mom and dad split up by Kevinpainkiller

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I got home after serving my time in the service to find my parents fighting all the time. With in a month of being home dad moved out finding an apartment near by. Mom was upset and started drinking more than usual getting drunk most nights and passing out on the couch. Many nights I would come home from work to find her passed out on the couch wearing a see thru teddy and an empty bottle of wine on the coffee table.

As a kid it was not unusual for me to see one or both of my parents naked. But now that I was grown it seemed different looking at my mom almost naked. Both her and my dad were in their early 40s and kept themselves in good shape. Mom was 44/32/38 with large dark nipples and black hair. Dad was hung 8in soft and uncut and very dominant.

Anyway they had been separated for about 3 months when dad stopped by the house and invited mom out to eat she readily agreed. So she spent the day getting ready had her hair done picking just the right outfit a sleek dress but she couldn't wear any underwear under it because it was skin tight and would show under it.

Dad picked her up and they left about 11:30 they came home mom was tipsy and dad helped her into the house. As they sat on the couch mom kept going on and on about how she really had a good time and wanted to do it again. Dad just smiled and I excused myself and went to bed mom went to change and dad kicked back on the couch.

I left my door open as I often did and saw mom walk by in a new nighty that had the nipples cut out and no panties on. She went back to the living room and I could hear them she kept saying please we need to go to the bedroom and dad said no that he was happy right were he was.

It got quiet and I thought dad had left so I got up to get some water in the kitchen and stopped dead in my tracks there was my mom on her knees sucking his dick as he leaned back on the couch his eyes closed and mom bobbing her head up and down taking his cock all the way down her throat she looked at me our eyes meeting and she just moaned never breaking eye contact nwith me suddenly dad starts cumming and she swallows it all.

I moved back to my room and went back to bed but had a hard time getting to sleep. Thinking about my mom sucking cock and wishing it was mine. I finally got to sleep. The next morning I nd woke to breakfast being made by mom I walk into the kitchen and she is cooking and dressed in a short robe but what blows me away is when she bends over to get something out of the fridge I can see she is naked under the robe.

I ask her if she had a good time last night and she says it was great as if I didn't know then she says we need to talk. As I'm eating she sets down across from me and says that the reason she and dad split up is that she wasn't adventurous enough in bed so she decided to try getting a little more kinky and maybe they can get back together.

Now she has peaked my interest and I ask what she plans on doing she giggles and says that she is going to flash people because that is what dad wants her to do as it turns him on I ask her if he wants her to have sex with other men. She gets a faraway look and says she's not sure but it could be. Then she asks me if I liked watching her suck cock.

I shift in my chair trying to hide my hardon from her and she sees my cock and says are all guys horny watching women give head I say yes but they like having their cocks sucked even more. She smiles and let's her robe fall open showing she is naked underneath then she moves over to where I'm sitting and grabs my cock and starts stroking me saying that she needs to practice sucking a man's cock.

I ask her if this is what she wants and she swallows it to the balls and starts bobbing up and down I can't believe my mom is sucking my dick. She is moaning loudly and suddenly she stops sucking me and says she needs fucked and turns around showing her pussy to me begging me to fuck her as dad couldn't get it up after his blowjob so she went to bed frustrated .

As I fuck her she starts cumming and tells me to put a finger in her ass so I do and she moans and asks me to fuck her in the ass I can't believe my mom is asking me to fuck her ass. I pull out of her cunt and push my cock into her ass.

Later that day I take a shower and as I'm drying off the bathroom door opens and mom steps in and sets down to pee she asks me if I'll come out to the living room so I do and she has me sit on the couch and she gets on her knees and leans into my crotch and starts stroking my cock and asks me if I would like to see her fucked I moan and say yes it would be hot. Then she licks my dick and says that is a fantasy of dad's.

She just doesn't know if she can let him watch her getting fucked worried he might get jealous. I tell her to invite him to join in. Then I put my hands on her head and push my cock into her mouth as she is sucking my cock our dog sneaks up behind her and starts licking her pussy at first she tries to pull away from me but I hold her head and she starts moving her ass around trying to stop the assault on her pussy suddenly she moans and starts cumming almost passing out from her orgasmn.

Rating: 83%, Read 3873 times, Posted Feb 24, 2021

True Story |


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