A stranger from a pub by subgirl3

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Fiction | BDSM, Cruelty, Domination, Enema, Female, Group Sex, Male, Non-consensual sex, Rape, Sado-Masochism, Torture


I am extremely curious about your opininions. It may be an independent story, but it also may be a first part.

A stranger from a pub

He wanted her. He needed to have her. Now.

Her brown curled around her face, her lips, full and red – created for the pleasure of men, curled in a smile.

'Really?' she laughed. 'That's what she told you?'

'Can you believe it?'

He also laughed, although he could only think about her skin, milky and delicate, about her ass, hidden under the fabric of tight jeans. The desire shot through his body like a lightning and his hard cock throbbed in his pants. She didn't suspect anything. She was so innocent in her eagerness to flirt with him, biting her full lips, looking from under her thick lashes – girly in some way, though she was no younger than 23.

She sighed.

'I'm gonna have to go.' (A look.) 'It was so nice chatting with you...' ( A smile and a little biting on the lower lip.) 'I hope we will meet again soon.'

She touched him gently, shyly and his cock throbbed again. He had to have her. Now.

And he had everything prepared. Weeks of observations were about to pay off.

'Are you going home on foot, Karen?'

'Yeah, I think so. It's not far and I don't want to wait for a bus... Ten minutes, not longer.'

'Aren't you afraid to go alone?'

'No, I did it a thousand times. No worries. I'll be alright.'

He saw in her eyes, that she wants him to offer her to walk her home.

'I've got a car. I can drive you home.'

'Ah, I don't want to bother you, Mike...' But the corners of her mouth went up in a triumphant smile.

'No, it will be a pleasure.'

Indeed it will.

They got out from the pub and went to his car, still laughing and chatting. Mike felt a big ball of satisfaction mixed with anticipation growing in his chest. This slut was such a simple game. And such a prize.

She was so focused on their conversation that she got nervous only when they reached the old warehouse district.

'Wait, I don't live here. You have to turn back...' she started in an unsure voice.

'No, we are going the right way.'

'No, it's the wrong part of town, you must have misheard my address, I'm sorry, it's the...'.

He stopped the car. She was still calm, but he could see, that she starts to panic. He slapped her on the face, hard. 'I said, it's the right way, cunt. Now shut up'. He smiled at the sight of tears starting to fill her eyes. He caught her both hands and handcuffed her with handcuffs he had prepared under the seat. The shock on her face made her even more beautiful. She quickly overcame the initial panic.

'Let me go. I didn't do anything to you' she begged, all teary. He put a hand on her knee – she was shaking. 'Listen, you don't really want to do it, you don't want to hurt me, just let me go...'

'On the contrary' he answered slowly enjoying the horror on her face. 'I want to hurt you. I want to see your pupils dilated with pain. I want to see your tears.'

She tried to open the door, and he smacked her hard with an open hand. Than he took out a rope, and made a loop, which he later put around Karen's neck. He tied the end of the rope to the back of the seat. Then he took another rope and tied her handcuffs to her ankles, making her bend forward.

'If you move, the rope will tighten and you will strangle yourself. I won't stop to adjust the loop'.

She sat, immobile, for the rest of the way. He observed her nearly all the time, enjoying the moments when he had to brake harder, and the rope tightened around girl's pretty neck. He heard her sobbing quietly.

When they finally reached his hiding place, he undid the knots and pulled her out of the car, then into the building and down to the basement. Roger was already there. He looked up and smiled.

'Ah, that's the cunt you were talking about? I like her, she'll make a good fuck toy'.

'Please, let me go...' Karen started crying again. Roger smiled.

Mike uncuffed her and threw her on the floor.

'Undress' he said.

He looked at him in horror. Then she looked at Roger – he was a man in late forties, large, heavy and hairy, with fat fingers and big belly hanging down and probably depraving him on the sight of his own penis.

'Please' she repeated. 'Let me go. I'll do everything... I'll pay... I can pay, I have money'.

Mike caught her hair in one hand and pulled hard. Karen squealed.

'I said: undress'.

She stood up and slowly started to undress: the shoes, the blouse, the jeans, one by one. She hesitated when it came to the bra, but Roger was prepared – he already had a whip in his hands. The hit was so unexpected to her that she almost fell down.

'For the third time, undress'.

She slowly took off her bra.

Her breasts were beautiful: full, rounded, with small, dark aureolas and perky nipples.

'Mike, please...' she started. The blow came out of nowhere, sending her on her knees. She screamed, when he pulled her up by the hair.

'You're a slut, a slave and a sex toy. Do not call me Mike. You are to call me Master, understand?'

She sobbed. He pulled harder. ' Understand?'


He pinched her nipple, looking directly into her eyes. 'Yes what?'

'Aiii....Y-yes, Master.'

He tore her panties off, making sure that she would feel the fabric cutting deep between her labia. Her pretty face was red with shame and pain. Then he ordered her to cross her arms behind her back and tied them tightly, from the wrist to the elbow.

For a few seconds Karen felt nothing, but humiliation, painful, horrible and cold, reaching the farthest corners of her body. The other guy was looking at her, when Mike, that sick bastard, led her to a metal rack and ordered her to bend over. She hesitated and next second felt a sharp bite of whip across her bare thighs. She squirmed. Mike held her by the neck and bent her over – the cold, horizontal part pushed hard against her abdomen and her breasts hung loosely. One of the men kicked her legs apart – sobbing she gave in, feeling exposed and vulnerable. She felt something being put around her ankles – she looked down and saw a long metal bar between her legs attached to cuffs, which was blocking any attempt to put her legs together.


Mike stood in front of her, grinning. Only an hour ago she considered him handsome, now she felt sick looking at his face. Even his smell was revolting. He knelt down.

'Are you enjoying it yet? It's time to start the game'

'You're sick! You're a perv and should be put in an asylum! Let me go! Let me go!'

She didn't see anything in his hands, but next thing she knew, he forced something in her mouth, settling it just behind her teeth.

'A ring gag, my sweet' he explained. 'We like having fun and hate listening to sluts' whining.'

He moved again and, terrified, she saw in his hand two small rings, looking a bit like earrings, apart from the fact that the ending which should go into the lock was sharp. She tried to straighten up, but he held her by the neck. 'Look, my dear, this is your new jewelery'. Then he caught one of her breasts, pinched the nipple until it was hard and smiled at her fear. 'And one, two, three!'

When he said 'three' he closed one of the rings on her nipple, pushing the needle-like end through sensitive flesh, and closing it on the other side.


She screamed of pain, the sharp lightnings of shock went straight from her breast to her brain. Tears started flowing down her cheeks all over again. Before she recovered from the first nipple-ring, Mike closed another and she shrieked so much, that her throat became sore. Then he put a rope around her neck and tied it to the hook hanging from the ceiling.

'Easy, girl' he smiled. 'Save your voice for the other surprises.' He put a chain through both rings and tied it to a bar between her legs, making sure, that it is not loose. She was paralysed with fear. Every move was causing either pain in her swollen nipples or the rope to tighten around her neck. A sharp pull might cause the delicate flesh to tear. She had to stand possibly still, but nothing, apart from the cold bar pushing against her abdomen, gave her support.

'Let's see how deep you can take' said Mike.

He turned away for a while and walked to a large trunk standing in one corner of a basement. He took out a huge dildo and came back. Karen looked at him, her green eyes glowing with silent begging for mercy. But neither of the men had any mercy. Mike shoved the dildo down her throat, causing her to gag and choke. She couldn't breathe and couldn't scream. She wined a little, making muffled sounds. The man put one hand on her throat and grimaced. 'Deeper' he decided.

He pushed the dildo a bit further. She tried to move, but the chain pulled hard on her nipples. She tried to push the dildo out with her tongue, but had no chance.

Mike looked at her face, feeling through her throat, that the dildo went deep. The pain and fear in her widely opened eyes turned him on and he knew, that he is not gonna be able to wait for much longer. Karen thought that she is going to choke, that the dildo will tear her from the inside, that he is not going to take it out – but the same moment, when everything started whirling and blurring, he took the dildo out. She drew a large breath and started coughing, involuntary pulling on the chain attached to the rings in her nipples, and on the rope around her neck. She only choked more and moaned with pain. Mike approached her with something else in his hands. Before she came round enough to see, what he has, darkness fell upon her – she was blindfolded.

She had been so focused on the dildo in her throat that she had forgotten about the second guy – but only for a moment. She could feel him now, feel his dirty, fat fingers touching her labia, probing her pussy, slipping inside her. His nails were long and he wasn't careful. She moved her ass a bit, trying to avoid his touch.

'Look, the bitch likes it!' shouted Roger. 'You want more? Does the bitch want more?'. She slipped his fingers inside her again – she didn't know how many. Two? Three? - and he started spreading them. She felt uncomfortable at first, then it started to hurt. She moaned.

'She wants more!'

Now both men were behind her and she was terrified she couldn't see them. She felt that saliva is dripping from her open mouth – she felt like an animal, like a thing that cannot control its own body, a thing that is disgusting and helpless.

One of the men put his finger inside her anus and she moaned louder. She was a virgin there, she never let anyone even think of anal sex with her. Well, when it comes to regular sex, she wasn't too experienced either. She had two boyfriends, but sex with them was boring and she never understood what's the fuss all about. Her back hurt – she had to stand in an uncomfortable position with almost no support.

'Bitch is tight' said Roger. 'Both holes are tight. She needs some stretching.'

She squeaked. What! Stretching! That was humiliating enough, the pain in her nipples, the feeling of degradation. But something like this!

She moved her ass as much as she could, but she couldn't do much.

“Hold still, slut!' shouted Mike. He took a whip and hit her on the breasts. She moaned, when the chain pulled hard on the rings. 'You will receive everything your masters decide to administer to you. Understood?'

She heard something being dragged, and then she felt the touch of something cold and wet on her anus – a lubricant.


She tried to move, but she couldn't. She heard footsteps and a strong hand caught her chin and lifted her a bit, stretching her sore nipples.

'I know it's all exciting, but you'll have to wait a bit longer.'

Warm tears were flowing down her cheeks. She was surprised she still has enough of them to cry.

Something pushed against her anus, forcing it to open a little bit. She tensed, prepared for pain, but the thing they inserted was surprisingly thin. Karen sighed with relief – and then she felt it.

Paralysingly cold water was flowing into her bowels, which immediately started to cramp. She felt discomfort at first. Minute after minute more and more water was poured into her and the discomfort turned into pain. She felt sickeningly full, the bar pushing into her abdomen drew a long, loud moan out of her. Her belly swollen – she almost looked like she was pregnant. When the water stopped flowing at last, Karen was all sweaty, thinking only how much she needs to get rid of the liquid inside her, how painful is every move... She was humiliated, but now she didn't care, she just wanted to go to the toilet, to relieve herself. She hoped she would be able to push the water out with the plug, but before she tried, the plug was taken out and immediately replaced with another. This one was much bigger. It stretched her anus so much, that she was sure the muscles would give up and tear. She screamed – long, loud and desperately. And then the plug went in and her anus closed around the thinnest part.

Everything hurt her. She felt sick. The tension, the need to remain in the same position without any support, caused her muscles to tremble. She couldn't see anything.

Then she felt something pressing on her vagina – it was warm.

'She is so tight now I can hardly get in' said Mike. He pushed harder and finally Karen's vagina opened and let him inside. Oh, his cock was long and thick. She moved, trying to get away from him, to stop him from entering so deep – but the pain in her bowels immediately changed her mind. Mike went in deep, touching her cervix. Her moans were muffled by another cock, which slid deep into her throat. She was choking, gagging, but couldn't do anything.

'How do you like an older cock, huh, bitch? Tell me, it tastes delicious, doesn't it. You love having a fat cock in your throat'.

Roger's penis tasted of urine and sweat. She tried to push it out with her tongue, but it only aroused him more.

They started fucking her recklessly, and all she could do was trying to stand as immobile as it was possible. Her nipples hurt with every pull, stretched bowels ached, the rope was tightening around her neck. With each thrust Roger was burying his cock deep in her throat, making squeezing her nose against his fat, hairy, stinking flesh.

Mike found her clit and started rubbing it. The thrusts of his cock, the pain, the humiliation accompanied by the stimulation caused a reaction she would have never expected – deep in her body the feeling of pleasure.

'The bitch likes it!' said Mike. 'She's getting wet.'

Indeed she was. To her horror the pleasure was building up in her, stronger, more powerful, more overwhelming. The cock in her mouth started throbbing, sending a load of semen deep into her throat – she couldn't do anything, but swallow it. The rubbing on her clit became more intensive, sending her over the edge – and she had the strongest, the most mindblowing orgasm she had ever had. Mike sent his load deep into her, feeling the contractions of her muscles. He took out his cock quickly – and with one, sharp pull, he took out the buttplug. The stream of dirty water shot from Karen's anus, falling on the floor and creating a puddle around her feet.

'The bitch came without permission' said Roger, wiping his now deflated cock on her cheeks. 'She deserves punishment.'

Karen was half-conscious. She felt exhausted and barely understood what was said. Someon untied the rope around her neck and uncuffed her legs. She felt a pull on her nipples – she straightened up and followed where it led her.

They were walking for some time. The sudden realisation of what happened stroke her with full force – and she started sobbing again, ashamed for her reaction. How could she cum in such situation? She had never had orgasm with a man – only alone, when she was masturbating – but it was never as powerful as this one. How could she...? They forced her, okay, but there was a moment when she gave in completely, when she was so immersed with pleasure that she forgot about her situation, about everything.

Finally they stopped and someone pulled the blindfold off her eyes. They were standing in a smaller room. In one corner there was a kennel.

'Get in' ordered Mike. She didn't understand. Into the kennel?

He caught her neck and bent her down, forcing her to get into the small cage. She had to be on her hands and knees.

'Today you're sleeping in here, as a punishment for cumming without permission' he said. She looked at him. She still had a ring gag on. He took a rope and tied her hands to the bars, then did the same with her ankles.

In the same time Roger pushed a vibrator into her pussy. She was so tired, that she hardly reacted.

'Every hour it will turn on and work for about half an our – you cannot cum' said the older man. 'There is a camera, which will record everything you will be doing at night. And the vibrator has receptors which record the contractions of your vagina. If you cum your punishment will be more severe.'

What? More severe than this? But she was too week to even protest. She dreamt about sleep. Mike crouched before her face and smiled. He put a finger into her open mouth, delicately touching her tongue.

'Good night, Karen. Have a pleasant night. See you in eight hours.'

Rating: 78%, Read 27853 times, Posted Sep 28, 2012

Fiction | BDSM, Cruelty, Domination, Enema, Female, Group Sex, Male, Non-consensual sex, Rape, Sado-Masochism, Torture


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