Halloween_(3) by RileyLove

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It was Halloween of 2006, I had come to the point where I was over Halloween. The last couple years had just been awful and I was not ready for another one where I knew it was just going to royally suck. My roommate Emily was all pumped and excited cause she loves Halloween, she loves getting dressed up anyways and Halloween always is a perfect excuse for her to dress up as slutty as she can without getting any dirty looks or rude comments.

“Riley! You are coming to Jeff’s party tonight, you need a night out! All you do is sit and mope on Halloween when you need to be out with me. You used to love Halloween, what gives woman?”

“Come on now Em,you know why I hate Halloween, the last 2 years I made any attempt to go it ended in disaster with some drunken idiot trying to hit on me, spilling their shit all over me and trying to get in my pants. I am not interested.” I told her.

“Whatever woman, you are coming tonight! I even got you a costume cause I knew you weren’t going to go out and get one” Emily said with a huge grin on her face. Emily walked out of the room and here I was thinking “Oh for fucks sake knowing her I’m probably going to be wearing a piece of cloth that won’t cover shit.” I groaned and walked out the room as Emily came bouncing back in. Her tits just bouncing away as she was holding my costume jumping up and down.

“Emily what the hell is that?” as I looked at what looked like a dress that was about 3 sizes too small. “ It’s your costume silly, you’re going to go as Queen of Hearts and I am going to go as Alice in Wonderland” It’s time you be the naughty one and with your complexion and that long black hair you’ll look sexy as hell” “Guys will be wanting to bow down to you all night long” laughed Emily as she started back to her room. I got up groaning and looking at this tiny nothing she called a costume and thought “Fuck it, why not better then staying in I guess”

A couple hours later I was ready to go all dressed up checking myself out in the mirror and was thinking “Damn not bad Em” I actually looked pretty hot. The costume was a perfect fit and made my “assets” really stand out. I’m about 5”7 36DD tiny waist and big hips and ass. The top of the dress had a corset look to it so my already huge breasts were way out there now and pushed out to the max. The bottom of the dress just barely covered my ass as it was super short. I had thought about wearing some of those fluffy boy shorts but thought fuck it I’m just going to wear my thong. I really didn’t care if guys could see my ass hanging out. It was and always has been one of my best assets anyways.

Lol. I decided to leave my hair down except for some in the front which I had tied into the crown. I have long black hair that reaches my back so keeping it down and curling it up a bit made me look much hotter then just not messing with it. I had done the heart shaped lip thing with my lips which definitely made them stand out as I have really full lips to being with. The costume had came with some thigh high socks that were black with red hearts all over them but I had worn a garter to keep them up and plus seeing the garter peaking under the skirt added to the sexiness of the costume.

Lastly I had decided to try out my new siren red 6 inch heels that I had splurged on but had not got a chance to wear yet. All in a all I would say I was a very sexy as fuck Queen of Hearts.

“Ok I’m ready, lets go and get this shit over with” I yelled as Emily walked out of the room. “Jesus Riley, hold your hor….woah well look at you!” I couldn’t help but blush as I don’t normally dress like this. As I stood there looking at Emily I couldn’t help but started feeling a bit tingly and get a little wet as she was looking fine as fuck. Emily had decided to go as Alice in Wonderland and she definitely had dressed the part of a slutty Alice. Her costume was about the same size and length as mine but hers was definitely tighter as she wasn’t as well endowed as I am so she had to make it tighter to better show off her assets.

Same as mine her top was corseted so her usual 36Cs were pushed up and out. The waist cinched so looked like she had a super tiny waist and since she’s taller then I am by about 2 inches her already long tanned legs looked like they were going for days. She had put a crinoline skirt on underneath so the bottom of her dress was more puffed out and she had decided to wear the fluffy panties I had decided against, so you could definitely see more of her ass.

Also she was wearing white thigh highs with a little blue bow on top and a pair of fuck me black heels which were also about 6 inches. Unlike me Emily has white blond hair which is reason she decided to go as Alice. Like me her hair is super long, she had decided to wear a blue ribbon in her hair to make her look more “innocent. “As I was staring at her all I could think was” god damn, my roommate is actually really hot” “No wonder guys are always over here.

“Alright you ready to go?” Emily asked as I was doing last minute checks on my costume,

“Yeah lets get this shit over with” I laughed as we left the place. As we were walking to our car guys were already cat calling asking where Wonderland was and how could they get there, lol.

We made it to Jeff’s party which was already in a full swing with more people then I can count, music was loud and alcohol, weed and other party favors were all over the place.

“Now you are not leaving my side Emily, I don’t know half these people here and they just keep staring at me.” I told Emily as she started walking away.

“Aw come on Riley, they’re just staring at what they want but can’t have, besides you’re the queen tonight and they’re your peasants lol” Em said as she pulled me to get something to drink.

As I started drinking a bit relaxing a bit more, talking to a few guys here and there I was getting to the point where I was just starting to get bored. Emily of course had ran off and was talking to some guy who looked like a “Where’s Waldo” while I was just moving around not really talking to anyone.

I couldn’t help but notice I kept starting at Emily as she kept flirting and bouncing away.

I had no idea what had came over me but I was seriously crushing hard on my roommate at this point, I don’t know if it was the alcohol or the blunt that I had partaken in. But I was start to feel really good and honestly super horny. It had been serious minute since I had hooked up with anyone..girl or guy.

Emily saw me standing at the bar by myself and came over “ Hey whats wrong? You ok? You’re starting to look bored. Why don’t you go talk to that guy over there.” She pointed to a guy who looked like one of those couples where one is the outlet and the other is a switch but I guess the outlet had left cause he was all alone.

“Eh I am so not interested nor am I drunk enough for that!” when actually I was feeling really good at this point. As I was checking everyone out I had noticed people were sorta hooking up right in front of everyone. Just making out maybe a little more but nothing major. I was starting to get more and more turned on especially since I had been staring at my roommate all night watching those tits just bounce and the way she would bend over how perfect her ass looked as it peaked out of her dress.

All of a sudden one of our favorite songs came on and Emily jumped up screaming

“Oh my god this is our song, I love this song. Come on Riley, come dance with me.”

So I let her pull me to the “dance floor” which was right in the smack middle of everyone and started dancing with her. We started dancing away like idiots, singing along with it. Both feeling really drunk and high laughing as we were dancing. I put my hand around her waist and pulled her to me started grinding up against her as she was me. At this point I was beyond wet, I was SOAKED. We both started making out while dancing as we started to get a group of people circling around watching us as you could see the Queen of Hearts and Alice making out feeling each other up.

Emily started squeezing my breasts as I was feeling her ass, hands just running all over each other. When all of a sudden she pulled my double Ds out of the top of my costume and started sucking on them. Oh my god it felt so amazing as I was so wet you could probably see all my juices running down my thigh highs. I slipped my hand up her costume and into her panties where I could feel she was as wet as I was. I could not believe I was making out and finger fucking my best friend/roommate right in front of everyone.

At this point though I didn’t care, I was just reeling in on how good her wet pussy felt to me as she kept sucking and biting on my nipples. At this point we were the center of the party as guys were yelling at us to fuck each other right then and there. Emily stopped and looked at me as if asking if I was ok with this to which I replied by pushing her on the floor and pushing her dress up.

I ripped off her panties and shoved my tongue deep into her soaking wet pussy tasting her juices as they ran all over my mouth and my tongue. Emily grabbed my hair and cried out as she came right into my mouth.

“Fuck Riley, oh my god don’t fucking stop” she cried out as I kept munching on her pussy like there was no tomorrow. I kept running my tongue up and down her slit, slowly then going faster and faster then would slow down again. Emily had both her hands in my hair pushing her snatch into my face as I just kept sucking and licking up her sweet pussy juices.

I bit down on her clit which caused her to cry out again as she squirted all over my face again. I had 3 fingers in her pussy at this point, banging away as I kept sucking and biting on her sweet clit.

I was so wet and throbbing from tasting her that I felt like I was going to cum just from tasting her.

Emily pushed me off her then pushed me down so she could return the favor. She climbed on top of me and kissed me making sure she could taste her own juices on my mouth and tongue.

“Fuck Riley, we’ve been roommates for 2 years and never have done this. What were we thinking?” Emily said as she kept kissing me. “I don’t fucking know?" I told her "You always have guys over, I never thought you were into girls” I said as she slid her hand up my leg and ripped my thong off.

“Well it’s time we start” Emily said as she plunged her fingers into my pussy making me scream out. “Oh fuck you Emily, I’m fucking cumming” as I started shaking and bucking like crazy from the intense orgasms that were shooting through me.

“That’s right bitch, cum for me. I want you to cover my hand in your pussy juices so I can taste them” as she was biting and sucking on my tits while slamming her fingers in me over and over.

The crowd around us was going crazy yelling at Emily “Yeah eat her pussy, make her cum again” “ I want to see you guys fuck” I heard someone else say as she kept fingering my pussy over and over making my juices just squirt all over her hand. “Oh my god Em, don’t fucking stop” I told her “ let me taste your pussy again”

“You want this pussy huh? Alright I’ll give you this pussy” Emily said as she straddled over me so we were in a 69 position.

So imagine you’ve have the Queen of Hearts and Alice from Alice in Wonderland on the floor in front of about 30 people just eating away at each other. This was fucking insane. Not only was I fucking my roommate but I was fucking her in a room full of people I didn't even know, but at this point I didn't care I just wanted to continue like there was no tomorrow.

”Oh fuck you Emily, don’t stop” I cried out as Emily started sucking on my clit while still fingering my pussy.

God her mouth felt so damn good on my pussy I couldn’t help myself and squirted all over her face. I had grabbed her legs in a death grip sucking and biting on her clit while lapping up the juices as they kept coming wanting more and more. .

“Hey you guys want to see them actually fuck?” someone said in the background as everyone else scream out “Fuck yeah” “I got a toy for my ex-girlfriend and we broke up before we could break it in” he said as he went to get whatever the fuck it was.

I was still sucking on Emily’s clit when this random guy walked back up and leaned down to us with a big grin on his face.

“Hey girls, you want to try out some dick” he said as he held up what looked like a double sided dildo that was about 12 inches long and thick as fuck. “

Emily looked up at the toy then sorta looked back at me and grinned and mouthed “wanna try”.

I just nodded my head. I didn’t care at this point I was so up amped up and horny I just knew I wanted to continue fucking her.

“Ok so the way it works is” “I know how it works Jeff” said Emily as she grabbed it out of his hand and smiled over at me.

“So Riley, really wanna fuck each other?” Emily said with a pussy soaked grin on her face.

I got up on my knees and turned around with my ass up in the air away from her.

“Lol, I’ll take that as a yes” Emily said as started to slide it in me.

“Fucking Christ Em, go easy that thing is huge” but god it felt so good I just wanted her to take that cock and start ramming it in instead of going slow like she was. Emily started fucking me going faster with each stroke and harder each time making me cry out as I kept pushing my ass up against it.

I must have been a sight to see, my tits were bouncing and swaying all over the place as I was getting rammed by Alice herself.

“Oh god damn, don’t fucking stop I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum” I yelled as I squirted what must have been a gallon of cum all over her and whoever else was near by.

“Ok now the fun is going to really begin” said Emily as she inserted about half of the fake cock inside my pussy.

“Now hold it in you Riley, don’t let it out.” as she turned around where her ass was facing mine now. I looked behind me to see her take the other end and put it in her pussy just like she had done to me.

“Em, what are you doing?” I asked her as I was confused and had never fucked a girl this way before. “Just follow my lead and do what I do” Em said as she slid the other half inside her pushing her ass closer to mine to where our asses were now touching.

“Ok now I want you to go back and forth, just like you would if you were getting fucked doggy style by a guy” Emily told me as she started going back and forth bouncing her ass up against mine.

“Oh fuck, that feels so good” I said as each time her ass would hit mine I could feel the cock go a little deeper. I started pulling forward and backing my ass up into hers till we were in sync going back and forth on each getting fucked by the same cock at the same time.

I looked up and could see everyone’s eyes on us. Girls were rubbing and playing with themselves grabbing and pinching their tits while the guys had their cocks out jerking off watching us fuck each other.

“Fuck, oh my god this feel so fucking good Riley, don’t stop I’m going to cum again!” yelled Emily as I felt her shaking and cumming while fucking me at the same time.

I kept pushing my ass into her harder and faster as she was doing the same to me when my whole body tensed up like it had never done before and this earth shattering orgasm exploded inside of me. “Oh my god, oh fuck oh god damn I’m cumming, I’m cumming” I screamed as Emily gave one last shove then backed off.

I laid there shaking all over still feeling the aftermath of the best orgasm of my life as Emily had taken the cock out of my pussy and was sitting there with a shit eating grin.

“So you still hate Halloween?” she asked as I just laid there and looked up at her and everyone else.

“Lol no, I think I can say that Halloween is again my favorite holiday of the year” I laughed.

Rating: 82%, Read 7416 times, Posted Jul 03, 2019

Diary | Cum Swallowing, Exhibitionism, Female, Girl, Lesbian, Oral Sex, Toys, Voyeurism


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