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True Story | Blowjob, First Time, Threesome

I went to a party with a bunch of my friends. we all got pretty drunk and had a great time. There must have been about 30 people at this party, so it was rocking and there was LOTS of booze. I didn't really know all of them, but I'd seen a bunch around school. Not that it mattered, everyone separated into their own cliques anyways.

Amanda, and Kelsie, I have been friends since the 3rd grade and had done pretty much everything together. Amanda and Kelsie are super sexy girls. They are teases though. And while they are my friends, that didn't stop me from fantasizing about them All the time

Amanda had long blonde hair extremely perky 36d tits. She was a little ditzy but super hot she was the most playful one. On that particular night, she was wearing a tight-fitting white t-shirt and a really short jean-skirt. It was pretty obvious that she wasn’t wearing a bra since her nipples were practically piercing her shirt.

Kelsie was a little less gifted in the breast department. She had quite a nice chest at 36c I wasn’t complaining. Her brown hair was about shoulder length. She was the smart one in the group. She flirted with me the most. None of use had any issues discussing sexual topics. If there was anyone I would love to get with, it was her. She was wearing a tight red v-neck sweater (which showed off her cleavage quite nicely) along with a short black skirt and 3 inch black high heels.

We drank as much alcohol as we could that night. It was getting to a point where we couldn’t really walk anymore. Amanda was starting to get a little worse for wear, so we decided to head home. We didn’t really live too far away from the party, so we decided to walk.

The good thing about alcohol is its ability to negate any and all inhibitions one may have while sober. As our inhibitions began to leave us, the conversation between the three of us got more and more naughty. At first we spoke about who we liked and who other people liked. Then we started to talk about what made us horny, who we’d slept with, and so on.

The problem with this situation was that Amanda and Kelsie were such huge flirts that they wouldn’t stop if they knew it was affecting me – and boy, was it! By the time we got into Amanda’s house I had a huge hard-on and they knew it. They looked at each other as if they were scheming… they probably were. Amanda’s parents were away on vacation so Kelsie was staying with Amanda until her parents came back. They both looked back at me and Amanda asked if I wanted to come in and play some “Truth or Dare.”

Now, as I mentioned earlier, these two beautiful women had been part of many of my fantasies. As it happened, “Truth or Dare” had been one of them. So when Amanda asked me that, I stood there perplexed. I felt as though I had entered one of my fantasy worlds and that I must have been dreaming this. After all, I was so drunk it was hard to tell the difference. I nodded stupidly and the two of them grabbed me by each arm and took me inside.

The game started off innocently enough. We went around the circle and told various truths. When we started to get brave, the “dares” started to come out. They were small at first. Amanda made me kiss Kelsie (with tongue) for 5 seconds and Kelsie made me do the same to Amanda. When Kelsie finally said “dare,” I made her kiss Amanda. Kelsie closed her eyes and French kissed Amanda passionately. Her hand even making it onto Amanda’s breast! They were clearly getting into it as it lasted longer than 5 seconds. But I certainly wasn’t going to stop it! When they finally broke, they stared at each other for a second and then looked away.

Now it was Amanda’s turn. “Truth or dare?” we asked her. She thought about it for a moment before exuberantly requesting a dare. Kelsie and I looked at each other and discussed options for a good dare. Then we finally thought of something. “Okay,” I said. “You have to go take a shower, and we have to watch!”

Amanda sat there with her jaw open. She smiled and looked over menacingly at Kelsie, who just smiled back. Not one to turn down a dare, Amanda nodded and got up to head to the bathroom. Kelsie giggled and we followed her. Amanda started to run the water for the shower, testing it for warmth. She turned on the shower, and without removing her clothes, she stepped right in!

I was about to protest in that we had not said she was to be clothed, but when I saw the water run over her tight white shirt and expose her braless breasts underneath, I didn’t really care anymore.

Amanda’s red hair was immediately soaked and it draped over her shoulders. She ran her hands over her head and let the water wash over her entire body, soaking her shirt and skirt. She closed her eyes and moaned softly. The water ran down her chest, down under her skirt and down her thighs. She opened her eyes and looked back at me seductively. Now it was my turn to sit there with my jaw open.

I looked over at Kelsie who seemed equally surprised, but on top of that, she was also slowly and gently caressing her breasts as if wishing it was her in the shower instead. “Truth or dare?” came, the call from Amanda, still standing in the shower. She looked at me.

“Dare!” I said. “Bring it on,” I thought. Amanda slowly lifted her shirt, exposing her tight stomach. The water poured over it making it glisten in the light of the bathroom. She looked at Kelsie seeing how excited she was and then she looked back at me. “Join me” she said.

I looked back at Kelsie, who was still staring at Amanda. She was not hiding the fact that she was full-on groping her breasts now. I looked back at Amanda and stepped towards her. She smiled and helped me into the shower. I felt the hot water pour over my head and down my front. My jeans were almost immediately wet. When I think back on it, it felt pretty good getting wet like that, but I was too distracted by Amanda to notice.

Amanda started to dance under the stream for me. She put her hands over her head and wriggled up and down and an experienced dancer. She waved her hips side to side and cocked her head. She then slowly removed her shirt until she stood there wearing just her jean-skirt. I was like a deer caught in headlights as I stood there staring at her shimmering breasts. She looked at me seductively and leaned forward to kiss me. As she did, she grabbed onto my belt. Her tongue felt around the inside of my mouth while her hands were busy undoing my pants.

Slowly Amanda unzipped my jeans. She then began to kiss my neck and my chest. She worked her way slowly down to my waist while rubbing my dick on the outside of my jeans. I watched her the entire way down. She finally reached my crotch and expertly ripped down my jeans and boxers. This exposed my fully erect penis. Amanda smiled largely and grabbed it like a kid with a new toy.

The water continued to pour over us as she began to gently stroke my cock while licking the shaft. I threw my head up and moaned. It felt incredibly good. I looked back down as she took it into her mouth and began to roll her tongue around the head. I nearly came right there. And I would have if I hadn’t thought of something.

I looked up and saw Kelsie. By now she was sitting on the toilet seat with her jeans around her ankles. She had her hand in her panties and was furiously rubbing away at her clit. Her other hand was inside her sweater squeezing her breast. She was so hot I could see the wet spot on the front of her panties. She was staring intently at Amanda rocking her head back and forth on my cock.

“Truth or dare?” I yelled at Kelsie, snapping her out of her concentration. She looked up at me curiously, as if she wasn’t sure what I said. “Truth or dare?” I repeated.

Continuing to rub herself, Kelsie blurted out “Dare!” She said it in such a way as to be hopeful to be able to join in on the fun. If that were that case, that was a good thing as it was entirely my intention. I made her come over to me and watch as Amanda sucked me off. I explained that I wanted to cum all over Amanda and I wanted Kelsie to lick it all off of her. I don’t know if she was still drunk or just that horny, but Kelsie was actually pretty excited about the concept.

Kelsie took off her jeans and jumped into the shower behind Amanda. Her curly hair straightening out at the water flowed over her head. She kneeled behind Amanda and gently massaged Amanda’s breasts while looking up at me seductively. Amanda moaned happily.

Amanda continued to suck my dock while Kelsie rubbed her breasts. We all closed our eyes and groaned. Kelsie ran her hand down Amanda’s front and down onto her thighs. She slowly ran her hand up into Amanda’s skirt and slowly rubbed her clit. “Mmmmmmm” the sound from Amanda as ran her tongue around on my cock. She let go of my dick and turned to the side. She leaned over Kelsie and turned off the water. “We wouldn’t want any of that cum to go to waste down the drain,” she explained. “Here,” she said, offering my cock over to Kelsie.

Kelsie took my dick and practically swallowed it whole. She sucked on it expertly. I was in heaven from the feelings these girls were giving me. Amanda lifted Kelsies’ sweater and undid her bra. She leaned down and licked Kelsie’s nipples. Kelsie sighed with pleasure. Amanda’s hand began to move downwards and found her way to Kelsie’s soaked panties. She began to rub her clit up and down while continuing to lick her nipples.

Kelsie let go of my cock and threw her had back. She groaned loudly. “YES!!!” she yelled. She ground her pussy into Amanda’s hand and stroked my cock furiously. Her orgasm was unbelievable! She screamed as she held my cock with one hand and ground her pussy harder onto Amanda’s hand. She reached down with the other hand and lifted Amanda’s head. They kissed passionately. Tongues circling each other, spit swapping back and forth from mouth to mouth. Kelsie moaned and groaned and stroked my cock harder and faster.

This was finally too much for me and, as I had planned, I came all over Amanda. Some landed in her hair and some on her face, but mostly it flew all over Amanda’s chest. Amanda moaned loudly and rubbed the warm cum into her breasts with her free hand. My knees grew weak as she licked her lips and signed with pleasure.

As promised, Kelsie leaned over and began to clean Amanda off with her tongue. She started with Amanda’s face as she licked and kissed her. She stopped for a few seconds to kiss Amanda passionately on the lips. They swapped some of my cum, and Amanda let a bit of it dribble down her chin.

Kelsie continued to clean off Amanda as she moved down to her chest. She looked up at me as she slowly licked the cum off of Amanda’s glistening breasts and nipples and swallowed it. As she worked her way down, she began to remove Amanda’s panties. Amanda then stood up beside me, allowing Kelsie to remove the panties completely. Amanda then kissed me softly on the lips while Kelsie started to run her tongue up and down Amanda’s slit.

By now, Amanda was so hot that it did not take her long to orgasm. But when she came, she came hard! She nearly fell over as she screamed with pleasure, grinding her clit into Kelsie’s face! She came so hard that she squirted juices all over Kelsie’s face and down onto her sweater. Amanda fell to her knees and I followed.

We all lay there in a heap, kissing and cleaning each other off. Soft moans of pleasure came from each of us as we lay in our passionate embrace.

Rating: 79%, Read 19723 times, Posted Mar 24, 2007

True Story | Blowjob, First Time, Threesome


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