Eat Me by Dinner

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Fantasm | Cannibalism, Death, Murder, Snuff, Written by women

I've always fantasized about becoming meat. Being cooked up and eaten just sounds so erotic to me. I could never really do it, as it's illegal, but I think about it any time I get horny. When it's really hot out, I like to imagine that I'm in an oven on low heat. When we have sex, I like when my boyfriend, Mark, bites hard into me, and I imagine that he's tearing me apart. I could never tell him this though. I could never tell anyone. People would find it too weird and I would be shunned. Worst of all, Mark would probably break up with me.

Holding my feelings back like this is just making it worse. I've started to anonymously roleplay getting eaten with some people online. It helps a little, but I'm starting to feel like I really need more. Being food is almost constantly on my mind now. Just the other day, Mark noticed that I was distracted and asked how I was. "Delicious", I slipped. I felt so embarrassed having made that slip, but Mark just smiled. "He must think I meant something else," I thought to myself.

So here I am, on the computer, discussing my fantasies in an anonymous private chat with some man I don't know.

"How long have you wanted to become food?"

"Since I was a little girl. I had always liked stories of monsters who eat girls like me."

"How often do you think about it now?"

"Almost constantly."

"You need it, don't you?"

I pause for a second. A feel a brief chill come across me, and the answer is clear.


"I'm going to be honest with you. I didn't come here to roleplay. I came because I want to really try this, in the real world. Would you be willing to come to California for me?"

"I already live in California. My boyfriend would probably mind though."

"He can come too. I'm sure there's enough meat on your body for both of us."

"He wouldn't be into this though."

"Well, are you meat or aren't you?"

"I am."

"Then tell your boyfriend you're going to Australia or something and come over to my place."

I hesitate again. I know that I have to say no. It's illegal, immoral, and no sane person would go somewhere specifically to be eaten. I want this so badly though, and I'm not going to get another opportunity.

"Alright, what's the address?"

It turns out that the person is actually not just in the same state, but only a town away. I tell Mark that my boss needs to bring me with him on an impromptu business trip, and I tell my boss that Mark just surprised me with tickets for a cruise and I need a few days off.

The next morning, I make sure that I'm as presentable as possible. I wax myself, because no one likes hair in their food, and I spend forever in the shower making sure I'm completely clean. I put on clothes that are easy to take off, a tank top, skirt and my lowest heels. I don't bother with anything under them. I bring some money for a taxi, but leave everything else at home. The whole time, I feel a chill in my chest of mortal fear for what I'm about to do, mixed with the warmth of finally getting the chance to do what I've always really wanted to do.

As the taxi drops me off, my heart is beating like crazy. I can feel some of my juices start to moisten my thighs under the skirt. I take a deep breath and knock on the door. The man who answers it is completely covered, even with a ski-mask and gloves.

"Sarah?!", he seems surprised.

"How do you know my name?"

He pulls off the mask. It's John, one of Mark's friends. "Small world, isn't it?", he comments, as he ushers me inside.

"Yeah... Why the mask?"

"In case you had brought anyone else with you. Just a precaution."

"Have you done this before?"

"Not with a human. I've practiced with a few animals though. Pigs, mostly."

"Alright, I'm as ready as I will be."

"And if you were anyone else, I'd start preparing you too, but you're Mark's girl. I'm not gonna kill my friend's girlfriend."

"Oh." I sit down, staring at the floor as tears slowly begin to fill my eyes, making it blurry. I had been looking forward to this so badly.

"Hey, Mark? It's John. I've got a little surprise for you. Could you come over? Alright. See you soon."

After he hangs up I ask, "What are you doing? You can't let Mark know about this!"

"Why not? Aren't you just meat now?"

"I thought you said you weren't going to cook me."

"I'm not, but I'll certainly have a few slices when you're done."

"But what if Mark isn't into this?"

"I've known the guy since forever. Trust me."

"He's gonna break up with me and leave, I just know it."

"I know he won't, but I'll tell ya what. If he doesn't cook you, then I'll cook you myself, ok?"


After talking for a few more minutes, we hear Mark's car park outside. He knocks, and John let's him in.

"Let me guess. That girl you talked to actually showed up this time and you've got her on that grill."

"I don't even have her undressed yet, actually.", he gestures towards me with his hand.

"Hi, Mark."

"Sarah? For real? This better not be some kinda prank. John, you know how long I've imagined her on the grill."

"It's no prank. I've always wanted to be meat. Especially for you."

"Alright," John interrupts, "lets go to the den and get started."

The den has a large makeshift grill made from concrete blocks and mesh wire, full of coals. A couch sits facing this grill pit. The ceiling slopes up with the roof. On the tallest wall is a fireplace that has an extra grate near the top to vent out smoke that's along the ceiling. There's also a ceiling fan, which John turns on and a pair of open skylights. As John works to light the coals, Mark grabs a bottle of barbecue sauce and I strip naked, lying down on the bar counter on the far side of the room behind the couch.

While I pin my hair up, Mark begins to coat my body in the barbecue sauce. He pours some on my back. He begins to spread it around with the brush. He continues to coat me, pouring more and spreading more. The sauce is cold and the brush tickles. He spreads my ass cheeks and sauces up my sensitive anus. Then he begins to cover my thighs, and down my legs to my ankles.

He puts down napkins where I should step, and I follow to the grill. The fire is already going. The tips of the flames are above the metal mesh. I look up and see that some smoke is collecting, but the fan keeps it moving, and the vent and open skylights seem to be doing their job. I sit down on the grill and immediately pop back up with a yell. I sit down again, pressing my ass firmly against the grill and let out a restrained scream. I take a few breaths, feeling the excruciating pain of the flames against my ass. I look at Mark and smile before turning and lifting my legs onto the flames, lying down. I let out a full scream as I feel the flames across the length of me. My head rests on concrete, not directly in the flames, but my face still feels some of the heat. I'm sweating so bad. My hands are palms-down.

After a few seconds I start to get used to the pain. It's still agonizing, but I'm able to continue lying there without screaming at least. Mark also starts spreading barbecue sauce of the front of my body. The cool sauce helps make the heat more bearable. Feeling the brush against my nipples really takes my mind off the pain, keeping it on the realization of my greatest fantasy. As he continues down, the sauce pools in my belly button a bit. He presses a long spoon against my pussy to open in a bit for the sauce. He continues down my thighs and legs. I laugh a bit as he sauces the bottom of my ticklish feet.

"Enjoying yourself?", Mark asks.

"It hurts a lot, but it's worth it to be eaten by you. Thank you."

"I should be thanking you. You're the one giving up your life here."

"I just hope I taste good."

"Oh, I'll make sure you do. Could you flip over now?"

I pull my hands a bit closer and press them against the grill to sit up. Then I turn over onto my hands and knees. My shins really hurt and I stop for a second. I brace my teeth, but I don't scream. I move my feet back, allowing my legs to cook as I slowly lower my torso onto the heat. As my nipples touch, I really feel it, being so sensitive, and jolt back a little, but I lower myself again, pressing them firmly against the grill. I jolt back again as I do so, when I feel my clit touch the hot metal. I take a few breaths, swallow, and lie down one last time. I turn my head to the side as I rest it on the concrete. My hands are palms-up.

As I lie there, Mark and John call a few more of their friends. As they arrive, a feeling of tiredness begins to take over, as the pain dulls away. Still watching Mark, I yawn.

"Think you're done yet?"

"Well, I'm still alive. If my heart was cooked, I'd be dead."

"Does it still hurt?"

"No, I barely feel anything anymore."

"Do you feel this at all?" I see him grab a knife and move towards my body, but don't see or feel what he does with it.

"No." I see him sit back down with a small bite of meat and eat it.

"You're delicious. And definitely done cooking. Get up."

I start to try to get up, but I'm just too tired to move. Seeing this, the two of them pick me up and carry me into the dining room, lying me on my back in the middle on a large platter. I see my friend Jess, who's been dating John, among the group. They all sit around the table and I look down at my body as they start to carve off slices of me. With my nerve endings all burnt, I can't really feel anything. I'm so tired, but I don't want to miss this. Mark carves out my pussy for himself. Most others take a slice of breast or thigh as their first slice. My breast meat goes pretty quickly. Everyone is joking and enjoying themselves around me. I see some people start to cut off more slices for a second helping as the tiredness finally takes over completely and I fall asleep for the last time.

Rating: 82%, Read 158111 times, Posted Nov 28, 2010

Fantasm | Cannibalism, Death, Murder, Snuff, Written by women


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