Tales from the SugarBowl #7 by JackEnglish

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Wednesday was their day. Anne would drop her kids off at school and come straight to the hotel room he texted to her the night before. She was a godsend and easily the best sugar baby he’d ever had. Ann was 27, about 5’2’ with sandy brown hair, green eyes and a smile that would melt the polar icecap. She had told him she had been married for 10 years now…but her husband had no clue that she was a sugar baby. Ann had great hips and very nice 34 B or C tits. She didn’t have to be at work until 1pm on Wednesday so they had a good 4 hours to play.

He’d brought her a cup of coffee and a donut and placed it next to the envelope with her allowance. She thanked him when she stepped into the room …and gave him a long slow kiss hello…It was late October and she was wearing a sweater and jeans …and carried her work clothes on a hanger. She sat on his lap to drink the coffee while they exchanged pleasantries…Her daughter had been battling an ear infection so he asked about that while he ran his hand up inside her sweater…She laughed as she answered saying “She’s better thanks…but God your hands are freezing!”…He pulled his hand out and she smiled and placed it between her legs …making eye contact as she said” Let’s warm them up shall we. ” She kissed him again deeply while his hand rested there…

He removed her sweater and bra and took her nipple in his mouth as she sighed in appreciation. After a few minutes she rolled off his lap and stood before him…She kicked off her shoes and took off her jeans before kneeling between his legs…She reached up and unbuckled his belt …he stood for a second so she could pull the pants and boxers down freeing his erection…She smiled and said…seemingly more to his cock than to him…”I’ve missed you” She took him in her mouth slowly moving up and down it’s growing length. She licked the tip and paid due attention to his balls as well…much in the manner he had showed her he liked. He pushed her away…as he sensed that he may have only one bullet in the chamber this morning …She had gotten him to two sometimes and three that one time…but today…probably not.

She took his hand and led him to the shower…where they renewed the action…The hot water felt wonderful he thought as they washed one another’s hair and then bodies…He stepped out of the shower first while she finished rinsing her hair…He dried her with one of the big white towels and carried her to the bed…He held her semi-dry body closely and bent down to kiss her breasts…and elicited a low groan from Ann…He slid down and started to pay attention to her beautiful pussy….just the way she liked it…with two fingers inside and lots of tongue action…followed after a few minutes with him using his lips to suck directly on her slightly protruding clit...She came very hard screaming “Oh God! Oh Fuck! Oh God! Oh Fuck!

It had been at Ann’s instigation about a month ago that they took an entire session working thru one another’s likes and dislikes…stopping frequently for what she called ‘coaching”. She didn’t like any of the commercial lubes and she hated it if he spit on her for lubrication…which she claimed was all unnecessary if he just did things right …for her…her body would supply any lubrication needed…He on the other hand liked it all a bit messy and loved it when she spit on his cock. They had worked on each position and preferred sequencing…At first he had found the whole thing a bit weird…but came to appreciate her thoughtful approach to sex…He wondered if she had done the same with her husband…but he never asked.

Today, Ann just let him take control. After she recover from her hard climax…She whispered in his ear, “I am here for your pleasure” a signal they had worked out to let him know to take charge and that she will do whatever he asks…

He laid down on the bed and motioned for her to mount him. She straddled his cock facing him and slowly lowered herself onto it…Gasping in pleasure and her pussy engulfed him…She posted as if riding a horse and could see from his expression that he loved it…he placed both hands on her tits and kneaded the nipples gently (another coaching point!) …He lifted her off him Just as her own orgasm was starting appear on the horizon…He pulled her to the edge of the bed so he could mount her doggy style…both of their favorites…He entered her roughly and just started pounding away…His forcefulness excited her and he could hear it in her moaning…but he was just racing to the finish line.. He thought about cumming in her tight and lovely ass…(which was usually only on the menu when she left him in complete command)…he was just too excited to change holes…His urgency had added to her own arousal and she came again ( with the same Oh God! Oh Fuck! soundtrack) when she felt him explode inside her…

They both climbed under the covers and snuggled as has become their practice at least while she was on this schedule…He checked his phone and set an alarm so they didn’t oversleep if in fact they did nap…The alarm woke them both and she checked to see if he was up for a final quickie…but he demurred…She took another shower and got herself ready…When she was ready she kissed him and said,” Thanks Daddy….See you next week” She was counting her allowance money walking to the car and noticed he had added a gift card..He smiled as he closed the door behind her.

Rating: 72%, Read 3064 times, Posted Feb 20, 2020

Diary |


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