A Piece of the Peace Officers Part One by Mr.+Mongo

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Fantasy | Anal, Authoritarian, Black, Blowjob, Cruelty, Exhibitionism, Humiliation, Lesbian, Rape, Reluctance, Spanking

A Piece of the Peace Officers Part One

Written By: Mr. Mongo


Constable Ron Jones and his patrol partner Neeja Sidhu sat in the Hidden Truncheon pub. The wooden sign on the front of the pub had a cartoon-masked robber grabbing his behind with his eyes bulging out of his head. Both officers were excited to see if their votes made a difference in the citywide election. Every constable in the pub had their ear open to hear the results of who won elections for the Greater Manchester area. Mildred Alistair had the cops vote, the union made sure its entire membership voted for Mildred. Both left-wingers and right-wingers voted for her since she has struck a cord that has surpassed political tastes. Even the Muslims liked her since Mildred’s husband was said to be a strict Pakistani Muslim, Hindus and Christians liked Mildred because of her work she had done organizing local Christian, Muslim, and Hindu youth groups. She promised a larger police force with more peace officers patrolling Britain’s streets. Most officers had no idea what Mildred meant about peace officers. Little did the constables know she meant creating an entirely new police force while sacking the old one? Replacing the old violent messy ways with newer less violent methods. Officers will train to talk it out and not slug it out with criminals.

Most important of their plans for changing the police force was to remove the male officers from the roster to replace them with an all female peace force. Male officers have brutish unthinking reactions to any situation therefore they need to be replaced with left thinking females.

Mildred Alistair is nothing but a sham of a political figure with a well-orchestrated background. Even her marriage was a sham; her Pakistani husband has an I.Q. of a five year old. Mildred keeps him around for show only; they don’t even share a bed. Asked to leave Labour and Liberal Democrats and physically thrown out by the Conservatives Party. Even the loonies at the United Kingdom Independence Party and national front refused to be associated with her. So Mildred soldiered on managing to latch onto large groups of feminists forming a very militant liberal organization called C.U.N.N.T which stands for community united now not tomorrow. Every officer said with a smirk, “I’m voting CUNNT,” or “I’m a CUNNT man.” A lot of younger voters jumped on the bandwagon just so they could say they voted for CUNNT.

When the votes came in CUNNT won by a landslide. Most votes came from honest hard working people wanting to see their streets kept safe, while others just wanted to be trendy voting for a party with a funny acronym.

Constable Ron decided tonight was the night he was going to make his big move and ask constable Neeja out. She spends her entire foot patrol flirting with Ron so why not ask Neeja out. She’s pretty, smart, and likes a good scrap when it comes to it when they get stuck in with some yobs. Right when Ron was gone to ask Neeja out the results came in, Mildred won her race and the coppers in the pub erupted with cheers.

“The CUNNT’s pulled it off lads, bigger budgets, more boys in blue on the corner, and a leader who get its it. We witnessed something major today, you mark my words,” Sergeant Williams says as he raises his pint in a toast. Constables raised their drinks in the air, all the cops present toasted Mildred Alistair’s win in the polls. Little did they know what they were in for with Mildred Alistair’s new peace officer initiative?

The new peace officers were slowly being integrated into the regular patrols. Even their uniforms were different. They wore baby blue uniform and carry no mace, no cuffs, and definitely no truncheon. Every old school cop cringed when they saw the four woman patrols only armed with a whistle and a radio. They would lecture the old “darky” cops whenever they used violence. Even when it was justified violence when a chav got out of hand. The locals were referring to the traditional cops as darky cops. Most criminals knew to go up against the peace officers. The four woman patrols could be easily lied too, out ran, or beaten up.

When Neeja changed with some of the new peace officers in the locker room they let Neeja in on some of their beliefs. Neeja stripped down to hit the showers, when she looked up at her naked peace officer counter parts, it looked like they stepped off a seventies porno shoot. Being a bit of a silly ass, Neeja thought it would be funny to tease the new girls, so she said.

“Whooooah, do girls vacuum those things or shampoo them,” Neeja said as she pointed to the peace officers’ hairy pussies

P.O. Nancy looked over at Neeja’s trimmed black landing strip then smirked at Neeja. Leaning over to P.O. Fatima P.O. Nancy began whispering in her ear then both women looked at Neeja then shook their heads.

“You’re a slave to men. You shave, trim, pluck, or tare out your pubic hair because men tell you it is sexy. You starve yourself or eat simple plain salads to stay thin because men find fat offensive. You spend hundreds of Pounds of your hard earned pay on clothes so that some man will find you attractive. All you are is a slave to men and their base desires. I pity you, I have more respect for a whore than you, at least they get paid for looking like a slapper,” P.O. Nancy said to a smirking Neeja.

It took all of Neeja’s willpower to keep from busting the peace officers’ heads together. She wondered if these bitches came into the academy with this shit in their heads or was put in there during some kind of political indoctrination. Either way the lads would get a kick out of hearing this down at the Hidden Truncheon. When the peace officers were still in the showers Neeja and another female officer whipped out their cell phones to videotape how hairy the feminists were. One Scottish bird looked like she had a wet yeti between her legs. All the female officers ran off to show the lads the videos.

Upon entering the Hidden Truncheon Neeja spotted Ron as he downed a pint, so she waited for him to get a big gulp of larger before she showed Ron the video she made. Spitting his larger all over the place when he saw the video.

“Bloody hell, for a second I thought you had a Womble sighting caught on video,” laughed Ron.

“You should have heard the lecture they gave me about my grooming,” laughed Neeja.

“They’re all in their twenties, give em’ time, they’ll meet a lad they fancy then they would be running out to get their naughty bits waxed,” said Ron with a wink.

“I’m dark skinned with even darker hair I have to take care of my personal grooming. You want to see when we leave the Hidden Truncheon,” laughed Neeja wiggling her eyebrows at Ron.

“I don’t know, I might wanna get that hairy Scottish bird’s number first,” laughed Ron as he was fending off Neeja’s playful assault on him.

When the two young constables left the pub they missed a call someone made to Sergeant Williams phone. After listening to what the caller had to say the veteran sergeant stood up at a booth to make an announcement.

“Listen up! A mate of mine from the academy just informed me they plan on sacking the whole lot of us at the start of next month,” Yelled Sergeant Williams so every copper in the pub could hear him. Some officer gasped others shuck their heads in disbelief.

“What does the union say,” Constable Winchester asked with worry in his voice.

“They’s getting sacked too,” Sergeant Williams says in disgust.

“What about us with little ones,” asked a female constable as she tried not to cry in front of everyone.

“They’re pushing us all aside after their political group was put into power with our fucking votes,” yelled Sergeant Williams as his eyes burned with anger.

Two peace officers sat in a both still in their sky blue uniforms were two realized they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Both peace officers tried to get up to leave the Hidden Truncheon only to see the darky cops block the door.

“Right, where are you two yetis scampering off to? We would like to have a moment of your time if you will,” commanded Sergeant Williams.

“Have a seat up at the bar,” offered Jimmy the barman.

Both peace officers took seats at the bar while the constables who sat there left their seats refusing to sit with the peace officers.

“What’s your names then,” asked the burly Constable Doreen Swanson in a menacing manner.

The first peace officer Colleen White stammered her name; she is an attractive petite officer with a tight body and A-Cup breasts. Peace officer Helen Akimba was next to say her name. Akimba was an attractive African officer with a thick build C-Cup breasts and a round ass.

Texting Jimmy at the bar Sergeant Williams told him to start pulls six pints for each peace officer. Jimmy pulled pints for the two officers he started putting the glasses of larger in front of the two peace officers.

“We are not allowed to drink alcohol,” whined P.O. White.’

“It ain’t polite to refuse a drink from a fellow officer,” Jimmy said as he tried to get them to drink.

“You can drink it or I’ll make you two drink it,” threatened Constable Doreen Swanson as she moved in closer to the peace officers.

Both peace officers began drinking the pints put in front of them. Every time a peace officer stopped, Doreen would yell out, “Don’t stop to taste it, just drink it down!”

When peace officer White finished her six pints, she got up to stagger off to the toilet holding her crotch like she was about to burst her bladder.

“Oi, where are you going off to luv,” yelled Constable Swanson as she grabs the pretty petite officer.

“I have to pee miss,” said the sheepish P.O. White who sounded like a schoolgirl.

“Not in our toilets you ain’t! Jimmy, hand us a pitcher,” laughed Constable Swanson.

Reaching behind the bar Jimmy pulls out a pitcher to hand to Doreen. She placed it on the floor in between P.O. White’s feet. The look on P.O White’s face caused the gathered crowd to giggle at her situation.

“Here have a slash in this,” Doreen said as she tapped the pitcher with her foot. Everyone in the Hidden Truncheon snickered and got their cell phones ready.

“Not in front of everyone, I’d sooner wet my panties if you don’t mind,” said P.O. White as she shook her head no.

“Not in my fucking pub you don’t, you piss yourself in here I swear we will cut your trousers off and wash your pussy in the back alley with the hose,” threatened Jimmy the bar man.

Undoing P.O. White’s trousers Constable Doreen Swanson stripped the little peace officer from the waist down.

“Please leave my panties, I can pull them to the side to piss,” begged P.O. White.

“But how will my mates see your hairy pussy. We all have been hearing about you peace officer birds don’t take of your grooming seriously down there,” said Doreen with a smirk.

P.O. White did the pee pee dance like a little girl as the crowd laughed at her situation. The uncomfortable P.O. White relented; she dropped her panties then quickly squatted over the pitcher to piss. Everyone in the pub was video taping the peace officer as she emptied her bladder in front of everyone. When P.O. White heard the laughter, she began crying her eyes out. But what really caused P.O. White to bawl was seeing several constables had their children in the pub. The constables allowed them to watch the whole thing.

When White was through humiliating herself the other officers removed the rest of her uniform leaving only her sky blue officers cap. It did not take long for P.O. Akimba to get the same treatment. All the Anglo and Indian officers in the room was the first time they saw nappy pubic hair before. Everyone was walking up to rub P.O. Akimba’s short rough sparse pubic hair; even the kids had a go at her rubbing African pussy hair.

“Here ya go luv! I know you need to have a slash too. Go on were all friends here,” laughed Constable Swanson. Placing the empty pitcher in front of P.O. Akimba’s feet. The pretty African cop squatted down then arranged the pitcher so she could piss in it. The room went quiet as they waited for P.O. Akimba to release her floodgates. When everyone heard her piss, they applauded and cheered P.O. Akimba just shook her head in disbelief then hid her face.

“I bet this ain’t first time either of them had pissed in front of a group people,” laughed a female constable.

“Probably the first time they wore panties,” laughed another officer.

“Something has to be done about that white girl’s minge! She better get that thing trimmed before she trips over it,” laughed a male constable.

A female constable leaves the Hidden Truncheon, but yells out before she exits. “I am heading down to the corner shop to see if they have a set of hair trimmers and a shaving kit!”

The other officers let out a cheer when they heard that. Everyone walked up to get a final rub of the peace officers’ minges before they are denuded. All the two peace officers could do was squirm and winge on about their human dignity. Constable Swanson forced both peace officers to bend over to spread their ass cheeks to the crowd. The peace officers lost count of how many people inserted their fingers up their pussies or asses.

Reaching behind the counter Sergeant Williams pulled out a fiberglass baton. With a wicked grim on his face he grabbed the petite female officer by her long pubic hair so he could lead her to a barstool. P.O. White kicked a screamed as she begged the older cop to stop. Before P.O. White could get away Sergeant Williams spanked the peace officer as squirmed and kicked. All the constables’ videotaped the entire spectacle Sergeant Williams put on with the wayward peace officer. She Grabbed the legs of the bar stool, P.O. White tried to pull herself to away from Sergeant Williams, but all she did was show he breasts off to some kids who stepped up to twist her nipples. The pain caused P.O. White to scream out. After Sergeant Williams spanked the little peace officer he stuck the baton up her asshole. The sound P.O. White gave off sounded like a foxhound on a scent. It looked a little like that American flag rising on Iwo Jima. Laughing a little too hard, Sergeant Williams accidentally lost his grip on P.O. White. The peace officer jumped off the sergeant’s lap so she could sooth her stinging arse as rubbed it with both of her hands and jumped up and down screaming obscenities. As she rubbed her arse it caused the baton to wag like a dogs tail. No one can believe how great the video they were able to capture tonight. Facebook is going to be lit up with new videos from the Hidden Truncheon.

Sergeant William reached over to retrieve baton from P.O. White’s arse, but Constable Swanson scared P.O. White which made her think the big female constable was going to get her. So P.O. White took ran off with the baton still stuck out her arse. Running right behind P.O. White was constable Swanson who was gave chase; she hooped and hollered like a red Indian as she ran. When constable Swanson caught up to P.O. White, she began trying to crank the baton like was tried to start P.O. White’s motor up. To clean the baton off constable Swanson forced P.O. White to put it in her mouth. Everyone was cheering when they made P.O. White show off her swollen arsehole for their cell phone cameras.

Next up was constable Akimba. Without being told the pretty African climbed up on Sergeant Williams lap. “Good girl,” Sergeant Williams said as he patted Akimba on her round black arse. P.O. White hands the sergeant’s baton back to him so could spank her partner. P.O. Akimba had a more robust arse compared to P.O. White. Letting loose a flurry of smacks Sergeant Williams cracked the baton on P.O. Akimba’s jiggly arse. The pretty peace officer kicked, bucked, and pleaded trying to get the sergeant to quit spanking her. When Sergeant Williams finished spanking her he was about to insert the baton up her arse, he could see she was clinching her anus.

“Your getting the baton up your arse miss, so you better relax or you ain’t going to be shitting right for a month,” warned Sergeant Williams.

Rubbing two fingers in a clockwise motion on P.O. Akimba’s asshole, the sergeant hoped to massage the peace officer’s arsehole.

“You got to the count of ten or it is going in hard,” threatened Sergeant Williams.

“I can’t help it I’m too scared,” cried P.O. Akimba as she hung her head in shame. Constable Swanson leaned over then spat on Akimba’s arsehole trying to help the pretty African peace officer out. Sergeant Williams eased the baton up Akimba’s arsehole as she kicked and squealed. Everyone in the pub demanded Akimba do a few laps around the pub with the baton up her arse. They said if the baton falls out they were going to gang rape her arse. The pretty African ran as the baton wagged like a tail after her second lap, Akimba was tuckered out but she still had a hold on the baton.

Right when Peace Officer Akimba was on all fours and panting. The door opened and in came the constable who ran off for the hair trimmers and shaving gear. She dropped the plastic bags full of the gear needed to see to the peace officer’s grooming needs.

Rating: 70%, Read 21849 times, Posted Jun 17, 2012

Fantasy | Anal, Authoritarian, Black, Blowjob, Cruelty, Exhibitionism, Humiliation, Lesbian, Rape, Reluctance, Spanking


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