Twins Revenge by buckkelly

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Twins Revenge

I had been next door for about ten minutes. My swim trunks were around my ankles. My towel was in the grass. I could feel Mrs. Levi tongue swirl around my cock. I looked down to see her huge breast rub against my legs. She had almost all 9 3/4inches of my cock down her throat before she gagged and spit me out. She licked my big naked balls and put her index finger on my ass hole. I was close to cumming. She smiled as she inched her finger in my ass, and jacked my cock with her small hands. My knees buckled. I then shot a huge load into her mouth. Like a pro. She licked my cock clean.

"Mmm that was good Buck. How my favorite neighbor?" she said. I smiled. "Better now. Sorry it took me so long to come over. My parents were packing for there trip. They won't be home until late Monday night. I got the whole weekend to myself." I said. She smiled. "That's good news. My husband away with his fishing buddies all weekend. It's my turn to watch his girls. You remember the twins?" she giggled. Who could forget the twins. The two barely legal big boob blonde Barbies, with the perfect bodies to match. Big fake boobs, along with two huge ass's and not a inch of fat on them. Mrs. Levi caught me jerking off next to there fence as I watched them.

"It's your turn to watch them? How are they?" I said. "Yes! It's my turn to watch them. There good. They asked if your big cock has grown since the last time they saw you. I told them maybe. They can't wait to see you. They will be here in the morning." said Mrs. Levi. I looked down. My cock was getting harder. "Maybe we should go in the house. I hate for the neighbors to hear me orgasm again. We were both so loud last weekend. Come on baby. I need to feel you deep inside me again. My pussy been so wet thinking about you all week." said Mrs. Levi. I helped her off her lounge chair. We walked inside her house. Then upstairs to her bedroom.

The Next Day....

Her large breast smooched my head, as she rolled out of bed. She giggled as she saw my cock was semi erect. "Do you ever get enough? Does he ever stop?" she said. I smiled. Then flopped my cock side to side. She took along hot shower. I followed her, as she got ready. I slipped on some camouflage, knee length shorts. I then put on a white t-shirt. Mrs. Levi was wearing a stunning white/yellow sun dress, that showed off her killer curves. She had her dirty blonde hair, curled up in the back. She had some simple 4inch yellow heels on.

It was close to 11am when the front door bell rang. I walked down the hall to get the door. I looked through the small window, next to the big wooden door. The twins were outside. They had matching pink sweat suits, 4inch pink heels and there platinum blonde hair in pony tails. There were small pink ribbons in each of there side pony tails. My cock got instantly hard when I opened the door. They both gave me a big hug, mashing there huge fake breast in my hard chest. I gave each one a kiss on the cheek. They each grabbed my face, and kissed me until Mrs. Levi told them..."Ok! Girls! We have Buck all day. Come inside before he passes out." she giggled.

I grabbed the twins suitcases off the front steps. I followed all of them down the hall, back to the kitchen. "So Laci and Traci, How was your trip?" said Mrs. Levi. "It was fun. How are you?" said Traci. "I'm good. Did you bring your home work?" she said. "Maybe!" said Laci. "No! I forgot mind." said Traci. "I asked you both to bring some. Your falling behind at school. Ask me how I know?" said Mrs. Levi. "Hmmm!" the twins said. "Cause your principle called. She told me all about you two. How you both are in trouble allot at school. She even had to discipline you for seducing one of your teachers." said Mrs. Levi. I smiled. "What?" said Laci "Yeah! He came on to us." said Traci. "He's gay, your teacher likes men." said Mrs. Levi. They both giggled. "Sorry! We needed to get our grade up in his class. He straight as an arrow. Now way, he is gay." they both said. "I don't care. I did not tell your father. But!!!" said Mrs. Levi. "Oh! No! That a big butt.." the twins giggled. "I invited your principle over here, today. Girls!" said Mrs. Levi.

"What the fuck?" said Laci. "Yeah! What the fuck? How are we suppose to relax this weekend?" said Traci. "Listen! Mrs. White, sounded very nice on the phone. She should be here in about an hour. Can we all just get along?" said Mrs Levi. "Janet! Your killing us. We can't be nice to the enemy. We see her every day. She makes us zip our clothes up." said Traci. "Yeah! Pull our pants up. Remove our sexy makeup. She drives all the cute guys away from us, when we enter a room." said Laci. "End of discussion. Be nice or else. Plus we have Buck here all weekend. All to ourselves. So no kissing, sucking, and grabbing his big cock in front of Mrs. White. Do you both understand? You to Buck?" said Mrs. Levi. "Yes!" I said. "Mmmm...Ok!" said the twins.

"You two get dressed for today. Buck! Go outside and pullout the lounge chairs. Put some towels around the pool. I am going to get into my bikini. Move it." said Mrs. Levi. I walked outside and got everything ready. About twenty minutes later I walked back inside. Mrs. Levi was putting on a big white hat. She had on some big thick sun glasses, covering her eyes. She was wearing a tight one piece bathing suit. That was stretched over her voluptuous body. She had a black L over her left breast, on the white bikini. She was looking so hot. She had some 4inch wooden heels that were white. She had some big gold hoop earrings, and some gold bracelets around her wrist, on each arm, She smiled when she saw me. "Go upstairs and see what keeping the twins. Thanks sweetie. Remember to keep that cock in your shorts. I know those girls...." she said.

I walked upstairs. I could hear the twins laughing as I got closer to there room. I knocked on there door. "Come in." they said. I walked in. Both girls were putting on there matching pink two piece bikini's. They pulled there small g-string thong tights between there big firm ass crack. I could see they were both totally shaved now. I shaved them, the last time they were here. They tied there tops very tight. Both had trouble covering there big fat nipples. I struggled not to free my cock in front of them. I finally got behind them and help get there bikini's on straight. Both girls rubbed the fabric covering my cock and gave me a big wet kiss.

"Buck! Is Mrs. White here yet?" said Traci. "No! Your Step Mom asked me to help you guys get ready." I said. "Damn! I can see your hard cock under those shorts. Fuck!!! We both need some now baby. Drop those shorts. Let us see. She won't know." said Laci. I smiled. "Just a quick tease." said Traci. I quickly unvelcro my shorts. Fished out my hard cock. Both girls licked there lips. I then stuck my cock back in my shorts. "That was hot!" said Traci. "Yeah! Fuck! Buck! You know how to tease a girl. I see you shaved him again. Just like we like." said Laci. I smiled. "Anything for you two." I said.

"Anything!" said Laci. I nodded my head "Yes!" "We need your help today. We need to get our grades up in a few classes. Principle White is a real ball buster. She out to get us." said Traci. "That sucks! What can I do?" I said. They both looked at each other. Then smiled. "Were going to seduce Mrs. White. Then black mail her into giving us good grades." said Laci. "Hmmm!" was all I could say. "Yeah! She always checking us out. We think deep down she has the hots for us. She will be like pudding in our hands. We just need you to use that big tool on her." said Traci. "Fuck the shit out of her..." said Laci. "What about your Step Mom?" I said. "She will be so shocked and horny. She will come over to check out our little orgy." both girls giggled. My mouth dropped open.

I shut the twins bedroom door. There wooden heels clicked on the floor, in front of me. They each were only 5ft tall, but there heels made them 5ft 6. I could not stop following there big fat ass's, in there small thongs. I carried there pink towels and a big pink tote bag, as we walked out to the pool area. I could hear, Mrs. Levi talking to someone in the back yard. I closed the sliding glass door. She was standing at the far end of the pool. She had two big white towels on a lounges chair next to her. She was talking to a hot older lady. She was the same height as Mrs. Levi. Both were almost 5ft 10, in there heels. Mrs. Levi was wearing all white, while the other lady was wearing a red two piece bathing suit. With 4inch red heels. A sexy red robe hung on the back of her lounge chair.

As we got closer, I noticed the other lady making eye contact with me. She had dark blonde hair over her shoulders. She was wearing some super big gold hoop earrings. A big wedding ring on her left hand. She had some small tribal tattoos on her ankles. She had painted her finger and toenails red, to match her fiery red lips. Was this the twins principle? What the fuck had happened. I was expecting a old lady. Not a super hot MILF, with bigger curves than the twins, and Mrs. Levi combined. The front of her red bikini went past her waist. She had a huge set of cleavage stuffed in her small top. Her bottoms showed off her big thighs, and amazing large ass. She had tied her bottoms high on her hips. She smiled at the twins, and I stopped next to Mrs. Levi.

"Hi! Girls! We were just talking about you both. Glad you could come down and join us. Where my manners. Mrs. White this is our good next door neighbor. Buck! I'm watching him, while his parents our out of town. Buck! This is the twins Principle. Mrs. White." said Mrs. Levi. "Nice to meet you." I said. She smiled. "Hey! Mrs. White. You look so different, when your not at school." said Traci. "That for sure. Glad you could come by and see us." said Laci. I smiled again. "You both look so cute in those pink bikini's. Mine just arrived yesterday in the mail. I have mine specially made. Hello!! Its also nice to meet you young man. Mrs. Levi. You have such a nice house. I just love your back yard. I'm so happy I came today." said Mrs. White.

"Ring! Ring!" I could hear the phone inside the house. "I better get that. You Dad was suppose to call and see how my day was going. Please excuse me...." said Mrs. Levi. She turned to strut back into the house. All of us watched as she shut the sliding glass door.

"Where did you go to school? Buck!" said Mrs. White. "School of hard knocks." I said. The girls giggled. "That a new one for me." said Mrs. White. 'Did you really tell our Step Mom about Mr. Skyler?" said Laci. "He is a dirty old man." said Traci. "Girls! I had to tell your Step Mom. You both need to do better in school. You need to study harder and learn more." said Mrs. White. "He pulled out his old man cock and flashed us. Why did you tell our Step Mom, he's gay." said Laci. "You caught him flashing us. You gave him some big teaching award. Then you disciplined us." said Traci. "That was really fair." said Laci.

"Girls, that is in the past. Mr. Skyler is doing better now. We need to talk about your other failing grades. Your both doing bad in all 5 of your classes this quarter. I came here to tell your Step Mom, about your grades. Then we can come up with a plan to help you get your grades up. Nothing some hard work can't accomplish." said Mrs. White. "Wait! He's better know....Your kidding. Say What!! Is that why Mr. Skyler goes to your office after 4th period every day?" said Laci. "Is he flashing you? Ha ha ha!" said Traci. Mrs White blushed than tapped her heels on the cement. "Girls!!" yelled Mrs. White. They were both laughing very loud.

"We got a better idea Principle White." said Laci. "Yeah we do." said Traci. "What is it girls?" said Principle White. They both smiled at her. Then at me. "Let's just say, when we get done with you. You won't be telling our Step Mom or your husband about our bad grades." said the Twins. I watched as Traci placed her left hand on Mrs. White big ass cheek. Then Laci put her hand on Mrs. White other ass cheek. "Girls! What are you doing?" yelled Principle White. "Shut up!" said Laci. "Yeah! Shut up Principle White...Your nipples are getting hard under that bikini. We knew you wanted us, from the start. Stop struggling you old bitch!" said Traci.

They both started to spank Mrs.White big ass. Mrs. White was moaning, as each girl had a hand inside her bathing suit bottoms. Laci motion for me to join in. I inched closer. Mrs. White eyes got big as Traci pulled down my camouflage shorts. My 9 3/4 inch cock sprang out hitting my hard abs. I then felt Traci hand on my cock. "Girls! Not your young neighbor. My husband will be mad. Buck has such a huge cock. Please no!" said Mrs. White. The twins giggled as they took off Principle White top. Her over grown breast spilled out onto her chest. Damn they were big. Her breast extended to her thighs. Her huge fat nipples were now in each of the twins small mouths.

Principle White reached up to unhook the Twins pink bikini tops. They fell off there fake tits onto the cement. I looked down to see each Twin had a finger inside Mrs. White big hairy pussy. They were biting her big fat nipples. I walked around the back of Mrs. White. I reached around her waist, to grope her big fat breast. The girls giggled as I struggled to pick Mrs. White big breast in my hands. I finally scooped them up. They were falling over each of my big hands. I then put my hands on her hips. I pulled the strings on her bikini bottoms. Her tight red swim bottoms fell around her ankles. I then smacked my cock on her big ass. She kept moaning. I reached up to pull her dirty blonde hair. The Twins went right back to sucking on Mrs. White big breast.

A few minutes passed before I felt Mrs. White hand reach for my cock. I put both her hands on the small of her back, just above her big ass. This allowed the Twins to start to spank and suck hard on her breast. I wiped my cock the length of her ass crack. She looked over her shoulder. "God! His cock! Please!!!" said Mrs. White. "Fuck her Buck! Ram that big cock in her. Use our Principle. What that Mrs. White? He is bigger than your husband." said Traci. "He is bigger than that old douche Mr. Skyler. Fuck! Yeah! Ride him Principle White. Shake that fat ass. I though our Step Mom ass was big. You have the biggest ass ever Principle White." said Laci. I felt my cock inch pass Mrs. White tight pussy. It had been awhile or a long time since she had been fucked. Her tight pussy pushed me right out. I pushed on her upper shoulders.

A few minutes passed before I got all of my cock deep inside Mrs. White. She screamed. The girls were rubbing her big cunt lips on my cock. They each groped her pussy, my cock, and big naked balls as I fucked there Principle. A second later. Mrs. White arched her back. Her long hair hit my face. Her pussy clamped down on my cock. She than began to orgasm on my cock. The Twins giggled as there Principle gasped for air. I kept fucking Mrs. White. She reached up to grab the Twins big breast. They began to slap her face with there big breast. She was now bent over by the waist. I fucked Mrs. White from the back. The girls slapped there big breast in her face. I reached around to fondle Mrs. White big breast. I tugged on her nipples causing her to orgasm again on my cock.

"Girls! Oh my god! Buck! Stop! Stop! Let poor Mrs. White go. Hello!" yelled Mrs. Levi. I looked up with my cock buried in Mrs. White wet pussy. Mrs. Levi was standing in front of us. She had her hands on her big hips. She grabbed the Twins hair and pulled. They each stopped hitting Mrs. White with there big fake tits. "What are you doing to your Principle? Buck! Stop for a second." said Mrs. Levi. I stopped and grabbed Mrs. White by the waist. She stopped banging her pussy on my cock. She looked up. "Mrs. White are you Ok?" said Mrs. Levi. "Yes! I don't know what happen. As soon as you left. They attacked me. Him with his big cock and the twins with there big breast. I'm so lucky you came to save me." said Mrs. White.

My cock fell out of Mrs. White as she inched forward. The girls mouth were wide open. We were all speechless. Mrs. White then moved into Mrs. Levi arms. They both hugged as the twins and I stared at them. "It's Ok! Hush! I'm sure everything Ok now. Buck! Laci! Traci! Please apologize to Principle White." said Mrs. Levi. "I'm sorry. I guess.." I said. "What the fuck? Why do we have to say sorry?" said Traci. "Yeah! Like really!" said Laci. "Girls! She is your Principle. Say your sorry." said Mrs. White. The twins said something under there breath. It was not sorry. But there Step Mom, smiled. "Thank you. Damn I think I hear the phone again. I will be right back. Behave you three." said Mrs. Levi. She turned to strut back to the house.

The twins watched there Step Mom go in to the house. Principle White watched us turn our attention back at her. "I'm sure your Mom will be right back." she said. The twins smiled. They both ran over to Mrs. White. They grabbed her arms. They started to pull her toward the lounge chairs, I had pulled out around the pool earlier. "Come on Buck! We need your big cock again. Yeah! Principle White were not done with you just yet. Lieing to our Step Mom. You should be ashamed. You started this. Now were going to finish it." both girls laughed.

Laci pointed for me to sit on the lounge chair first. My cock was sticking straight up. They guided Mrs. White onto my cock. Her pussy slide down my shaft. I felt her grunt as all my cock was buried deep inside her. Her huge ass pushed on my abs. Mrs. White was facing forward. Laci was sucking Mrs. White big tits. I heard a camera click..."Click! Click!" 'Traci....What are you doing?" said Mrs. White. "Need some photos for your husband. I'm sure he love to see you fucking our good neighbor. Buck...and his big cock. Smile Laci. Yeah suck those huge fun bags. Bite those nipples...Yeah!" yelled Traci. She was standing in front of the lounge chair. Taking pics with her small camera. "You should post those when were done with her...Let all the kids and teachers in school. See what a big slut there principle is." laughed Laci.

For the next 15 minutes. They bounced Mrs. White tight pussy on my cock. She orgasm twice before I slapped her big ass. The twins grabbed Mrs. White and made her get on her knees in front of me. I stood up in front of them. Laci grabbed Mrs. White left hand. She then started to tug on my cock. "Stroke that monster. Cum all over her huge breast. Mrs. White is a cum lover. Blast her face." yelled the girls. I looked down. Mrs. White opened her mouth. My knees moved. I then watched as the tip of my cock exploded. The first shot hit Mrs. White upper lip. The next her right eye brow. Traci was clicking more pic of my cock erupting on there principle. I kept cumming.

Once she was covered. Laci grabbed my cock. She wiped it all over Mrs. White face and big breast. "Suck it! Suck it. Clean it Principle White. Yeah!! I think she likes it." said Traci. Mrs. White was covered in sperm. She started to lick her lips. Traci tossed me the camera. Then the twins started to scoop up my sperm. The fed it into Mrs. White hungry mouth. Then they pushed Mrs. White breast to her face. She then licked her self clean. "Quick lets all get in the hot tub, before your Mom comes back. We can all get clean." I said. The twins smiled. They grabbed Mrs. White arms again. She made little protest as we walked her down to the hot tub.

The hot tub was left of the house. It was enclosed by a small fence. There was just enough room for 6 people. I put the small camera on the wooden deck surrounding the hot tub. I smiled as the twins put me in the middle next to Mrs. White. Traci sat next to me. Laci sat next to Mrs. White. I looked around. All the girls huge breast floated in the water. We were all naked. Mrs. White was making out with Laci. I was making out with Traci.

A few minutes passed...

I then felt Mrs. White hand on my cock. Traci and Laci got out of the hot tub. They sat on the edge. Each of them fingering there bald pussies. I picked up Mrs. White. She slide down my cock. I then started to suck and bite her huge breast. I wrapped them around my face as she bounced on my cock. Mrs. White put her hands on my shoulders. The water was lapping up on her hips as she rode my cock. I started to bite her thumb size nipples. She orgasm on my cock. I then felt my cock exploded deep inside her. We started to make out. She sat on my cock, until her pussy drained all the sperm from my cock. I then heard the sliding glass door to the back of the house closed. The twins licked there pussy fingers. Then fell into the hot tub. We took the same positions in the water again. Mrs. White took her hand off my cock. We heard some heels click on the wood, toward the hot tub.

I looked up. Mrs. Levi was back. "I wonder were everyone went. I thought I heard some noise over here. OMG...Is everyone naked??? Well??" said Mrs. Levi. "You know the rules Mom. Off with it." said Traci. I turned to see Mrs White smile. She was looking up at Mrs. Levi. I then saw Laci hands under the water rubbing Mrs. White pussy. I then felt Traci hand on my cock. She was stroking my cock as her Mom. Started to take off her white bathing suite. "Everyone close there eyes, until I get under the water." said Mrs. Levi. I half closed my eyes. The twins and Mrs. White kept there open. "Mmmm the water feels nice." said Mrs. Levi.

I opened my eyes. Now 4 sets of huge breast floated in the hot tub. Mrs. Levi hit the bubbles on the hot tub. She smiled as she sent Traci next to Laci. She got between Mrs. White and I. I had nobody on my right side. "So Principle White. Are you enjoying yourself? Is everyone getting along?" said Mrs. Levi. I smiled. Then everyone smiled. "Yes! The twins and Buck have been so nice. I asked them if we could go in the hot tub. It's nice to relax. My job is very stressful." said Mrs. White. "I'm glad." said Mrs. Levi.

About an hour later. Mrs Levi and Mrs. White got out of the hot tub. We had to promise to close our eyes. I heard the girls giggle. I watched there Principle and there Step Mom dry each other off. I then watched them go into the house. A second later. The twins grabbed my hard cock. I took turns fucking them in ever possible position in the hot tub. It was close to 2 hours later, that we got out of the hot tub and headed inside the house. Traci went back to get her camera. I then followed the twins upstairs.

My head turned. The twins giggled. We walked down the hall toward there Mother's bedroom. We each peeked inside. Mrs. White was on all fours on Mrs. Levi king size bed. Mrs. Levi was behind her. Fucking Mrs. White with a huge strap on. "Fuck! Fuck! Harder! Harder!" yelled Mrs. White. "Yes! Yes! Your going to tutor my step daughters. Your going to pass them in all there classes??" moaned Mrs. Levi. "Fuck! Yes! Just keeping fucking me." moaned Mrs. White. I reached down to grab the camera from Traci hand. I clicked a few pics of there Principle and there Step Mom having wild sex. I then felt the twins grab my cock.

A short wile late.... I heard the front door to the house close. Then some heels click on the wooden floor leading to the twins room. Traci was on my right side. Laci on my left. There were just getting done cleaning my cock. The both laid down in my arms as there bedroom door opened. "I order us some pizza. Why don't you all take a shower and come down stairs. We can eat, than take turns fucking Buck.

The following Saturday...a week later...

My parents left me alone again. This time they left Saturday morning. I looked over at my neighbors. I saw a small mini van in there driveway. I got dressed quickly. I then walked next door. I knocked on the door. "Hey sexy Buck..." said Mrs. Levi. She was standing in the door way. She was wearing a tight grey skirt. A white button down blouse. That was wide open. Her big breast exposed. She had a 12 inch ruler in her left hand. A big red apple in her right hand. She had some reading glasses on her nose. She smiled. "When are you folks coming back?" she said. "Not until Monday." I said. "Come in. I hope you brought your thinking cap today." she giggled.

I followed Mrs Levi into her living room. The furniture was pushed to one side. There were 3 small desk lined up in a row. The twins were sitting in the first two. They each had matching pink shirts on. One said "Slut!" the other "Bitch!" Both were naked from the waist down. They were looking straight ahead. I then looked up. There was a big chalk board in front of them. I smiled. Mrs. White was standing in front of the chalk board. She was writing a math problem on the board. She was wearing knee high black stockings, matching black garters. Some 6inch black heels. No bottoms, and just a black corset around her waist. Her huge breast rested exposed over her waist. She smiled as she saw me standing in the back of the living room, with Mrs. Levi.

"I brought you a new student.. Principle White.." said Mrs Levi. "Buck! Were almost finished with our Math lesson. Your just in time to join my sex ed class. Please take a seat upfront." said Mrs. White. I sat in the small desk. The twins giggled. They saw my cock was stick straight out under my desk. "Mrs. Levi can you come to the head of the class. I need you to measure something for me. Bring your ruler. Buck lie on your back." said Principle White.....




Rating: 88%, Read 50646 times, Posted Oct 30, 2012

Fiction | Blackmail, Blowjob, Coercion, Domination, Erotica, Female, First Time, Girl, Group Sex, Hardcore, Incest, Lesbian, Male, Mature, Plumper, Teen, Threesome, Young


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