To Switch or Not to Switch... by cyberslut

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Fantasm | BDSM, Domination, Female, Group Sex, Humiliation, Male, Submission, Toys

I’ve been waiting for two long hours. It is not like Master to be late, but he also hasn’t even called me, and I am extremely worried.

We had plans for this evening. Per his orders I was to be ready to leave for a party at his Mentor’s home at 8:00 sharp. His Mentor is a famous author who lives in an elaborately renovated castle. I’m fascinated by the architecture, and curious about the redesign. I have heard that the Mentor is also known in inner circles as an extremely cruel, strict and sadistic Master. But most importantly I am thrilled to meet the man who helped form my Master into who he is today. So, I have been excited about meeting him and visiting his home for weeks.

It is now 10 P.M. I have a horrible nagging fear that something is wrong – a car accident – an emergency - who knows. I try to calm my fears, and my disappointment. I call his cell phone again, but my call keeps going to his voice mail. I pace the living room in my gorgeous new outfit which he picked out for me, now close to tears.

Suddenly the door flies opened, and he staggers in. I run to him and hug him, and I realize he has been out drinking, which he rarely does, and probably hasn’t had any dinner. He staggers in a very awkward fashion toward the bedroom, and with his clothes on, falls onto the bed. By the time I reach the bedroom, he has begun to snore.

This is so unlike him. Normally incredibly sensitive and thoughtful… I think he must have some story to go along with this. I wish he were awake… and then the idea hits me. I head for the toy box and retrieve all of our bondage gear. I remove his pants and underwear, and I proceed to bind his ankles together. Then I restrain his wrists over his head by attaching them to the headboard.

I decide to undress and don my comfy robe and slippers. I smile and sit in the chair waiting for him to stir. As I wait, I begin to get uncomfortable with this course of action I have taken. I will be punished for this, if I dare to carry it out…

“Hey… HEY!!” Oh joy, he is awakening.

“Uh-oh…” In a final moment of indecision… oh dear, I can still just say it was a terrible joke… I finally decide to carry out my plan. There is a very good chance that he will enjoy it, after all… I try to convince myself.

I giggle. Suddenly there is a lubed finger at his ass. Gentle massaging… now gentle pushing. In we go… Slowly and gently, in an out. More lube I think. There. He moans quietly. Now for the plug. I play with it gently and slowly until there is little resistance. Finally it is sucked all the way in. Goooood. I inflate it just enough, so that he cannot push it out. Time to get another buzz, I think, giggling again. I am enjoying this immensely, as I turn the vibrating plug on low. Another nagging moment of indecision… but I am enjoying this too much, I fear, to stop now.

He gasps and moans helplessly while I turn him on his back again. “My goodness, Sir. Look at that lovely hard-on you have.” I begin to tease him. “You are enjoying this, aren’t you!”

I turn the vibrator up a notch and leave the room to get myself a drink. I make up my mind that since I have already gone too far, since I know there will eventually be quite a payback, I intend to enjoy this. I sit back down and he hears the ice clinking in my drink. “So, tell me about your evening,” I command.

As he tells me his tale of woe, I, only half-listening, decide to get my feather out of the toy box. Raising his knees, I gently apply the soft wispy edge just behind his balls. His hugely erect penis twitches wildly. I cannot keep myself from giggling again. I finally have mercy on it (not him) and stop to lean over and lick the entire length of it. Just once. And slowly. I then take the tie of my robe and slap his lovely huge cock with it several times from side to side. More moaning. I stop to inflate the plug just a bit more.

Masters cock is throbbing now. I decide to prolong this, and I step out of the room again to think.

When I return, he still has a raging hard-on. I decide it is much too good of an opportunity to waste, and climb up on top of him straddling him. I lean forward and whisper into his ear, “Now you are going to fuck me. Understand?”

Kind of a choked sound comes out of his throat, but he nods. I push his huge, rock-hard cock into my juicy pussy and send the vibrator into high gear. “Go baby,” I instruct him.

He begins to pound me wildly. Hmmm… switching can be fun, I think.

When we are finished, he claims to be dying of thirst, AND his hand is numb, AND his shoulder hurts... So, I mercifully untie his one hand and head for the kitchen to get him a cold glass of water.

I take my time getting a tall glass and some ice. I notice the house seems unusually quiet. There is a pitcher of spring water chilling in the fridge. I pour the glass full for him, and return the pitcher. As I turn to head back to the bedroom, I can hear angry footsteps suddenly. Oh, no! He’s free! The glass in my hand suddenly crashes to the floor as fear grips me. I was certain I could talk to him and make sure he had sobered up before he…

“Where are you, you brazen bitch! Wait ‘til I get my fucking hands on you! You are going to pay and pay and PAY FOR THIS! WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU?!”

Terror hits me deep in my solar plexus. I feel like I’ve been punched. How could I have just made such a horrible error in judgment? Why did I think I could do this? He has never even cursed or lost his temper before in my presence. I never imagined he was capable of such frightening anger. At the same time I realize that he is still extremely drunk, and that because of that, there are few normal limits to his behaviour. There must be some place where I can hide until he calms down and/or sobers up… I wish I had some clothes on!

The utility closet? No, he’ll look there first... And oh god, he’s going to want to kill me twice if he steps in this broken glass! I CAN’T stop to clean it…

I turn to the basement door. He’ll never think to look for me in his dungeon torture chamber! That is the LAST place he will think I would try to hide. I go down a few steps and close the door behind me. My terror is so intense. I fear he will hear my heart pounding.

I hear him fly into the kitchen, looking first in the utility closet, and behind a few corners. And he leaves.

Great! As I had hoped, he didn’t even think to look here! I wait until my pounding heart slows a bit, and shivering, I wish I had remembered how cold it can get in this dungeon. Master always lights the fireplace when we play here. I am shivering, but I decide to wait a few minutes until I sneak back inside to get some clothes from the laundry room. I can’t help thinking as I shiver, about the lovely warm fleece sweat suit and some socks I folded so warm from the dryer earlier. The house again seems unusually quiet, so I decide to venture forward, across the kitchen, to the laundry room to retrieve those warm clothes for my night ahead in the cold dungeon. Perhaps he has returned to bed again in his frustration. I turn the knob ever so slowly and quietly push the door opened.

His waiting hand grabs my wrist. He pulls me inside, and pushes me hard up against the cold wall. Very close to my face through clenched teeth, he says angrily, “You never realized, did you, you thoughtless cunt, that you left a clear trail of wet footprints to betray your hiding place, did you? Click, click Wrist cuffs on. “You know you are going to pay for this, don’t you, slut.” I don’t even have a chance to respond. He drags me by my arm back to the bedroom. I am begging and pleading with him in my terror, which is now out of control… “please, please have mercy on me…”

My heart is pounding in my chest, and I am so terrified that I can hardly breath. I have never seen him this angry before. “When I am finished with you, you will never dare to try anything like that with me again. I AM YOUR MASTER!” He is shaking with anger. On my knees now, I am pleading with him, begging for forgiveness…

“I’VE HEARD ENOUGH FROM YOU, SLUT!” He goes to the toy box and returns with a gag in the shape of a penis and inserts it into my mouth. He locks it into place.

He attaches a chain to my wrist cuffs and raises it to a hook in the ceiling. I am then lifted so high, that I must stand on my toes. I am barely touching the floor.

His movements are slow and a bit unsteady, but I also realize that this is his deliberate way of tormenting me.

Back to the toy box, and he returns with some lube and a very large red training plug. Terrified, I realize it has never been used, and it is more than I can handle. A few inches from my face he generously lubricates it, and moves behind me. Persistently he pushes it into my ass. “Take it all, slut!” he commands as he continues to invade my backside. It is so horribly painful that I am moaning and sobbing, and finally he pushes again, and with blinding pain, it is sucked into my ass completely. Oh God it is so huge!

Tears are covering my face. I cannot control my sobbing. Back to the toy box, and he now returns with a bag of clothespins. My heart begins to race and my breathing gets very ragged. He proceeds to place five of the pins on each side of my outer pussy lips. I moan as the tenth one is applied, and more tears flow down my cheeks. Now a very wide leather collar comes out of the toy box. This is locked into place to keep me from moving my head at all. I begin to shake with the intense, horrible pain in my aching ass and pussy.

Master then stops to light the fireplace. It is now that I realize I am going to remain here for quite some time. He next produces a length of sturdy rope and holds it up for me to see. He proceeds to tie my large breasts so incredibly tightly. More tears. More sobbing. He is now holding up two nipple clamps. There are ten magnetized weights in his other hand. I begin to squirm wildly as he is about to apply the clamps. No, no, please Master you know how incredibly sensitive my nipples are! He knows how frightened I am of these!

As if reading my mind, he says, “Yes, be very afraid!” First one… The pain is intense and white-hot. I am now shaking and sobbing and each time my body moves I writhe with new pain… And my legs are starting to cramp from standing on my toes for so long. He applies the other clamp. He steps back to view his handiwork. Whimpering and sobbing, I find it impossible in my terror to regain my composure now. I am thankful that apparently he is saving the weights for later.

Lifting my chin so that my eyes look into his, he says, “We have almost filled all of your holes now, bitch-slave, and I want you to know how lovely you look.” He moves a full-length mirror so that I can view my entire body being tortured. He stands before me and says in a grand and mocking fashion, “And now, so that the evening will not be a total disappointment, I shall summon a friend of mine, who has invented a gruesome device created specifically to pervade and torture your remaining hole.”

Then I see him walk over to the telephone, but I cannot hear what he is saying. The terror and suspense are driving me insane, as they keep my heart pounding in my chest.

He leaves the room to return several minutes later with a drink in his hand. He places a feeding tube into my gag and commands, “Suck that cock hard now, my slut.” I do as he instructs and my throat fills with strong, smooth brandy from his glass. I swallow and moan, as I feel the warmth fill me. Master grins at me so evilly and heads back to his chair to admire his handiwork. He gets up and returns to the room with another chair, which he places next to his. I am perplexed in my agony. I think over and over… how could I have done this? What was I thinking? My physical pain is only matched by a deep regret, because, now I fear we will never again have the lightness or friendship I have grown to love in this complex D/s relationship… And so, my heart also aches…

I am not sure how much time has passed in my remorseful agony. The doorbell rings. After several minutes pass, to my absolute horror, Master returns with another man. A complete stranger. I am totally humiliated as he sits down to study me, while my Master clearly leaves to fetch him a drink.

He returns and they are laughing and talking. They are also watching me. They both seem incredibly amused. My humiliation is overwhelming. The man stands up and walks toward me. My heart is pounding fiercely in my ears. “I am your Master’s Mentor. I cannot tell you what a pleasure it is to now meet you.”

My horror and remorse cannot be more complete.

And now, I can feel the Mentor slowly adding the magnetized weights to my nipple clamps. One. Two. Three. Four. Other side. Five. Six. Seven. Eight. The weights add to my discomfort, and I moan as more tears begin to flow… while the dreaded Mentor studies me… too intensely. His eyes seem to burn into my soul. I see in his eyes the danger of which he is capable. But he also seems to be drawing energy from my fear. He seems addicted to it, and cannot draw his attention from me.

Eventually, he returns back to his chair, so that they can further observe my torture together. I don’t know how long I have been enslaved here. But I have been hanging here long enough for my arms and my legs to begin cramping and aching horribly.

The Mentor gets up and leaves the room. He returns a few minutes later with a shocking device, as promised by my Master. It is a black stool with a very large black, shiny, hard-looking dildo attached to the rear portion of the seat. It is pointing straight up. It must be 10 inches long, and at least four inches in diameter at the base. It is covered in large veins and ripples. I look in the mirror and see them deciding exactly where to place it. Master parts my legs, and the Mentor moves the stool between them.

Slowly my chain is lowered. My legs are so weak from standing on my toes for hours that I am simply hanging from it now. I am lowered just enough so that the tip of the enormous dildo is just pushing against my pussy. I am unable to help myself, to lift myself up or move. I moan at my total humiliation. They seem to enjoy this totally. The Mentor approaches me again, and standing very close to me, he studies my face as he lowers my chain another few inches. A low animal moan comes from deep in my throat as I feel the incredibly hard, oversized dildo pushing into my poor tight little pussy.

My weight hanging from the chain is actually causing me to impale myself upon this as I am lowered. My legs still hurt so much that I am unable to raise myself at all. I watch my total humiliation in the mirror. The Mentor then attaches more weights to my nipple clamps. The clamps that I was becoming used to are now unbearable again. I struggle to hold back my moaning… More tears, covering my face now... “Your tears are lovely, my dear. You are a joy to watch in your helplessness.” And I see in his eyes that he truly does enjoy this.

I can see in the Mentor’s eyes, the thrill he derives from control, power and infliction of pain. It appears those stories I heard from my Master of what a sadistic, strict, intense man he is are every bit true. The Mentor now lowers my chain another several inches and I feel myself being further impaled upon this horrific device. The Mentor attaches the feeding tube again and instructs me to suck. I dare not disobey him.

Again the warmth fills me. I relax just a bit and sigh, feeling the dildo move even deeper inside me. I moan, and I hear them both chuckle. It seems I am highly amusing.

The Mentor approaches me again and lowers my chain enough to keep my hands raised over my head, but low enough to seat me on the stool with the dildo completely tucked away, if that were yet possible. I keep sliding down over it as my pussy stretches. Juice is now dripping down my thighs. Both men sit and watch.

Master moves closer now and attaches my ankles to a spreader bar, which he also suspends from the ceiling. Up and up until my toes are at waist height. It will only serve to move the huge phallus further inside me if I squirm at all now. I am about four inches from being seated on the low stool, now balancing on the dildo, leaning slightly forward.

When it disappears and I am completely impaled, the Mentor approaches yet again. He stands before me and removes the leather belt he is wearing. He smiles at me chillingly, folds the belt in half twice, and runs it up and down my neck from my cleavage to my chin, over and over. I feel the thickness and the heavy stiff weight of it, as he lavishes it over me. Could I speak now, I would beg him for mercy.

And now He moves around behind me as I watch in the mirror. My fear takes me over the edge, and I watch in the mirror as a dark puddle of my own urine collects under the stool. My mortification is complete.

…I had imagined that he is skillful in his beatings, and I am not mistaken. I am almost losing consciousness. The horrible pain of his strap covers every inch of me now from my shoulders down to my ass, with matching welts on my left and right. My ass extends over the edge of the stool for his easy access. Master has had to remove my gag, since I am breathing in choking gasps. I no longer have any control over my body or my mind. I am completely in a grip of fear, though mercifully my endorphins have carried me to a place emotionally where I seem to be floating far away from all of this. However, I still feel every aspect of the physical pain they subject me to.

The Mentor pauses briefly, as he is now breathing heavily from this strenuous beating, to wipe the sweat from his brow, and to have a generous sip of brandy. Now he begins again, and each exceedingly heavy blow to my ass now causes my body to twitch so badly in response, that I actually involuntarily begin to fuck the enormous dildo. Over and over, again and again, he lands his blows hard on my ass, as they watch in genuine amusement. I fuck the dildo helplessly, and as the blows increase to a frenzy, my body betrays me as the Mentor’s rage brings me to orgasm. Clapping. Master now removes my collar. I turn my head to the Mentor and breathlessly thank him. “Thank you, Sir. And thank you, Master.”

Rating: 67%, Read 20056 times, Posted Apr 10, 2006

Fantasm | BDSM, Domination, Female, Group Sex, Humiliation, Male, Submission, Toys


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