best birthday ever!!! by kansasfarmgirl

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True Story | BDSM, Consensual Sex, Female, Interracial, Male, Oral Sex, Romance

I was hanging out with my best friend Brandon. When he said "I know you love brown eyed men. We got a this new guy at work a couple of weeks ago and he seams to be your kind of man. Would you be willing to go out with him"

"I'm willing to give it a try"

"Good he'll be here in just a few mins"

"You lil shit, could of warned me right after I got here I look like shit"

Brandon laughs "remember I have half your crap here, hurry up and go pretty yourself up"

As I was curling my long strawberry blonde and pinning my curls so I don't mess them up, I noticed my hands were all sweaty. Thinking to myself why in the hell you so nervous you got this. After my strapless 38DD bra on, I looking thru my closest in Brandon's spare bedroom, aka my room, I found my strapless knee length lavender dress. My medium frame steps into it. As I'm taking down the pinned curls, I slip on my white 3" heel I had to do something I'll only 5'1".

I came down the hallway and there stood I swear the man who stepped out of my dreams. He stood 6'2" black hair, muscular body and those brown bedroom eyes. I thought I was going to faint. Love at first site for sure

Brandon introduced Javier and I. We decided to go ahead and go out that night. I found out that night, he was Porto Rican. Although he was born in the U.S. he still had family in Porto Rico. He said I would like to take my future wife to meet them. We started officially dating. 6 months into our relationship, I had passed out drunk after my birthday party at Brandon's. Which my birthday wasn't for another week. I woke up and over heard Brandon and Javier talking about my birthday.

Brandon "Hey you know the one thing she wants more than anything is to be a mother and only you my friend can give that to her and if I've calculated it right there's a pretty good chance on her birthday if you know what I mean"

"Really I've seen her with kids she's amazing"

"She really is"

"Can you get this for me you know Lizzie's size"

"Sure man so what are you doing for her actual birthday"

"You gave me the idea do you really want to know details? and oh here's the money for it" with chuckle his voice

"No I'm good man, ok"

The next day, I was sitting with Javier and he asked me to come over to his house around 8pm or so and we could celebrate my birthday just me and him. Over the next few days I so nervous, I had a feeling what was going to happen. Which even tho we had been dating for 6 months we had never made love with each other

On my birthday. I arrived at Javier's right at 8. I walked in he greeted me with a long passionate kiss took my purse and set it on the bench. He asked if I had ate.

"Yes, what are we going tonight"

"You'll see I got something for you"

He hands me a gift bag and says "I hope it fits and you like it "

In the bag was a beautiful white lace dress, I went to try it on and perfect fit. I walked in to show him, he picks me up by wrapping his arms around my ass.

"Lizzie baby you look beautiful" as he walks over to his big chair.

As I was shaking "Javi, are you going to make love to me tonight if you didn't have that planned can we?"

"Lizzie, my beautiful girl, face me with your entire body"

I turned towards him with my chest to his. "You didnt answer my question"

He picks be up again kisses my neck all the way as he walks to his bedroom. He looks straight in my eyes.

"Baby I thought you'd never ask and yes I had planned it if only you wanted to."

"Javi Baby I want to"

Javier lays me down on his king bed and curls up with me. With a soft stroke of my hair he grabs my head and passionately starts to kiss me. His hand leaves my head goes to my waste, which is bringing my body closer to him. Javier, unzips my dress, kisses the newly undressed shoulder. As he slowly takes off my dress, he kisses every inch of my skin. He reaches my lips once again and lays me on my back. He puts his hands behind my back to unclip my bra. I am shaking as I take Javier's shirt off

"Beautiful, are you ok?"

"Yes, baby you make me like this and it a good thing"

He smiles, stands up and takes off his pants. I sit up and help him with his underwear. I go to grab his dick so I can suck on it.Javier says "Baby this is your day we can spoil me later"

Javier lays me back puts my feet on his shoulders to take my panties off. He starts kissing on my inter thighs going from side to side works he way to my outer lips of my pussy. He takes his fingers and tongue to open my pussy. He licks and sucks in all folds of my pussy. Javier brings me to cum all over his face. After i come down from cloud 9 he brushes his tongue in circles, he scoots me up and places my hands above my head.

Javier takes from his night stand a rope ties one end to my right wrist wraps it around the head board and ties the other end to my left wrist. Javier sits up with his dick at the opening starts rubbing his thumb in circles on my clit. This goes on for 10 mins or so

I go from I'm breathing heavy to practically begging at this point "Javier baby please fuck me"

"Fuck me now"

That's all he needed, places his hands on my waste he rams his thick dick all the way. I scream "Javi" Then he pauses and let's my tight pussy adjust to his thick dick. As our tongues were dancing, Javier placed his thumb back on my clit and started in a circular motion also he started thrusting in me with a slow steady pace. This went on for about a hour.

Once my breathing got heavier and I felt a orgasm starting. Javier started to feel it too with my pussy tighting around him because he stopped everything

"Baby please don't stop make me cum again"

Javier untied my wrists and wrapped my arms around him then he grabbed the head board. He was thrusting as faster and harder then before. Both of our breaths started heavier. Our orgasms approching fast.

Im screaming "I'm about to cum baby faster harder please"

He whispers in my ear "can we try for a baby if not I'll pulled out?"

"Yes Javi I want your baby"

With that Javier let go of the head board grabbed my feet, put them on his shoulders and grabbed the head board again in what seamed like one motion. He some how got faster and harder. We both climaxed together.

After a little while "Baby why are you keeping my feet on your shoulders"

Javier "It keep my sperm in there longer. I was serious when I ask if you want to have my child.

"Oh Javi you've made me the happiest woman in the world"

We laid there and fell asleep in each other arms. The next day I moved in with Javier. Every morning for the next 1.5 when he woke up he kissed my belly and told me "I hope you have a baby in there"

Sure enough I did and she'll be 4 next month. I've never experience such passion in my life before that first night with the love from Javier.

Rating: 66%, Read 8521 times, Posted Jul 28, 2015

True Story | BDSM, Consensual Sex, Female, Interracial, Male, Oral Sex, Romance


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