I hate Sneezing Ch. 4 by jonialabaster

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Fiction | Anal, Bi-sexual, Blowjob, Incest, Non-consensual sex, Prostitution, Romance, Transvestite

“Oh fuck, Riley! I’m gonna cum…”

“Mmhmm” Riley’s sucking got faster and harder as his now practiced mouth and tongue worked around this Chad’s cock. This Chad was one of the few that knew Riley was a boy, but that cost an extra fifty dollars in this conservative little city. Most thought he was just a sodomy whore, but there were a few out there.

Chad came in Riley’s mouth, and he held it in his mouth to show it off.

“Yeah, I know, here.” He pulled out an extra twenty dollars, and Riley swallowed it enjoyably.

“Thank you!” he said with a rise in his tone. Riley has nearly perfected his feminine voice, indistinguishable unless you know. But he doesn’t always get the practice as he still has to interact with the world as a boy some. Still kneeling in only a little green thong and green matching thigh highs, he took the money and slipped it into his panties. He stood up, threw on a bathrobe, and walked Chad to the front door, gave him a little kiss on the cheek, “Same time next week?”

“You bet, sweetie. Tell your wife ‘hi’ for me!” he giggled. Chad gave a wry little smile. This Chad was single, but it was a running joke between them now. Riley shut the door and walked back in. He walked back down the hallway and found Brenda in her room, naked as he was in a little red g-string. Her arms were open wide, and beckoning for him to come cuddle her. This became a nightly ritual for them: cuddling. He loved it. There was something satisfying in the love she shared with him, in her embrace. He was no longer afraid of her blackmail, as their agreement and love grew. They wouldn’t always make love, but it wasn’t always downright fucking either. Sometimes they would just snuggle and hold each other taking turns as the big spoon.

“How was your night, Rye?”

“It went well, made the average.”

“Mmmm, me too. Can you believe it’s been almost a year since we started this arrangement?”

“Has it?!” He was surpised, “it went by so quickly.”

“I know, right? We should celebrate—my treat.”

“That’d be nice, where do you want to go?”

“Somewhere fancy, but I want you to go out as Riley.”

Ryan blanched at this thought. He had basically been working as a girl, seen many men, as a girl, but it’s always been in the privacy of their home. “As Riley?!” He was scared.

“Yeah, it’ll be fun! And don’t you worry, I’ll make you look like a drop dead knockout, nobody will ever know!”

He trusted and loved her, “fine, but we have to go well outside city limits.”

“I know that, silly. I was thinking somewhere in the city, there’s too many people, who’ll look gruesome compared to what I have in mind for you. Just make sure you shave every bit of hair off your body.”

“Of course!” Ryan had made it a practice of making his body smooth as a dolphin, so that was nothing new, except it did kind of suck to wear long pants during the summer, and fortunately, his arm hair wasn’t too course, so he could leave that alone.

“Great, this Friday then!” It was Tuesday so they still had a couple days.

Riley yawned, “Alright, dad will be home soon, I’m going to shower and go to bed.”

“I’ll join you!”

Ryan started the hot water, and they took off their panties and socks then threw them in the hamper. Ryan slid the curtain aside to let his sister in and he followed. This was a fairly regular occurrence as well. They would scrub each other’s backs, and play with each other’s bodies as they cleaned. Teasing, and flirting the whole time. Usually it ended in sex, but their dad would be home soon, so they just had to be satisfied with teasing.

They dried themselves off and just as they were pulling their sheets up their dad, Jim, walked through the door, screaming for them to get in the living room. He was VERY drunk.


Brenda and Ryan came out in their pajamas. “What is it?” Ryan said a little irritated.

“What’s with this mess?” Their dad slurred as he pointed out the living room. The room was more or less spotless except for a plate and glass strewn about that their dad had left out the night before. “I thought I told you to clean this up!”

“That’s your mess, why should we—,” he was cut off before he could protest fully. His dad rushed him and grabbed his now long hair, and wrenched it back. Pulling Ryan’s face close to his, the beer was putrid on his breath. “What did you say, faggot?”

‘Faggot’ his dad had been taking to calling him that ever since he started growing out his hair, saying things like “you look like a girl” or “man up, pussy.” It stung, but it also fueled his disdain for his father. Brenda wasn’t much help in these times. She tended to shrink down in size when their father got in his rages.

Ryan wasn’t good at fighting back, so he kept his mouth silent, until his dad through his head across the room causing him to roll over the floor and crash into the coffee table. “Now, clean it up, faggot!” He ambled into the kitchen as they heard the all too familiar sound of the fridge opening and the popping of another can of beer for their already too drunk dad. He’d pass out after this one, as was his normal routine.

“God I hate him so much,” Ryan muttered under his breath as Brenda came over to console him.

“I wish there was more I could do, I’m so sorry, Ril- Ryan. I just freeze up!”

“It’s ok, I know, I do too.” Brenda put an arm around her brother’s shoulders and helped clean up the living room as their dad took a seat at the kitchen table. Brenda went back to her room and shut the door once everything was picked up, and Ryan brought the dishes to the sink and started scrubbing and cleaning them. When he was done his father spoke up.

“Boy,” his father summoned.

“What?” he said with a little too much venom on his tongue.

“Not ‘what’, ah forget about it, c’mere. Sit.” He commanded kicking back a chair. “and grab yourself a beer on your way.”

“I don’t want-,”

“I didn’t ask what you want, I said ‘do’, now do!”

“Fine,” he grabbed a beer and sat down, opened it, and took a sip.

“I know I’m hard on you boy, but I just want you to be strong. You look like such a sissy with that hair, and you have no meat on your bones. Don’t you want to be big and strong?” Ryan’s dad often reminisced on the old days when he played football at the high school that Ryan and Brenda graduated from.

“Not really, I like-,”

“Pfft, figures. What job do you have anyways? I never hear about your triumphs and you AND my little princess have got some pretty nice cars all by yourself. You must be making some good money, why don’t you pitch in around here?”

“You want us to pay rent?”

“Well, yeah.”

“How much?”

Jim took a long swig from his can, “half, each.”

“What, absolutely not! We are not paying the entirety of rent for this place. I’m sure we can chip in, but we’re not paying the full thing.” Ryan protested

“You two make good money, maybe even better than I do, and my work has been getting on me lately. They’ve even threatened firing me!” Jim said with disgust dripping out of his mouth like the beer he just brought back to his mouth. He started grumbling about his work.

“Well if you’d quit drinkin’ they’d probably like you better.”

BANG! Ryan never saw it coming, his dad’s huge fist socking him right in the eye he fell backwards in his chair as his dad hopped on top of him and pulled him up off the ground by his shirt. “What did you say, boy?” BANG another punch to the face. Ryan put his hands up and tried to protect his face. His dad just slapped him and boxed his ears, slamming his body down on the ground. That night Ryan took a beating, not his worse beating, but enough that left marks for several weeks and a few cuts. He’d have to cancel his few regulars for the next couple days. Fortunately he had enough saved up, that the setback didn’t make or break him.

Ryan came to, with Brenda over him, a sad look on her face. Their dad passed out on the recliner in the living room, and Brenda kissing his face weeping softly. “I’m so sorry, Ryan.” She said over and over again.

A couple days later, Thursday, the swelling was down enough that the bruising could be covered with ample makeup. The pain had subsided. Brenda was out with one of her Chads, and Riley was back to work with one of my regular Chads and on my knees having at his large cock. He was wearing a tight green and black bodycon dress, hiked up around my waist, and a white g-string with white stalking and shiny black mary janes. Riley’s auburn hair, wavy much like his mother’s, was done up in tight pigtails. Chad’s moaning was such, and Riley’s slurping so loud. Neither heard the front door open.

“You like that, daddy?”

“Yeah, baby girl, suck daddy’s dick!” as Chad’s hand pressed firmly down on the back of Riley’s head. Brenda had trained Riley’s throat with her strapon, and desensitized his throat of his gag reflex. His chin was resting on Chad’s balls when-.

“WHAT THE FUCK!” Jim bellowed. “Who the FUCK are you?!” Jim pounded over to Chad as he scrambled to grab his clothes and dragged him out of the house and threw him naked onto the front yard. SLAM. The front door practically coming off of its hinges as it shut. The thunder of his dad’s footsteps came crashing into his room.

“And you! I fucking knew you were a fucking faggot, but I had no idea!” He picked him up by the back of his neck, and threw him onto the ground.

Jim reflected to his bitch of a wife who ran off with some fucktard named Chad, and noticed that his son looked a lot like her. Same hair, same facial features, nearly a spitting image less the dick and hardly any tits. Jim was drunk. Sober enough to know, but drunk enough to not know better.

“You cock sucking, faggot. You like sucking dick, do you? You like calling him ‘daddy’ huh? Well why don’t you come over here and suck ‘daddy’s’ dick!?” Jim started undoing his pants, it had been a long time since he’s been laid, and he was looking to hate fuck his ex wife, or at least someone who looked like her.

Riley was cowering in the corner of the room as far away from his father as possible. Trembling and shaking his head.

“I said, C’MERE!” He said, and rushed him, grabbed his head and smothered his flaccid whiskey dick all over Riley’s face. He started getting hard. Riley froze in fear and his mind kind of fled from his body. Involuntarily he opened his mouth. Tears flooded his eyes as his dad started fucking his mouth. “That’s it, bitch. Take this dick.” Not the biggest man Riley has ever had, but it was definitely the most hateful.

What was he doing home? He shouldn’t be home for another five hours at least!

As if reading his mind, “First your mother, now my job. They fired me—after fifteen years of service, just like that.” Jim’s rage reignited and he began slamming his cock down Riley’s throat. “God, you look just like your bitch of a mom.” Glarg glarg glarg, Riley’s throat went with each thrust of his dad’s cock.

“Get your fucking face down, and your ass up! You’re going to give me what your slut of a mom never would!”

Oh no! But he was powerless to do anything, simply praying it to be over soon—a prisoner in his own body being raped by his father.

“There it is,” Jim spit on his cock and roughly pulled Riley’s thong down and brusquely pushed his cock deep in Riley’s unprepared asshole, and began fucking it. Riley wailed and cried, pleading that he stops. Jim only laughed and spanked him. “What’s wrong, faggot bitch! Can’t take a real man’s cock up your ass?” Jim grabbed Riley by the hips and his face grimaced as he was about to cum and wrathfully fucked him harder and harder. CRASH!

The sound of broken ceramic fell to the floor as Jim slumped over unconscious in a heap of dead drunken weight. Brenda, scared looked at her brother and lover, grabbed him by the hand and helped him up.

“Quickly, grab your clothes and money, and anything else you can grab and get them in your car, I’ll deal with this. We’re getting the FUCK out of here,” she said kicking her dad hard in the solar plexus. Brenda rushed into the kitchen grabbed some zip-ties and restrained his hands behind his back leaving him on the floor.

Riley was grateful they got slightly bigger cars, and that he didn’t own much stuff, he was able to easily fit most of his clothes and belongings including the only memento he had of his mother, a rainbow colored stuffed turtle that she got him long ago.

Brenda was right with him, packing her car and everything, and as they were getting the last items, their dad stirred and started cursing them out and screaming.

“Get me out of this, you little cunt! Let me loose!”

“Fuck you!” she said giving him the middle finger, and Riley followed Brenda to a house Riley had never been before. Brenda went up to the door first, and when the door opened it was the Chad she had been with on Tuesday, the one who knew about Riley being a boy. He rushed out, and helped Riley into the house.

It was clean, and smelled of sandalwood and savory Italian garlic. White walls, contemporary beach decoration. A Wine fridge sat under a bar against the back wall just under a stairwell that curved with mahogany banisters. A crystal chandelier hung above the front door, and off to the right a darkened room with a cream leather love seat, where Chad and Brenda set Riley down, and two matching recliners. This house smelled of money.

“Thank you for taking us in on such short notice, Bruce. It means a lot.” Brenda said exhausted.

Riley had never thought to get to know their real names, it made it easier to do the deal without humanizing them with names.

“No problem,” Bruce came over to Riley and crouched next to him. “Are you alright?” Riley only cried. Startled, he brought him in for a hug and softly, gently shushed him. “You’re safe now,” he continued holding him and rubbing his back gently. Brenda came over and hugged them in a group hug.

“C’mon, let’s get you some rest.” Brenda instructed. Riley’s stomach growled. Brenda smiled, “Maybe after dinner?”

Riley stopped crying and gave a little smile. She lumbered upright, and asked to take a shower. Bruce of course obliged and whilst in the shower, the water couldn’t quite get hot enough, nor scrub hard enough to cleanse himself off of the night. Tears flowed freely again, until he turned off the water. His sister brought in his clothes. He dried himself off and got into some pajamas. Brenda and Bruce were at the dining table solemnly talking about what had happened, and Bruce’s eyes were filled with tears after the recounting. He gave him a giant hug, and Riley was a big surprised, and a little embarrassed for Bruce at his show of emotion.

“You can stay here as long as you need, you are safe! Brenda told me everything, and I will protect you, I promise! Never will anything like this EVER happen again!”

“Um thanks.” Riley said, a little too shocked and overwhelmed to give an emotive response.

“Please have some dinner, I wasn’t expecting company, but I usually cook for leftovers, so please help yourself to anything you need.” Bruce offered his home to them.

“Thank you,” Brenda said with all sincerity, we really appreciate it.

They ate in mostly silence, Brenda and Bruce making small arrangements and talking, Riley sitting with his head down eating his Parmesan chicken Alfredo. It really was delicious, as fine as fine dining could be, but everything tasted strange and kind of bland in his mouth at the moment. When they were done eating, Bruce insisted they go up and get some sleep, and that he would take care of everything around the house.

Brenda followed Riley up the stairs through a large set of double doors into a plush bedroom, with a giant fluffy king sized bed. They crawled under the covers, and were about to doze off when Riley suddenly turned to Brenda, “Brenda, will you get me my stuffed turtle, please? It’s on the passenger seat of my car.”

“Yeah, of course I will.” She said tenderly, lovingly. She tossed on a fluffy bathrobe, and walked outside to his car, opened the door, and gingerly grabbed the rainbow turtle. Held it to her chest and remembered her mom. Not the one her dad spoke of, but they one they remember, sweet, loving, and singing. Though what he said WAS true, she did run off with a guy named Chad, which is where she got her code name from, she still was very loving to them. She walked back inside, up the steps and into the room all while holding the turtle to her heart, putting her love energy into it. Riley was still awake when she came in, and his back was to the big double doors. She closed the door shut and locked it for good measure, though she knew they were perfectly safe. This was prearranged with Bruce. A glass door that opened onto a balcony had the sliver of a waning moon smiling down on them. Brenda crawled in behind Riley and wrapped her arms tightly around him, and kissed his cheek, giving him the turtle at the same time. Riley clasped the turtle and Brenda’s hand tightly.

“I love you, Riley.”

“I love you too, Brenda.” And they fell into a dreamless sleep.

Rating: 63%, Read 6543 times, Posted Oct 21, 2018

Fiction | Anal, Bi-sexual, Blowjob, Incest, Non-consensual sex, Prostitution, Romance, Transvestite


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