Awakening Bi Domination by Kay

Rating: 69%, Read 24253 times, Posted May 31, 2005

Fantasy | Bi-sexual, Domination, Female

I have made some great girlfriends but never really think of them as sexual partners till one day that all changed. Gwen and I had decided to meet at her house and head out to do some shopping. I had worn my casual dress with sandals. Gwen on the other hand was having trouble deciding what to wear.

I think back that normally she would have been ready when I got there but this time she is running around in a t-shirt and nothing under it. I noticed her pert little tits showing through and when she would bend over I could see her ass. I followed her to the bedroom and laid on the bed watching her go through the closet to find something to wear.

“Hey, I have this dress that might fit you. Do you like it?”

“Cute, let me try it on. I might need a strapless with it but I will try it on without the bra,” I say as my dress goes over my head and then my bra is undone and thrown to the side.

I try stepping into the dress and almost trip over myself. Here let me help you Gwen says. She is tying it in the back and I am trying to adjust my large bust into the dress. “Turn around and let me see,” Gwen says.

As I turn Gwen just reaches in and pulls up my tits and adjusts them. I feel a bit funny but also at the same time I don’t think anything of it. They are a handful and if she can make it work without me having to wear a bra then I am all for it.

Gwen spends me around to see my reflection in the mirror. I turn this way and then that. I don’t know I say. “Can I get away without the bra?”

Gwen standing behind me tells me sure and then puts her hands into the side of the dress and lifts my tits and rubs nonchalantly across the tits, that sends a shiver through me that both of us feel. “Hey you like?” she ask.

I laugh rather sheepishly and say, “guess I do and did not know it.”

Gwen laughs and says then lets try something today. Without thinking I say sure, what?

The dress is suddenly undone and my tits are there for all to see. Gwen comes around and tells me to obey her command and she will show me something I will enjoy immensely.

I nervously laugh but agree to obey her. She smiles the most wicked smile I think I have ever seen on her before. She goes to a drawer and produces several scarves. I am getting a bit nervous but have known Gwen a long time and trust her. She tells me it will be easier for me to be blindfolded. I start to protest and she tells me if I protest I will be punished. I giggle again thinking what?

She blindfolds me and then I feel my hands being bound in front of me. She peels the dress on over my hips taking my panties with it.

“Hey, what is going on. Gwen you need to tell me what is happening I am a little confused here.”

“You will be my sex slave and you will obey me or pay the price. Is that understood?”

“Yeah right!”

“Wrong answer.” I am thrown on the bed and my hands are pulled above my head and latched some way to the bed. I can’t move and lay face down on the bed.

“This is far enough Gwen. I don’t like this, let me up.”

Suddenly I feel a hand hit my ass. I kick and struggle. “Cut it out Gwen.”

“I am your mistress and you will address me as Miss Gwen from now own.”

A couple more well placed hits find their mark on my ass and I suddenly go with the submission.

“Spread your legs for me.” I comply without a second thought. I am feeling as though this is where I should be. She knows I am sexually submissive to a man but I never knew I could submit to a lady too.

I spread my legs and feel exposed and vulnerable. She slaps my lips and I feel a quiver run through my lower torso. She does it again seeing the reaction the first time. I find I am raising a bit and presenting my ass to her. She takes advantage of it and slaps the cheeks and then slaps the clit. I am so wet I can feel the wetness between my legs now.

She strokes my clit with her hand and I about convulse on the bed. She inserts a finger into my wet pussy. I feel it and want it in and out it moves then another finger enters me and the tightness is more friction and more wetness between my legs. She finally makes me cum and I try to put my legs together but she refused to let me.

Roll over she tells me. I am facing the ceiling now and still tied in some way to the bed. I feel her licking me and moving up to my tits, sucking and fondling them. I again am turned on. She reaches between my legs and strokes my clit again till I cum while she is nibbling on my tits.

She moves up to my face and lets me eat my cum off of her fingers.

“You will eat your mistress and suck me dry. I am so turned on I would do anything so when her clit presents itself above my face I begin to lick it and nibble it and suck on it. I try to use my tongue in her slit to give it a feeling of fullness. I go back to the clit and then back to her wetness. She is fondling my breast again as I feel her body begin to buck. I feel the wetness and suck at it as it slips between her lips and I insert my tongue into her to lap it up. The taste is salty but pleasant and I am turned on by doing this. When she is satisfied she reaches up and undoes my hands from the scarves and we roll together on the bed. I am throbbing below as she it. We hang on to each other for a minute. The blindfold is taken off.

Gwen is looking down at me. “You will be my sex slave, won’t you?”

“Yes, Miss Gwen.”

“Good answer and we will get more kinky along the way but I wanted to test the waters today. I was horny and thought you might be too. I think I was right you will be a good little sex slave.”

I giggled and told her she knew me too well. I am always wanting a controlling master over me in sex so now I have a controlling mistress.

She slapped my tits with her opened hand and told me to get dressed we have some shopping to do and when we get back I will have my way with you again if I feel like it.

Rating: 69%, Read 24253 times, Posted May 31, 2005

Fantasy | Bi-sexual, Domination, Female


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