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Diary | Bi-sexual, Consensual Sex, Erotica, Female, Group Sex, Hardcore, Male, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Spanking, Teen, Teen Female, Teen Male, Threesome, Young

[After a break, I wanted to warm up for my next Sister’s By the Pool chapter with a fun new one.]

Growing up, I lived in a pretty nice neighborhood. The crime rate was low and everything was ascetically pleasing. Large trees lined the front yards of most houses, though there wasn’t a ton of room between each property. Because of this, most of the playing had to be done in the street, which was fine unless you wanted to dive for a ball. Still, it was a nice environment, and many of the kids in the neighborhood hung out on a regular basis.

I didn’t really have much interest in the girls in my neighborhood. To begin with, usually just the guys hung out together, but when the groups mingled, most of the girls weren’t very special. One was cute, but not nice. Another was nice, but not cute. There wasn’t a whole lot to choose from, but that was okay. Love interests didn’t need to come from a location that close.

I had a strong group of friends, and that was a nice thing. Incidentally, most of them lived a ways down in the neighborhood, so we spent a good amount of time roaming between those houses. Over in my area, there were really only two families with kids, and they were mostly younger than me. One house had a girl, Bree, who was a few years younger than me. That doesn’t sound like a lot, but when you’re younger, it’s pretty much a different world. She was the victim of a very unfortunate appearance as she grew up, especially around the middle school days, when she had both very noticeable glasses and braces that had a lot of work to do. Her blonde hair was an awkward shade and her blue eyes were virtually hidden by the glasses. She was short and most times that I saw her, I was admittedly worried for her, in terms of bullying.

The other nearby family had two kids. There was a boy that was my age and a younger sister, Erin, who was a few years younger than me. Erin was kind of the opposite of Bree, in the sense that you could tell, when she matured, she was going to be attractive. She had blonde hair and blue eyes, both very noticeable, and a tall, athletic figure for her age. It didn’t take long for her to develop long, toned legs through her sports activities, and every guy in the neighborhood noticed her butt, even early on. You don’t have to be a genius to guess that I faked interest in being friends with her brother to hang around her as time went on.

Unfortunately, Bree was more playful with me than Erin over the years. Bree didn’t have any suitors, and came from a less strict home. Erin’s family was downright frightening in their strictness, and any contact between the two of us was incidental during basketball games. Still, all of us, and others in the neighborhood would hang out a decent amount, even through our high school days, until one by one, we all moved away to college. None of our families did though, so during school breaks, people did get to see each other.

I don’t know when exactly it happened, but one such break was when I really noticed it. Erin, of course, was basically an older version of what we all expected. She was tall, fit, and still had a great butt. Her toned and tanned legs were often shown off by shorter shorts, and her blonde hair and blue eyed combination was as radiant as it ever had been. But the crazier development was the transformation in Bree. My jaw almost dropped when I saw what had become of her. Gone were the glasses and braces that had plagued most of her youth, and instead, contacts and a dazzling set of straight, white teeth showed. Her blue eyes stood out even more than Erin’s at this point, and she had dyed her hair a beautiful shade of brown. She had also clearly taken up some form of exercise, as her tiny shirt showed off a great body.

As was custom, I smiled and waved at each of them when I saw them, but this time made sure to say hi and talk briefly with both.

“You look great,” I smiled at Bree. “You must be having a blast at college.”

“Thank you!” she beamed and hugged me. “It is great. I’ve never had so much fun.”

“While we have some time, we should definitely hang out and catch up,” I suggested to her, which she agreed with. A few minutes later, I visited Erin and invited her over, as well.

Bree and Erin had always been friends, but never best friends or anything like that. They hung out a good amount growing up, but time had certainly drifted them apart, something not very uncommon after high school. Most of the people I had grown up with in the neighborhood returned but never really did anything. Our childhood bond had been broken by time and distance, as everyone moved on with their new lives.

I had purposefully invited the two over on a night where I knew my parents had a party. It was a cool, winter night, and a lack of clouds combined with a strong moon to illuminate the stars. Internally, I had planned a pool and hot tub event, though I hadn’t let that be known. I knew that, if they hadn’t prepared for it, they didn’t have a very far trip to get a bathing suit.

Not too long after I had mentioned as a starting time, Bree showed up. She was wearing a multi-colored sun dress, and her sexy hair dropped to just below her shoulders. The color she chose complimented her tanned skin very nicely.

“Hey!” she smiled and hugged me as she entered the house. “Glad we’re finally hanging out again.”

“I figured it had been too long” I smiled back. I was wearing a tshirt and swim trunks, giving away the intentions of my plans.

She glanced down and noticed what I was wearing.

“Looks like I made the right call,” she laughed and lifted up her dress enough to show me her bikini bottoms. I took extra care to glance at what had developed into sexy, tanned legs as she made an early, bold move.

“I’m impressed” I laughed and stumbled a bit. “At your call I mean. Knowing we’d go swimming.”

“I remember your pool and hot tub, even if you didn’t always let me go in with you” she smiled and playfully hit me. I couldn’t help but remember back to her as a kid, in her one piece.

As we briefly reminisced, there was another ring of the doorbell. Bree looked at me, inquisitively, as I walked towards the door.

“I wanted everyone to get a chance to catch up,” I said as I opened the door, revealing Erin. She was dressed in a t-shirt and shorts, almost as if she was ready to go to the gym. I hugged her and invited her inside. Erin and Bree smiled at each other and hugged, but their former friendship had dwindled to the point that the scene became slightly awkward.

“Just a fun night with old friends,” I smiled at the two of them. They looked at me and each other and smiled.

“You went swimming?” Erin asked, looking down at my trunks.

“Not yet,” I laughed. “That was kind of the plan for tonight.”

Erin paused briefly. She looked through my back windows into the backyard, where my pool and hot tub met.

“I didn’t bring a bathing suit,” I she said. But not like it’s a far trip.”

She disappeared back out of the front door. Bree confessed to me that she hadn’t made much of an effort to talk to Erin in the last few years. I told her it’s just a night to catch up, and that’s part of why I invited everyone. She nodded as Erin knocked.

I let her back in, and this time you could see bikini straps sticking over Erin’s shoulders, to the inner part of her shirt. I invited the two to follow me to the back, and set up some chairs around the pool. We started by sitting down and catching up with the very most basics. Everybody was having fun at college, and nobody had a significant other. Every now and then I glanced at each of their legs, but tried not to linger.

“So, why don’t we go for a swim?” I asked after enough talk.

I got up and tossed my shirt off, revealing a strong upper body that had benefited from time at the gym. I didn’t look up but I could definitely feel eyes on me as I put my shirt on the back of the chair. I jumped into the pool, which was pretty cold, but resisted the urge to make any loud noises about it. I didn’t know how they felt, but not many people enjoy jumping into a cold pool. I just smiled from my spot in the water, and waited to be joined.

Bree was the first one to start the process. She simply flipped her dress over her head, revealing a sexy black bikini and a body that had developed nicely. Erin seemed to be caught off guard by how much her old friend had changed for the better, even to the point where I caught her staring. I couldn’t tell if she was intimidated by the change, or simply liked what she saw. Bree jumped into the pool and let out a scream as she came up through the surface.

“It’s fucking cold!” she yelled with a laugh and shoved water at me. “Thanks for the warning jerk!” We laughed and shoved water back and forth at each other. It wasn’t long before I noticed her nipples poking against her bikini top, something I couldn’t deny that I was banking on when I put the plans together.

“You think I’m getting in that?” Erin called from the side, still fully clothed.

“Oh hell yeah you are!” Bree said, feeling a little looser in the situation.

“I don’t think so,” Erin replied, hesitantly dipping a toe in the water.

“Come on” Bree motioned to me, getting out of the pool and going towards Erin. I got out and followed her as Erin’s look grew increasingly terrified.

“You guys, seriously” Erin started.

“You want to go in with or without your clothes?” Bree asked.

“Can’t we just go in the hot tub?” Erin whined.

Bree tried to pull up her shirt, but Erin did her best to hold it down.

“Oh yeah,” Bree said, as if remembering something. She started to tickle Erin’s body, which sent Erin into a fit of laughter. “Get it off!” Bree told me, as she kept Erin distracted. I felt a little strange about it, but I grabbed Erin’s shirt and lifted it up, pausing to fully make sure she had the bikini on, before pulling it off over her head, revealing a red bikini. Her body looked great from years of sports and tanning on the beach. She had a hint of abs, though not over the top. Bree quickly yanked Erin’s shorts off, briefly taking the bottoms with her just enough to expose some of Erin’s ass. I had never actually seen it before, but even in clothes, some of the guys called it one of the wonders of the world. I didn’t see as much as I wanted, but it was tanned, toned and looked as desirable as anyone figured.

“Stop!” Erin called, though she was laughing too now, as Bree wrestled with her. A few seconds later, the two tumbled into the pool, and it was tough for me to contain myself at everything that had just transpired.

“Fuck!” Erin yelled when she hit the water. “It’s so cold!”

I jumped back into the water, and finally the three of us were in.

“Man it really is fucking freezing,” Bree said and looked at me. “Keep me warm!”

I laughed and hugged her from behind, letting my strength envelop her in a big hug. She seemed to enjoy it and pushed back against my body.

“Sheesh, get a room,” Erin teased and stuck her tongue out.

“Oh shut up!” Bree laughed and splashed a ton of water at Erin.

“Oh, sorry” Erin feigned regret. “Wouldn’t want to let any of your childhood secrets out. Oops!”

“You bitch!” Bree said and broke free from my hug to start tickling Erin. “Help me get her!”

I resisted the temptation to demand knowing what was meant, and took the opportunity to help her tickle Erin. I used the opportunity to explore Erin’s body in the process of the attack.

“Stop! Fuck you guys!” Erin cried out in laughter. She writhed around, allowing access to all parts of her body. I brushed against her chest a few times, my arms feeling hardened nipples, before we finally relented. Erin panted as she tried to regain focus.

“Yeah she totally loved you growing up,” Erin blurted after she regained her breath, this time swimming backwards to avoid any potential attack. Bree could only blush in response.

“It was a long time ago,” she shrugged, and glared playfully at Erin. “She thought you were cute too.”

“Oh whatever,” Erin retorted. “This one never stopped talking about you. I swear I saw her with her hand down her pants one night when she was on your facebook page.”

“Shut up already!” Bree yelled, nearly knocking all the water out of the pool in Erin’s direction.

I could only laugh at the situation. Obviously, I had no interest in Bree, other than as a friend, growing up. But now, she was a gorgeous young woman, and I couldn’t help but wonder how she felt.

“So do you still feel that way?” I asked with an inquisitive glance.

She looked back at me with a mix of surprise and bashfulness. The moon and stars in the night sky shone brightly enough to cast a light on her.

“Would it matter?” she asked, a hint of smugness in her tone. Perhaps my question had given her more confidence.

I was getting enough signals at this point that I felt pretty confident myself. I closed the small remaining gap between our bodies and went in for a kiss. She eagerly accepted and pressed her tight body against my own. Her hard nipples poked through her top against my chest, turning me on a little more as our tongues met.

“Wow, room please?” Erin asked with a combination of shock and seemingly intrigue.

“Don’t be jealous,” Bree said, quickly breaking the kiss long enough to blurt that out before returning to my lips. At this point, I was aroused enough to be noticed, as I poked against Bree’s leg.

“I knew he’d be big” she cooed excitedly as her leg rubbed my bulge. This knowledge only sent her off further, and she kissed me with even more passion.

“TMI Bree,” Erin said from her side. At this point her tone was shifting slightly towards jealousy.

“You better get in here now before I keep him all to myself,” Bree offered, calling Erin’s bluff.

There was a pause from Erin as Bree and I continued to make out. I reached around Bree’s back and untied her bikini top, letting it fall into the pool. Her perky breasts finally came into view, and my hands lustfully grabbed them. I could feel her rock hard nipples poke into my palms as I squeezed them for the first time. We were so caught up in each other that we hardly noticed when Erin finally came into close view, looking unsure of what to do but clearly deciding she was in.

“Smart girl,” Bree laughed as she untied my trunks and pulled them down. Without hesitation, she grabbed my shaft in her hand and explored every inch with her hand. She motioned for Erin to move next to her, and then guided her hand to my cock. I saw her eyes light up when she grabbed me, and I took the opportunity to remove her bikini top, too. My two neighbors were now topless in front of me, as I did a quick survey of what I saw. They were both similar sized, with Bree perhaps slightly larger. I guessed that they were both lower C’s, which is a perfect size in my mind. I took one of each of their breasts in my hands and explored.

As the two of them started to work my shaft, I bent down to suck on Bree’s breasts. I took one hardened nipple into my mouth and then the other. Not to leave Erin out, I soon switched to her. She reacted and grabbed my hair, forcing me against her as I flicked my tongue across her nipples.

“Why am I the only one naked?” I laughed as I grabbed both of their bikini bottoms in my hands. Simultaneously, I pulled both of their bottoms off, though what was revealed was partially veiled by the water. I pulled myself up on the edge of the pool, and helped Bree and Erin out as well. I took a quick look down and smiled as I saw both to be shaved. I made sure to look around Erin to finally glance at her bare ass. Unable to contain myself, I gave her a playful spank, and she yelped slightly and lightly slapped me in return, though with a smile.

“It’s true, I’ve wanted you for a long time,” Bree confessed. “Please, just don’t make me wait any longer. I want you inside me.”

“Should I get a…” I started.

“No, fuck it!” Bree yelled. “Fuck me! I want to feel every vein pulse against my bare walls.”

I quickly climbed on top of her body and rubbed the head of my cock against her clit. She shivered, though she was struggling to contain her desire to pull me inside. I rubbed back and forth a few more times before she pulled my face to hers and kissed me hard.

“No more teasing,” she growled. “Inside me. Now”

I decided to give her what she (and I) wanted. I lowered my cock to her entrance and pressed inside her tight pussy. I could feel myself stretch her inner walls as I entered her.

“Oh fuck yes!” Bree called out as my entire length entered her. In the background I heard Erin gasp a little too, as she eagerly watched. As soon as I had myself fully buried in Bree’s pussy, I lowered my head to give her a kiss, and then started to suck on her nipples. Then I withdrew my cock and slammed it back inside her. Each thrust was met with a breathless scream as she lost all control. Within seconds, she was bucking on my cock and I felt her pussy walls close in around me. Her tight body rippled and she came hard with a squeal. I touched her skin and felt goose bumps as my cock pounded in and out of her, upping her orgasm into a frenzy.

I could see Erin slowly starting to lose her composure as well. She was horny and she started to rub her own clit. As Bree and I fucked wildly, Erin started to walk over to us, and I wondered to myself if she was planning on coming over to me to get eaten out.

It turned out, I was only half right. To my shock, Erin went over Bree’s face and did a split. Bree was pretty distracted by our fuck, but grabbed Erin’s thighs and brought her down, sticking her tongue into Erin’s pussy. She tongue fucked her and licked her clit, moaning all the while at her own pleasure. I guess there was more to these sleep overs than Bree getting herself off to my pictures.

Erin was facing the other way on Bree’s mouth and bucked against her tongue. I had a perfect view of her ass as Erin bounced on Bree’s face. One of my hands twisted Bree’s nipple and the other grabbed Erin’s ass. I flexed my cock as I entered Bree again and she let out a scream, vibrating against Erin’s pussy. I watched as Erin shuddered against Bree and came on her face, letting out a little liquid as she struggled to stay upright.

I wanted to last forever, but I hadn’t cum yet and the arousal level couldn’t get much higher. I vowed to hold it off as long as I possibly could, as my cock slowly grew and got stiffer inside of Bree’s pussy.

“Bree, I’m close..” I started.

“Don’t even think of pulling out!” she panted. “I want to feel you fill me with your hot cum.”

Her hand rubbed my body up and down, with the urgency like she thought it would help work me to orgasm. My cock stiffened to an incredible hardness and finally erupted, blasting quick, thick ropes of hot, sticky cum deep inside her tight pussy. She screamed as she felt my cock start to fill her, and I grabbed her breasts with both hands. I squeezed them rhythmically as I unleashed jet after jet of cum, quickly flooding her pussy and watching it start to flow out, even as I continued to spill more seed inside her.

“Holy shit you cum so much!” Bree purred in ecstasy as she came again, milking my cock for every drop it had. Finally, the last of my cum emptied into her pussy and I fell on top of her. We laughed and kissed as cum flowed from her pussy.

“Quite the show” Erin laughed a little and applauded.

“Don’t act like you didn’t enjoy” Bree teased. “I believe this is your cum,” she laughed and wiped her face.

Erin blushed a little.

“Don’t worry, I’ll get him hard again for you,” Bree smiled, getting up and starting to tease my spent cock.

“Wait what?” Erin asked, a little puzzled.

“Oh don’t play dumb,” Bree laughed. “You really aren’t going to pass up getting fucked by this stud are you?”

“I mean I hadn’t really…” she started.

“Oh bullshit!” Bree said. “If that’s how you really feel, I’ll just take him again.”

“Okay fine, I want it,” Erin admitted.

“You really have to drag these things out of her,” Bree laughed. She continued to work on my cock and finally got my blood flowing again.

Erin laid back on the concrete, much like Bree did before her.

“Erin, can I ask a favor?” I started.

“Sure, what is it?” she asked.

“Can I have you doggy style?” I smiled widely.

She smiled with a knowing grin, and started to get up. She got onto her knees and presented me with her perfect ass. She looked back around at me and shot me a seductive grin.

I must have set the world record for mounting, as I shot up and got behind her. Both of my hands gripped her ass as my cock rested against her pussy lips.

“Did you have any condoms?” Erin asked, seemingly realizing the situation all of a sudden.

“Forget that shit,” Bree said and pushed at my ass, trying to force my cock into Erin’s pussy. It barely missed, and she reached for the shaft, guiding it to Erin’s entrance. Then she pushed me forward again, this time impaling me right between Erin’s pussy lips. My cock sank inside her, stretching her walls as I had previously done to Bree.

“Fuck!” Erin shrieked as my cock burrowed deeper into her most sacred area. Nothing separated us as my cock bottomed out at her cervix.

“Now fuck that pussy!” Bree cheered as I started to thrust in and out. My eyes were trained on Erin’s ass as my hands reached around for her breasts. They swung in rhythm with each individual pounding and I gently twisted her nipples. Every so often my hands would grip her ass and I would flex my cock against her g-spot. With another hit on her g-spot, she came hard. Her body tensed up and then released, some liquid escaping her pussy and dripping down my shaft.

“Ooh, she’s cumming” Bree teased as she started to rub Erin’s clit. Erin shook again and more liquid started to run down my shaft, only making the fucking easier. I grabbed her ass harder and started to fuck her wildly.

“Ho-ly shit so good” Erin panted as my cock knocked on the door to her cervix with each deep thrust. I looked over and saw Bree fingering herself now, not taking her eyes off of my cock. I smiled at her and let my eyes return to Erin’s ass. Her pussy was squeezing me pretty consistently at this point, and the massaging feeling on my cock was bringing me back to the edge.

“I’m getting there,” I warned Erin as my cock slowly started to swell inside of her pussy.

“It feels amazing, but you should probably pull out,” Erin said between moans, as she continued to push back against my cock.

“To hell he should,” Bree laughed and approached us. “Cum in that pussy.”

“Bree, enough joking,” she said. “I’m not on the pill.”

“Neither am I,” Bree shrugged. “But we’ll get the after pill. You don’t want to miss the feeling of him cumming inside you. Trust me.”

“I’d rather be safe, let him pull out,” Erin protested.

“Just cum in her,” Bree said. “She wants it.”

I continued to slam in and out of her pussy as my cock swelled to its bursting point.

“No, don’t” Erin said moaning, though she didn’t seem too stern anymore.

“Oh it’s so big!” Bree said, reaching to touch my swollen shaft during a pull out. “He’s about to cum so much inside of you Erin!”

I wasn’t sure what to do as my orgasm quickly approached. When she thought I was close enough, Bree put her body weight against my back, forcing me completely inside Erin.

“Wait!” Erin protested. But it was too late, as my cock exploded, shooting off a dozen ropes of hot cum in a matter of seconds. I grabbed her ass to stay upright as my each pleasure filled contraction of my big vein shot more cum inside Erin’s tight pussy. My eyes fixed on her ass again as my cock continued to fill up her pussy, and the angle made it difficult for any to leak out. I was completely flooding her pussy as she screamed in front of me.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck” she said with each rope of cum that splashed against her cervix.

“Oh wow,” Bree smiled, rubbing my balls and sliding a finger along my lower shaft to get more cum out of me. “You’re so lucky! There’s so much cum inside of you.” Bree stuck her finger in her own pussy again and brought it out to taste some of my cum.

I spanked Erin again as my orgasm finally slowed down, but not before I dumped another few globs of cum inside her. She fell onto the ground in front of me, but I managed to stay inside of her until every last drop transitioned into her unprotected pussy.

Rating: 94%, Read 231229 times, Posted Sep 25, 2015

Diary | Bi-sexual, Consensual Sex, Erotica, Female, Group Sex, Hardcore, Male, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Spanking, Teen, Teen Female, Teen Male, Threesome, Young


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