. Then he slipped his overjoyed cock into her wet warm pussy and began slide deeper and deeper inside of her and asked, “So what did you do? Did all three of you leave the party or did you stay for the evening?” Miles then began to slowly pump inside of Kristen’s wonderful co-ed-pussy.

Kristen’s eyes went wide open with passion as her mouth made a perfect ‘O’ and said, “That feels so good Doctor Spencer ~ you do that so gooooood. It’s like you know just how to make me feel so wonderful.” Then her mind slipped back to that night and said, “Daddy didn’t wait for me to say if I wanted to go back out there with those strangers he just undressed right there. Then without talking to me he took my dress off so I was naked just like him. My daddy’s penis was hard when he pulled his pants down. I reached out and grabbed it with my hand and my daddy moved it in front of my face and I took it in my mouth and kissed it. I looked up at my daddy’s smiling face and said, ‘I love this penis daddy I want it to be just mine I really don’t want to share it with strange vagina’s.’ Then I hung my head knowing that my temper tantrum was silly and I said, ‘I guess we are going to stay right daddy! I am so sorry mommy and daddy. Mommy I don’t hate you.’

Then we went out into the room and Jake was sitting on the couch by his self. My mommy took me by the hand and led me over to him. Then she made me sit in Jakes lap and she said, ‘Jake this is my precious daughter Kristen and you may fuck her, suck her and make her feel good any way you want to. Now, Kristen this is Jake I expect you to suck his dick and let him fuck you wherever he wants to put his penis do you understand me young lady? You are to do anything he wants to do even if he asks you to lick his asshole with your tongue you are to do it. Do you understand young lady? I told her, ‘yes mommy I will make you proud of me.’ then my mommy went with Jake’s daddy his name was Frank and they began to fool around on one of the beds in the room. My daddy was already on the other bed with Jake’s mother and her name was Beth and she already had his penis, my penis, inside of her mouth.”

Miles could feel her vagina instinctively milking his cock as she was telling him her story. When her emotions ran to the point that she was angry her tiny co-ed pussy would compress tightly around his shaft. While Miles was enjoying Kristen’s story the pleasure she was providing him sexually far outweighed the possibility of him losing his license to practice and he got control of his self once again and asked, “So, as you sat on this young boy’s lap how did you feel about the situation you were put into?”

Kristen bit her bottom lip and sat up and using her hands against Miles’ chest she pushed him out of her sopping wet vagina, “Let me show you.” She stood and switched places with Miles. He sat on the couch and then she sat on his lap as she did that fateful evening. She sat daintily on his solid thighs as his penis was the driving factor between them and she said, “His penis was really hard just like yours but his was just a bit smaller than yours. He kept kissing me and I knew he wanted me to kiss him back but I just couldn’t take my eyes off of my daddy and Jake’s slut mother Beth as she kept sucking my cock ~ I mean my daddy’s penis.

I didn’t like that she moved so she was on her back and my daddy climbed on top of her chest and pushed his dick between her boobies as she sucked on the top of his dick. Dr. Spencer she was sucking it so hard that when my daddy pulled out of her mouth she made these popping sounds. She then started using her hands on his penis. She moved her hand up and down on it and started to use bad words.”

Miles began to caress his little muse’s breasts as she bounced up and down on his cock and asked, “What did she say? Can you remember?”

Kristen said, “Is it okay if I say all the bad things she was saying?”

Miles chuckled, “Kristen I think that we are well past worrying about your saying bad and nasty things. You are sitting on my lap naked with my penis inside of your vagina honey.”

Kristen’s face blanched red, “Well, you are a very hard to resist Dr. Spencer. I mean your penis feels like it should just live inside of my vagina forever. She began pretending to be ~ well me ~ it upset me a whole bunch she was saying things like, ‘that was awesome daddy you can use my mouth anytime you want. I like the way your cock fills up my mouth daddy! Am I a good little slut for you, daddy?’ Then my father looked down at her with a big smile, ‘So I am your daddy huh?’ She said, ‘Yeah I’m your dirty slut daughter and my body is all yours for you to play with. Don’t you want to fuck my slutty little cunt hole or do you want to jam your huge cock in my tiny little asshole Daddy?’ My daddy started to talk really dirty too, ‘Daddy is going to fucking screw your brains out. When daddy get’s through with you, you’re not going to be able to sit for weeks after I pound your little asshole.’

Jake’s mommy then opened her legs and my daddy put his self inside of her like this.” Kristen then moved onto the floor on her back and spread her co-ed legs revealing her sopping wet pussy and he pushed inside of her really fast and hard like he was stabbing her with his penis and said, ‘you like that my fucking nasty daughter?’ Come on Dr. Spencer get on top of me so I can show how they did it.”

Miles slipped off the couch onto his knees still hard and was enthused to play along with Kristen’s memory of what took place that night. Miles positioned his self over her pushing her knees open with the palms of his hands he then pushed forward feeling the tip of his penis against her wet labia. Then with one fast hard motion he wanted her memory to ring true as he stabbed his cock hard at her. His cock missed its target and he slipped downwards away from her but then he quickly readjusted and found the opening lovingly pushing as deep inside of her as he could. Miles’ felt the electrical charge of being plugged deep inside of her co-ed pussy. His cock now reenergized began to pound down, fast and hard onto her cervix and said, “Was your daddy fucking that other woman’s slutty cunt like this honey?”

Kristen felt her love hole expanding accepting her therapist’s penis. She felt her body being shocked wave after wave of electricity bringing her quickly to her first orgasm. Wrapping her arms and legs around his body like a python, Miles fell deeper and deeper into her coiling motions and said, “Yes, Dr. Spencer pound my slutty cunt like my daddy did to her. Fuck your dirty slut Miles!” Miles was enjoying this immensely he could really care less about her story he just wanted to get off inside of her again.

Kristen kept on telling her story as they both were grinding their hips into one another, “I was so upset with my daddy having sex with that old hag of a woman, he should have only been with me, it was my vacation Dr. Spencer. So, I decided to get back at my daddy and decided to let Jake fuck me. I got on my back on the couch. I told Jake, ‘Do the same thing that my daddy was doing to his mommy.’ I began to repeat the things that Jake’s mommy was saying to my daddy to Jake. I looked up at Jake and said, ‘Don’t you love my tight little cunt Jake? You like fucking my young pussy with your hot teenage cock don’t you. You feel so good ramming it so hard inside of me! It feels so good doesn’t it.’ I was practically screaming to make sure that my daddy and mommy heard me.”

Miles cock was creeping in and out of her co-ed pussy that was closing around his shaft as he moved backwards and then opened up accepting his cock nice and deep as he pushed forward. Miles figured with the memory of hers that evening is being relived in the present is the reason every time he pulled out her pussy juices were flowing out right behind his cock and he asked, “So, did Jake do what as you asked him to do?”

Kristen stopped breathing and her eyes rolled into the top of her head as Miles continued his onslaught deep inside of her neither region. Miles hips looked like a piston in an engine being revved up as if someone was stepping on a gas pedal. Then Kristen opened her eyes and spread her legs open wider while her hands slipped off of Miles’ sweaty ass but then when she was able to gain a grip she began to slam her pelvic bone upwards hard as her hands tried to push Miles as deep inside of her as he could go.

Then she tried to scream but all that escaped as a gale force of air from her lungs and her juices were released from her vagina and her mouth opened with an octave that was so high it came out as a silent scream. Kristen finally released her therapist and her head fell back down on to the pillow as she was trying to catch her breath. Her one hand went over her beating heart that felt like it was going to explode out of her chest as the other went to her forehead. Finally her eyes came back into focus as Miles’ cock slowed hits pace like an engine idling and she said, “Yes, Jake did as I asked and he finally erupted inside of me. I was fantasizing that Jake was my father and after he had finished I opened my eyes to both of our parents were standing over both of us clapping and my mommy said, ‘that was just wonderful you two.’”

Miles pushed deep inside of his muse and looked deep in her eyes and said, “Kristen I want to pretend we are making babies together ~ I want to finish inside of you!”

Kristen smiled at her therapist and wrapped her arms and legs around Miles’ torso again, “Fill me up ~ just like my Jake did that night Doctor Spencer.”

Miles breathing became labored and his thrusts slowed but they were much more forceful and deliberate as it seemed he was trying to crush her pelvis. Then he moved his mouth down to her ear and whispered, “Will you kiss me the French way? You know the way you do with your mommy and daddy? It will help me finish faster!” Miles was straining to give her is payload but the amount of sexual activity between the two of them over the past two days was enabling Miles to last longer than he was used to.

Kristen said, “Yes, Dr. Spencer I want to feel you finish inside of me. I like the feeling when daddy shoots his white pee inside of me.” Then Kristen raised her head and their mouths were open then their lips sealed together as they both began to explore each other mouths with their tongues.

Their tongues were locked in battle yet again and Miles finally broke the seal from their mouths and looked deep inside of her beautiful light blue eyes. He felt the buildup escaping his from his balls and his orgasm loading into his shaft ready to spew inside of her and said, “I’m ready I’m going to finish inside of YOU!” Kristen locked his cock deep inside of her cunt by squeezing her pussy muscle around his shaft then using her legs to imprison Miles torso to keep him deep inside of her. They lay there together on the floor spasming next to the couch trying to catch each their breaths as they continued to kiss one another. Miles cock was like a Glock 9mm that began to unload its full clip inside of her. Miles wasn’t shooting long full ropes of cum but it was small bursts one right after the other that he shot up and deep into her co-ed pussy that hit the target inside of her womb.

When Kristen finally knew that there was no more sperm to be shot inside of her love canal she released Miles from her python grip. Her therapist pulled his semi rigid member from her co-ed pussy. It was covered in both of their orgasms and to Miles shock Kristen sat up as Miles remained upright on his knees and took his slimy penis into her hand, “Please let me clean you with my mouth.” Kristen opened her mouth and took Miles almost flaccid penis as deep as she could into her mouth.

Once Kristen was satisfied that she had cleaned Miles’ shaft the best she could, she let it slip from her mouth completely drained of all energy. Like two warriors who were leaving the battlefield after a hard fought battle retreated once again into Miles’ private bath. They lovingly held each other, kissed each other as cleaned each one another as the lukewarm water cascaded over them. Kristen continued to hug and kissed Miles in the shower like she did all those years ago when she was actually an innocent pre-teenage school girl with her own father after having sex. Once they were dried and redressed and took their positions back in Miles office he then restarted with his questioning after he read through his notes. “So, Kristen let’s get back to it okay? After your parents gave you and Jake a standing ovation for having sex together what happened if anything?”

Kristen sat for a while as her ass was still pounding underneath of her because of Miles’ onslaught. She composed herself and said, “Well, Jakes father helped him off of me and he gave him a high five and told him, ‘you did a great job Jake, and you didn’t hurt her good job son.’ Then Jake held up his hand to my father for a high five and my father slapped his hand and Jake said, ‘I promised your wife not to be rough because of her age.’ My father smiled and hugged him and said, ‘you did a good job.’

Then Jakes mommy handed us some sodas. It tasted funny and when I asked her what kind it was she said, ’they were special they’re called Jack and Cokes. It had this really strong taste to it but I was really thirsty you know Doctor Spencer. I watched as everyone started to have sex again. They all like switched up partners. I sat on the couch by myself naked as Jakes stuff was dripping out of my vagina. I was so tired that I couldn’t get up and clean myself but I only drank two full bottles of soda. For some reason after a while I started to feel like ~ woozy and happy at the same time. A little later on after everyone had sex a few more times Jake’s father Frank asked my mommy if it was okay if he could fuck me. My mommy turned to my daddy and they talked about and told Frank that he could.”

Miles was shocked that the parents were giving the children alcohol to inhibit their abilities to make rational decisions for themselves. He couldn’t believe the level of debauchery on the parent’s part and he asked, “Was it okay with you that Jake’s father wanted to have sex with you?”

Kristen tilted her head and thought for a moment, “You know something Doctor Spencer ~ no one has ever asked me ~ you know if it was okay ~ if they wanted to have sex with me. They just did it you know what I mean? I was on the couch and my head felt really funny and I really didn’t seem to care anymore ~ if you know what I mean Doctor Spencer. Besides if he wanted to put his thing inside of me that still had his sons white stuff inside of me then that was his problem.”

Miles realizing that he was one of those people that never really asked he just fucked her at her behest and said, “Yes, I do know what you mean. They felt because you were so young you really didn’t have a choice because they felt like they knew what was best for you. The reason why your head felt woozy was because you were drunk. You see Kristen Jack and Coke means they put alcohol in your soda ~ it called Jack Daniel’s. No wonder you didn’t care. So, did you want to have sex with him?”

Kristen said, “Well, I told him yes and he and I sat on the couch together and we talked a really long time before he even touched me. Then he handed me another one of those special Jack and Cokes but we drank it together. He then led me over to the bed and he got on his back and I climbed on top of his stomach. When I saw the size of his penis really up close he wasn’t much larger than Jake was.

For some reason it’s like I changed my mind all of a sudden and then I really wanted to just like have sex with him. I wanted to make him happy with my special naughty spot ~ you know what I mean Doctor Spencer? I took his penis and I sorta like squatted over it. I was like standing on my feet and sorta lowered my butt down until I felt the top of him begin to like push my privates open over top of him. Once I was on top of his penis and I slowly began having sex with him taking as much of his penis as I could. Just as it was starting to feel okay inside of me my daddy climbed on the bed with us. Then I felt his fingers playing with my bum hole behind me. It felt really good the way my daddy was playing with me and the way Frank were pushing slowly and deep inside of me. Then Daddy put this cold jelly stuff on my bum hole and he whispered in my ear that he wanted to fuck my asshole as Frank was fucking my pussy. I got really like ascared as I never had two boys in me before ~ you know ~ like having sex with me at the same time together. I wasn’t sure if I wanted him to do it because sex should be like only for two people to share at one time ~ not three!”

Miles said, “That must have been very scary for you? With all of our discussions you’ve never had sex with two men at the same time before. What did you tell your daddy?”

Kristen said, “I didn’t have a choice Dr. Spencer. I told you before that my body belongs to my daddy and my mommy and if they want to do anything to me I have to let him ~ you see those are the rules. I told my daddy to wait until Frank finished putting his white pee inside of me then he could do whatever he wanted to me but he didn’t listen to me. He just put it his penis inside of my bum hole. The feeling was ~ I just don’t know how tell you ~ it hurt so much that I started to cry and I like screamed because of the pain. But after a few minutes it sorta started to feel like so good at the same time he was hurting me. I just don’t know how to tell you the right way Doctor Spencer. It was sorta like strange feeling both of their privates moving around inside of my butt. Daddy was pushing really slow but Frank said, ‘he liked feeling my daddy’s cock inside of my asshole.’

My daddy and Frank kept telling me things like, how good I felt for them. How tight my pussy and my asshole were; I really didn’t understand what they were really talking about? It didn’t last too long after daddy put his penis inside of my bum hole maybe like five minutes. Then they both peed their cum inside of me. When they finished they just left me on the bed by myself. I was crying. I curled up in a ball because my bum hole where my daddy’s penis was hurt so bad. Also my body wouldn’t stop shaking as their stuff kept dripping out of me. My body felt like I got shocked ~ you know if you put your finger inside of a socket on the wall ~ my whole body felt just like that.

Mommy then surprised me as she came over to me and kissed me on my forehead and said, ‘don’t worry honey you will hurt for a little bit but later it will get easier I promise.’ She then pushed me down on my back on the bed and said, ‘I want you to taste Frank’s cum.’ So, my mommy put her vagina over my face and told me to clean her pussy with Frank’s cum still inside just like I did before with Gaston sperm the day before. Then she put her face inside my legs and she used her tongue and licked Frank’s fresh cum out of my privates. What my mommy forgot was that Jake’s sperm was still inside of me along with his father’s. My daddy couldn’t stop taking pictures and shooting video of all of us together. Mommy cleaned me all up as I did the same thing to her. When she finished Jake’s mother Beth came over and told me she wanted to taste my daddy’s cum and she spread my legs and then licked and sucked it all out of my bright red and sore bum hole.”

Miles couldn’t write fast enough inside his notes as Kristen went off on a tangent then he interrupted her and asked, “So, did you have sex anymore that evening?”

Kristen picked up right where she left off it wasn’t as if she missed a beat. “No, we put our clothes back on and we took the mon-o-rail thingy back to our hotel but I couldn’t sit down I had to stand~”

Miles said, “Why?”

Kristen said, “Because my bum hole hurt so much. It was like it was on fire or something. It hurt so much that it even hurt me when I walked. I had to walk like after you ride a horse for a long time for like the first time.”

Miles kinda chuckled at her, “Oh.”

Kristen said, “It’s not funny Dr. Spencer my daddy really hurt my bum hole ~ it hurt so bad. My daddy wanted to hold me but I didn’t want him to touch me anymore.”

Miles quickly asked, “Why? I thought that you were taught to obey your mommy and daddy no matter what?”

Kristen said, “Yeah but I was angry at my daddy. He told me that ‘it was okay if I didn’t want to sit with him.’ After we left Disney World and were on the plane I still didn’t even want to sit on daddy’s lap on the airplane. When he asked me to go with him into the bathroom I said he should go only by his self from now on and that I don’t want to do that anymore with him.”

Miles was shocked and amazed that for the first time in their many myriad of sessions Kristen actually just moved forward a great deal in time during her regression by revealing that she didn’t want to do something after they left Disney World, she didn’t want to sit on her father’s lap on the airplane. The breakthrough actually made Miles more excited than when he just fucked her just a few short moments ago. Now, if he could just keep the session going he wanted to see how far he can push her forward. Miles wanted to see how far the leap was so he quickly said, “Well, how many years ago was it that you were at Disney World with your mommy and daddy?”

Kristen looked at him, “You have that paper from Florida University and you cannot subtract eight from twelve? The answer is four so it was four years ago ~ like duh Doctor Spencer.”

Miles mind exploded with glee and said to his self, ‘Finally, there was something in the last portion of the conversation it unlocked a door that has pushed her forward in time four whole years. ‘Could it have been that she was traumatized by being fucked in the asshole to the point where she was hurt?’ I wonder what will happen after I bring her out of her hypnotic state.’ He then looked directly at Kristen, “So tell me how long did this go on where you didn’t let your daddy touch you?”

Kristen thought about it for a while, “I guess it was a couple of months that I didn’t really talk to my mommy and my daddy. They got so scared that I didn’t talk to anyone once we got home. It didn’t matter what they told me like ‘they were going to punish me or spank me’ I just didn’t care anymore, I just never wanted to talk to them anymore because I was so angry that my daddy didn’t listen to me when I told him that it hurt me when he put his penis inside my bum hole also because my mommy wanted to have sex with so many other strange men. See Doctor Spencer if he didn’t protect me anymore then I didn’t want anything to do with him or my slut of a mother. Then everyone got so scared because I didn’t come out of my room and I wouldn’t talk to anyone in my family anymore. I stopped taking showers and tubbies with my mommy and daddy and I wouldn’t let them touch me anymore. I would bite them if they came near me or pulled their hair or thru something at them. I started to lose a lot of weight and my grades went way down to C’s and D’s. So they sent me to see a doctor just like you.”

Miles was completely shocked the way she put up her defense mechanism against her own parents. It could be the reason she is in a catatonic state is she is deploying the same defense mechanism but only stronger and hiding inside of her subconscious and asked, “Do you remember the doctor’s name?”

Kristen said, “Yeah it was a woman doctor her name is Joan Oliver.”

Miles asked, “Did you discuss with her what happened at Disney World or that you were a part of a special family?”

Kristen said, “No. I didn’t want to go and see her. The only person I ever trusted was my Pap-Pap and the next time when I was with my Pap-Pap, I asked him if I should tell this doctor everything about us. My Pap-Pap told me, ‘that if I told the doctor what we do as a special family then everyone who is over eighteen would go to jail.’ That made me very scared I didn’t want people to go to jail. But it never came up with Dr. Spencer because I never talked to her I was too scared ~ I didn’t want to get anyone in trouble. I just sat there staring forward because I didn’t want anyone to get in trouble.”

Miles asked, “So, if even though you knew that if you told Dr. Oliver about all the people you had sex with would go to jail; do you realize that it was wrong for them to have sex with you at that age?”

Kristen sat quietly thinking by herself for several minutes and then said, “Well the police may think that it is wrong but in our family we don’t feel that way!” She then crossed her arms and gave Miles a hard stare.

Miles looked back at her and said, “Well, I think that we covered a great many things today. I think we should end things here for today and pick up this conversation at a later time.” Then Miles slowly and deliberately began to bring her out of her hypnotic state. He also began to speak to her in her subconscious to wipe clean that there was no sexual activity between the two of them. Then when she finally came out of her hypnotic state poor Kristen was once again returned to being a living statue locking herself back in her catatonic state for her own protection and that of her incestuous family.

End of Chapter 7

Well once again thank you for taking the time to read the sick perverted things that popped into my mind as I wrote this story. I would appreciate constructive criticism to help me become a better writer as well as hitting on portions of themes that readers would like to indulge in. Please there is no reason to be mean or nasty and for the minor few people who seem to follow me thank you. I realize I am not one of the more popular artists on this site but your devotion is greatly appreciated. Stay tuned as we leave Disney World and the actual world now opens up to us in chapter 8. Hold on kiddies its going to be a bumpy ride from here on out.

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