Gotta Break 'Em All Part 4- Practice makes perfect death by Crunchgasm

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Fiction | Blowjob, Boy, Death, Domination, Female, Gay, Group Sex, Male, Murder, Snuff, Teen Female

Machoke had achieved control of Azalea Town. Lethal control. To fully seal the fate of the people in this place, he sought a helper.

Thus, he went towards Union Cave, while most people in Azalea never thought about escaping. What the stud was looking for, was a male Machop willing to try out…live training. He actually found one trying to push away the boulders and squeeze through, confused about why there were boulders at the Azalea exit, when they had not been there before.

Machoke went to explain everything to the pre-evolved form of himself briefly. Machop was skeptical initially, and was unsure about killing humans, as it was normal for his species to train with humans. However, the offer of training was just too significant for any Machop to refuse. Machoke’s height, greater than the average member of the species, must have also factored in convincing the smaller Pokémon. If he did what the Machoke had done, he could perhaps grow as strong as him?

As all this took fewer than five minutes, the remainder of Azalea Town’s population soon saw Machoke coming back, but not alone. A Machop was with him. Some quickly realized what was going to happen, but as they decided to face death, they would die from the little one’s hands or legs, if it was fated.

Now amongst humans, Machop watched the Machoke grab the mayor of the town. To Machop’s amazement, the blue muscle beast locked in a cross armbar, and simply pulled back all the way, making the middle-aged man scream, following a hard snap of the right elbow.

Told to try it himself, the smaller Pokémon waited for a few seconds, before grabbing a Psychic trainer, and targeted his left arm, breaking it despite the cries of his victim, as he really got a feeling for doing a cross armbar right. Looking across his shoulder, he watched his teacher break the poor mayor’s spine by pulling back on his legs and sitting on his back at the same time, while hearing some humans utter the words” Boston crab”.

The crunch of the man’s spine was loud, and the consequences…fascinated Machop. Those legs twitched horribly, then stopped moving. Hurrying to cripple his victim in the same manner, he received praise when he elicited the same ghastly pops and cracks from the Psychic trainer’s spine, accompanied by weak whining. Smiling at the words he heard, he nodded when invited to finish the dark-haired male off.

The Machop was experiencing a hormonal surge, and this made him gain an erection- the first time he’d ever had it.

Because the brutality began to arouse him, the Machop rubbed his growing hard-on on the back of his victim, as he locked in a rear naked choke. He waited until the body moved no more, and then tried out a movement he thought could break the bones in the male’s neck.


It worked, and the young creature was amazed. He had just taken a life. Shut a human down leaving him a limp corpse, and it felt good.

Noticing his hard-on, the Machoke went over to the woman he’d made a widow by doing a dragon sleeper on her husband in the midst of cumming inside her cunt. Machop watched him lick and suck on her breasts, but also, punch them and her belly, from time to time. He noticed the woman liked this mix of abuse and pleasure, and quickly took hold of a young florist, stripping her hastily.

Meeting no resistance, he licked at her growing breasts, eliciting moans of pleasure. He soon sucked on them, and found this made it easier for him to finger her down there. Despite being a novice at sex, he had natural talent. Something twisted grew in him, and, as he gave the red-haired youth a kiss, he punched her hard in the stomach, enjoying the wail she emitted in his mouth.

Breast and pussy punches followed, and the girl was wet, drained of strength, and apparently ready to be taken, just like the woman being mounted by Machoke.

Machop penetrated his sex partner, and cried out in sheer pleasure at her tightness. He fucked fast and hard, trying out various things such as kissing for long periods, chokeholds to faint her, and even pressure point manipulations.

As he felt his confidence grow from the encouraging, pleading cries of the young girl, he noticed a man come up behind Machoke, and get put in a leg-based chokehold. Those were headscissors, and it seemed the victim wanted this, as he set out to lick Machoke’s ass.

The young creature spread his legs in the same inviting way, waiting to see if someone would let him practice this killer hold while he fucked the pretty girl underneath.

A Youngster came up somewhat hesitantly, and as he began licking Machop’s ass, the Pokémon gradually locked strong legs around him, while moaning in enjoyment. At one point, he thought of doing a double kill, and there was certainly opportunity to do so. The idea aroused him greatly, and at one pointed, while he raced towards a climax, he decided the girl would die.

He set up an arm triangle choke on her, while his kisses broke any ideas of resistance. Deeper tonguing from the male locked in his leggy prison made him tighten both holds. Soon, he couldn’t and didn’t want to hold himself back, not after he heard cracks of Machoke’s victims, as well as the woman’s final orgasm.

The Pokémon’s arms and legs tightened instantly, making his victims go limp. As he came in the girl, Machop repositioned his hands and quickly snapped her neck, just as he felt his dick get covered in her orgasmic juices, while his legs did the same thing to the Youngster. It was all so well synchronized and flawlessly executed, that the Machoke decided to give him a reward.

After high-fiving the trainee, Machoke pointed to a fainted blonde a bit farther away. She was somewhat older and bustier than the redhead Machop had just snuffed. And Machoke would let him have her. A friendly advice came with this gift: the young one was told he can leave girls alive, to knock them up. One deep bow later, and the young one was off to explore the blonde.

Approaching her, he casually attacked another novice trainer, snapping him over a knee after he saw his teacher do it to an old man. This trainer with a broken back would end up crawling to the young creature and Machop, to watch them.

To wake the girl up, Machop began eating her out, slowly at first. However, as more juices flowed out, his tonguing became more vigorous. He liked the taste a lot, and, she liked his cunnilingus, as it soon made her awaken.

She was stunned, and confused. There was no Machoke in front of her, but a Machop. He also…made her feel really good. However, a look around quickly revealed where the dangerous, burly Pokémon was. The Machop seemingly…was his apprentice.

Frozen in fear, the girl pleaded:” D-don’t break me…please no…”, and trying to scoot away

The Machop simply scowled harshly, gripped her left wrist painfully, and then went down on her left nipple, and sucked on it, eliciting shocked gasps from her, while his left arm massaged the other breast. He waited until she begged for more to go and lock in a hold.

As Machoke continued crippling and killing weak humans, one move seemed really cool to Machop. Replicating it, he wrapped his legs around the girl’s left leg, and, ignoring her fears, pulled on the locked limb, away from her body, using full force. The kneebar immediately destroyed her leg, and the young Fighting type immediately felt a painful boner from the way how the bones snapped. This just turned him on so much- the fruits of his own endless training, and the purpose of it- deadly domination over fragile humans.

Desperately, the girl wanted to crawl away, but she quickly found herself mounted by her assailant, who kissed her to shut her cries up. The penetration, combined with deep tonguing, soon produced a reduction in the girl’s resistance, which faded fast after his thrusts began to hit her G-spot.

Now, the young human-killer wanted to hear her moans, so he broke the kiss, licking her neck, and as he thought, she wanted him now.

“Please…more…touch me…fuck me…”

What girl wouldn’t want a strong male?, he thought.

Enjoying her breasts, Machop felt like blowing another load. To impress the girl, he grabbed the broken Youngster, and snapped his neck with both hands while kissing the blonde.

From having once a fear of displays of strength, the blonde became aroused by them now, cumming on the spot, which triggered Machop’s eruption, followed by cries announcing complete triumph.

“I’m sorry for…resisting. Please…break me…again.”, the girl spoke, quite embarrassed by all this. It was obvious resisting wasn’t going to work. compliance meant pleasure, and she didn’t even hate the Machoke anymore for ending her grandfather. Later, she would give the blue muscle stud a blowjob.

Machop kissed her passionately, before nodding. Flipping her around, he thought it was time to try another leg lock. An ankle lock required skill, and could permanently cripple someone. This blonde doll didn’t need to walk- Machop would carry her easily to where she needed to be. So, he gripped her right foot and ankle, locked his legs to fixate her leg, and twisted.

Instead of pure agony from the destruction of bones and ligaments, the sounds from the blonde conveyed some pleasure as well, derived from feeling how strong “her man” was. Machop would occasionally return to toy with her, but he made sure to participate in the massacre of remaining humans.

Although smaller than the Machoke, he was quickly attracting volunteers with his eagerness to fuck, and a willingness to try out new things. A female Ace Trainer was left squirting like a fountain after death, following a 69 with the Machop, ending in dual climax and a snapped neck. During this amazing performance, he guillotined and dragon sleeper choked many curious onlookers, learning along the way how to cause people to cum by breaking their necks just at the right spots.

As dusk hours came, it was the dusk of Azalea Town. There were only 5 humans left alive: Stephen, Machop’s blonde, Machoke’s raven haired girl, and two Veteran trainers. They had challenged the two Fighting Pokémon to a double battle, and lost, due to the activation of the ability Guts on the Machop, in a situation which looked bad for the muscular duo.

The price for losing was of course, death. Since they were a married couple, their death would be somewhat humiliating, but also, contained some pleasurable moments, as a reward for being no sore losers.

The male faced away from the Machoke, feeling that long dick in his ass, while the scorpion death lock tortured his bad back. He could only whine into his wife’s cunt, and licking it brought relief, as the hold would not be applied fully.

His wife had to suck Machop’s dick and balls as he thrust into her vertically, knowing a twist of hands placed on her skull could end her any time.

Over the course of an hour, Machop and Machoke would exchange positions, and even force the male to suck dick, while straining the wife’s spine as she serviced her husband. This happened several times, but ultimately, as darkness was very close, the Veterans’ lives ended in the original positions.

Machoke came hard, thinking of how pathetically weak the human race was. They were his toys to break. And break them he did. A long drawn out crunch of several vertebrae was mixed with the muffled cries of the male Veteran, as his body spasmed all over.

He frantically ate his wife out, his nerve impulses firing at random, making his tongue uncontrollable. This caused her to begin cumming, as she cried out loudly. The Pokémon were both ready to kill them, now. After completing the scorpion death lock, it was easy for Machoke to transition into a stepover toehold face lock quickly.

The twist on the male’s neck happened just as Machop finished his wife off, cumming all the way down into her throat. Thus, Azalea was…no more. Turned on by the consequence of their actions, and the explosion of masculine power, Machoke and Machop shared a kiss, forming a bond centered around their desire to drive humans into a crunchy, muscular extinction.

The few survivors left were carried off. Already, Johto was in danger, and Machoke hadn’t evolved, even…

Rating: 36%, Read 2328 times, Posted Dec 29, 2020

Fiction | Blowjob, Boy, Death, Domination, Female, Gay, Group Sex, Male, Murder, Snuff, Teen Female


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