Vacation to remember_(1) by azz_pounder82

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It was a warm afternoon and the crashing waves sounded in the background. It had been a relaxing week with just myself and my wife, Nicole. She had worked out constantly for the few weeks before so she would look great in her bikini. She was about 26,5'6, 125 lbs, short brownish red hair with medium 36 B perky breasts and a very tight ass. She never gave herself the credit she deserved when it came to her body. That reason alone was the main reason she was such a sexual prude, missionary only and I was on rationed sex about once a quarter if I was lucky. So, I guess the marriage you always hear about but never expect to be your marriage. I am David, 26, 5'10, 190lbs short brown hair, not muscular but not really fat either. It had been a good week for that department though, something about the beach and fruity drinks that makes even the most sexually repressed open up and live a little. It was Friday and we only had a few days left until our vacation was over and had to go home.

5 p.m. a knock sounds on our condo door. Earlier than I expected but glad regaurdless, our friends that lived near by had gotten off work and had come to join us the last two days at the beach. Scott was 5'10, 180 lbs, semi muscular but had a little fat left on him from one too many beers, and his wife Candice was not fat but wasn't skinny either. She was 23 and had big breasts just at the maximum range of too big for me, 36 D's and a nice ass with just the right jiggle and look of firmness I hadn't notice before. I would say she was about a buck forty weight wise and 5'4 black hair with a olive glow about her. Scott had informed me that Candice had also been working out alot and it showed.

The rest of that night was unremarkable, a few drinks and small dinner and we decided to take a walk the beach and just catch up. The girls were tipsy off some wine and decided to play in the ocean so we stopped and the girls when splashing and screaming into water. Scott and I set on the beach and just shot the shit, standard guy stuff, sports, work,and sex. He had told me about his recent ordeal which involved him getting caught by Candice have cybersex and they almost called it quits. She decided to keep his interest in her so agreed to do whatever he wanted sexually as long as he didn't seek it out elsewhere and he agreed. Now this would have never worked with my wife, she would have just left me because that is how she is. The girls had finished playing and wanted to go back to the condo since a chill had set in and they were getting cold. We made our way back up the beach and got back to our rooms and changed to settle in for the night. We all decided to drink more wine and talk until we were ready for bed. We finally went to bed around midnight and I fell quickly asleep.

"I'm awake" I said quietly to whoever was shaking my arm. My eyes cleared and I saw Scott knealed next to the bed, he made a hand signal and I thought for a moment. We were both in the Army together and I had to remember my hand and arm signals. He did them again slower this time. Quiet. Sleeping. Important. Need to see. Follow. Time limited. I signed back. Move out. Meet in entryway. Will expidite. He slowly backed out and disappeared into the darkness, I slide away from my wife and moved out quietly to meet up with Scott. I shut the door behind me and met him in the main entry way. We could safley speak under our breaths, "What is it?" I asked. He said "Candice is talking in her sleep." "Okay, what does that have to do with me, why is it important, and why did you wake me up?" I asked somewhat hastily. "Just come and see for yourself." He walked towards his room before I could respond. The door was slightly ajar and I could see clearly into the room now my eyes had adjusted to the night. Candice was laying on her back, topless with a pair of boyshorts on, her nipples were hard and on hand had disappeared underneath the waist band on her panties. It was one of the hottest things I had seen in real life. She mumbled something and I could hear, he signaled. Move in. Listen. Expidite. Regroup entryway. So, I slowly crawled in over next to her side of the bed and Scott backed out of sight to await my arrival back in the main entry way. I knealt beside the bed and listened carefully while I stared at her big tits and hand under her panties. "ummm." I hit the deck quietly, was she awake. "lick it.." was she talking to me. Cautiosly I lifted my head back up to see if her eyes were open. Nope, still asleep, she was just having a wet dream. "Umm.. Nicole" Now my interest was really peaked. She was having a wet dream about my wife. I noticed the growing wet spot and the outline of puffy pussy lips in the tight material. I thought my cock was gonna rip out of my pajama bottoms I was so hard. I had heard enough and seen enough so I started to back out of the room, but my curiosity got the best of me so I lightly ran my finger up the slit outline in her panties so I could smell the scent of her very wet pussy. It was sweet smelling with just a hint of muskiness. I back out and went back to the entry way. We didn't say a word and we could both tell the each other was thinking about what could be done. He arched a questioning eyebrow at me and I signaled to him. Plan. Good to Go for me. He signaled an okay with me and we slipped back into our rooms. No sleep was gotten the rest of the night.

I closed my eyes when I heard Nicole stirring awake, luckily my hard-on had subsided a hour earlier and I looked naturally asleep. She nudged me, "Wake up baby, time to go to the beach." I opened my eyes and pretended to be groggy and she seemed to buy it. "Go get changed and I will be up and ready in a minute." She got up and went to the bathroom to put on her bikini and wrap. I got my swin trunks on and walked in the bathroom with her. She was bent over completely naked and her pussy was staring right at me, slightly open with a little moisture showing through the curls of her pussy hair. She keeps it nice and trimmed but never shaves completely. She didn't hear me come in so I just backed out and went out to the main living area to wait for her to be done. I knew it would be pointless to try to turn her on, she never gives into my wants an only has sex when she is in the mood.If I had tried anything I knew she would stay out of the mood on purpose just to be a bitch about it. In the main area on the couch was Candice, sitting in a bikini and waiting for Scott to come out. "Good Morning" I said, she responded the same and asked "Where's Nicole?" "Getting ready, Go in if you want." She got up and walked in the bedroom. About twenty seconds later she quietly came back out, a noticable wet spot on her bikini bottoms and walked into her bedroom. Scott came out with a questioning look on his face. "Later" I said and he just nodded. I knew she had walked in and saw Nicole in all her glory and it had turned her on. Candice came out with a wrap around her bottoms now and a blush on her cheeks. Nicole walked out about the same time, "ready?" " You girls go on and Scott and I will be down shortly." "M'Kay" and she grabbed Candice by the arm and led her out before she could protest. I put my trunks on and Scott said, "What happened?" so I filled him in on my suspisions and he understood immediatly. Candice had remembered her dream and had now seen her naked. We headed down to the beach to find the women. We arrived just in time to see Candice finishing up rubbing down Nicole with Suntan lotion, Interesting enough both had hardened nipples and I could tell Nicole was aroused by the look in her eyes. We enjoyed the day sunning on the beach and playing in the water like a bunch of kids.

We were exhausted by 6 pm and decided to order out rather than go out for dinner. We had seafood brough up from a local resturant and had plenty of wine left. After about 1/2 through our second bottle of wine Scott thought we should play a game. So we started out with Charades and then Spades, We decided guys verses girls first then we swap wives and played that way. We were beyond tipsy on our way to drunk. We finished our games and just set there chatting about whatever came to mind. As most always does, sex became the topic. After a while of heated conversation I excused my self to use the bathroom. We I appeared Scott was also gone and the girls looked at me and to my suprise Candice said "Did you get you cock readjusted alright?" and giggled. Nicole was also giggling, also a big suprise she took a comment like that about me so well. Candice then looked at her and said, "David, I am gonna steal you wife for a minute." She pulled Nicole up off the couch and led her to the balcony and I lost sight of them. Scott came back in the room, "Where'd they go?" "Outside on the balcony" "Why?" "Don't know, lets go see." I got up and headed for the door, when snaping fingers got my attetion. I looked at Scott, and he signed again to me. Observe. Secret. Follow me. I followed him into their bedroom. The lights were off and we could hear voices through the balcony door. The wall was solid glass with blinds covering top to bottom. The voices stopped and we froze. Nothing. We slowly approached the blinds. We each took a blind pulled it back so there was a crack the was barley percievable. The scene unfolding on the other side was shocking. Our wives embracing each other passionatly kissing one another. I saw one of Candices hands underneath Nicoles shirt slowly working its way up to he braless tits. I could see the hard nipples through the thin cotton in the moon light. Her hand finally reached her right tit and Nicole stiffened and their kiss broke. "I don't know if we should.." she wispered to Candice, "what if the guys come for us and see?" "Then they can join, I always wondered how big Davids cock was and I know Scott wants to fuck you, he dreams about you all the time, he just doesn't know that I know." Candice replied. " I dont Kn..." Her retort was cut off by Candices other hand as it made contact with her covered pussy. "Shhh..." said Candice, "I'm nervouse too, I have never done more than kissed another woman" Nicole just nodded and tilted her head back enjoying the feeling. I tapped Scott and signaled. Move Out in 5. He signaled. Affirmitive. We made our way back to the main room and made a point of talking loud enough to be heard about anything and everything to give the impression of not knowing what was going on outside on the balcony. Five minutes seemed like and eternity. I snapped once and pointed to my wrist, he nodded and we got up to move to the door. Before we made it the girls walked in and looked mad. Never a good sign. I asked "What's wrong?" Candice spoke first, "Two guys on the beach yelled up at us.." Nicole then spoke up "They called us whores!" and she started crying. I hate fucking assholes, so it took one look from Scott and we were moving for the door. The girls knew what was happening and didn't interject. It wasn't hard finding the two guys, it was pretty late and the beach was deserted except them. Scott called out to them " Did you guys see those whores back there?" One turned around and eye'd us "Yeah, they were begging us to come and fuck'em, but we don't do skanks" he said. Two seconds later they were laying on the beach, noses broken and bloodied, one was unconscious the other barley coherrent. We didn't say a word, but we didn't have to, the message was clear.

The girls were already in bed when we got back, Nicoles pillow was tear stained and I figured Candices' would be the same.I woke up hearing a slight moan, my eyes were crusted shut and I thought Nicole must be masterbating again, she did that alot when she had sex dreams, but I didn't think she would do that after what those guys had said. I knew better than to interrupt, she would get embarrassed and be pissed if I caught her. I heard she wimper a little and say "uh huh" and then I felt a hand grasp my hard cock. I am not huge by any means but I have an average thickness and about 7 1/2 inches long cock. The hand started slowly pumping and a tounge licked the tip. Finally a hot mouth engulfed over the head and down half the shaft. God it felt good. My interest really peaked when I heard "That's so HOT" come from my left. It was Nicoles voice! I opened my eyes immediatly, no longer trying to play it off as I was asleep to see Candice completely naked sucking my cock and fingering my wife's pussy. She was looking straight into my eyes and I fought to hold back my cum. this was not going to end this quick. I reached over and and rubbed my wifes clit as Candice fingered her and she instantly had a earth shattering orgasim. I have never seen her get off like that, and before she came down from that Candice jumped over and stated licking and sucking on her pussy which lead to another powerful orgasim. I got on my knees and got behind Candice as she ate my wifes pussy and knelt down to eat hers. She buried her face into my wifes pussy as I licked hers. I brought her nearly to climax when I stopped. She was breathing heavy and hoarsly asked, "Why did you st...." My cock slammed deep in one thrust, she screamed into my wifes pussy,"FUCK ME OHHHHH SHIT OHHHHHH I'M FUCKING CUMMING...", my wife came again also as the vibrations from her screams an inch from her over sensitive clit took hold and she squirted for the first time as she pinched her nipples. I was slamming in her pussy fast and hard when Scott came in, "what the fuck man?" I missed a beat in my thrusting, pulled out too far and slammed back full force into Candices asshole. We both started to scream in pain when we both climaxed and I filled her ass with hot sticky cum and collapsed off. Scott looked at me, his wifes ass and back at me "Why didn't you come get me you fucker?" He asked somewhat smiling, Candice answered, "he was too busy getting his cocked sucked by me... well are you gonna stand there or are you gonna fuck us too." It didn't take long before he was in fucking Nicole while she ate her first pussy. She was stretched so bad, Scott had a smaller cock about 5 inches, but his girth was alot thicker than mine. Nicole looked like she got fuck by a coke can after all was said and done. Three more times, lots of come, and and alot of screams later we were all so sore and tired from fucking we literally passed out.

Two hours later we awoke to sun shining in our eyes, we had to leave in four hours and it would be the last time we would see each other for a long time. Nicole had an idea. Lets wife swap for the day, its only four hours and we had too much fun last night not to enjoy our time together. Nicole and Scott had sex two more times before they got a shower; Candice and I went to the pool and fucked in it before coming back to the room and fucking on the balcony before we called it quits and got our showers. We decided that we would only swap with each other and have been even better friends since. We are going back down in three weeks for a whole week, so if that much happened in one night, I wonder what will happen this time....

Rating: 79%, Read 30306 times, Posted Apr 24, 2009

Fantasy | Bi-sexual, Blowjob, Cheating, Female, First Time, Group Sex, Lesbian, Male, Oral Sex, Threesome, Voyeurism, Wife


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