Best Birthday Ever! by Captain+Boner

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Diary | Blowjob, Cheating, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, Female, First Time, Lesbian, Male, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Teen Female, Threesome, Virginity

My name is Jill i now attend an all girls school i wasn't always at a all girls school i was a normal private

school girl in classes with boys and girls but i was caught kissing a boy around my science block and my

parents being all no sex before marriage praise the lord mumbo jumbo moved me to an all girls school

to stop me from snogging boys it was only 1 kiss and my first kiss i know 16 is the legal age of consent

but i doubt there is a legal age for kissing especially when i was 15 at the time.

Ive been at my new school for almost a year now and my birthday is coming up , my friend Summer wanted

to make it special for me but with my parents being so strict the most i could get out of my birthday is

a new pair of socks but this year was gonna be different Summer had a little get together

organised for me at a hotel room Summer lives with her Older brother and he booked a large hotel room for

Summer in his own name cause Summer was only 16 , the plan was to tell Jill's parents that there is an overnight

school excursion to the citadel of Mary in the next town over that starts after the school day finishes.

To Jill's surprise the plan worked and Jill's parents even gave Jill 100 dollars to cover the cost of the trip.

Straight after school ended the 2 friends went down town and had a shopping spree and Piper got her brother to buy

alcohol on their behalf for tonight.

The 2 girls arrived at their hotel room Jill was still a bit nervous as she has never done something like this

before she hasn't even had alcohol before unlike Summer who has drink drank drunk everything with that fancy

A word in it Summer bought a few dozen bottles of cheap red wine for us to get shitfaced of for the whole night

Summer warned her friend saying girls tend to get a little horny after a glass or 2 of this so be careful i wasn't

to fussed as ive never really gotten intimate enough with anyone after a few glasses in i got a mad buzz and a

bit of a blurry vision is this what being drunk was like this is so cool.

Later on in the night Summer's Boyfriend and his friend Jason turned up the night was going very

chill they sat they talked they laughed they drank . Summer turned to Jill stumbling a bit struggling

to hold her wine and suggested they have a little girl talk.

Summer sat me down with her arm around me trying to keep her head levelled with her shoulders asked me how much i knew about

sex keeping in mind Summer was a total sex addict so i knew less than what she did i just shrugged my shoulders and said nothing

the furtherest ive been is just a quick peck on the lips, Summer then went straight out and asked me if i wanna see her have sex

with her boyfriend i was shocked at the same time curious at the question as ive never really thought about sex but i was buzzed

i was having a good time so i thought why not? so i followed Summer and her boyfriend to a separate bedroom.

I sat on a nearby sofa while Piper and her boyfriend began to make out and rip of each others clothes Jill became instantly

focused on the 2 teens tongues dancing around each others mouths and how experienced they were , the first thing that

redirected Jill's senses was Summer's tits popping out and being malled by her boyfriend i could notice his cock sticking out

of his undies like a tent Summer noticed me looking and made eye contact with me as she freed his cock from his pants and

taking it into her mouth Jill was mind blown at the size of his cock and Summer just taking it down her throat, Piper continued

to go as deep as possible Summer went up and down her boyfriend's cock getting it nice and wet Summer beckoned to Jill to

come around and see from a different angle Summer then went over his cock rubbing the head of his cock between the folds of

her pussy lips and then sat down taking the cock inside her inch by inch like a pro Jill began to feel a slight tingle and wetness

between her legs watching the 2 teens merge , i saw the expression of pleasure on Summers face seeing her bounce up and

down on her boyfriends cock i dont know why but i just had a sudden urge to reach under my skirt and started rubbing my

pussy i cant believe how dripping wet i was getting watching Summer getting fucked in different positions i drew a lot of my

focus to her pussy nice and shaved i wouldn't say her slit was tight looking its defiantly seen some action looks more like a

ham sandwich with all the ham and lettuce sticking put compared to mine that looked like a hairy fortune cookie but dosent

go to say her pussy does look yummy, Summer again looked into my eyes as her boyfriend pumped hard and fast into her

Soaking wet pussy watching his balls flap against her ass.

After minutes of watching my best friend fucking her boyfriend her boyfriend grabbed her hips and slammed her down

deep on his cock and began to let out a little growl , Summer had a look of relief go across her face and rose up and saw

her pussy was filled with cum it started to dribble down her leg she caught the stream of cum with her finger and licked

up all the cum from her finger she then came over to me asking if i liked what i saw obviously judging by the wetness of

my pussy i definitely did but me being so shy all i couldn't say much just stare Summer looked at me and randomly swiped

my pantie covered pussy under my skirt on brought her hand to her mouth she giggled and said to me im wet im still stunned

by her doing what she did along with her just being creampied right in front of me i snapped back to reality when Summer was

waving her hands in front me i was so out of it i dont know if its me being drunk or being extremely horny perhaps both Piper led

me to her bed and asked me if i wanted to experience the pleasure of sex , again i was stunned but this time confidence overtook

me and i nodded Summer lent over to her boyfriend muttered something to him then he walked out the room this time his friend

Jason came in by himself and sat next to us Summer was rubbing his inner thigh and grasping the bulge in his pants and asked me

if i thought Jason was hot i again nodded she reached into his undies and pulled out his 6 inch cock slightly smaller and thinner than

her boyfriends i kept looking around waiting for her boyfriend to come in and catch her out she looked at me telling me not to worry

explaining she has threesomes with Jason and her boyfriend all the time even hook up together on their own, again here i am even

more stunned to the MAX , Summer placed my hand on his cock moving it in an up and down motion oh my god im touching a real

dick so many thoughts blew around my mind , Summer began to caress my boobs and pulling my top half clothes of then firmly grabbing

my bare boobs my boobs she took my nipples into her mouth this really added to the dampness to my pussy my panties were

definitely soaked Summer noticed Jason was enjoying my hand going up and down his shaft his cock was squirming this caught

Summers attention she guided me over to my knees and beckoned Jason to stand up so that his weist was in line with my mouth

i looked at his cock staring at me i knew i was gonna have to put his penis in my mouth i had my lips not far from the head of his

cock i literally had no idea how to start this Summer took hold of Jason's cock and guided it to my lips and signalled me to close

my eyes and open my mouth i could feel something warm and smooth enter my mouth as it drew to the back of my throat

i locked my lips around his shaft finally! i thought , i finally have dick in my mouth my confidence skyrocketed before i knew it i

was bobbing my head up and down on his dick like a pro , out the corner of

my eye i could see Summer fingering her cum filled pussy in the corner of the room the image of her best friend sucking dick must

really be making her horny.

All of this pleasure must of been a big distraction before i knew it i could hear a grown then feel a warm liquid fill my mouth and

make its way down my throat Jason was cumming in my mouth i thought to myself , i kept swallowing as fast as i could a few

drops managed to erupt from the corners from my mouth and run down my chin.

Summer withdrew her messy finger from her pussy and looked at both me and Jason in surprise and disappointment "you came already?"

she narked , i thought to myself isint that the goal to make the guy cum , Summer was talking down to Jason to save last long enough to

fuck me then i thought im still wet and really fucking horny i really wanted a fuck badly Summer went in after her boyfriend telling him to

come in looks like Jason is being replaced.

Summer's boyfriend walked in still naked from before after having a chat with Summer he took me into his arms running kisses down my

neck while caressing my body making his way into my panties to meet my drenchy pussy his finger went straight for my hole circling

his fingers around inside me if you really listen closely you could hear the puddles of my juices splashing against his fingers Summer

came up behind me gripping my ass and pushing my pants and panties down to my ankles then moving up to my neck giving it a light

sensual kiss "dont worry we will look after you" she whispered in my ear Summer took me by the hand and led me to the bed and laid me

on my back with my legs spread she looked me up and down and went closer to my exposed pussy i could feel her probing my pussy

with her fingers i could hear her giving me compliments left right and centre about how good my pussy looked she then followed by

swiping her tongue up and down my clit Summer then lunged his cock deep inside Summer without warning fucking her hard forcing her

to push her head deeper into my pussy causing me to moan loudly , so many thoughts flew around my mind 'im having a threesome''

"i just drank cum" "my best friend is licking me out" this was so far the best night of my life.

Summer's licking turned into biting against my clit as she began to tense up and cum all over her boyfriends cock and causing me to

have my first ever orgasm all over my best friends face and tongue she tried her best to lick of all my cum from her face and my pussy.

After an orgasm and a quick breather later Summer;s boyfriend was complaining he wants to cum Summer looked at me asking if i am

ready i looked at them both and nodded as i tilt my head back waiting for more dick , he positioned himself in between my legs his

dick was well lubricated from Summer's cum this caused the head of his cock to slide inside me quite easy going further was the

painful part with each inch that parted my virgin pussy caused me to arch back in pain until he fully pushed past my cherry and

my pussy engulfed most of his cock inside me he did int stop for me to mourn my pain he continued to thrust hard into my pussy

my pain soon turned into pleasure my hips met every thrust that he threw into me My pussy was building up another orgasm at

every pace of his cock my pussy became more tense until we both climaxed simultaneously my pussy sprayed his cock with my

squirt at the same time his cum was dumping inside me he eased out of me slightly just so Summer could see her boyfriends

cum dripping out of me.

Summer's boyfriend passed out along side Jason in the next room leaving me and Summer alone in the room naked and dripping

with cum.

Summer came up and cuddled alongside my naked body just muttering one word in my ear "Happy birthday" then continued to

cuddle me i was still curious as to why she licked me out earlier i had no idea she was into girls i just had to ask her what it was

like witch i did "what do you mean whats it like" she questioned i asked her questions like what did i taste like? has she licked other

girls out before? "well duh ive had sex with more girls than guys i think might be even im not sure" Summer replied but to my other

question Summer walked her fingers down along my inner thigh and explored a part of my pussy that wasn't blasted with cum then

brought it up to my lips i moved my mouth open to taste myself apart from the obvious taste of cum i could taste my own pussy and

all i could say to her was that it makes me feel naughty and excited Summer then went straight otu and asked me if i wanna know

what its like to have sex with a girl i told her i wouldn't know where to start "kiss me" she interrupted i looked into her eyes and moved

my face towards hers our lips met for a light kiss followed by more passionate kisses i could feel Summer's tongue in my mouth just

like what she did with her boyfriend she moved me on top of her and positioned ourselves so that our cum filled pussies were grinding

against each other our kissing got more aggressive there was biting scratching and lots of movement "sit on my face" Summer growled at

me i moved my waist higher until i was clamped by her arms and my pussy mashed onto her mouth i could feel her tongue wriggling

inside me i did int know what was a better feeling her boyfriends dick or her tongue inside me it was making me gasp for breath , by

now i think all the cum that was inside me was now down her throat i warned her i think that i might be a squirter as my orgasm started

to approach she just kept stabbing me with her tongue and next minute another orgasm came over me and i could feel myself squirt

down Summer's throat i could hear her swallow as i cum.

After what seemed like a long orgasm Summer became so aggressively horny she took control and pushed me on to my furiously rubbing

her clit asking me if im ready to eat lick her out now i was in so much ecstasy i couldn't wait i moved my head between her legs and

slid a finger in her fuck hole while lapping my tongue at the wettest part of her pussy following this i swapped positions shoving my

tongue deep inside her while rubbing her clit Summer moaned "yes right there keep going" she looked like she was about to burst

from the circular motions of my tongue and finger i continued going at a fast pace , her pussy became more wetter by my touch a

river of her cum made its way along my tongue down my throat as she orgasmed into my face her cum tasted much more sweeter

than her boyfriends cum i think i like the taste of hers better.

Summer and Jill returned to their position of cuddling up to each other covered in cum and smelling of wine and sex and met for one

final kiss before falling asleep in each others arms

Rating: 61%, Read 16625 times, Posted Mar 26, 2019

Diary | Blowjob, Cheating, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, Female, First Time, Lesbian, Male, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Teen Female, Threesome, Virginity


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