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Fiction | Bi-sexual, Lesbian, Rape

I remember when I first met Patty, we were sitting in the night club. We both had dates and we didn’t know each other. My date, Tom was friends with Mike, Patty’s date we were out on a blind date of sorts. Mike met Patty through an online dating site and Tom and I had been dating for about 4 months. Which was about the longest romance I had since graduating from college. There were plenty of parties, plenty of boys in college. I met Tom at one of those pre-grad parties and we sort of hit it off.

Tom’s friend Mike was always sort of a third wheel when we out clubbing, then he meets this girl on line and now here she is. She was a stunner, I was wondering why a girl as good looking as herself needed an online dating site to meet a guy. She was taller than me, she had to be just shy of six feet. Skinny, a really nice set of boobs, the kind that all the guys drool over, I had nice boobs, but hers were awesome.

She had blonde hair and a really nice ass, one that I was noticing that boyfriend Tom and Mike were now staring at as she walked over to the bar. I punched Tom in the arm and said “Hey put your tongue back in your head” He laughed and embraced me and kissed me, his tongue which was quite spectacular in its own right, spiked into my mouth and his hands went down to my ass and drew me in. I felt his cock hardening as we kissed and I put my hand on it and started rubbing it through the fabric of his jeans.

He asked me if we wanted to head back to my place and I said sure. Tom, leaned over and told Mike that we were going to leave. Patty got back with our next round of drinks and I told Patty that after this round, we were going to head back to my place if she and Mike wanted to come along. Patty downed her drink in one gulp and said yes, it was way too loud here anyway.

We ordered an Uber and as we waited for it to arrive, Patty sat on Mike’s lap and was actively seeking his tonsils. Tom had his hand up my skirt and just the mere flick of one of those long slender fingers had me feeling very horny and very wet. Tom inserted one of his fingers in my pussy and I clamped down with my pussy muscles and he leaned over and said “You know, I really love it when you do that, but it’s not going to work on my finger, not tonight. He flicked his finger upward inside my pussy and I felt myself come and I leaned back my head he sucked on my neck and I orgasmed. I moaned out loud and then I looked up and Patty was just sitting there watching me and the she looked down at what Tom had exposed. He had my skirt up and his long index finger was deep in my pussy and my juices were flowing down my leg.

Mike was oblivious as he was busy kissing Patty on the neck, but Patty and I made eye contact and she looked to be blushing. She nodded towards my hitched up skirt and I pushed Tom’s hand away and lowered my skirt. I told Tom, to behave and wait till we get home. He just smiled and licked his fingers which really turned me on. If we weren’t in the nightclub I would have thrown him to the floor and fucked his brains out.

The Uber arrived and we all piled in. Patty got in the back with me and Tom rode up front and chatted with the Uber driver. Mike climbed in and sat beside Patty. We got back to my apartment, tipped the Uber and as we were going upstairs, I heard Patty say “No, please Mike not here”. Mike just grunted and I didn’t see what happened.

When I opened up the door we all went into the living room. I got everyone a beer and Mike and Patty were sitting on the couch necking and they appeared to have hit their stride. I went over to Tom, sat our drinks down and then climbed into his lap facing him and began kissing him and sucking on his lips. He ran his hands up and down my back caressing me. I could feel his cock growing and I reached down and undid his belt and top snap, I pulled down his zipper and then knelt between his legs, got out his cock and started giving him a blow job.

Tom was enjoying himself immensely, his cock was fully in my mouth, I was playing with his balls and stroking his cock with my hands. He moaned and I tasted a bit of precum and I picked up the pace. I heard Mike ask Patty if she’d like to do that with him and I heard her say she never did something like that before. I glanced over at her and Mike had removed her shirt and her large breasts were straining to burst out of her bra. I could see her nipples were hard and she was gyrating on Mike’s cock, giving him a good old lap dance.

I continued sucking on Tom’s cock and then with my hand on his balls, I felt him getting ready to cum. His breath quickened and as he moaned out loud I pulled away and he shot his cum all over my shirt and bra. I kept stroking him until the last of his sweet cum was milked out of him. I put his cock back in my mouth and sucked the last bit into my mouth and then swallowed. I don’t mind the taste of cum, but I don’t like a lot of it, it gives me a sour stomach, especially after all the booze I had that night.

Mike, stood up and lowered his pants and then he undid my blouse and took my bra off and started kissing my breasts, he had a wonderful tongue and soon I felt my nipples harden and I was getting oh so wet. It was my turn to start groaning. He lifted me up and placed me on my back on the sofa and unsnapped my skirt and removed that and then my panties. His mouth went down on my pussy and as he flicked his tongue over my clit I felt myself orgasm. I arched my back and came oh the sweet joy of the orgasm had me moaning out loud. I had my eyes on the top of Tom’s head as he stuck one finger then two inside my pussy and he was licking my clit. I felt another orgasm rising up within, me, I was shaking and moving my pussy into his face, his fingers working my pussy.

I happened to glance over at Patty and her bra was off and Mike was sucking on her nipples, but her eyes were on me. Wide eyed like she never seen this thing before. I watched as Mike stood up and took down his pants and thrust his cock in Patty’s face. She grimaced and turned away and Mike got upset and grabbed a hold of her hair and looked like he was forcing her to suck his cock. I didn’t see what happened next, because Tom found my sweet spot and I squirt orgasmed and screamed “OH DAMN Tom, yes oh yes” and I squirted, soaking his face and chest with my juices. I screamed again as a second wave of orgasm hit me and I said “Fuck me Tom, Fuck me”.

My eyes were on Tom’s cock as he put in close to the opening to my pussy, inserting just the head. He leaned down and kissed my breasts and then shoved that huge cock into my pussy. I screamed again as pleasure raced through my body. My nipples were on fire as he thrust his cock in and out of me. Tom could never last very long after he came the first time and true to form, after just 5 or 6 thrusts he came inside of me and then lay down on my breasts kissing me. I could taste his mouth and taste my juices on his mustache.

That’s when I heard whimpering. I looked over at Mike and Patty. Mike had both his hands on Patty’s head and was forcing her to suck his cock. She was fighting him and then Mike shoved his cock all the way into her mouth and she stared gagging. Her eyes were bulging and I could see tears coursing down her cheek. I pushed Tom up and off of me and I yelled at Mike “What the fuck do you think you are doing to her Mike. You need to stop that right now”. Well, Mike turned to me and said “She likes it she just doesn’t know it yet”. I got off the couch and went over to Mike and slapped him on the back of the head. I was standing there butt naked and I grabbed his shoulders and tried to pull him off away from Patty. Mike grabbed one of my tits and pushed me away and said “You got yours, just leave me the fuck alone”.

I looked over at Tom and said you need to get over here and get your buddy to quit raping Patty. Tom came over and wrestled with Mike and I grabbed Patty and pulled her away. She sat down on the other sofa with me just gasping and crying. I looked at Mike and I said you need to leave now! Mike stood up, zipped up his pants and Tom walked him to the door. I looked at Tom and I said you better take him home. I’ll see that Patty get’s to where she lives. Tom said ok, then got dressed and they left.

I looked over at Patty and she was curled up on the sofa crying softly. I walked over to her and put my arms around her, brought her head up and leaned it on my shoulder and was patting her back and trying to make soothing sounds. After a bit she calmed down and asked me if she could take a shower. I looked at her, her eyes were so red from crying, her shirt was ripped and so was her bra. Her nylons were ripped from where Mike obviously dug his fingers into her trying to get at her crotch. Men, what a fucking idiot Mike is I thought.

I stood up and led her back to the bathroom. I helped her remove her shirt and her bra. She had bruises on her shoulders and on her breasts where Mike had grabbed her too roughly. I had her sit on the toilet as I removed her nylons and panties. She was bleeding around her vagina and I asked her if it was her time and she said no. I showed her the blood stained panties and she told me she was a virgin and that Mike had tried to plunge his fingers in there, I guess he finger fucked me and took my virginity. I asked her gently if I could look to see if that was the case. She just stared at me for a few seconds and I explained to her that I had just graduated nursing school and then she said ok, but it really hurts down there right now.

I said that maybe we hold off on that for the moment and let’s just get you in the shower and washed off. She said ok and I removed the rest of her clothing and as I was getting ready to leave, she said “since you are a nurse, could you bathe me and see if anything else is the matter. I looked at her, she was so beautiful, that blonde hair, those luscious large breasts, her mound of blonde pubic hair all messed up by the sad look of one abused. I said sure honey.

I stood there and removed my top, my bra was somewhere in the living room with my panties; and then my skirt. I walked over to her leaned down and started the shower, when I felt it was warm enough I got in the shower and drew her in with me. She got in the tub with me and I turned her around so that water was hitting her back. I took a wash cloth and soap and started to lather up her body, but as soon as I touched her skin with the wash cloth, she screamed in pain. I stopped and said “what’s the matter honey”. She told me that the cloth was hurting her. So, I lathered up my hands and placed them softly, gently on to her breast. She said that was ok and I proceeded to lather up her boobs. They were such nice firm boobs. I moved my hands over her breasts and I noticed her nipples were quite hard. I looked up at her and she had her eyes closed and she was moving her tongue over her lips in a very seductive manner. I leaned into her and brought my other hand up behind her head, stroking her hair, my other hand was fondling her breasts with soap and then when I closed onto her nipples with my fingers, she opened up her eyes. She looked into my eyes our lips just a few inches away from each other.

I moved my head closer to her and she looked down at my lips and then up into my eyes. I did the same with her, moving even closer. My fingers now caressing her breast and lightly brushing over her nipple. She then surprised me by moving her thigh between my legs and then we kissed. Lights exploded in my head and I audibly moaned out in pleasure. She moved her thigh up even tighter again my pussy and I felt myself growing wet. We kissed passionately. Separated and then she started moving her thigh even harder and faster up against my pussy. I took her head in both my hands and thrust my tongue deep into her mouth. We were kissing franctically, her hands went down my backside and she removed her thigh from between my legs. I moved my mouth to her neck and then down to her breasts. I began kissing both breasts and then her nipples. She moaned loudly and she was stroking my hair. She pushed my head down off of her tits and then to her tummy and then I was kneeling in front of her.

I parted her blonde pubic hair, I took my hands made them with soap and started removing some of the blood. I found a rather nasty scratch just on the outside of her pussy. Mike in his attempted rape had scratched her very badly on her labia and that is why there was so much blood. I wiped off the blood and then I took my tongue and licked her other labia and moved my tongue up to her clit. When I flicked that and then sucked it, I felt her shudder and then she moaned and I seen pussy juice welling up inside her pussy and leaking out. I spread open her pussy lips and then inserted my tongue into her pussy.

I stood up and she asked “why did you stop, that really felt good. I’ve never felt anything like that before and Mike was so rough, it hurt when he was down there”. I told her that he had scratched her pretty deeply and that was why there was so much blood. Your virginity is still intact and I think that’s enough stimulation for you for one night. She hugged me and kissed me and said that I was the best friend she has ever had. I kissed her back and then continued rubbing and washing her body. I shampooed her hair and rinsed her off.

I turned my back to her and reached for the soap and a washcloth and started to wash myself off, when I felt hands reach around me and take the wash cloth and soap. I turned back to her and she said “No, you washed me off, let me give you a bath”. I could tell that she was inexperienced in touching another woman. But, her hands were so tender and she had such long skinny fingers. She moved her hands and the wash cloth over my breasts and I told her that I would like it better if she did not use the wash cloth. She soaped up her hands and ran them over my breasts.

She then got on her knees and started working from my thighs down to my feet and then back up. She came up to my thigh and I spread my legs apart. Her face was right at my pussy and I could feel her breath on my clit. Her hands were playing with my thighs and as I moaned. I just took her head gently and pushed it towards my pussy. I moved my pussy in such a way that her mouth was at the entrance and she gave me a small lick with her tongue. I had so much anticipation building up that as soon as her tongue touched me I came. She jumped back so fast that she banged her butt on the soap dish. My pussy juice I guess had sprayed her and she was startled. I reached down and picked her up and suggested that we get out of the tub before we injured ourselves even worse. She agreed and we turned off the shower, each grabbing a towel and drying ourselves off.

I took her hand and led her to my bedroom. Once we were inside I shut the door led her over to the bed and sat her down on the edge of the bed. I leaned down, looked her in the eyes, kissed her and laid her back gently onto the bed.

To be continued

Rating: 81%, Read 8066 times, Posted May 31, 2018

Fiction | Bi-sexual, Lesbian, Rape


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