Moved into a new life. Part 5: David seduces mom by Thinkingman

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David seduces mom

Chapter 5

Mark's wife and his son discover each other

David and Susan, Mark's and Marla's kids, after making up their minds to seduce their parents had found a weekend where Susan could be with their dad of town. Susan's field hockey team had advanced to the regionals and that was out of town. That meant that David could stay home with their mother and make his attempt to complete her seduction.

He had been working on seduction for weeks. He had also been fantasizing about and checking out his lovely mother when ever she wasn't looking. Actually she would catch him sometimes. Marla got in the habit of looking in mirrors and windows to see if she could catch her son checking out her ass or licking his lips. She even started bending over innocently in front of him to see if she could catch him trying to look down her top and catch a glimpse of her bra held breasts. She even went braless more often to tease him on purpose.

David was a good looking kid with dark brown hair, his mom's soft brown eyes and fathers infectious smile. At almost 5'9" and 168 he was filling out to be man sized. Once in a while Marla would wonder just How man sized.

It was quite thrilling to think that a good looking young man would find her desirable. She knew in her late middle forties she was still very attractive. Exercise and reasonable eating had kept her body just on the athletic side of voluptuous. At 5'6" and 138 lbs she was too broad shouldered to be a runway model but her hourglass figure was balanced out by well rounded hips and ass. With a 38 D chest, firm slightly rounded tummy, and smoothly muscled thighs she was a mature dream. High cheek bones in a softly squarish face with short brown hair, faint laugh and smile lines at the corners of her large brown eyes, and a generous smile rounded out the picture of a very attractive woman.

Marla knew it was somewhat improper to enjoy the attentions of her son and to knowingly tease him. But after all, what could it hurt? They weren't doing any thing wrong. If she went to the privacy of her bedroom to rub one out when she had a little flash fantasy pop into her head for a second and it turned her on, so what. It was thrilling and it reminded of her of when she was a hot and kind of wild young woman in her early 20's. She also got quite a kick out of knowing that she had caused the tenting of David's shorts. She even pulled out the tiny bikini from the bottom of the drawer that she usually wore only at adult parties and had worn it a couple times when Mark just had not been at home.

The first time she wore it to take a swim then lay in the sun to dry out and warm up, she heard David, "Jesus mom! That is uh... That's a great outfit. You look amazing." She was sure she saw a frontal bulge. She didn't tell Mark about teasing David or how much she enjoyed the back and leg massages David gave her. It felt safe to keep those hidden fantasies in her private mind. It was partly his fault anyway. One time beginning to make love Mark had teased her about supposedly fantasizing about fucking her son. She had shut him up by teasing him with a description of a fantasy about their daughter that same night, after which Mark quieted and had felt maybe fantasies had gone far enough in that direction

Marla had a meeting with the pool contractor the next day. So David and Marla moved a concrete bench and some large planters around the back yard, then cleanup, tidying and other moving of things away from the deck and poolhouse. It was the end of a busy day the sun was just starting to go down. David stepped behind his mother, took her upper arms in his fingers with thumbs between her shoulder blades. Her only response was an " OOOOHHH!" He worked his thumbs slowly up her spine spreading over her shoulder blades to grasp her trapezius. From her shoulders his squeezing and rubbing hands separated, one going to the back of her neck and the other to grasp her forehead and massage both temples. He massaged her temples gently and the back of her neck firmly.

Again with the "OOOOHHH!" but this time she added, "That is soooo nice and relaxing. I need to sit."

David responded, "Here, on this lawnchair. Let me get you something ." He proceeded to bring his mother back a very full glass of cold white wine. He figured a little disinhibition couldn't hurt.

After a couple sips Marla realized David had taken her left foot in his hands. She closed her eyes and thought that the massage was better healing than the wine. David had such great hands and seemed to be learning great technique. She rather quickly sipped the rest of the wine and lay back on the flat lounge chair.

David's hands moved up her ankle relaxing and at the same time sending tingles up her leg. His hands worked up to her calves and released tension with the relaxation of her lower leg. Somehow his hands had passed the barrier of her knee and began kneading his mother's rich thigh.

"Oh, sweetheart, mom is all sweaty and dirty. You don't have to do that." Marla tried to argue against something the rest of wanted very much to continue.

"Your sweat is natural organic and is probably the best thing to rub in before you take your shower. It is a natural moisturizer." from David. In his mind he told himself that he hoped that didn't sound as dumb to his mom as it did to himself. "I read it somewhere" he added. He had the thought that he would be glad to lick any of her sweat off of anywhere on her body even if it was dusty.

His mother wasn't really listening. She was just thinking how good his hands felt and the total relaxation spreading throughout her whole body from those hands. She was cooling off and heating up at the same time. David moved to the right thigh. Marla didn't think David had ever massaged her thighs before but it felt great and kept feeling greater as his rubbing hands slowly moved north. Those thighs had begun to spread. She saw the flash fantasy of his fingertips delving into her puffy womanhood. She thought, "OH NOT Now. Can't think like that now. I should go inside and use the hand held shower head to take care of this horny pussy of mine." Marla's pussy was gently throbbing. David's hands were beginning to work under the hem of her short shorts. David told her to turn over onto her belly and moved up to the back of her thighs. One of his hands slid up over her left buttock and his other hand slid under, cupping that buttock.

"AAAHH," She sighed, " Where did you learn that.?"

"Saw it on a video about physical therapy." If she hadn't had shorts on his finger tips would have been stroking almost directly between her pussy and anal openings.

"OH my heavens it felt Good" Marla thought, "Really too bad Mark isn't home. I would find some way of getting his cock into me, his tongue, his fingers, anything." She realized that she was squirming just enough to rub her bare belly and tight hard nipples against the lounge chair and that she wasn't relaxed any more. She was Hot! She thought of how Marks body would feel on top of her thrusting into her and slamming into those buttocks that her son was kneading and squeezing. Her imagination was getting away from her. Images of David doing some of the things her husband enjoyed doing to her sprang unintended into her mind. She should stop his hands on her ass. It felt soooo good, though, just another minute. Marla had to get out of there and take care of her dripping pussy. Marla was turning a little red and breathing heavier all the time. She didn't think she had ever been this turned on without getting fucked. She knew she was safe, though. David was her baby boy and all she had to do was get up and and head for the shower. She hoped David couldn't tell she was wet.

So much for hopes. He felt her heat and wetness in the crotch of her shorts. What a turn on to feel his mother's body prepare to be entered and fucked. He had to adjust his now rampant cock in his shorts.

"This has to be the finest ass on earth. You drive me insane mom" David didn't realize his thoughts had come out loud.

Marla realized that, though he wasn't quite handling her pussy, his hands were much farther than she should have allowed. She also realized that she had begun to moan in response to his touch. "I've got to go inside and clean up."Marla blurted out and struggled to get up off her belly and stand. She slipped and began to fall. David reached out to catch her and wound up with one hand on her hip and the other had slipped up under her crop top and was filled with a full breast. They both ended up falling into the loose dirt from where they had moved a couple of the planters. Each one asking if the other was alright. David realized he still had a handful of mother tit. He carefully removed his hand. Marla's breast immediately missed the fondling.

"Oh no now we are really filthy!" Marla complained. "Can't even go in the house like this."

"I know just what to do." from David. He stood and pulled his mother up. He pulled the hose over part of the pool house so that it was about head height and turned the water on. Then he pulled his mother over against him under the running hose. Both were drenched as the dirt and sweat sluiced off their bodies.

Marla said, "Our clothes are wet. We are dripping all over. We can't go in the house like this either." "Okay" replied her son. He turned off the water and stood and before she knew it, he had pulled off her shorts. Her tiny panties came off with the shorts and somehow her little top was also gone. "It's dark and no one could see us. Anyway we're family." David quipped. The sun had gone down during the massage but there was just enough light to see the tan lines on the curves of her breasts and lower belly. They were both laughing and she said, "Turnabout is fair play" and jerked off his shorts. They were now holding each close to minimize the chill of their wet skin. Laughter quieted and they just stayed belly to belly, puckered hard nipples to chest, the only sound being their heavy breathing. Each recognized the arousal of the other. Marla really couldn't miss the hardness pressing her belly. She almost felt she might cum just from feeling the manly body of someone she loved who was holding her like a lover. She also became fully aware that part of her little boy felt quite manly and not at all little.

Marla tried to move away and her foot slipped a little. David caught her and pulled her closer to keep her from falling again. His mother was completely enfolded in his arms and plastered against her son who now looked like a full on man. David whispered to his mother, "I love you. I need you. I've never felt this way before. One hand went to hold the back of her wet head, the other on the small of her back pressing her belly against his. He leaned down. She saw it coming and part of her wanted it. The responsible part of her mind fought those feelings. His body against hers, the glass of wine in her belly, her throbbing pussy, her tingling nipples, naked under the starlit sky, a man (okay, what sure felt like a man) she loved.... Responsible mind didn't have a chance. She tilted her head back, closed her eyes and felt her sons warm lips descend onto her now hungry mouth.

Their lips clung to each other. "MY GOD! where did he learn to kiss like this?" flitted through Marla's mind. Their tongues caressed and probed each other as their hands wandered all over each others backs and buttocks. A bolt of electric heat flashed through her body. In an attempt to regain sanity, she pulled her mouth off his and tried to push him away but he had one arm tight around her waist and his other hand had slipped down over her belly. Just like his sister had taught him, his middle finger slipped almost to her anus settled on her skin and slowly slid up swishing around a couple times at her opening. He was shocked at how wet his mothers pussy was. His fingers drew her lubrication up to her clit and began rubbing it. Belly was telling pussy that the hard cock wanted inside to plunder pussy. Pussy replied that she wanted to be filled with that man sized cock and plundered. Good sense had no part in the conversation as pussy was approaching a climax. After a few seconds of rubbing her clit, Marla's arms went weak, her head fell back, and her eyes closed. David's head bent forward and his lips attacked her neck kissing and sucking. Marla's pussy blossomed immediately in a small climax. "OH OH! OHHHH." She sighed. She was lost is ecstasy. The world shrank to her neck, breasts, belly, and pussy, whatever her son was touching. David felt her weight as her knees went rubbery.

By the time she could think again she was on her back on the lounge chair again This time her legs spread and she was belly to belly with her son on top of her. The head of his manhood was lodged just inside the very pussy he came from. That thought pushed her over the edge again, as she grasped his buttocks and pulled him in grunting, "UNH UNH UNH Baby Fuck me FUCK ME!!! FUCK MOMMY, FUCK ME HARD!" and she started cumming again, bigger this time, as her baby boy took his first thrust fully up into her belly. He might be her baby boy but she knew that it was man cock spreading and plundering her pussy. For the first time in his life he felt what a spasming clenching hot pussy felt like rhythmically squeezing his stiff sensitive manhood. He took 2 strokes in the first pussy that his cock had ever known and erupted, shooting splash after splash of sperm into his own mothers tight hot womb. Looking into her eyes the whole time he screamed through clenched teeth, "AAAAGGGHHHH". Her orgasm was still climbing, her body shuddering and rigid, her mouth open, no sound coming out. Holding his mother tightly captive in his arms he kept plunging into her hot squeezing pussy and filling her with seed.

Marla's orgasm subsided and David began to slow. David thought that was it but he was surprised when his mother slowed, her rigidity relaxed and she kept thrusting back up at him. Her wet hotness felt like it was trying to gobble him whole, starting with his thick sensitive dick. She whispered to him, "Oh you are still so hard Oh! Oh! don't stop now. Keep on. You horny motherfucking naughty boy. Take me. Use my cunt. Make me cum more. CUM in me again! whether I want to or not. FILL MY CUNT WITH YOUR HOT SPERM!!!". Her voice rose as she ordered and pleaded and he began plunging harder and deeper into her womanhood again.

Marla was totally lost. Her whole world was narrowed in focus to her boy's body, her body and the waves of profound pleasure pulsating from wherever those bodies touched. She grabbed his head, pulled his lips to hers, and tried to lick and suck the saliva from his mouth. She ached to take into her self any of his body's fluids she could, as she began licking the sweat from face and neck. Nothing in David's experience or fantasy felt as good as his mother's body: breasts, tongue, nipples, belly, lips, thighs, and her hot muscle-squeezing wet womanhood. Her wild hungry arousal was something he couldn't believe even while it was happening. It felt like it took his mind/emotions/imagination/ to overwhelming heights he wouldn't have believed. Supporting all this was his profound Love he felt for his mother.

"Shove it in all the way then just slide your hips back and forth and rub my clit." She commanded and begged at the same time. He did. She tensed again and, "YYEEEESSSSSS! YES!" Again he clearly felt her pussy muscles spasming all over his cock. He didn't have the urgency now and wanted to take more time. He wanted it to never end. He wanted to be inside her always. David tried speeding up, slowing down, and sometimes pulling all the way out to her opening and sliding back in slowly or maybe holding for a couple seconds then slamming it in hard. He wondered how many times he could make her cum. Watching and feeling his mother orgasm was the most beautiful experience of his live.

Marla had experience enjoying great sex and there had never been anything better. Part of what made the sex great was the unheard of mental and emotional arousal that hit a new plateau in her life. The taboo of him being her son, the baby she had born and breast fed, and the fact he was barely a young teen utterly blew her mind out of clear coherence.

She rode 4 or 5 more orgasmic waves before he started speeding up and pumping harder. Her pussy was screaming and she knew he was ruled by the biologic instinct to impregnate her. She couldn't think clearly. She just wanted to feel his cock throbbing and pumping his cum deep inside her. Marla was the was the archetypal instinctive Woman seeking to be impregnated. She was so close. She wanted to cum with him. She could feel his cock swell up even more. "I'm going to cum. ME! CUM IN ME! MAKE ME CUM. SUCK MY TITS. LICK MY NIPPLES! OOOHHHAAAAGGGHHH." She bit his shoulder to keep from screaming that might scare the neighbors.

David couldn't stop. Her climaxes, the feel of her body squirming against his, just being inside this beautiful woman and his need for release of what was building inside him took all rational thought from him. He was surprised that he had not thought to suckle on her full breasts before, the softest things he had ever felt. Even as her nipple passed his lips and he applied suction, it pushed his cock into another explosion of cum inside her and he sucked even harder as they became one person in shared orgasm. She was screaming onto his shoulder and he onto her breast. Marla again felt the taboo cum of her own son soaking her womb. Her orgasm hit a new peak and she almost passed out.

When they slowed and caught some of their breaths Marla slipped her arms up David's back to the back of his head and pulled him to her lips and they kissed softly and sweetly. She chuckled, "I guess we don't need to worry about our clothes on the way to the shower." They rose hugged again and made their way inside. Marla shook her head looked thoughtful and kissed David again and said, "You nasty boy. You got me all turned on and took advantage of me. I don't know how this is going to work out. But to be honest, I wouldn't have missed that for anything in the world."

Rating: 92%, Read 19939 times, Posted Feb 21, 2017

Fiction | Female, First Time, Incest, Teen Male, Young


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