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Fantasy | Consensual Sex, Female, Lesbian, Male

The first action that Mary took on our first evening as a newly married woman was to call the number written on the card from the shop assistant:

“Good evening; my name is Mary. We met in the store you work in a few weeks ago and you gave me this number to ring after 7pm. I apologise for the delay in calling you, but it was unavoidable until now. I would love to know your name and I would love to invite you to my home if you are still interested.”

Her name was Julie and she was certainly interested in meeting with Mary.

She thought the delay in receiving a call was because Mary was not interested. When could they meet?

Mary asked Julie if this weekend would be suitable, but Julie said that she worked on Saturdays. When asked if she would be free after work on Saturday Julie said yes and that settled it. We would pick her up from the main bus station in town at 7pm on the coming Saturday and we would take her home on Sunday evening. When Julie said that she didn’t work on Mondays, Mary invited Julie to also stay overnight on the Sunday.

I went to Alice, and once Anne had stopped what she was doing to her, I told her about Julie and asked her if we could use the car to collect her on Saturday and take her home on Monday evening. ‘Of course we could’. she asked us to come to the Dowager house on for afternoon tea on the Sunday."

I also obtained a promise from Anne that she and June would stay clear of the gatehouse for the weekend.

We collected Julie as arranged and went to a small restaurant for a quick meal before setting off for home. I drove and of course, Mary travelled with Julie in the rear. I heard Julie gasp and I knew that she’d had her hand taken and placed on Mary’s vulva. Mary had deliberately worn a very short skirt and no undies so I guessed what she’d done. There were soft noises coming from behind me on the drive home so I knew that one, or both, of them was having a pleasurable time.

Once we were home, we started the process of getting to know one another.

Julie was 23yrs old, 5ft 6in tall Waist length black hair, at least 36c breasts and a tiny waist over seductively swaying hips. She didn't have a boyfriend because she preferred women and yes, she knew exactly what she and Mary would be doing during her visit.

She said that she had been so happy after Mary had called. She looked directly at me and said that, although she had been fucked, she hadn’t enjoyed it and she preferred women. I smiled and told her that we had that in common because I also preferred women and she had no need to worry, Mary would make certain that Julie’s boundaries would be respected.

Mary offered to show her around the house and after a quick tour of the downstairs facilities, they went upstairs. I made myself a coffee because they were unlikely to reappear for some time. Although I knew what would be happening, I was not expecting the loud wail of released tension when Julie climaxed.


I had promised myself that I wouldn’t interfere, but I broke that promise and upstairs I went to find Mary with her face buried in the sex of the most bedraggled, but happiest, sales assistant I was ever likely to see.

She was lying on top of a large ottoman chest, short skirt and knickers gone, blouse open and bra up over her tits. She was holding her legs, which were wide apart, up in the air and Mary had two fingers of one hand up her anal passage. She also had two fingers of her other hand inside a dripping vagina as she continued sucking on the girls clitoris.

“Please Mary, stop. I can’t finish again so soon.”

“Yes you can. I want you to cum again and then you can strip me and lick my sex out. Would you like Alan to fuck you? He would if you wanted him to; he likes fucking and really is very good at it. He also loves fucking ass and you have a lovely little backside.”

“Will you let him fuck you when you’ve had a rest?”

She climaxed. “OOHHGH. Uurrgh. Fuck. OOHH. Fuck. Fuck.”

"I said; will you let him fuck you when...."

"Yes, he can fuck me, you can both fuck me. Please, I need to rest."

I had an erection that I knew was not going to be wasted. Moving behind Mary, I lifted her short skirt, pressed my cockhead against her wet sex in preparation for a fast fuck. Mary had other ideas.

She stood up, moved to Julie’s head and then straddled her mouth.

“Lick me Julie, suck me and lick me.”

Julie hesitated so Mary pulled her head up, forcing Julie’s mouth hard against her open labia. Obey me Julie, eat my sex and lick me out, Julie did. I could hear her slurping on Mary’s juicy labia, and then Mary signalled to me to join her, I needed no urging. Mary eased herself forward as I lowered my body so that my cock could enter Julie. It did. Julie’s eyes widened as the view of Marie’s sex was replaced by my face at the same time as she was impaled on my cock.

“OOH, OH fuck that hurts. OWW ooh uff aahh. OOO. That is so fucking big, you’ll split me.”

“If a baby can get down that lovely tunnel, my cock can certainly get up it and to prove it, it has.”

"We didn't bring you here to laze about, Julie. You are here to be sucked and fucked.

"Mary wants to have sex with a woman regularly and you appeared to be happy to be that woman. The idea is that she tells you what she wants you to do to her, and you do it, immediately. Once you’ve proved that you really are willing to do that then you will be allowed to tell Mary what you want to do to her and what you’d like her to do to you.

I want to fuck you because you're gorgeous, available and willing. We know you're willing because you just told us."

I fucked Julie for an hour. She kept saying stop, then, no keep going. She screeched, yelled and cried her way through three climaxes before I knew she really did need a break.

We carried Julie to the bed and covered her before also getting on the bed and enjoying a gentle fondling of various body parts. After a while, Mary said that she wanted to ride me so we wriggled around until she was in position and as we did so, Julie watched us.

Mary was just about to lower herself down my cock when Julie spoke:

“That is so big; no wonder I found it painful when you entered me. I’ve never had anything that size in me before.”

Mary told Julie that we could discuss that problem afterwards, but she wanted to cum, now, and commenced to fuck me to achieve exactly that. It did not take long before she stopped moving, arched her back so that her breasts were pointing at the ceiling. She shuddered and moaned, and then sagged forward onto my chest and said, much to my surprise, go and fuck her, leave me to rest.

I crawled out from under her, took the duvet from Julie, and covered Mary. I then led Julie downstairs and made us both a drink. She was watching me with undisguised wonderment so I asked her if I worried her.

“No; I’m not worried now. I was a little frightened earlier, but I believe that you told the truth and Mary wouldn’t let you do anything I didn’t agree with. I keep thinking that I recognise you from somewhere, but I can’t remember where I’ve seen you.”

“Julie, Firstly, I honestly will never do anything you don’t want me to do. I think you are now very much aware of what is going to be happening to you during our visit so, unless you would rather that did not happen, please do me a big favour and remove your blouse and bra’.”

“If you take your clothes off, I will"”

I did, and then I made her all hot and bothered. I sat alongside her on the sofa and played with her breasts and nipples. She was flushed, she was sweating and she was aware enough to realize that, unless she did something to interrupt me, she was going to be fucked, again.

Julie reached for my cock and asked me to stop stroking her clitoris and allow her to do what she wanted to do for a change. I did as asked and Julie spent some time finding out how much of my cock she could actually get into her mouth without gagging.

She did well; and when the inevitable happened and I pumped a load of semen into her mouth, she didn’t flinch or gag. She pulled away from my cock when her mouth was full and went to spit what she’d retained, into the kitchen sink.

Mary came and sat beside me while Julie was occupied and asked me if we’d fucked while she dozed. I gave her a synopsis of events and she kissed me for not taking liberties with her friend.

When Julie returned, she told Mary that she was happy because she now knew that she could trust both of us.

“I was close to letting him fuck me, if he hadn’t stopped when I asked him to, I would have done anything he wanted me to, and not blamed him. He’s dangerous.”

She found out just how dangerous Mary could be because, after Mary had insisted that she and Julie had a session of 69 on the sofa and Julie orgasmed, she talked her into having 69 with me and so Julie orgasmed again. Then we went to bed.

Mary insisted on having another session of 69 with Julie because she had such a wonderful tasting slit and Mary loved it. Suitably flattered and wishing to satisfy Mary’s every desire she lay back and Mary mounted her.

She lowered her face to Julie's sex and then lowered her own honeypot onto Julie’s mouth at which point I presented my erection to Mary’s slopping tunnel and slid it into her. In one move, I slowly gave my wife all ten inches. I did it slowly for two reasons.

The first reason was because it was a little crowded in that area of Mary’s body and I had to give Mary time to raise her rear end sufficiently high enough for me to get my groin against her bottom.

The second reason was that I wanted Julie to be able to watch my shaft disappearing into Mary and then watch it being withdrawn again at ever-increasing speeds, until I felt my orgasm mount. As I reached the point at which my cock would begin to squirt semen, I pulled out of Mary’s vagina and plugged her anus with my cock head so that she received the contents of my balls in a safe place.

Mary sighed and said:

“Thank you my love; that was wonderful. I was a little worried that you’d get carried away and shove that stick of yours up my arse.”

As we spoke, I was still plugged into her sphincter and so Julie had a good view of both our sex organs. She took the opportunity to take hold of my slowly deflating cock as she simultaneously caressed Mary’s clitoris. Mary jerked in surprise and my cock plopped out of her rear at which point Julie began to masturbate me.

Mary quickly stopped Julie from starting something she would be unable to stop, by advising her of what would happen if I got an erection with her lovely bottom in close proximity.

I had to admit that she was doing us both a favour because I would have been of no use to anyone in the morning and Julie’s bottom would be much more enjoyable when I was fresh.

We washed and went to bed, Julie to the bed we had just rutted in and me to Mary.

I awoke in an empty bed to the sounds of someone enjoying sexual gratification. The fact that the sounds were coming from another room, which was some distance away was an indication of the enjoyment factor. I suppressed the urge to go and view and or interfere and headed for the shower instead.

They had completed their morning greetings when I downstairs and prepared breakfast and so two pink, glowing, and freshly satiated, women came to enhance my dining experience.

We didn’t indulge in any sexual activities during the morning, we just relaxed and talked and took a stroll around the estate and the remains of the old house. In the afternoon, we paid a visit to Alice.

Introductions were made and Alice made an instant hit with Julie when she admitted that she not only knew why she was visiting us, but would keep quiet about it when next she saw her parents whom she knew well from the time she and her husband had frequented their store when he had been alive.

Mary and I learned something at this point. The man in the store was not the manager, he was the owner and Julie was his daughter. Her mother had become too ill to carry on working and so Julie had taken over. Her father was thinking of giving up the business because it was getting to be too much work for him.

Julie told us that it was the only store of its kind in the area and if the amount of trade it did was anything to go by, sex for fun was still an extremely popular pastime. She did not want her dad to sell the store, but he didn’t feel that it was a good idea for a young, attractive woman to be in a store of that nature without access to some immediate protection.

She also had the problem of telling him that as she was an adult woman, she would like to move out of her parent’s house and into a place of her own.

He hadn’t come to any decision so there was little that Julie could do except keep plugging away at him to let her run it.

I couldn’t see the point of getting into the problem right at this moment and as it was obvious that Alice and Julie were becoming firm friends I had an idea.

“Alice, would you like to show Julie your new toy? Or, if you’re feeling tired, would you like Mary and me to show her?”

“You must be joking, if anyone is going to show this young woman my toy, it will be me. I don’t trust you not to demonstrate it as well.”

“What toy is this that you don’t trust him with, Alice?”

“He built me an ‘activity centre’ to add a little spice to my life, It is a superb thing and we all enjoy using it, but I do think that even though you are here for the purpose of adult fun, neither he, nor Mary, should be allowed to be the first persons to show it to you”

“Thank you for the idea Alan, you may, of course, join us.”

With that said, she rolled off to show Julie ‘the cage’ and explain the activities that could be, and often were, carried out.

Julie turned to me and said:

“You built this?”

“Yes, I’m guilty”

“It’s not the first one you’ve built is it?”

“What makes you think that?”

“Because I now know who you are, or who you used to be. Think about the type of store my family has run for all of my life. I’ve seen the movie in which you made this exact thing. You must still have the plans you used in the film”

“I do, and I’m glad I kept them instead of giving them back to the studio. They would have destroyed them anyway once the film was finished.”

“Now I understand why you were able to fuck for so long.”

“Don’t underestimate your own part in any fucking that goes on. You make my cock stiffen and Mary can hardly keep her hands off you. Do you actually realize just how much of your time is going to be spent with your legs apart?”

“Alice, please don’t think me bad mannered but would you mind if I ask you to excuse me and could I come and visit you another time.

“Before you go and screw him, I have something important to tell Mary and Alan and I’ve been agonizing over how to do it. After what you’ve just told us, it seems to me that this is about as perfect a time as anything I could have thought of.”

“I’ve had some long telephone conversations with John and Fiona about their move down here. They are now desperate to come here for good. They can no longer cope with the girls up there in the wilds and their finances aren’t as sound as they might be.”

“You two have started down a path that must, at some point, make you want to change your lifestyle. I couldn’t have wished for two better people to do for me what you two have done. Mary has been superb as my housekeeper and although Alan hasn’t been with me for anywhere near the time I anticipated having him for, he’s been fantastic at what he has achieved.”

“So I’m afraid that I am going to have to dispense with your services. I listened to what Julie said with great interest because, if you are in agreement, I feel that you may well be the answer to Julie’s problem, in more ways than one, and at the same time solve a problem for me.”

“I will have John take over Alan’s duties. He’ll do his best, the one saving grace is that I’m getting older and don’t seem to want sex as often as I used to so he’ll cope, he will certainly do as he’s told.”

“Fiona is a good cook so she’ll take Mary’s place. June and Anne can run the household and that still leaves plenty of time for playing around.

With regard to your situation, accommodation is no problem. You can stay in the gatehouse. We don’t need it.”

“If I were you, I’d get Julie to tell her dad that he doesn’t have to worry about her being alone in the store because one or both of you will be in there with her. If the takings from the store are as good as they sound then I’m sure that it can provide a salary for you and Mary.”

“Mary. Amongst other things, you have been my housekeeper, friend and confident for over ten years. As a thank you for everything, a real wedding present and also as severance package I have an envelope for you in the safe.”

She rolled off to her room to return to give Mary the envelope with the instruction that she must not open it until midnight. Obviously Mary was excited and I was curious as to the stipulation of midnight, but Mary promised to follow the instruction.

“I have never been unemployed before, what do I do now?”

“Nothing love, you just sit back and relax for once. I have experience of unemployment so you can rely on me to do the bureaucracy stuff.

We said our thankyous and made the promise that as we were living in the gatehouse we’d always be around if needed, and then we returned to our house.

As we walked down the drive I had a thought.

“Julie. Why were you asking Alice to excuse you?”

“Because I suddenly had this urge to have sex with you, and I didn’t want the feeling to go away. I was hoping to get back to the house and ask Mary to let you fuck me.”

“Has the urge stayed with you, or have I missed out?”

“I’m sorry Alan, but you have missed out. Mary, what did you think of Alice’s idea about you and Alan working in the store?”

“I have no objection, it could be fun at times, but I bet it could also be boring.”

“Not with the staff we’d have and just think of all the equipment testing we could do so that we could advise the customers.”

I managed to prise Mary and Julie apart long enough for them to prepare dinner after which I washed up and opened a bottle of nectar to drink as we discussed all that Alice had said.

Midnight came. I had been forced to listen to Julie Oohing and UURRGing as Mary revealed another nugget of sexual knowledge for Julie’s appreciation, but as the alarm clock began its warning they appeared with the envelope.

Mary tore it open and pulled out a sheet of paper. It told that she now owned the gatehouse and that Alice’s solicitor would be in contact with her regarding the transfer of ownership.

“Julie. You said that you wanted to move out of your parent’s house and into a place of your own?”

“Yes, of course I do.”

“How about doing that in two stages? You could move from your parent’s house and come here until you had sufficient time, and money, to find the place you would love to call your own.

She liked the idea so much that the next day she insisted that we all go to see her dad and present him with the plan. Julie ran the store; we worked for her and therefor, for him. Her move from her parent’s house was a separate item and he could hardly deny her.

He didn’t argue and now Julie lives with us. After her parents died, she sold their house, but said that she did not want to leave us. Alice died and shortly after that, June and Anne moved away, but we are still in constant contact. John and Fiona hardly ever show themselves but I see a great deal of the girls.

Rating: 94%, Read 7010 times, Posted Jun 13, 2017

Fantasy | Consensual Sex, Female, Lesbian, Male


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