Tim, the Teenage Part VI by batnut515

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Fantasy | Boy, Gay, Mind Control, Oral Sex

Note: ——I am NOT the author! There are several authors actually, I’m not so certain that any one of them is the creator, but I know it’s not me. I am simply sharing this lovely story with all of you because I have not seen it on here. Now originally it was all going to be 9 parts, but… Someone said the first one was too long, so I’ve decided to split all of these up into smaller posts. And I believe you’ll thank me for this because, as where chapters I and II were just two parts, this one chapter was supposed to be 11 parts. You’re welcome. ENJOY———

Tim, the Teenage Part Six By: Rass Senip

+++ Chapter III: 9th Grade - Winter 1986 Part 5 - Let's get naked (mf oral)

"So are we going to get naked, or what?" Joey said again. "It's your call, Tim. Who goes first?" "Hey Joey, have you seen Suzi naked since that night in the mirror?" "Nope." "Well, I guess you’re the first contestant," I said to Suzi as I placed my hand on her tummy. "I figured," she said not moving. "Heh. Hey, I'm just going to sit over here and watch," Joey said. "No you're not. Get over here. I haven't told you the rules yet." "Rules?" "Yeah, I just thought of 'em. Well, there's actually only one. We can only use our mouths," I said, then licked my lips. "Cool. Okay," Joey agreed, getting on the other side of Suzi. "Okay, but if anyone leaves any teeth marks on me, lets just say I'll return the favor," Suzi said, snapping her teeth three times. Joey and I looked at each other, then he followed me down. Her shirt was a loose fit, but it was difficult at first to grab the material and not her skin to pull the tail out of her pants. We ended up using our lips more than our teeth, but that suit Suzi just fine. We were having a little trouble getting it over her head, so she cheated a little and help us using her hands. "Penalty!" I said. Joey sent me a look, and I knew exactly what he meant. Our heads bumped when we both dived at the same time to sample her tummy with our mouths. Suzi giggled at us while we both were rubbing our heads. "You think it's funny, do you?" Joey said as he started tickling her. I just grinned at them, watching her squirm. "Joey... you're gonna.... make me.... pee in my pants!" Suzi said between her giggles.

"Oh Shit! He said. "I nearly forgot! Ted said to go take a shit before you do it!" "Well, it's a good thing you remembered before we got all naked," Suzi said grabbing her top. "Oh, I don't know," I said, turned on by the thought. "I kinda like the idea of running downstairs to the bathroom naked." "You're not serious," Suzi said, shocked. Joey didn't say anything. "I'm completely serious. Let's do it." "No.." Suzi said, starting to blush. I looked a Joey, who shrugged. "I don't really care. It's not like anyone will actually see us with you around." Smart or not, that was a setup if I ever heard one. And this time he didn't even realize it. "No! I don't care if no one will see us. I'll still be embarrassed running through the hallway naked," Suzi complained. "Then why are you getting hot thinking about it," I said when the vibe hit me. "I am not," she protested. I connected to her and Joey, then drew their attention to the wetness in her crotch. Then I imagined the image of Suzi running naked across the lunchroom while everyone was eating. Suzi turned bright pink, and almost let a moan escape from the heat rushing through her groin. I dissolved the link. As her color returned to normal, she said, "Just promise one thing." "What." "We go straight to the bathroom, and straight back. No side trips through boy’s locker room. Or for that matter, the girl’s either... Joey.." "Man, can't a guy even dream?" Joey said. I sent him a private thought without looking at him. "Later, Joey... Later."

"Okay, so we'll all go straight to the girl's bathroom," I began. "I suppose you have a reason other than to get the chance of running into someone while we're in there?" Suzi said with a knowing look. I felt around the boy’s bathrooms to see if anyone was using one. There wasn't, but there was one guy walking past one. I gave him the need to take a leak, and for some reason couldn't resist checking out the stalls after he finished. "And now, a live update from chopper 7, here is Ben Awalt with the latest look on the boys room stall situation. Ben?" "Thanks Tim, I'm in stall #1 now, and it doesn't look too good from up here. Looks like someone was driving drunk and missed the bowl. Pissed all over the seat. I hope they were wearing their seat belt.. "Checking out stall #2... Phwew! What a mess. Someone didn't like their breakfast, did they. And as usual, some idiot put the entire roll of toilet paper in it. Looks like it will bumper to bumper for while here. "And checking stall #3. Hmmm, everything looks good here.. Oh wait a second.. Shit. I just stepped in it. Why did I come in here in the.." "Thanks Ben, we'll uh, check back with you later." I turned to Suzi and said, "Is that a good enough reason?" "Okay, straight to the girls room, we all empty, then straight back," she said without a flinch. "And no peeking while I am letting nature do its thing," she added. "Oh, I wouldn't do something like that," I grinned. Then I said seriously, "Actually, I'm afraid I'll have to insist on manning the controls while we are there. We wouldn't want anyone not leaving their full deposit behind." "Doesn't a girl have any privacy?" Suzi said, not to happy. "Sure. I won't let Joey in on it." "Oh thanks," Joey said. "So, are we going to get naked, or what?" Suzi said. "Hey, that's my line!" Joey said, as he motioned towards Suzi's pants. I nodded.

We each took a leg of her pants in our mouth and started to pull down. Suzi giggled, then lifted her bottom off the floor. We struggled to get the pants down past her feet. "You know, this is like work," Joey said. "What? We're just getting to the good part," I said. Suzi had her eyes closed, enjoying being the center of our attention. Joey gave me that look, and this time we didn't conk heads as we each tasted a side of her lovely soft tummy. Suzi didn't even flinch. She kept her eyes closed, but put a smile on and said, "If you two boys don't get this show on the road, we're never going to get to the _really_ good stuff." I looked at Joey, and he shrugged as he made bigger circles with his mouth and tongue. I started working my way up, and soon Joey joined me, sucking on the nipple through the cups. "Timmy, are you causing my nipples to tingle?" "Only with my mouth," I thought to her. "Are you?" Joey asked out loud, pausing a moment. "He said no. Now shut up and get back to work," Suzi said. I started getting tired of tasting bra, so I indicated to Suzi to sit up. Joey and I worked our way around, and attempted several times to unclasp the stupid thing with our mouths. Finally, I got frustrated. "Joey, let me borrow your body a second," I thought to him. "Okay," he thought back. I found Suzi's thought pattern that she uses to take her bra off with, and managed to operate our mouths in a similar way. It worked on the second try. "Finally!" Suzi said. "I thought you two would have practiced this kind of thing." "Heh, maybe we should start," Joey thought to me. As we brought the straps to the front, Suzi crossed her arms across her chest, then laid down. We were about to complain, when she took her arms away and said, "Lift away, boys." Instead of slowly unavailing her goods as she had planned, Joey and I both just pulled our heads back, snapping the bra in the air. Joey and I echoed Suzi's gasp with our own as her breasts jiggled like jello on her chest.

The bra hadn't even hit the floor before our lips were suckling on her mammaries. "Mmmm." Suzi said. "That's nice. Tim, are you sure you’re not doing anything?" "Yes, sure," I said out loud, holding the nipple in my teeth. "You haven't been teaching Joe-oh-oey-anything thing, have you?" she said before she gasped again. "No," I said as I made a larger O with my mouth to get as much skin in my mouth as I could. As I sucked it in, I had a thought, so I said, "Suz, can I give you a hickey on your titty?" "Joey is already <groan> doing it. If someone doesn't <gasp> free me from my <growl> panties, I'm going to <grunt> do it myself!" she said. Joey and I instantly dived, managing to evade a collision again as we each fumbled for a hold of the top of her pink panties. She had a wet spot starting to show, and as we started to pull them down her, her fragrance stimulated us both. We got the panties down to her knees, then Joey let go and said, "Fuck this." He grabbed them with his hand and finished the job. We both looked at her mound of femaleness with the eyes of hungry wolves. We looked at each other, then I said, "Go ahead, just leave some for me." "I'll do better than that," he said as he dived. I watched him tentatively sample her lips with his tongue, then devouring her with all his might. Suzi's lifted her crotch in the air as her gasps became desperate. She began rocking her head back and forth almost senselessly.

Then, just as I was going to go back to her breasts, Joey suddenly stopped and leaned over to my face with a wet and wicked smile. "Kiss me you fool," he thought to me. "Grrrrooooommmmphhhh," I said as I open my mouth to suck in his dripping chin. The taste was a bit strange, but exciting. Once I had cleaned off his chin and moved to his mouth, he rewarded me with a mouth full of juice. I closed my eyes and we happily sampled the taste of the love juice. We were passing it back and forth to each other for the third time when Suzi said, "Hey fellas.." When we didn't respond, she whined, "Come on guys, don't leave me like this." I opened my eyes and saw Joey looking at me with a twinkle in his eyes. He proceeded to pass me my half, and I swallowed it after he had. "Ohhhh.." Suzi said below us. We gave each other one last taste of each other's mouth, then broke the kiss. We found Suzi watching us with glazed eyes, one hand on her twat, the other kneading the breast I had been nibbling. "Shit, Tim. Looks like we left her too long." "Hey Suz.. Slow down there girl." I said, taking the hand she had at her crotch. "UUhhhhh!?!" she said in a primitive sounding way. She was close. Joey's little fun had almost sent her over the edge. "Suzi, it's your turn to help undress someone. You're done," I said. "You bastards. Come... And.... FINISH ME!!"

I started to put the brakes on for her. If we had brought her to an orgasm then, I wasn't sure if she would still find the bathroom idea appealing. "Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh," Suzi said as she finally just gave it up. "iiitt," Joey finished for her with another one of his famous wicked grins. "Okay, Suz." I said as she was getting back her breath. "Since you didn't get to get off when you wanted to, you can choose who goes next." "I pick you, you bastard. Why did you stop me?" "Because you wouldn't have wanted to run naked in the halls with us," Joey guessed correctly. "Yep," I said. "Well, it's still your turn. And I am going get you so hot and bothered, you'll beg me to finish you off. And I won't." "Heh, good luck," Joey said to me. "Ah, but you're forgetting something," I said. "What? You better not cheat!" "Nope. Remember, I have two weeks of horniness stored up. If you get me too hot and bothered, I don't think even I could stop me from blowing." "Heh, good luck," Joey repeated... to Suzi. "Grrrr!" Suzi said as she launched herself at me. She had my shirt up to my nose before I even had a chance to lift my arms up. Joey just sat there watching, amused. Suzi's breasts were in my face while she maneuvered my shirt off me the rest of the way. "Suz? Dear? Do you want me to help?" Joey said from a distance. "GRRRR!!" Suzi said as she pounced on my pants. "Was that a yes or a no?" Joey asked. "That waa waaa waas, oh GOD!" I said as Suzi's mouth sucked the lump in my pants right though the cloth. "A NO!" I squeaked. Her lips were rapped around the head of my dick, through my underwear and jeans. Her tongue was trying to tease my head through the two layers of clothes, but was not having much success apart from the pervertness of the action. "GrrrrRRRR," my lioness said as she released my captive part. "Now she wants your help," I said with an unsteady voice.

"Okay," Joey said as he crawled over. "or should I say, GRRRR?" "Ggggggggrrrh," Suzi said, almost purring the g sounds. "She said not until you're as naked as an animal, like she is," I translated. "Suz, I think you need to stop visiting your relatives at the zoo," Joey said. All she did was look straight at Joey with a hungry look, licking her lips like the ferocious feline she was. Joey replied with a "gulp". The two quickly de-pantsed me. As Joey sat back to watch the show again, Suzi began crawling up my body, dragging first her breasts across my legs, then her glorious crotch. When her head reached my crotch, she took her tongue, pressed it between my legs as far as it could go, then slowly drug up my cloth encased rod. The incredible erotic gesture made my dick pulse with a new surge of blood, causing the tip to peek out from under the elastic. A small stream of clear liquid was starting to ooze from the tip, something which none of us had ever witnessed. Suzi touched the tip with her tongue, then her hot lips followed her tongue up to the head. The contact made me involuntarily shutter, then she made me squirm moment as she used her tongue to sample my precum. "Grrrrmmm," she said an informative voice. "What did she say?" Joey asked. "Tastes great," I answered. "GRRRRRR," she said as her teeth replaced her lips. "Okay, okay! She said it tasted like shit." "Haaaaa haa ha."

She gave me one last touch of her tongue before she stretched out her arms over her head, pressing her nails into my chest, and continued dragging her naked body across the very hard lump in my underwear. Her lips and tongue were leaving a wet trail beginning at the tip of my dick, on up to my freshly licked clean bellybutton, and continued their way up my belly to my chest. Her skin felt incredibly hot against mine, her breasts swinging gently against my not forgotten lump. As her breasts continued past my struggling digit, her soaking wet crotch began slipping up my thigh. I realized she had left another wet trail up my right leg. As her belly button reached my crotch, and her traveling tongue and lips veered right, heading vertically for my right nipple, she made the most primitive growl she had ever made in her life. "gaawd, Joey, <pant> she wants, ahhhh, you know." It took a moment for Joey to realize I was talking to him. He came over to us, but when we didn't specify anything else, he took it on himself to get busy. "Hey Tim," he said as he pulled up to my face. "Huh?" I said half sensibly. "I think she's winning." "Huh?" was all I could say as Suzi began to smear the juices she had left on my body around with hers. "God Suz. If you do that to me, I'll cream for sure." "Huh?" I said again, not realizing he wasn't talking to me. Suzi kept teasing my dick with her tummy movements. She knew what she was doing. Her belly did not provide enough pressure for me to hump against. She kept taking me higher and higher, but never giving me anything to take me over the edge. She was definitely winning. When I felt another pair of lips start giving my left nipple a hot wet massage, I groaned loudly, rolling my head back and forth, probably just like Suzi had done. I was reaching my limit, finding my sexual frustration and the waves of pleasure pass over me again and again. I finally couldn't take it anymore, and started to let out a long "aaaaaaa" sound, my muscles spazming all over my body, all while I began pawing and crawling out from under them.

I finally came to my senses and pulled myself up into a sitting position. "Had enough?" Suzi said, temporarily forgetting she was a lioness. "Jeez Tim. I though you were freaking out on us." "I WAS freaking out. Man Suzi. Your body should be considered a deadly weapon. You could kill a guy with that kind of torture." "She can torture me like that any time," Joey said honestly. "GRrrrrlmew?" Suzi said, re-adopting her feline persona. "What did she say?" Joey said while rearranging his equipment. I grinned and said, "You don't wanna know." "Well let's hurry up and get to my turn." "I'm glad you're last," I admitted as I laid back down. "Why's that?" "Because Suzi and I both have been brought to the edge. We both get to take our frustrations out on you." "Cool!" he said as I went down one side of his underpants, slipped my top front teeth under the elastic band, and was tugging it down before Suzi even could get into position. "Shit Joey! Take it easy! It's diggin into my happy sack. Wait for Suzi.." "GRRrrr." "Okay Suz. But I'm not going to.. GRRRR" I said as my underwear slipped off my foot. "You’re not going to what?" "Grrrrrlllll," I said, making my voice go deep. "Next time, I go first. You hear me? I get to go firfffff..." Joey said as Suzi and I pounced. We managed to get Joey's shirt off in less than 30 seconds. "GrrrRRrr?" Suzi said. "GGGGGGGGGRRRRRRRR," I agreed. "Shit," Joey making it unanimous. "Shit," Joey repeated as Suzi and I began licking his cheeks, working our way down to his neck, licking and sucking every inch of his chest, then his tummy. Suzi began following the hair line that started from his belly button down to his crotch, while I broke off and crawled back up to his face. "Grrr," I said. "Yeah, hi," he correctly interpreted. "MMMhhhh" he said with a distant look in his eyes for more than just a moment. I didn't look back down to see what Suzi had done. I wanted to leave some things to be a surprise for me later.

To bring him back to the real world, I gave him a wet slobbery lick across his lips. "GGGGrrrR," Suzi said. "RRRRRRRRlllll," I whole heatedly agreed. Suzi moved herself so she could attend to Joey while staying out of my way. I gave Joey a few more teasing licks across the mouth. Just as he started to respond with his own tongue, he let out a happy sounding squeak. His eyes literally crossed then closed them, displaying a totally new goofy grin. "Grr Grr," I praised Suzi. "Grr Grr? Grrrww," she responded. I smiled, thinking of how Joey's face would look in a moment. I scooted my body up, finding Joey's skin as hot as Suzi's against my dick. I kept scooting up further and further, letting only my dick touch him. I managed to do a tricky maneuver without falling on him, straddling Joey's chest with my dick's head touching the spot between his ribs. I was facing him, getting ready to shift my torso back down like a pendulum. Joey was starting to squirm from Suzi's manipulation, but still kept his eyes shut. I was ready, so I gave Suzi the "Grrrrro." Suzy pulled down not only Joey's pants, but also his underwear, cheating since she used her hands and not her teeth. As Joey started to open his eyes to see what was up, I lifted my legs up and swung my body down with only my hands touching the ground. I planted my shins flat on the floor beside his thighs, and I sat down with his dick in my crevice. My body tingled when his hot rod briefly touched my hole. Joey's long groan became a series of "Awwwohhs" as I started to move my ass back and forth. Joey's eyes shut tight, and his hands were clasping and unclasping with my movements. I started to feel my hole involuntarily relax, and the pleasure was new and yet familiar.

Joey was starting to get really loud, and I wondered if they might start hearing it downstairs. I made him aware of this with out disturbing our fun, and as his groans turned to gasps, I found my own meat being engulfed by Suzi's hot mouth. Joey started to hump me with vigor, increasing the pleasure I was feeling. With a sudden powerful thrust, my ass was pushed higher, Suzi gagged momentarily, and when I fell back, the tip of his dick pushed into my aroused hole, while mine came out with a pop. Joey and I both shuttered with the sensation, and our groans made Suzi gasp. His hands grabbed my cheeks and started to squeeze them together and apart. I found him starting to slip deeper into me, stretching my hole to where it started to hurt. His dick wasn't all that big around, but without lubrication, it felt like it was ripping me a new one. I fell forward, feeling the pain subside as his dick head fell free. My dick however was resting just above his, and my chest covered his face. I rolled off him, and he gasped for air momentarily. "Tim?" Joey said breathless. "Yeah?" I said in a nearly as breathless voice. "Do you think we were fucking?" "Maybe." "You wanna try it again?" "You bet your ass." "Who do you wanna fuck first?" "Why? Who do you wanna fuck first?" "I don't care. Can we just get to the fucking?" "Well, I wanna fuck you after you fuck me, okay?" "Yeah. Then maybe we can do it again." "HEY! What about me?" Suzi said realizing she had been completely forgotten. "Oh yeah. Tim, you can fuck first, while I fuck you." "Yeah, okay. As long and you fuck me while I fuck her, then that will be okay." "Fuck you both!" Suzi said with venom. "On second thought Joey, you can fuck her. I can fuck her later." "No, no. Really. You fuck her." "No you fuck her." "GRRRRRR!" Suzi screamed as she rushed us. Before we could escape, she had both of us by the balls. Her fingernails her digging in, and her grip was tightening. "Joey?" I squeaked. "Yeah?" he squeaked even higher. "Lets both fuck her?" "Yep?" he squeaked higher than ever. "That's better," Suzi said releasing us. "Just remember who really has the power around here." "Yes, Master," Joey and I said in unison as we both started to tickle her.

Rating: 92%, Read 17931 times, Posted May 25, 2011

Fantasy | Boy, Gay, Mind Control, Oral Sex


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