Now here's the plan... by Im_The_Odd_One

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Fiction | Anal, Ass to mouth, Bi-sexual, Gay, Rape, School, Teen

My life for the most part of it has been controlled. My parents were not the type to just sit back and watch while I played. No, they put a whole army between the swing set and me. My parents died when I was young. They weren’t very nice people, did some awful thing, and in the interim got into debt. To the wrong people. I hide in the closet while the said wrong people beat and killed my parents. I hid there for two days before I came out. I was put into the system and was adopted by the time I reached my 15th year.

When I started my first year of high school, it seemed as if my luck was somewhat changing. This homely person named Fiona, who had two other kids of her own, adopted me. A daughter who was about my age named Sarah and a son who was a year older than I was named Nate. Both were popular in school and I was able to ‘get in’ with the right crowds. Nate was a Jock and Sarah was the captain of the cheerleading team. I made the volleyball team, co- captain of the basketball team, and made it into FBLA or Future Business Leaders of America.

Sarah treated me like I guess a sister would. We went shopping, we watched movies together while we did facials, we gossiped. On occasion, we would even dress the same. Nate on the other hand acted as if I didn’t exist. He ignored me completely. Every time I would walk into a room his in he would turn the other way and walk out. Or at dinner every night, he didn’t look at me, didn’t even talk to me. It was as if I never came into his life.

Life on the daily front went on as usual. Waking up, showering, eating breakfast, Nate running out and leaving me and since Sarah has cheerleading practice before school and is gone by the time I wake up, I have to walk by my self to school. In school I guess I was just an average girl. I mean like there is nothing special about me. I have an average face. Storm gray eyes. My bottom lip slightly more cushioned then my top lip. Black hair that reaches the top of my ass. Which, by the way, I, personally say I do not have but everyone disagrees, saying I have an amazing as. I’m fair skinned. My breasts are a 38C and I don’t have a flat stomach but I don’t have pudge either. Its more like baby fat. I call myself chubby, but you can call me what ever you want, I don’t care.

Later on during the school year, at the end of spring break, the boys baseball team had practice so Sarah and I decided to go and watch and of course to motivate them into actually practicing. When practice ended, Sarah and I waited outside of the boys locker room for Nate. Like a herd, the boys started to exit the locker room. We looked for Nate in the crowd but didn’t find him. Two boys looked our way and stepped forward asking if we needed anything.

“Do you know where Nate is?” Sarah said. When nothing was said Sarah continued. “We watched you guys practice. You’re good.” She smiled hesitantly. The boys shared a look then glance back at the locker room the back at us.

“Well, he’s in there. Since all of us are out here, I guess you girls can go in.” He smiled a devilish smile while gesturing back toward the door. “No one will bother you.”

“Thanks, Bo.” Sarah says. She opens the door and waits for me to walk in first. I head on in and I’m immediately hit with the humidity from the showers and the smell of sweat.

“How weird was that Sarah? They acted so we---” A hand clamped over my mouth. I tried to throw my head back to hit whoever was behind me. When that didn’t work, I started to kick. My heal made contact with something and the person behind me cursed.

“Shit, man. Grab her legs!”

I started to kick harder but a punch to the gut knocked the wind out of me causing me to pause. The other person grabbed my legs and together they carried me to one the benches occupying the locker room. The person holding my mouth leg go and I screamed. I screamed hard and loud, hoping that someone on the outside would hear me. Something, most likely a rag, was shoved in my mouth causing me to gag.

I turn my head to the side looking towards the door, when I see someone laying on the floor. I squint my eyes trying to get a better look. I can’t see her face but I know its Sarah. Her body laying in the shadows and the bracelet she always wore the only thing visible in the light. I cry harder knowing I can’t possibly win.

After they finally managed to tie my hands and feet to the bench, they step into the light. I’m shocked to see the Coach is one of the two men that were holding me. He’s not an attractive man at all. Standing at only 5’ 5” tall, with a potbelly looking like a spare tire. Head shaved and a beard, salt and pepper colored. Angry brown eyes gazing at my body. What I’m not surprised to see is Bo. Being the infamous playboy of the school, he thinks he can get anyone into his bed. And the ones he can’t? He forces them, and they can’t tell anyone because who’s going to believe them? He on the other hand can be a candidate for the cover of GQ. Short blond hair in a military cut. Sky blue eyes, eyes that look as bottomless as his heart. Standing at 6’ 2”, he towers over Coach and dwarfs me who stands at 5 feet even. His lips look bee stung like that actress Angelina Jolie, only a little wider. Skin as flawless as a newborn baby. Perfect.

I move my mouth, my jaw, side to side trying in vain to spit out the rag in my mouth. Coach moves out of my view while Bo moves closer.

“Aw, Bell, Bell, Bell.” He shakes his head as he leans down to swipe the tears from my cheeks. “Why are you crying, baby? You know you want this. You’ve been askin’ for it all year!” he laughs.

I feel hands at my thighs the something cold. I hear a snipping noise then with sickening realization I realize that they are cutting off my clothes. I try to turn. I tried to twist my body but there is very little I can do with both my hands and feet tied under the bench.

Bo, impatient as ever, grabs my shirt at the collar and rips it down the center exposing my lace-covered breast. I feel a draft down below so I know that Coach has already managed to cut off my shorts and panties. Lying totally naked in front of them, I tremble thinking about what is going to happen.

I feel Coach draw closer than pushing my legs as far apart as they will go. Then I feel something, no his tongue, wet and rough on my pussy. Bo strips out of his clothes but leaves his boxers in place. I pull against the binds until my wrist and ankles are raw. Bo comes forward and straddles my stomach. He puts all of his weight on me making it harder to breathe. He leans down and whispers in my ear ‘Remember this princess…Because I sure as hell will’. He bites my neck hard and licks a path down to my chest.

Tears roll down my face wishing I were at home. Bo bites my nipples and I yell around the rag. Tears fall harder and harder. Bo turns around takes off his boxers and sits on my face.

“Eat my ass, Bell.” He reaches under him and takes the rag out of my mouth. I gasp in a breath--- “Yell and you wont live to regret it.” To empisize Bo’s point, Coach bites hard on the lips of my sex. “Understand?” Against my better judgment, I nod. Bo puts his ass back in my face and sits on my nose and mouth. “Eat.” He growls. I stick out my tongue and slowly lick the cheeks of his ass. I feel the hairs against my tongue and it makes me want to gag. I run my tongue up and down his crack carefully avoiding his puckered whole.

Down below Coach is no longer torturing my sensitized pussy. I heard a buckle and I know he’s stepping out of his pants. Bo slaps my breast then my pussy. “Eat my ass whole, Bell. You’ll love it. Taste delicious.” He sits more forcefully on my face and wiggles. I cry as I touch my tongue to his puckered whole. I hear Coach step closer to wear my head is the I see his pale thighs with the corner of my eye.

“Bo.” He commands. He grabs the back of Bo’s head and gives a throaty moan. I hear sucking noise then I see Bo’s head bobbing. “Yeah, suck my cock you greedy mother fucker.” Coach throws his head back and Bo sucks harder. While he sucks, his hands move to my pussy and invade my entrance. Bo moans around Coach’s dick and Coach pulls out.

“Can I fuck her?” he asks, out of breath. I hear no response but Bo gets up and shoves the rag back into my mouth. “You’re a lousy ass eater.” He moves between my thighs and tucks his dick in the fold of my sex. “You’re really going to enjoy this.” Bo rams forward, pushing past the resistance of my virginity. He pulls back and thrust again. My sex spammed around the hardness invading me, sucking him deeper, unknowest to the danger. He bent forward causing us to come chest to chest. I heard his breath catch on a muffled groan, then he was taking me. No, I realized. Coach was taking us. He had slipped in behind Bo and now was fucking him vigorously causing Bo to slip in and out of me.

I was thrashing and screaming as much as I could. Tears streaming down my face, Bo sank deeper with each thrust over and over again. His hips lunged, his penis pumping while Coach stopped, lets Bo take the lead for a moment. Grabbing Bo’s hips, he pulled him out of me still staying in the same position. While thrusting into Bo, Coach reached around and pushed two fingers into me. He slid them lazily in and out. I was coated in sweat, blood, and spit, barley able to breathe. His fingers pulled free and Bo was back, pushing into me. His breath was quick, thrusting rapidly. Coach stilled inside Bo and came with a loud groan. Bo, on the edge, thrust hard pulled back, thrust hard again and then pulled out. Gripping his 9” member his hand flew up and down his shaft. Then he came with a grunt. First two jets splattered on my face and chest. The last couple ones pooled in my bellybutton and around my belly.

Coach had already cleaned up and was getting dressed. Bo leaned down and pressed a hard kiss to my temple. ‘Fantastic’ he muttered. He didn’t bother to clean himself. Coach walked out without a second glance back. Bo cut the ties binding me and quickly sat me up. I swayed from being so fatigued.

Bo pulled his shirt over my head and started to walk out. I look over to were I saw Sarah but she was no longer there. “Whe…” I started, voice hoarse. “Where’s…Sarah…?” Bo looked over his shoulder. He looked to the floor, back to me, then glanced outside. Bo opened the door wider and Sarah walked into his arms. I wanted to cry but I was afraid I didn’t have anything left in me.

“Oh, she’s fine!” Bo laughed, then turned to Sarah and tongued her mouth.

“W-why?” I croaked.

“Don’t say you didn’t like it, ‘Beýa Bella.” She walked towards me and bent to my eye level. “I must say though, It was fun to watch.” She patted my cheek and winked her green eyes at me. She leaned in and said into my ear “Breath a word of this to anyone, and you’ll wish you would have died with your parents.” She looked back and looked in my face. “Sister’s for life, right?” She turned to Bo and left.

I stayed seated for what felt like hours. Since I didn’t drive yet, I walked home in just the shirt all bloody and grimy. Two hours later, I made it the house. Fiona’s car wasn’t there but the lights were on in the house. I walked threw the front door as Nate came out of the kitchen.

“What the fuc…” he dropped the plate he was carrying and gripped my arms. He looked me up and down. “What happened? Who d-” I shrugged his hands off my arms and walked up the stairs. “Damn it, Annabell,” he yelled and ran after me. I ran the rest of the way towards my room. As I went to shut the door he put out his hand to stop the door. “Talk to me.” He looked frustrated and angry.

“Talk to you? You want to talk now?” I looked at him with what I hope to god was an emotionless face. “After a year and a half, now?... No.” I went up on my tip toes and in his face. “Fuck you, Nathan! Leave me alone. For all I know you could have done this to me.” What I said must have shocked him giving me a chance to slam the door in his face. I walked into the bathroom that connected both our rooms and locked the door. I stripped of the shirt I wore and finally looked at myself in the mirror.

My gray eyes were swollen and I had marks marring my body. My once pale skin was now flushed and bruised. I grabbed a pair of scissors from the drawer and raised the to my hair. “Never again,” I said as I made my first cut.


Now, that was two years ago. My plans have changed significantly since then but to understand you needed to know my past. Now here’s the plan…

To be continued…

Rating: 80%, Read 15931 times, Posted Mar 31, 2013

Fiction | Anal, Ass to mouth, Bi-sexual, Gay, Rape, School, Teen


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