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Diary | Hardcore, Humiliation, Male, Rape, Reluctance, Romance, Teen Female

Monday is my favorite day of the week. It's not because school starts (yay), or the fact that it begins with the same letter as my first name (Megan), but the fact its the day I get to baby sit the Hamiltons child, Louis. He's two years old, and ADORABLE. His older brother, Josh, is my age (18) but he seems to hate me. Every time I walk through the door he bolts upstairs, as if he can't wait to get away from me. He's really cute. Blonde hair, 6"2, blue eyes, abs and six pack(I walked through the door one time when he was in the kitchen with only board shorts on, and he was SO hot. He could have melted an ice cream.) such a shame he HATES ME. I guess I'm ok looking, blonde hair that reaches my ass, blue eyes my mum loves and says sparkle in the sun, skinny/fit, and..…DD boobs. I was blessed there. I'm 5"2. Dunno if that short or tall, from HIS perspective.

Anyway, back to that day. After school I walked towards the Hamilton's house. I was wearing a classic 'me' outfit-jeans(blue), red wedge heels, tank top. It was Summer, and I was actually pretty warm. I was nervous and excited, not to see Louis, but to see Josh. My stomach turned and churned. I felt sick, and wondered if throwing up was a good look. But, I set my head high and kept walking. Breathing in through the nose, out through the mouth.

I walked up to the front door and anxiously rang the door bell. Their house is REALLY modern. Mrs Hamilton welcomed me and ushered me inside. She had WAY too much makeup on, and has probably had one hundred boob jobs, they're hard as rocks. Serious, you can feel them when she hugs you. "Sweety, thanks so much for coming. We're going out for the night, as an anniversary. Twenty years. How have I put up with him?" She shook her brunette locks. "Josh will be back soon, he's out with his girlfriend." That hit me like a tidal wave. GIRLFRIEND! How could he! I mean…god. I felt so crushed. Before I knew it, Mr and Mrs Hamilon had left the building.

I walked over to Louis and gave him a hug. "Hey there! How's my favorite 2-year old?" I gushed. He farted. I put him down. I walked over to the Fridge and got out a coke. I took a swig. Ahhhhhhhh. Refreshing. The front door opened. Josh walked in, plain white tee, blue jeans, sneakers. He looked at me. "Hi." I said, nervously. "Hi." he replied. "Whos your girlfriend?" I asked. Nice one, Captain obvious. "Amy Beigel." he said. "But she's not the one I like, the one I likes name starts with…m. " then he rushed up the stairs, dropping his cap on the top step. I was confused. Did he mean me…or? I left the Hamiltons later that night, still puzzled.

When I got home, my ex was sitting on my porch. My parents were away for the night. "Get away from here, and from me." I growled. "Baby, I'm gonna fuck your guts out." he said, obviously drunk. He grabbed my hand and pulled me towards him. "Go away! Leave me alone!" I cried out. He undid my top button, and ripped off my tank top. I screamed and screamed. Somehow that ass hole got us both naked, and he pushed me on the floor of my porch. Holding my arms down, pinning me to the porch, he positioned himself at the entrance of my vagina. He shoved into me, hard, filling my world with pain. I screamed, screamed, screamed. He started pounding my pussy, hard and fast. I could feel blood running down my ass crack. I screamed and screamed. He ignored my pleas, and just fucked me hard and fast. He filled my womb with cum, and then left me lying on the porch, filled with blood and cum. I felt humiliated, ridiculed. Even though noone had witnessed it, I felt as though the whole world had been watching and laughing. I was not a virgin, but pain like this was…unexpected. I decided that in the morning I would go and visit the doctor. His name was Dr.Tom. He had been my doctor since I was five years old. I could skip school and go to his practice, it wouldn't be hard. I had enough money, And he would understand why not to tell my parents. I picked mysel off the porch, unlocked the door and made my way inside. I had a shower, washed away all bad thoughts, and made myself tea. Surprise, surprise, it was only ten. My parents wouldn't be home till midnight. I went on the net and found some pictures and information for my project, titled 'Mines'. So interesting, I know. I went to bed at about eleven, and slept like a baby-waking up all night.

In the morning I packed for school, got dressed, waved goodbye to my tired coffee drinking parents and started my way towards DrTom's practice. I walked sorta weird, cause my pussy was still sore. Not many people noticed though, and the ones that did probably thought I had a leg injury. Finally I walked through the doors, and said hello to Laticia, the desk lady. I asked her if there was any way I could see Dr.Tom today, and he replied he woul see me in five minutes. I smiled, said thank you, and sat down on one of the uncomfortable waiting room chairs. Ahhhhh. Memories. I started reading a book, and felt relaxed, safe, homely. Laticia said it was time for me to see Dr.Tom, so I walked into his room. I shut the door behind me. "How nice to see you Megan!" he greeted me. "I've missed your visits!" I sat down and told him the whole story of my rape, leaving out my humongous crush on Josh. As I spoke I realised he couldn't be much older than thirty five. His features were quite appealing. He had short brown hair, and just a tiny bit of beard stubble. I snapped myself out of it. He nodded his head and said "I'm so sorry to hear. Of course I wont tell your parents. It will be out secret." Then he gave me a high-five, like he used to when he was little.

"Just hop up onto the examination table please Megan." he said. I hopped up and removed my long skirt and panties. He stared up my pussy, between my legs. "Hmmmmmmmm" he said. "I cant see any tearing, but we will have to make sure." and with that he pulled down his pants, revealing a seven inch hard cock! "What are you talking about? What are you doin Dr.Tom?" I asked. However, I couldn't get my eyes away from his cock. It was so…big. My exs was only five and a half inches. He slowly pulled my legs apart, and positioned his cock at the entrance of my budding wet pussy. I didn't pull my legs shut, however. I kinda wanted him inside me. He started to push in, and I felt the head of his cock enter my pussy. Pop! It felt so good. I moaned slightly, twitching from anticipation. He moaned "It's so tight." suddenly, in one push, he bottomed out. I moaned and pulled him in as far as he could go. When we both calmed down, he started pushing his cock in and out, in and out. He got faster, harder, bigger. Soon we were bouncing together so fast, I couldn't see his cock, it was only a blur. He squeezed my shoulders and moaned his release. I felt his hot, stick cum pour into my body. It was such a picture perfect moment. He pulled out, and I put back on my panties and skirt.

"goodbye, Megan. And this time, it's free of charge. Come back soon. You don't have any tearing, and you seem to be in tip top condition. Have a nice day." as I walked out, I knew my life was not far from finished. Not any where near, there was more cum to come.

Suggestions are welcome:)

I will write chapter 2 if requested. Sorry, next one will have more detail. :)

Rating: 65%, Read 16653 times, Posted Apr 30, 2013

Diary | Hardcore, Humiliation, Male, Rape, Reluctance, Romance, Teen Female


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