Jay's Beginning (Updated) by azn2k

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I was pretty nervous. I?d never been with another guy before, and here I was, waiting for the ad poster from Craigslist to come and meet me. I?d been debating it all month, but I decided to finally do it. A little something about me, I?m 18, Asian, fit, and I?ve told I have a pretty nice ass. The guy I?m meeting is Randy. He?s 43, a little chubby, not the best looker and to be honest I felt a little sorry for him. All I was expecting was to get my first taste of a man?s cock in my mouth. We?d emailed back and forth all week until I felt confident. I decided to meet up at an adult store that had those booths that played porn. It was far enough away from my neighborhood so that way I wouldn?t be recognized.

About 3 o?clock he arrived. He greeted each other with a handshake. He told me to head inside and get a booth; he?d be there in a couple minutes, that way the clerk wouldn?t think anything of it. I paid the clerk and got a handful of tokens. I headed towards the back and walked into the dark hallway. Different TVs with porn could be heard. I chose the 2nd booth on my right and waited. Randy came into the hallway a few minutes later searching for me. I opened the door and let him in. We sat down and I inserted all of my tokens. I switched the porn to gay porn and sat back.

Are you nervous,? he asked? I told him a little and with that, he took my hand and guided it to his bulge. I rubbed it up and down, feeling it strain against his pants. I quickly glanced at his face and looked at what I?ve been waiting to do. I unbuttoned and unzipped his pants. Pulling them down, his cock sprang from its prison. It was maybe 6? and pretty good girth. I slid my hand up and down the shaft, feeling the velvety skin with my fingers. I heard him moan and decided it was time. I lowered my head and opened my mouth. I went down until his cock touched the back of my throat and I wrapped my lips around it. I sucked as I slid my lips up like I?ve seen in porn. As my lips passed over the tip of his manhood, I got my first taste of cum. Well I guess it would be more like pre-cum. A bit salty but I didn?t mind. I went back down but this time I made sure to run my tongue around his cock and back up I went. Hearing him moan, I gained confidence and I felt like I was on fire. I picked up my face and did my best to give him the best blowjob he?d ever get. With every bob of my head, I slid my tongue along his shaft as I sucked. I?d get a little cum up from it here and there. I felt his hand on my back and then sliding down towards my ass. I was prepared and wore track pants so his hand slid right under the elastic waist. He squeezes my ass as I start really sucking his cock.

I changed it up a bit by just licking his dick and looking up at him. I lightly kiss up and down it before attacking his cock again. He really started to get into it. His hips rose and met with the pace. Basically fucking my mouth. His finger slid down my crack and started to play with my ass. This really got me hot. We were both moaning at this time and his finger slid into my virgin ass. He fingered me as I tried to relax the muscles to let him go deeper into me. I couldn?t take it anymore more. I wanted his cock in me. I said ?fuck it?I want you to fuck me.? Breathlessly he agreed. I slid off my pants and straddled him. With our chests pressed against each other, I lowered myself and felt his cock press up against my asshole. Still slick with the mix of my saliva and his cum, his cock slid in me. At first it hurt a little. Best way I could describe it was like a burning. Only the tip of his cock was in me, so I started to slowly ride it. With every bounce I took him deeper and deeper into my ass. It still burned but I didn?t care. Right next to his ear, I told me to give it to me. Randy started to push up and go even further in me. After a few strokes, it started to feel a little better. I was moaning like a whore with the sensation in my ass.

He must have not liked it too much because he told me to just bend over on the bench. So I did and we began again. He started slow, gently sliding his cock in and out of my ass. I told him again to fuck me. Randy picked up the pace to basically ramming his cock into me. As I moved back and forth, he kept pulling me into him. I could feel and hear my ass bounce against him. His hands grabbing onto my hips, he fucked me like a rapid dog. I couldn?t help it, I felt like a naughty and dirty bitch. Words just started to spew from my mouth like:

?Yea?fuck me! Fuck my virgin ass damnit!?

?Give it to me! Fuck me like a bitch!?

?Your cock feels so good!?

?Harder! Faster! Harder! Please Harder!?

With every thrust I moaned and grunted, feeling every inch of his cock gliding and slamming in and out of me. Finally with the last couple thrust, I felt his cock spasm and fill my ass with his cum. He held me there for a minute while I clenched my ass to milk him of every drop. Finally he pulled out of me and sat down. With sweat falling from his forehead, he sat down with a satisfied smile. He pulls out napkins from his pants on the floor and passes a few to me. We clean up as best as we could and got dressed. I walked out of the store first and waited by my car. Randy came out a couple minutes later. We hugged and said we should do that again.

If you liked my story, let me know. I continue on?

Rating: 89%, Read 17269 times, Posted Apr 19, 2012

Fiction | Anal, Blowjob, Gay, Mature, Young


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