Lily's new cumslut by shadowdoom

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Fiction | Anal, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, Domination, Erotica, Female, Oral Sex, Rape, Teen, Transgendered

Tommy Kai was in his parent’s basement, scrolling through pages that were in a spellbook.

While cleaning up the basement, he discovered a strange book laying on the floor behind the bookshelf. The blue was huge with a skull on it, very dusty and ancient. Strangely out of all the books in the bookshelf, all the rest of the books were in good condition compared to this one. This book looks like it's been in this basement for decades. Why is it even down here, and why hasn't his father disposed of it?

Tempted to look inside Tommy opened the book, only to see odd writings, it looks like summoning spells. Now Tommy never believed in the supernatural, but wouldn't doubt it either. He moved his head closer into the book, becoming more fond of it.

At first, he couldn't understand a damn thing, but as he read it, it came to him like the book was absorbing information into his head. If this was a language assuming book, you would learn a language in a matter of seconds.

He read it, took back by what he was now reading. “What the fuck!” He looked away from the book, only for a few seconds and then continued reading. The words in the book, got darker as he read on. Twisted things were told in the book, yet he still continues reading it, like it was nothing. Anybody in their right mind would have stopped reading if they read dark things. But what do you expect from an eighteen-year-old, he's young and foolish. Even after reading that stuff, it fancied him more.

Soon enough, he slowly started scrolling through the pages, he found the demon conjuring section. You could conjure various types of demons, many strengths, and weaknesses. To summon certain types of spirits, you gotta add or detract certain attributes. It all depends on what kind of demon you trying to call, male or female. Tommy looked up again questioning the book, not believing it. “Only an idiot could believe it is possible to summon a demon! My pops should've got rid of this shit a long time ago. Should I get rid of it, or should I keep it for myself?” This demonic book was behind the bookshelf, was his father trying to hide it? Something was definitely wrong and he believes his father knew about the shit in this book. Funny because if he was trying to hide it, he did a terrible job at hiding it. What if he left it, hoping his son found it? So many thoughts were flowing through Tommy's head. Thinking about leaving it along, he put it back behind the bookshelf and went upstairs. Two hours later, Tommy couldn't sleep. All he could think about was if it's possible to summon a demon, and if it is possible, then that's tight as hell. And also he had an urge to go look at the book again, it was like the book was calling out to him.telling him, come to the basement, to test your luck. When he was trying to sleep, he had visions of conjuring spells. That was something new, something that hasn't happened till he looked in the book.

“No, I'm not hexed am I? Strange things are now starting to happen since I looked at that damned book. I do wanna find out if it can be performed. If it works, then I'll my own demon slave. Okay, I'll sneak my way back done to the cellar. the only issue is, my people, sleep very Softly so I have to be super quiet or I may wake them. I don't want them knowing what I'm doing”. He made his way back under the house, grabbing the heavy book ready to read. He started to read the instructions on how to summon a demon, step by step. First thing first, he needed to draw a summoning circle, to cast the demon into this world. The instructions seem simple enough, he just had to use blood other stuff and reciting the spell. But if you say the spell incorrectly, the spell will not work. Before he knew it, the circle was ready to go, ready to cast the spell. Tommy did something strange, and why? Simply because he was trying to summon a bizarre demon, something uncanny. He looked some of his cum as an attribute, to give it a little spice. Some of his blood was used, and a few other things. He didn't believe it'll work, so he decided to play around just for the hell of it.

Tommy grabs the book and scrolled to the summoning page.

He then looks at the book and begins, articulating the spell to cast the demon. The entire basement started glowing red then blue. Tommy's eyes lit up shocked by it actually occurring. The spell made a sound, it sounded like static going off. It's a wonder, the sound didn't wake up his people. His eyes went wide, even more, when he saw someone coming out of the circle. Five seconds later a demon was standing right in front of him. Standing right in front of him, was a dark blue skinned muscular female demon. She was swollen all over, height ranging up to 6-4 tall. So she's a giant compared to him, huge tits, and also something huge behind her metal plate that was where her pussy was. She was so tall, he had to look up at her. He was just about right next to her crouch arena. Blow away by her sudden apprentice, he Studdard trying to say something to this hawking beauty in front of him. Before he could utter a word, she spoke first. Her voice sounded so sexy, and seductive. her voice softly echoed through the cellar. It sounded so seductively demonic like she would do kinky shit to anyone. She looks down at me and smirks. “Tee-hehe, so you're the cutie who summoned me huh. Do you realized the type of demon, you have summoned? If so, I presume you wanna be dominated!” her voice didn't sound the slightest bit human. That's how he knew, he conjured the real deal. The demon walks around the cellar as if she were checking it out. Just was just waiting for a response. Tommy cough a few times then spoke, trying not to sound shocked or scared. “Dominated? What's that supposed to mean?” Tommy looks at the blue Heller, curious at her statement. She looks and demonically laughs at him. Finding it funny he didn't understand what she meant.

“Hehe, breaking you would be like stepping on an ant, my dear. You conjured me, so you're either one of these kids who like to be taken advantage of. Or you interested in women with dicks hehe.” What is she talking about? Does she mean shemales? Cuz does are technically males. To describe her voice, it sounds like someone applied effects to it, yet sounds real. Her voice sounds too real to be human. I couldn't make sense of what she meant. I had a thought, I don't wanna think of. The blue demon smiles and looks checking him out, learning him. Lilith soon learns this pleasure area and the best ways to dominate him.

Just the thought of dominating him makes her hard. In the underworld, Lilith was known as a Demon Lord. One of the first futanari to be crated. The devil spent many hours trying to up with the best demon creation, a demon that could be sexually aggressive. And then he created Lilith, the first female demon who was a dick girl. She was created for one thing, and one thing only. To sodomize men. Sodomizing was a form of torture, men being raped by a woman is bad, now imagine with a cock. Unfortunately, it didn't go as the devil planned, because some of the damned souls, wanna be fucked by a female with a cock. When Lily first sodomized someone, she became addicted to pumping men in the booty. She spent most of her time, raping men and burning them. All of that was perfect, but Lilith had a secret that she didn't want the devil or anyone to know. She had a kink where she was sexually attracted to young teens, wanting to fuck them in the ass. Young men were tighter because they were asshole virgins and nothing went up in their ass before. Lilith becomes even more aroused if she learns they get turned on by her. Arousal makes her cock ten times harder, the more turned on she is. She does have a pussy, but she only lets the one she really likes to fuck it. Other than that, she's never took anything inside her. Tommy has to be careful what he says to her, if not she will get too turned on and attack him in a heartbeat. Lilly smiles and walks around the basement. She went up to the bookshelf, going where the spell book was. “I presume this is where you found the book. Hehe, you summon me, it means you have a hidden desire. Only a few in existence can successfully conjure a demon.” She picks up the book that fell out of my hands when I was shocked. She opens the book and looks at the conjuring section. “Ah, according to this spell, you intently tried to summon my kind. In fact, you tried to summon me, that makes me a little hot.” Her voice slowly became more seductive as she talked about me calling her. She scrolls through the pages a bit, looking for something. She had gotten a little turned on, reading that he deep down tried to summon her. Anything he says and does could turn the brawny demon on.

“Hey, I wasn't trying to call you, I was just fooling around,” Tommy shouted at her without thinking. Surely he knows if he pissed her off, she'd kill him. Lily looks at him, not phased by his sudden outburst. She is a demon, not capable of fear or pain. Demons are the definition of all of those things. “Don't be foolish my dear, you knew that summon spells, requires certain attributes in order to bring forth a spiritual being. Am I correct? If so you intently did just that, I love when you humans try to play dumb like you didn't know what you were doing.” At that moment Tommy felt disgusted by what he was about to say to her, she could use that information against him, but it needs to be said. “Lookie here sweetheart, I may have used some of my semen as an effect, but I assure you. I was goofing off and didn't take this seriously at all.” Hopefully, he had gotten through to her. Not like the blue demon cares, as far as she was concerned, he did it of his own free will. Thoughts of pounding his ass slowly crept into her mind.

She tried to keep herself under control, yet desperately wanting to fap. Unfortunately, she would have to remove the metal plate from her crotch in order to stroke herself. Yet if she does that, then she will want to slam it inside of his virgin asshole. She would have done something but she didn't want to attack the poor boy right away. If she keeps on thinking about sodomizing him, then she will do it. She's slowly getting horny, her big blue cock was gonna be poking out soon. It may even move the plate because it's so huge. In the demon roam, Lilly was considered the biggest out of her type. She was bigger than demons who wasn't even part of her type. Most men were intimidated by her. Because she was bigger than them and wasn't even a man. Only a female futa could have a cock that big. Her cock was over 12 inches, and most of the male demons weren't close to her size. Some of them were even grossed out by her because she has a cock. At the same time, she like everyone else was made by the dark lord. Tommy looks at the demon in disbelief that he had those kinds of feelings. He knew that she was lying, demons were created by the father of lies. He yells at her in disagreement, saying she doesn't know what she is talking about. “Ugh! You don't know anything! You sure as hell don't know my intentions by looking at that crappy book!” Lily laughs at the boy yelling at her again, he was denying that was his intent.

She says to him, her voice easy to understand yet demonic distorted. “My dear, by you summoning me and using some of your blood. I know everything about you, including your darkest secrets. There is nothing about you, that I don't already know.”

Tommy’s eyes went big as he was surprised by her comment. Darkest secrets, he believes the demon is lying but scared to ask her. He took a deep breath and spoke scared of what she may say. “Oh really, if so then what is one of my kinks?” He asked her sounding scared as to what she's gonna say. Lilly laughs and closed the book looking at him, giving a stern expression. “Hehe, my dear, you watch videos of men being pegged by women, you masturbated at the age of 10. You secretly like strong women like myself but scared of being judged by your friends and family. Have I answered all of your questions?” holy shit, she got of them right. He was officially crept out by her knowledge of him. Her expression became very dominate as she walked over to him putting up a forcefield, stopping him from leaving. Tommy looks around the basement seeing that there was an energy field by the door. He looks at her freaking out in fear. “What are you doing!” He ran up to the basement door and couldn't leave because of the force field.

“Relax yourself, my dear. I only wanna play with you, hehe. She snaps her fingers and boom, he was right in front of her again. The tone of her voice became super erotic, slash dominate. Not giving a fuck anymore, she pulls him to her face. “My dear, have you ever had a long powerful blue cock up your butt?” His eyes looked like he was gonna pass out in fear. Could barely form a sentence, he struggled with his words of out fear. “You like pegging, I'll give you something better than that. Wanna reach below and pull out your present.” He nodded, scared as he bends down to her lower place. He slowly pulled the plate out the way, then pulled down her black panties. Her huge blue cock came slamming on his face as he jumped back. “Hehe, don't be scared, I'm a big gal but I don't bite.” she looked at me expecting me to suck on it, knowing I didn't want to. She lunged forth, her huge cock going into his mouth. “oh, if you bite down, there's gonna be issues.” She sounded so serious as I sucked her huge cock, hard to believe I actually could do it.

Her cock went deeper down his throat, as he did his best to please her. For if he doesn't she may get angry. You never wanna piss off a demon. She Moans in pleasure as I suck on her cock. Soon enough she grabbed his face, face fucking him. I hate to admit but I soon started to love the feeling of sucking her off. She starts making strange sounds I could not understand. She slowly begins to move faster, her balls now slapping against his chin. Those balls were probably so filled with cum they will burst out any moment. “Such a good cock sucker you are. Let me give you, your reward. She slams deeps and growls out as she released her milk into his mouth.

She pulls away as a huge amount came out of this mouth, going on the floor. She looks at him, not yet fulfilled. “Sweetie bend over and let me break that asshole.”

Tommy didn't know what he was doing, took his stuff off then bends over scared. Before he knew it, he felt a huge thing pumped deep into his asshole. He cried out in pleasure and pain, as the woman had impaled the young man. It was a very odd feeling for Tommy, but strangely he was getting turned on. The futanari demon slammed in and out of him, like a rocket hitting a mountain full force. Her blue cock, deep into his asshole. No one in the house could hear the poor boy being sodomized. Lily lightly giggles pumping his ass with great force and speed. It was like an exercise to her. “Hehe, your ass is so tight my dear.” She responded as she slammed in and out his ass.

Tommy tried to keep his mind off of his parents waking up. The pain and pleasure increased as he tries to reach for something to hit her.

“Hehe, don't bother my dear, your my bitch now.” Tommy tried to yell out but didn't wanna wake his people. “Oh, God! Fuck, you are so big! You will make me wake my mom and dad up!” Tommy replied as a little cum came out of his mouth. If she feels his throat up, then it'll be harder for him to speak. Lily laughs out of pleasure slapping his ass. Her huge cock ramming his asshole very deep. Her big blue balls slapping against his butt, as load as Tommy was moaning, he assumed his parents would be waked by now, but they weren't.

The demon's powerful blue cock, ran in and out of him, not even an inch of exhaustion. The more turned on Lily was, becoming the faster she worked her hips, fucking the boy's, butt. Tommy still continues some look for something in the basement to hit her, of course, it would be futile, wouldn't do anything might not even make a cut. Lily laughs at the poor boy trying to stop her, she finds it amusing that he keeps trying and it's no use. She's a powerful futa demon, nothing he can do. Hell, he can't even runway. Him fighting and resisting her is making her even more turned.

The more she fucked his ass, the higher her hormones were becoming. Lily laughs in delight, looking down at her cock heats up. Tommy looks back at her, trying to get her to plosive.

Tommy moves his hand to her cock, Trying to pull it out of his ass. Lily perceives this and moves his soft hand away from her blue cock. She then forcefully rams it deeper into his asshole, her blue cock now reaching the orb inside his butt.

When she felt it, she continued to rapidly attack that spot. Roughly hitting it, trying to get Tommy to cum. Tommy cries out in pleasure as he could feel something odd in his butt, of course, he couldn't cum out his asshole. Lily giggles and pumps him harder than before, while now starting to get closer to an orgasm herself. Tommy looks at her, feeling it draw near. He moans barely able to utter a word. All he said to her was “oh God, I feel a sexual discharge drawing near!” Lily then slaps his buttocks and laughs more. “Me too baby! Let's do it together.” After she responded, he and she both started coming. Semen shooting out of him like a rocket, while Lily pumped her load into his asshole. She growls out and pulls her cock out of him, it was still shooting out so much cum. And her balls weren't even closed to being drained yet. She had let out a lot and still has so much cum in her balls. She wasn't done till she was completely drained. Also, she has a feeling where she knows he wants to milk her. Drain her of all her milk. Lily then slaps her hard cock on his butt, laughing in dominance. After saying quietly for 3 mins it was time to speak to her new sex slave. “Hehe, the way you moan suggest you liked it a lot don't you?” the young man stood up moaning in a little pain from being sodomized. Strangely it feels so good to him, maybe it's because this futa demon knows what she is doing. “Shut up, rather if I did or didn't, you still raped me.” He said with a strong expression on his face. Lily walked over to him as he moved to the wall out of fear.

She stood in front of him, staring him in the eyes. Eyes of desire, lust, and dominance. “You know I like you right? Why are you denying that it feels good? That you wanted to be dominated by a dickgirl demon.”

She licks her lips to give the young man a kiss before pulling away. Lily puts one of her fingers on her lips, thinking of what to do to him next. Her expression still powerful as she knows he belongs to her, she also wanted him to call her mistress. “For a boy, you're very submissive, if I took you back to the demon realm, you'd be a good whore for sure. I am not the other futa who likes to fuck boys in the ass ya know.” Lily spoke to Tommy, not a Shred of joking. Five seconds later, Lily's face turned to prurient as she made a command. “Alright, slut, get on your knees and suck me off. This time I won't do anything. And you better milk me. If not, there's gonna be problems.” Her voice sounded so serious, fear enters Tommy's heart yet again. He gets down and grabs her cock. It reeks to, smells like cum and sweat. At the same time, he kinda likes the aroma of her penis. Even though it smells bad, strangely you like it at the same time. Tommy opened his mouth wide and took her blue cock. He begins to bob his head back and forth, trying to please her. Lily groans wanting to grab his face, it felt so good to her. So good she wants to face fuck him again, but won't this time.

“Mm, you are such a great cock sucker! Make sure to get my balls to hun.” lily uttered feeling like she was gonna release once more. Tommy lightly grabs her balls to play with them, also wondering how much cum inside these big blue balls of hers. Her balls were much bigger than his, yet she doesn't feel pain down there because she's not a guy. Tommy gradually builds up speed, stroking and sucking her off. Lily then pulled away and looked at him, high lust building up again. She turns and snaps her fingers as a king-sized bed appeared. She walks over to it and lays down spreading her legs as she looks at him, giving off strong sexual desires. “come over here and bounce on my cock. I won't ask again.” Tommy took a deep breath and went over to the bed, hops on it and gets between her legs. He grabs her cock, putting it in his butt as he was like talking a giant long inside. Once it was deep inside of him, he begins moving his hips up and down.

The blue demon moans as she moved her hips slightly. He was moving slowly, why? He still hasn't gotten used to her big cock. Sooner or later, Lily starts moving to help him out. The force was so powerful, his body was almost bouncing as well. Lily was boning him so roughly, and still she has so much energy. The young man bounces faster on the fiend, his cock hitting her as he moved. Compared to her Cock, he had a baby dick. Her Cock was so much bigger, stranger, and thicker than his little cock.

Lily slowly looked up at the belly before her, wanting to fill it up.

Lily then giggles thinking, how would he look being filled with cum, and appearing pregnant.

Tommy looks at her, now wanting to get off because his asshole is starting to hurt. Taking her huge cock, was beginning to take a toll on his butt. He was about to get off to, but then Lily stares at him, her expressing said. If you get off you're dead. The futa demon was feeling so good, and the last thing he wants to do is make her sexually angry. After 20 mins of bouncing, Tommy slows down and Lily growls as she blows up. A huge amount of cum shoot in his asshole, Making him cum to. They both moaned in pleasure. The cum filling his belly up and he looks pregnant now. Tommy quickly got off of her Cock and fell on the floor. He relaxed his legs as he shoot the cum out of his butthole. It blasted all over the basement floor, how was he gonna hid it from his people? Unless he quickly cleans it up before they come down. Lily stood up to see him covered in her demon jeez, she laughs at what a whore he is. "Hmm perhaps I should dress you up like a bitch, or maybe have you sigh yourself as a anal cumslut.

Yep, the other female dick demons will love you." She snaps her fingers as a portal to hell opens up. "you're coming with me," she commanded. Now fear really kicks in as Tommy tried to run away, not wanting to go with her. His entire body shaking in fear as Lily walked up to him, her semi hard cock swinging as she walked. Tommy fearfully spoke up, "no I'm not going anywhere!" Lily paid no mind by what he just said, it meant nothing to her. She grabbed him, putting him to her back. "Too late for that, you must be used and trained properly." She said as Tommy starts to fight and struggle, she walked into the portal as it disappears. Not long after, Tommy's mother came down and saw the cum all over the floor. "What happened here?" She said rubbing her eyes, still trying to wake up. Unaware that her son is gone. The young 18 year old isn't in the house anymore and she has no idea. Three weeks later, the demons were training Tommy well, he became an excellent cock whore.the remainder of his life will be used to pleasure the futa demons. He is all of their human-bitch.

Rating: 69%, Read 11108 times, Posted Apr 29, 2019

Fiction | Anal, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, Domination, Erotica, Female, Oral Sex, Rape, Teen, Transgendered


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