Harry Potter and the Spellbook of Eroticism - Ch 8 by avpa

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Fantasy | Anal, Black, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, Fan fiction, Female, Group Sex, Interracial, Male, Mind Control, Oral Sex

Harry Potter and the Spellbook of Eroticism

Chapter 8 - Three is Company

Disclaimer: This story does not reflect the attitudes or

characters in the Harry Potter series, nor does it have any

affiliation with its author

An hour earlier, two compartments along, Fred and George

were talking eagerly with Lee about their recent find in

their brother's bedroom and what powers it gave them. Lee

had sat, open mouthed and staring as they withdrew the

rolls of parchment and showed him some of the more exciting

spells they contained.

"So let me get this straight, lads" Lee was saying to the

twins. "Harry Potter had this book?"

George nodded. "He did. No idea why, but we found it under

his pillow."

Lee gaped, staring at the parchment for what seemed the

seventh time. "And you copied a load of it down?"

"Yeah, you idiot, we've already said."

Lee still could barely take it in. He finally managed to

close his mouth, at least, but couldn't tear his eyes from

the spells that lay before him.

"You've used these? They work?"

"Well, we've tried one potion" replied Fred. "And it worked

great. Don't know about the spells, though."

Lee chuckled. "Who?"

"Some Muggle girls" explained George hastily. "But that's

not important. What is important is how we can use these."

"For Weasley's Wizzard Wheezes?" asked Lee, incredulously.

The twins nodded together.

Calmly, Lee smiled to himself. "Well, lads, I was on the

fence before the summer. But in light of this, I think I'll

be working with you on your project."

Fred clapped him on the back. "Great to have you, mate. We

need someone to be our bitch.."

"Watch it, dickhead" warned Lee, laughing. He took one of

the parchments and went to sit on the opposite side to them

reading it intently. Fred and George exchanged a relieved

glance. They needed Lee. And though they had known he would

love to be a part of their venture, it was a relief to hear

it from his own mouth.

To the three's horror, the door slid open at that very

moment. Lee stuffed his roll of parchment out of sight,

but Fred and George didn't even bother trying to hide the

mountain of notes that lay next to them on the chair.

To their relief it was just their fellow quidditch player,

Angelina Johnson. She smiled at them warmly.

"Hey guys" she said. "Mind if I join you?"

The twins looked at each other. "Um.." George said, turning

back to her. "Do you mind for a few minutes? We need some

more private words with Lee."

She rolled her eyes, but laughed and turned to leave. As

she walked away, Lee could be seen admiring her quivering

ass cheeks.

"God, what I'd give to fuck her" he spoke aloud when the

door had slid shut.

Fred looked over at him. "You want to?"

Lee nodded. Then his eyes widened. "Of course! The spells."

He withdrew the page from behind his back and started to

read it quickly, his eyes scanning it for a spell they

could use on Angelina. Fred and George joined him, until

eventually Lee called them over to look at one he had found

for the three of them. It read:

The Deserio Charm - A spell to be used on a woman. This

charm will cause any woman to immediately crave plentiful

sex, and from as many givers as possible. Use when the

caster is accompanied by willing companions, and have

your way with a slut in the truest sense of the word.

Warning! - As with all spells in the volume, the casting is

undetectable by the wizarding trace but highly

illegal to perform

Warning! - The target will fall unconscious on the casting

of the finito spell, and will not remember any of

the elapsed time in which the spell was enacted

It was indeed suitable, and Fred and George clapped Lee on

the back. They then stowed away their notes, and talked

casually while waiting for the return of the girl they were

going to impale.

After several relaxing minutes, the compartment door slid

open again. She had arrived.

She walked inside to sit next to Fred, but as soon as she

was past him Lee lifted his wand and murmured 'Imperio


It took longer than they expected for the magic to start

working. Angelina slowed to a stop, before she turned and

faced the boys. Her eyes were clouded, and hazy. But after

several seconds they cleared and she looked just like

Angelina usually did. Only with a difference.

The look she gave them could only be described as one of

intense longing.

George leaned to his left, and swiftly lowered the blinds

of the compartment windows while locking the door. As he

did that, Fred and Lee got to their feet and closed in on

Angelina. With each seconds that passed her lust seemed to

be growing stronger, as her gaze darted down to the boy's

trousers and she licked her lips.

"I want you all, right now" she told them bluntly as she

took a step towards them.

"Not a problem, babe" Lee whispered to her whilst reaching

out and pulling open her loose fitting shirt. It slid

slowly off of her shoulders to reveal her slim athletic

figure, and a pair of healthy looking breasts. Angelina

was almost eighteen, a woman in her prime, and boy did she

have the assets to show it. Her ass was firm, and juicy at

the same time, and while Fred took it into his grasp Lee

was desperate to see her delicious looking tits in the

open. He reached behind her back and unclasped her bra.

It fell away to reveal the glorious orbs that adorned her

chest. They matched her dark skin perfectly, with petite

brown nipples topping them like cherries on two cakes.

George, who had joined them by this point, took one of

the nipples in his mouth and pinched it in his teeth. She

moaned softly, reaching down and beginning to slide her

tight leggings off of her long, slender legs.

Fred stepped away from his fellows as they marveled at

her beauty, and started undressing quickly. His trousers

and shirt were off in a flash, where his pants and socks

soon followed. He then stepped forward, brandishing his

rock hard cock for Angelina to deal with.

At the sight of his sumptuous member before her, Angelina

gasped with longing and dropped down onto her knees at

once. She closed in on him and her mouth leant into his

crotch. In one fluid motion her lips locked themselves

around his shaft and she buried him in to the back of her

throat. Fred moaned aloud, savoring the feeling of her

throat gagging on the tip of his cock. He swelled

ominously, threatening to trap his cock inside her

mouth. But he had underestimated her. She was evidently

an experienced cock sucker, and her head began lurching

back and forth over his length. The treatment elicited

gasps of joy from him, and he took her head in his hands

to help her on her way.

While Fred had been enjoying Angelina's hot little mouth

up front, the others had been busy. George and Lee had

both stripped off, and were working on other parts of

her body. George was knelt next to her, licking her

delicate nipples and feeling her soft tits. Lee stood

behind her, reaching underneath her outstretched legs

and rubbing a finger on her clit. Occasionally he would

tweak it gently, drawing out a whimper from Angelina

that was muffled on Fred's cock.

After a time of continuing in this fashion, with some

switching of places, the three decided to try for even


Fred got down on the carriage floor, and beckoned the

sweating but exhilarated Angelina over. She followed him

willingly and lowered herself onto him. His cock prodded

at her untouched asshole.

Lee bent low over her, his own cock angling towards her

well whetted pussy. Her lips dripped with moisture, and

she was soaked in anticipation of his large manhood. Lee

was well endowed, with a cock that exceeded nine inches

in length. Many girls had turned him down in fear of his

size, but here was a girl ready to take any amount of

cock to fulfill her desires.

Finally George straddled her neck, and placed the head

of his cock on her lips.

"On three?" he suggested.

They nodded.

"One.. Two... Three!"

At once they forced their way into every one of her

orifices, and Angelina groaned in a delightful mixture

of pain and pleasure. Lee gasped as her pussy spasmed

around his thick member, and a squirt of her juices

seeped out between her legs.

"Bloody hell!" he called out. "I think she just came."

Fred laughed, cursing as he tried to force more cock

into her virgin asshole. It was obscenely tight, and a

struggle to fit more then four inches into her. He felt

her squeeze tight, then relax. Taking his chance, he

drove into her like a battering ram, and succeeded in

making her squeal as his intrusion was felt.

But the squeal came out muffled, for George was pushing

cock in and out of her mouth like a jackhammer. His

fast, piston like, movements kept her from speaking to

them, so they could only assume she was loving the

treatment. The way she bounced against the cocks that

drove into her, and slurped messily at George's cock

head as it passed, indicated she was indeed enjoying


They proceeded to fuck Angelina's brains out for over

half an hour, trying to give her every single different

combination they could think of. If they were to use

their friend like this, the boys wanted to make sure

she bloody well enjoyed the fuck out of it.

At one point both Fred and George had their cocks next

to each other in her mouth, as she tried to suck on

two dicks at once. It was a strange feeling, to be

rubbing shafts with their twin, but they soon got used

to it. If the year went anything like they wanted, the

twins would probably be repeating the feat before long.

Lee, meanwhile, was ramming all he could of his nine

inches into her well stretched asshole. Even after

taking both Fred and George in there, she was just

too tight for the tree trunk of a cock he possessed.

Lee cursed as he gave up and got to his feet.

"Well, are we done here?" he asked the twins as they

leant back against the wall, panting.

"Yeah, let's call it a day with this little minx" Fred


"Wait" pleaded Angelina. "Cum on my face!"

The three of them sighed, then got back to their feet

and encircled her. She knelt in the middle of them like

an obedient school girl, her eyes closed and her mouth

wide open to accept her portion of cum.

They beat off until ready to cum, then let fly, firing

long white ribbons of their warm seed onto her pretty

little face. She blinked and winced as it hit her, but

kept her mouth open and gulped down any sperm that slid

into her gaping throat.

After the fireworks, the three boys really were too

tired to work any more. They sat back on compartment

chairs, and watched as Angelina began licking the cum

from her lips.

For the next half hour they talked casually with each

other about business and where "Weasley's Wizzard

Wheezes" would take them. As they did so, Angelina

continued to fulfill her seemingly never ending craving

for sexual pleasure. She bounced atop the boys, milking

the last of their cum from their tired cocks. When they

wouldn't remain hard any longer, she would get down on

her knees and lick the boys balls until they grew for

her again. The spell hadn't lied, she was a slut in the

truest sense of the word.

When they wanted to get dressed and go find the trolley

for some food, George cast the finito spell on their

fuck toy and watched as she collapsed to the floor,

cum plastered and exhausted. Fred and Lee used scourgify

to clean her up and redressed her. After laying her down

on the seats opposite them they dressed themselves.

"That was.. interesting" commented Fred.

"I'll tell you what it was, fucking awesome!" Lee laughed

gleefully. "We should do that everyday."

George laughed with him, and silently agreed. They all

laughed harder when the sleeping girl opposite them

coughed in a cute way, a dribble of white fluid leaking

out of her mouth and rolling down her flushed cheek.

Rating: 90%, Read 34320 times, Posted Nov 21, 2014

Fantasy | Anal, Black, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, Fan fiction, Female, Group Sex, Interracial, Male, Mind Control, Oral Sex


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