My Sisters - Chapter 1 by golfgangstar

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Fantasy | Ass to mouth, Cum Swallowing, First Time, Incest, Masturbation, Oral Sex

There are indeed a lot of sibling relationships out there in the world. Some siblings are in such sync that they know exactly what the other is thinking on the money, others envy their siblings because the other is the apple of their parent’s eye. Then there’s the most frequent set; the siblings that hate each other. My sibling relationship falls into that category.

Hey there, my name’s Sean, and I’m 15 (next week). I live in L.A. with my dad Ronald and my three sisters, Stephanie (16), Samantha (17) and Jasmine (18).

My dad was never the same when mom died. He’s a bulky figure of 42, 6’4” and milky white skin (he spent most of his time in the garage fixing his vintage mustang). Like me he had black hair and dark brown eyes. I have no memories of mom anyways because she was never home, so I may seem cold when I say this but for whatever reason she died it really didn’t matter. She was never a mother to me anyway, maybe to Jasmine.

Speaking of; Jasmine was a tall shapely figure at 6’3” tall, hips well defined, resting on tall legs and could just about drive any guy crazy (if she could get a guy). Like every female in the family she had coal black hair and blue eyes, and she had the biggest breasts in the family, F-cup lovelies sitting high on her chest. Despite her heavenly features, she had one hell of a temper. I remember when I was 10 she was chasing me around the house yelling at me to come take a bath, when I decided to play brave and cop a feel. Yeah that was a smart ass move Sean. That was the first time I ever broke my arm, and even before then she’s hated my guts, and I never knew why.

Next was Sam. Same dark hair blue eyes but she had significantly smaller breasts (A-cups). Standing 5’8”, she was a gorgeous specimen of innocent beauty and had a checklist of boyfriends. From John to Jake to Mark back to Jake to Bill who was with Jill who broke up with Phil who later was with Sam who was at the time with some other guy named Sean (I’m guessing she did that just to tease me). I had to feel sorry for the poor suckers, most of them just fell for her because she had a hot piece of ass. Like Jasmine, I received physical abuse from her, but not as much (still too much if you ask me). She would deliberately smash and break anything while I’m around and use whatever brains she had to blame it on me. Some of the excuses were complete stupidity while others I had to admit actually made me think that I was responsible.

I gotta say, out of all my sisters, Stephanie’s my favourite. She was the same height as me (5’6”) so she didn’t belittle me, which made me like her a lot. Her breasts were cute C-cups, complimenting her equally sized ass. When Sam and Jasmine are up to their bullshit she’s always the one that stands up for me. They only treat me like shit when dad’s not around, hell they only talk to me when dad’s not around, which is almost all the time. I always let Steph help me with my homework (even though I don’t need the help because I’m practically the smartest kid in my grade) simply because I enjoy her company, and she keeps me sane.

“SEAN!!! GET YOUR ASS DOWN HER AND GET STARTED ON DINNER!” Jasmine screamed from the living room, but since I had my headphones on I thought she was pissed about me leaving the toilet seat up again, so I paid her no mind. It was when I felt her fist connecting with my stomach that I realized what she said. “Didn’t you hear me shrimp?!” there she goes again with that belittling attitude, wearing an army tank top and matching sweat pants. She knows I can’t retaliate because I didn’t want to walk on three legs.

“Could you at least get the stuff from the fridge so I don’t have that much to do?” I asked in the calmest voice I could muster while still recovering from my rather rude awakening.

“Do I look like your fucking maid here? No so do it yourself!” and she stormed out of my room slamming the door behind her. For the love of god dad hurry up and come back!

I was ordered to make pork chops tonight, but they never come out good enough, so Jasmine and Sam always criticized it, but always ate everything on their plate, so at the least I knew they appreciated it. Sam came storming down from her room after I had gotten all the ingredients out of the fridge (the meat was already out and thawed. Thanks Steph) obviously dumped over the phone again. I guess I was staring at her ass for a little too long because I started drooling and Jasmine must’ve noticed, because I received my fifth smack upside the head for the day.

“What’s with you perv! Get a girlfriend instead of looking at your sister!” she said. Sam had turned around and gave me a look that could kill, and walked out of the kitchen in a worse mood. Thanks Jasmine. I had other things on my mind, like who I was gonna partner with on the upcoming environmentalist fieldtrip. I always keep to myself in class so I doubt anyone’s gonna be brave and ask me to partner with them. For all they knew I would shoot them down before they got a chance to even open their mouths. Maybe I’ll ask Steph to partner up with me, since her grade was going on the trip too. I was dragged out of my thoughts when I felt the knife I was using slice across my palm. Like, what the hell!?

“Careful dweeb, I don’t wanna taste your blood on my meat.” Sam said, her mood greatly improved. When did she come back?

“Sam what the hell! Why’d you do that?” I was trying to sound pissed and at the same time not too loud. My limit for smacks upside the head was 5 a day. She was smiling now.

“Me? I didn’t do anything. You were so lost in thought you must’ve mistook your hand for the potato.” Something in that made sense but I wasn’t convinced.

“And you happened to be here when it happened? I find that a little too hard to believe.”

“I forgot what I came for, catching you staring at my ass.” She teased me by spinning around, her short shorts barely able to keep her massive glutes covered. What she was saying did start to make sense; I didn’t see her walk away with anything in her hands the first time…or maybe I wasn’t paying attention to her hands. “See you don’t even know. And you’re here blaming me for something I didn’t do. Have some shame.” Dammit I knew she did it, but all the evidence put on the table suggested it was my fault. If she didn’t become a lawyer in the future something was very wrong.

“Sorry.” I said.

“Damn right you’re sorry. Next time focus more on what you’re cutting and less on my ass.” Again she teased me by pushing that round rump in direction, and threw in a little slap and a twerk and walked off.

I was almost finished cooking when Stephanie came into the kitchen, sporting a black mini skirt and red bra, her long flowing hair tied into a ponytail. God she always looked good no matter what she wore, and at least with her, teasing wasn’t intentional (I think), but greatly appreciated. She gave me a hug and a peck on the cheek , her usual greeting.

“Hey Sean, how you holding up?” She asked, inspecting the new bump on my head and cut on my hand. She sighed and said “One of these days those two are gonna go too far and they’re gonna have to cook cause I’m not gonna do it. Sean you go take care of that cut and I’ll finish up here. Go on leave boy.” She playfully shooed me away and governed the kitchen. I walked down the hall to the downstairs bathroom, got the first aid kit, and tended to my new injury, hoping it would fully heal by the time dad gets back. He was on a business trip in England and wouldn’t be back for a few more weeks (yes I heal that slowly) so I was the man of the house. I guess the fact that Stephanie was so nice to me all the time made me look at her as a mother. I had told her that I felt like that and didn’t take it well. She wasn’t upset but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it…maybe disappointed?

With the little privacy I had, my mind began sending my eyes lewd images of my three sisters, all in skimpy bikinis, looking down at my erect pecker and blushing to no one in particular. Sam, being the ass master, was sitting on my face pushing her enormous full moon on me while Jasmine and Stephanie each took turns jerking and sucking me off. I found myself slowly jerking my rod and drooling over my shirt as my mind treated me to a little taste of sinful heaven. Stephanie got up and assisted me in eating Sam out, me burying my tongue in her sweet ass and Stephanie making a meal of her pussy. The twin attack on her holes made her moan and wiggle in complete delight. Knowing we could increase her pleasure even further, Stephanie began pulling her erect nipples, stretching them to their limit while I kneaded her ass and spanked her. I was getting a shitload of pleasure myself, as Jasmine was relentlessly bobbing he head up and down, sucking my cock like a two-dollar whore, applying so much suction I was surprised I still had a cock. Her gymnastic tongue was working as a hand now, circling my dick and jerking it off (don’t ask me how I know she could do that), giving me my double dose of pleasure. I felt kinda bad that Steph was working and not getting rewarded so I wanted to fix that problem. Sam got off my face, now soaked in her juices, Jasmine popped my dick out of her mouth, and Steph sat on the counter. I removed her panties and gave them a quick sniff, then stuck my tongue inside her pussy. Jasmine and Sam were now on either side of her, each sucking a boob. Her feminine fragrance was so enticing it could get a gay man excited. She was on pleasure overload, reaching for anything to grab, settling for my hair. I lapped my tongue on her clit while fingering her relentlessly, and she pulled me forward by the hair to try and bury me as deep as she could inside her love hole.

“Enough Sean. Please (moan) oh please (moan) fuck me (moan).” Stephanie said between moans. I got up, and pushed the head of my 6 incher into her pussy. She tightened around me and I felt a warm gash of her juices coating my dick. Once she loosened up I went further, coming into contact with her hymen. I looked at her and she smiled and said “Make me a woman Sean, take my virginity and make me yours. Oh please Sean…Sean…SEAN what the hell are you doing in the bathroom you dipshit!” that last part was in reality, and unfortunately from my man handler of an eldest sister.

“You better hurry up and come to the table, were not waiting any longer!” Surveying the area, I realized that I came on the mirror, the sink, the floor and on my hand. I quickly cleaned myself and the bathroom up and went to eat dinner. The table was all set as well as all four plates, steam from the pork chops still rising so I knew it hasn’t been that long. We said grace and dived in. As always the seating arrangement were the same; with Jasmine and Sam on one side and me and Steph on the other (rectangular dinner table). No conversation (complaints) arose during dinner so I guess the food came out ok.

When we finished everyone piled their plates in the sink and Jasmine and Sam ran off to do whatever, leaving me and Steph to do all the cleaning. She came up to me, an apologetic look in her face, which made me uneasy.

“Steph you ok?” I asked

“Y-yeah I’m fine, I just uh…can you take care of the dishes tonight? Please?” she begged. At least she had the common courtesy to ask, so I couldn’t get upset.

“Um…yeah sure. Everything ok?”

“Yeah everything’s fine. I just gotta take care of something.” And she scurried out of the kitchen, leaving me to tackle this plated mountain by my lonesome. When that was over and done with, I went up the stairs, but before I crashed for the night I made my rounds to the girls’ rooms. Dad told me it was an important part of being a man to make sure all the ladies in my life were taken care of so I was doing this out of respect for the old man’s wisdom. Sam’s room was first. I knocked and waited for her to tell me to come in, then stepped into the shocking pink room. Just about everything in her room was pink, from the sheets on her bed to the bean bag in the corner, even the curtains. She was in her pyjamas (pink), and as usual she was disappointed to see it was just me.

“Oh, it’s just you.” She said. That was her routine comment and so I gave my routine statement.

“Just making sure you’re ok.” Every time I said that I swear I could see a faint smile on the corners of her lips (which oddly were coated with pink lipstick. Who wears makeup to bed?). Next was the beast in question, and I readied my routine statement and apology while knocking. As usual, that pissed off look on her face made me quiver and look at my feet.

“What.” she said.

“Um…just seeing if you’re ok.” I tried to lighten the mood by looking at her with those innocent eyes us young kids only know how to do. It always got rid of her anger face, even for a moment.

“I don’t need you to check up on me.” She replied and buried her head back into her book.

“Sorry.” I said and closed the door. Now for my favourite part of the night, time to check up on Steph. Just before I knocked on her door I heard faint whimpers from the other side. I creaked open the door and peaked inside, and my eyes literally flew out of my head. So this is what she meant by something to take care of? Stephanie was on her bed, ass naked, on her knees with her cute butt arched up in the air and two fingers buried in her pussy. It turns out her whimpers were moans muffled in her pillow. Not believing the sight in front of me, I wiped my eyes and looked again, still there, then pinched myself, still there. I was gonna slap myself but then that would make my presence known. Her moaning was becoming more desperate now.

“Oh god Sean, your cock feels so good inside me. Give it to me. Make me cum.” she said, almost making me have a heart attack. Her hands picked up speed, and after a few more thrusts they froze deep inside her as she silently screamed she was cumming. Her orgasm lasted a decent while, and it took her almost twice as long to be able to speak again. “I’m always thinking about you. I’ve loved you from the moment I knew what love was. Why do you have to see me as a mother? That’s not what I want.” All the pieces of the puzzle were coming together now, and I realized I wasn’t breathing, so inhaled sharply (a little too loud). She must have heard it and in a second she spun her head around, saw me and froze in place, her fingers still slowly pleasing her. Now’s the time to make a move. She wants you dude. I breathed deeply and walked in, taking a seat beside this innocent beauty, who was still unconsciously still fingering herself. Despite there being an elephant in the room I was the first to speak.

“So this is why you were upset when I said I thought of you as a mother?” my words were soft but meaningful. Her paralysis was still in full effect, so I continued. “Why do you love me?” a sick twisted thought came into my mind and I followed it. I crawled behind her, feeling her eyes piercing into my back. Now face to face with her dripping coochie, I took her fingers out and inspected the creamy juices coating them. “Did I do this? Did you get yourself off thinking about me?” She was shivering now, totally unprepared for a situation like this. I was curious how she tasted, and took the two juice-drenched fingers into my mouth, and watched as more oozed out of her pussy. She tasted like a well-made fruit punch smoothie, not too sweet, and no flavour outshined the other. “Do you want me…” she didn’t let me finish this time.

“Sean stop (moan) teasing me like this. God you make me so (moan) fucking (moan) horny.” She was begging for more attention, and I was oh so happy to comply. I wet my middle finger and started rubbing her clit, bringing gasps and shivers from my first love. “Oh my god Sean, that feels so good. I’ve dreamt about this so many times but it feels (moan) so much better in real life.” She looked like she was gonna die from me just touching her, and not forgetting my unanswered questions, I stopped rubbing. Her heart looked like it just stopped. “W-what are you…?”

“I want answers Steph. The more questions you answer the more pleasure you get.” I interjected. She looked like she was gonna cry but still nodded her head. “First question; how long have you been thinking about me like this?” you already knew that one dumbass.

“S-since we were old enough to walk. That’s why I always stuck with you.” She murmured, and I continued my clit rubbing, making her moan again. I was probably supposed to be scared out of my mind, because the door was open and Jasmine and Sam were still awake, but I knew this house and its occupants like back of my hand. Sam always goes to sleep with her headphones blasting at full volume so she couldn’t hear anything and Jasmine’s room is soundproof (don’t know why though). I readied my next question.

“How long have you been fingering yourself thinking about me?” that one was just out of curiosity.

“Since I was 9. Sam showed me how (moan) and (moan) it felt even better when I thought about you. It got me so horny.” My dick was getting hard now, and I increased pressure on her clit causing her to scream out “Oh god I’m cumming again!” She tightened up and her juices ran out of her pussy, dribbling down her thighs onto her sheets. Once she came down she immediately got used to my pleasuring and began moaning again.

“Next; have you ever had a boyfriend? If yes when?”

“Only one, but it only lasted a few days. I kept feeling like I was cheating on you. It was when I was 12. God your finger feels so good on me. Give me more.” With pleasure baby (all pun intended). I placed another finger on her clit and used my thumb to poke at the opening of her pussy. She moaned vigorously, trying to get my thumb inside her, not before she answered more.

“Do you want me to be your first real boyfriend?”

“OH GOD YES!!!” she blurted out less than a second after I asked my question, let my thumb dip deep inside her, and watched as she rocked herself back and forth. I let her enjoy herself for a few minutes before I asked my last question.

“Do you love me?” she didn’t answer at first. She just jumped in my lap, tears flooding down her face, squeezing me into her. I felt her tits against the fabric of my shirt, her nipples threatening to pierce through my chest.

“YES I LOVE YOU SEAN! I’ve loved you all my life. I don’t care if we’re related, I just want to be with you. Please be mine Sean. Please let me be your girlfriend. I want to be with you all the time. I want to belong to you, and no one else. Even if you don’t feel the same way I’ll still give my body to you. I always feel like I wanna break Sam and Jasmine anytime they treat you the way they do…” I stopped her by locking lips with her. She wrapped her arms around my neck and began grinding herself into my shorts. Imagine, since the day started, I’ve fallen asleep in almost every class, listened to the cheerleaders talk about whose boyfriend is cuter (don’t ask), lost about a million brain cells (thanks Jasmine), nearly sliced my hand off (thanks Sam…although maybe that was my fault), tasted pussy juice and this is my first kiss. Stephanie was hungrily attacking my mouth now, shoving her tongue into my mouth and exploring what she longed to have. I eased her onto her back and she rolled me over so that she was on top. My libido was blasting at full power, forcing half the blood in my body into my cock, which was surprisingly forcing its way out of my shorts with no help at all. “Can I take it out?” you can do whatever you want with it. I nodded hastily and in a second flat my shorts were flying across the room to god knows where, boxers following suit. My dick came flying out in all its horny glory, and Steph’s eyes widened at its length. I will admit, not many 14 year olds have 6.5”, so I was pretty proud of my length. “It’s so big. Can I suck it?” at this point, you could rape me for all I care. She took my silence as a yes and took my entire shaft down her throat, forcing a moan out of me.

“Christ woman where’d you learn how to do that?” I asked, overly amazed at her skill.

She didn’t say anything at first, still bobbing her head up and down, using her tongue to massage the underside of my that rode she longed to have.

“Jasmine has a seven inch dildo in her closet. Sometimes I take it out and suck on it thinking about you.” Her technique was truly professional, not that I have much to compare it to. Taking the whole thing into her throat, holding it there for at least 20 seconds while using her throat muscles to milk the precum from my cock, then pulling back until only the head was in her mouth and licked every inch of it, then proceeded to bob her head up and down once more, repeating the process for minutes on end. The whole experience was too much for me, and I found myself struggling for breath now.

“Steph, I’m gonna cum.” I warned her. She didn’t let up on her blowjob, if anything she was working faster now. She popped it out of her mouth and began to jerk it so fast her hand was a blur.

“Cum in my mouth Sean. I want it.” She said and took the head back into her mouth. I was done for. I shot my load with such force into the back of her throat she chocked on some, then quickly got used to it, drinking every ounce my cock had to offer. She sucked me dry, and any limpness my dick was getting quickly went away as I saw Stephanie swallow her first batch of cum. “It’s salty. I like it.” She was so damn sexy I was raring to go again. I put her on her back, got on top and unionized our mouths. She parted long enough to say “Fuck me baby.” I took the hint and aimed little Sean at her hole. Not wanting the pain that comes with sex to last long, I told her I was gonna put all of it in at once to reduce the pain, and she nodded her approval. With one swift motion forward, her hymen was shattered, and I felt the warmth of her blood on my cock, and saw more tears run down her face. “I’m ok Sean. I can (sniffle) take it. You can move. Make your woman feel good.” Ya don’t have to ask twice babe. I began thrusting, getting used to my first pussy. It felt even better knowing that someone who loved me took my virginity, and even more so knowing it was Stephanie, and even better knowing I was her first. Her crying soon stopped and was replaced my sensual moaning, filling the air with musical delight and sweet tropical juice. She wrapped her legs around me and brought her hands to my neck, bringing me in for another kiss, this time slower, longer and deeper. I thrusted harder now as we became lost in each other. At that point I guess I realized my love for Stephanie. I loved when she chased me around the field at elementary, trying to make me run faster (that was back when cooties were popular). I remembered when she cried the summer I went to camp when I was 8. Dad told me she cried every night cause I was always the one that slept with her when she had nightmares. And now she’s under me, our bodies joined at the hips, her love radiating into me and mine into her, lips entangled (and orgasms approaching). I felt the pressure in my balls begin to build up, I wasn’t gonna last that long and I wanted to give her at least one more orgasm.

“Steph I’m gonna cum.” I warned her as we parted lips.

“Me too baby. I’m so close. Cum with me.” She replied. And I doubled my efforts, ramming my pelvis into hers so much the headboard began to shake. Stephanie tightened up and screamed she was cumming just as I buried my dick deep inside her and shot my sperm deep inside her. The feeling of cumming inside my sister was extraordinary. Her pussy muscles clamping down on me, milking my very existence, the warmth of her juices gushing out onto me, it kept me hard and after we finished cumming I spun her around while she was still in a daze, put her on her hands and knees and began eating her out. She came back down to earth just as I took her clit into my mouth. “Oh shit Sean. Don’t do that (moan) I’m still so sensitive. And your cum is driving me crazy. Fuck that feels good (moan). Fuck me from behind baby.” With great pleasure. Taking one last long lick I got on my knees and rammed my cock back inside her. “OH FUCK!!!” was all she said.

“You like this cock inside you Steph?” I asked as I began pistoling her.

“(Moan…moan) yes Sean. (Moan) I love it. I love you so much (moan) oh god I’m cumming again.” She said (more like forced to get out) and reached in front and grabbed her breasts. Gliding my hands over her beautiful mounds and feeling their fullness, then flicking the nipples and pulling them. The slapping sounds of our nether regions gave me an extra adrenaline rush, so I freed my left hand from her tit, wet it and started to rub her puckering asshole. My actions must have flipped a switch because she was now meeting me thrust for thrust and begging me to push it in. I tasted her ass and wet my finger again, then plugged her butt with it, causing her to clamp down and scream her pleasure. Surprising myself yet again, I felt my balls tightening up, and soon after, a gush of cum spurted out from me and went to get to know Stephanie.

Exhausted, I slid my flaccid dick out of my girlfriend and collapsed on the bed, Steph following shortly after. She smiled and I pulled her in for a kiss, sliding my tongue into her mouth. I kneaded her ass as she wiggled into me.

“That was amazing. Who knew you could go three rounds.” Stephanie said as we parted lips.

“I’m as surprised as you Steph. But I had a lot of motivation.” I gestured towards her and she blushed.

“Ha-ha, are you working for another round, lover boy?”

“Maybe in the morning.” She had a serious look on her face now. “What’s wrong?”

“In the morning, make sure you leave early. I don’t want those two nagging you anymore.” I’ve never seen Stephanie so serious before, and I knew why she was doing this, so it was best to obey. She snuggled into me, her warm breath massaging my neck. “Goodnight Sean. I love you.”

“I love you too Steph. Sleep tight.” I said and dozed off in a few minutes.

Rating: 93%, Read 40994 times, Posted Jan 09, 2019

Fantasy | Ass to mouth, Cum Swallowing, First Time, Incest, Masturbation, Oral Sex


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