Caught in the act_(1) by fbailey

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Fiction | Consensual Sex, Exhibitionism, Humiliation, Romance, Teen Female, Teen Male, Virginity

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Caught In The Act

There I was totally naked sitting on one of our kitchen chairs atop of our dinning room table on display. There were two throw pillows from the living room couch stuffed in behind my back forcing my pussy out to the front edge of the chair. My legs were separated and wrapped around each side and then strapped to the rear legs of the chair. Meanwhile my shoulders were against the top of the chair back with my hands behind the chair and secured to the opposite ankle. My breasts were thrust out fully and my nipples were harder than I could ever remember them. My pussy was splayed open obscenely as my boyfriend’s cum dripped out and onto the chair. I couldn’t speak either with the ball gag in my mouth. Like I said earlier, I was on display.

About an hour before that I was in Wonderland. I was Alice and I was in heaven. My boyfriend of three months had been so nice to me that I figured that he deserved a special reward. So I offered him my virginity. I was fifteen years old and certainly old enough to let anyone that I wanted to make love to me. He was so kind and understanding. He didn’t force himself on me either. In fact we had taken a good hour to get to the point where I wanted him to make love to me. We had kissed and kissed, we had undressed one another oh so slowly planting kisses as we went, and then he had massaged my breasts and my tummy. He nursed at my breasts like a little baby until my nipples tingled. Then he worshiped my pussy. I say worship because he too was a virgin and we both knew what a sacrifice was being made. He kissed the outside of my pussy and all up and down my legs, he kissed my slit from top to bottom, and then he parted my pussy lips and tongued everything inside until I was ready. I had never been that wet and juicy before in my life. Then he very carefully inserted his cock into me. My hymen had been gone since I was thirteen thanks to a candle that I kept in my nightstand for just such emergencies. Anyway he easily slid into me all the way. I could feel the fuzz on his balls tickle my asshole as I wrapped my legs around him. I lowered my hands to his ass and pulled him into me tightly. This was my way of showing him how much I loved him besides just telling him constantly. Our relationship had progressed to the final level. He was mine and I was his, our bodies were one, and everything was right in the world.

Then I screamed out in the throws of passion, his cock had hit me internally and had set off a multiple orgasm like no other, and I just screamed out my love at the top of my lungs.

That was when I felt my hair being ripped out of my skull. I was dragged out from underneath my boyfriend, down to the floor, and across my room. I managed to get to my feet but I was humped over like a monkey with my tits swinging, my arms swinging, and my feet trying to keep me upright. My father led me to the kitchen, threw me onto a chair, and proceeded to bind me.

Now here I was on display on top of the dining room table. My father invited all of our relatives and friends over to see me. A sign had been placed at my feet declaring to the world that I was no longer a virgin. I could turn my head to the side and see my boyfriend there. Oh, he had not gotten away quickly enough either. My father had him strapped to an old backboard that lifeguards used to use. His forehead was bound to the board along with his hands, his feet, and his chest. An extra binding was across his knees too. He also had a ball gag in his mouth and he also was totally naked. Dad had leaned him back against a wall with a sign at his feet stating that he was the one that had taken my virginity.

For about an hour I was touched and congratulated in very sarcastic ways. I noticed that most of the women pinched and twisted my nipples knowing how sensitive they were, while most of the men went directly for my pussy and clit to watch me squirm.

Then everything got very quiet when my grandparents arrived. Oh God! I was hoping that I would just die and that it would be all over with.

Both Grandpa and Grandma approached me and just looked. Grandma reached out and caressed my breasts, then she shoved two fingers up my pussy and swirled them around for a moment, and then she put them in her mouth, tasted my boyfriend’s cum mixed with my own, and then she smiled.

Grandma said, “Now you are a woman!”

Dad released me, gave me a big hug, and then kissed me like he had never kissed me before. Dad released my boyfriend and gave him a big hug too. Neither of us were allowed to get dressed but we had a party to beat all parties.

Then just before everyone went home my boyfriend had to make love to me on top of the dining room table while everyone watched him. He whispered in my ear that he couldn’t do it. I pushed him back and climbed on top. If it was a show that they wanted I was going I to give them one.

My boyfriend was so upset that I had to suck on his cock for a good ten minutes until my jaw got sore. Finally I got it hard enough for me to sit on it and get it back into my pussy again. It felt so good that I just moved around on it and enjoyed the feeling for as long as I could. As I humped him some of the men made comments about my tits flopping so I made them flop even more as they cheered. I tightened my ass cheeks, flexed my muscles, and taunted them with my body. I was the star of the show, that much was certain. It took forever before my boyfriend was finally able to cum in my pussy and for me to roll off of him.

To my surprise Grandma licked my pussy while I recovered.

Grandma said, “Now you even taste like a woman!”

The End

Caught In The Act


Rating: 71%, Read 32978 times, Posted Sep 14, 2008

Fiction | Consensual Sex, Exhibitionism, Humiliation, Romance, Teen Female, Teen Male, Virginity


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